JUST IN: Prominent Individulas Active On Cheder Vaad And Hanhalah Endorse Corzine

Obama corzine TLS_wmBREAKING NEWS FIRST REPORT: Prominent individuals associated with the Hanhalah and Vaad Hacheder met with the governor today and acting in their individual capacity as private citizens, they endorse Gov Jon Corzine for reelection.

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  1. Sorry guys. When one candidate pledges to raise taxes, and one pledges to lower them, the latter will have my vote – no matter how many promises Gov. Corzine makes to his buddies in Lakewood.

  2. Any not for profit Mosad is barred from political endorsements . Only the private people who might happen to be board members ,can maKE SUCH AN ENDORSEMENT IN THEIR PRIVATE CAPACITY ONLY . iM SURE THE cHEDER ITSELD DID not ENDORSE ANYBODY

  3. i feel this a question of a chillul hashem please explain how do we vote for such a man who stands for kol davar haasur just to receive a few dollars. All people wake up if you want your taxes to go up then hes the man to vote for , just because something is good for the vaad that does not mean its good for you someone please explain to me why is this the best for the tzibur?

  4. the scoop missed the boat.. corzine went from the cheder to bais rivka rochel where he met with the igud and he would not give them a garentee that he will back the vochers. there is a split between ak and the cheder vs, the igud. the igud says we want vochers and if we dont get them we will vote cristie, Ak says that we can get other things for the mosdos like tech grants. what was impressive was that corzinne did not lie and he said straight out that he is against vochers.
    ak told the cheder that if they show up to an igud meeting they will never get aprovals for the propery on prospect street.the question of the day is why would the lac back corzine???

  5. Can someone please explain me why if one candidate supports school vouchers and one doesnt why would the mosdod be supporting the one that doesnt??? I dont meen to be sinacle, but an explanation is needed???

  6. to “To All”,

    You are seriously mistaken.

    Vouchers are NOT against the US Constitution nor against the NJ Constitution. You obviously could use some reading up on the sugya.. So start with the landmark case of “Zelman vs. Simmons-Harris” at 536 U.S. 639 (2002) [http://www.law.cornell.edu/supct/html/00-1751.ZS.html ] where the U.S. Supreme Court clearly ruled that a voucher program where tuition aid is distributed to the parents, is 100 percent in accordance with the Constitution.

    Face it. This is the law of the land.

  7. Believe me this has nothing to do with school funding. If school funding were the issue Corzine would not get the endorsement. There are other promises at play here.

  8. shocking: I don’t question R’ Cohen’s views on anything. Everybody is entitled to his or her own views. If you want to follow his advice, go ahead. I was just asking if R’ Cohen had given any reasons for the advice.

    What is AS?

  9. shocking: If by AS you mean Aaron Stefansky, I don’t really pay much attention to anything AS has to say when it comes to election questions. He is not an authority for me in these matters.

  10. This is a false story. I specifically asked R Posen if its true and he said its not true at all. Its against the law for a mossad to endorse a candidate. How could it be true?

  11. Leib says:
    October 28, 2009 at 4:08 pm
    Mark: And the basis for Rabbi S.B. Cohen’s opinion is what….Please enlighten us.
    why dont you go and ask rabbi SB to enlighten you instead of making this blog a whole chulent ..
    vote for whom ever you want and dont rip peoples throat out because you dont feel enlightened

  12. Leib – Any ‘Politician (Mee’ Sheluney)’ or ‘Askin’ that indorses a political candidate outside of their ‘boundry’ does not have the rest of us in mind. However, if a Rov endorses a candidate for other reasons then their (the politicians) political views – I commend them for standing up for Kovod Shamayim….. Now I understand AS’s endorsement.

  13. vote for christie its the only shot we have at getting vouchers !!!
    enough of all the askanim with self interests telling us who to vote for
    the oilam has to do for the tzibur not for yechidim.

  14. I would like to clarify something. The concept of vouchers are nice, but where do you think the money will come from. That’s right! Taxes will certainly be raised. So if your not working (not that anyone in lakewood doesn’t work), then this shouldn’t be a concern to you. But if you are working, then you most should definitely worry! You have to realize that if the township needs to raise money for the vouchers, then our community (the working class) will be paying for those vouchers. So guess what, I’m against the vouchers. Oh, and don’t even think that. Your tuition will will go down. The yeshivas will charge you the same 5k. Don’t think that if the government will give vouchers to the yeshivas the yeshivas will say “come for free.” The government already gives yeshivas tons of money yet it is never deducted from your tuition. So if your not working and not paying taxes, or even if you are working but don’t really pay taxes, please have rachmanos on those of us who do work and pay a substantial amount of taxes. Thank you, and much luck.

  15. Shocking: Is it fare to say that you believe that it is osur to vote for a politician who supports SS marriage? If yes, you should consider opinions of many Gedolim who have held otherwise. R’ Cohen’s psak doesn’t surprise me. He probably follows R. Miller’s psak of not voting for pro-choice politicians. Most Gdolim however have always rejected this notion that by voting for a pro-choice politician you somehow are complicit in abortions.
    For some reason, this notion of not voting for the so called ‘Toeva’ politician lately has gained some traction in Lakewood, but it’s a really a minor view. Gdolims’ view has always been — You should vote for whoever is best for you and your family.

    P.S. Wasn’t Cristie the one who authorized the Deal hunt?

  16. Since when is the lakewood cheder representatives of the tzibbur ?
    How many children did they reject for no reason? they are a scool in town among many mosdos not THE ONLY mosad.

  17. Seriously. Can someone explain to me why vouchers will save the NJ citizens money? The government will just have come up with new/higher taxes that we will have to pay for, in order to fund the program.

    So how do we gain?

  18. its sad to see how many blind sheep we have in the community – that they would vote for corzine for the simple reason that he gives a few influential individuals millions of our hardearned tax dollars – what does the average lakewood family benefit from all the kickbacks that go to the few wealthy individuals and institutions – and to those who oppose r’ cohen, keep in mind that hes the only one taking a position who has no negius – cant say that for the others

  19. Parent: We gain because our community’s educational expenses will be spread amongst ALL tax paying citizens instead of being borne by our community alone.

  20. daastorah (or so you claim),

    You stated that Corzine “gives a few influential individuals millions of our hardearned tax dollars.” Is that true? I would like to know more about this so I can make a more informed decision.

    Can you please elaborate or are you just babbling??

  21. the fire is burning out of my nostrils, I’ve had it with corzine, we constantly are told by special interest groups who remain nameless to vote for these clowns. does anyone realize that corzine is a musches who wants gay marriage? is this what hashem wants from us? becauase he does a few promises for a select few in a private smoke filled back room we should vote for him Where is the daas torah? Where is the daas torah? this whole thing really ticks me off. christy wants vouchers and an end to corruption , the truth is I see where there coming from as I write this, nj is a dem state always has been always will, if lakewood is on the wrong side of the elecetion, well those people who need special favors, don’t get them, furthermore dems tend to take revenge on people who don’t vote for em. whatever happend to principal? I give up? I wish we had some godol who has complete clarity on these things who would come forward and give us what the aibishter wants us to do. til then we are all like a bunch of lost sheep groaping in a dark forest hoping for the best . ps who are thes prominent cheder people, its a new administartion and they haven’t had a chance to do anything to earn this prominence that they are our leaders. they work hard yes , but our leaders who decide who votes for whom?no! my blood boils when I read these articles ( but I love it) thanks tls

  22. A Rov in shtot hot meer gezogt betzina az er shtimt akurat farkert fun vos bais mem gimel zogt men zol shtimmen. Oib dos iz goot far zey, zogt er, dos iz nisht gut farn tzibbur

  23. You asked if taxes fo up, how are we helped. Simple. By taxing for education and spreading the tax burden equally to young and old, families and corporations, you lift the tuition burden from the shoulders of young families, who cannot carry this burden alone.

    That’s the foundation of our great nation’s education funding methods. Education, publoc OR private, cannot be a user fee. Else NO-ONE can afford it.

  24. answer to Parent,

    So in essence you’re saying that everybody else in the State should help pay for our private schooling, and that this is no different than everyone paying for public schooling, and that this is the “foundation of our great nation’s education funding methods”… Correct?

    So since this is such a great and patriotic idea, why haven’t the founding fathers legislated this to begin with when they first enacted the tax burden to pay for public schools? Why did they leave the private schools out from the equation?

    I’m not trying to cheper. I only want to understand.

  25. For all of you who claim that vouchers are useless since some taxes will be have to be raised anyways, you’re missing the point. Right now we are all paying taxes for everyone else’s schooling in addition to fully burdening our own children Under a voucher program, private school children’s tuition will also be spread out among all taxpayers, saving us all money. Also, any public school child who’ll take a voucher and attend a much cheaper private school will save us all $$$$$$$$$$$.

  26. this might be a shailo of hasoga lishma as mentioned in orach chaim 333:11 which threatens freedom of speech as mentioned in the fairness doctrine vehameivin yovin

  27. if anyone is interested voting for corzine is helping get his agenda passed. His agenda is to legalize ss marriage and g rights. it is quite clear that hnitfal kovrei averah is punished like the ovrei oveirah even if he is not needed for the aveirah to be done and much bigger onesh when he is mesaya.

    as for gedolim that allowed voting that helps ovrei averah I don’t beleive there is one that allows it.

  28. The Founding Fathers were good, but they were not THAT good. For example, there are twenty seven amendments (changes) to the US Constitution. One of them (the 21st) is simply the repeal of a different one (the 18th, prohibition). They also allowed slavery. The Constitution is not Torah (lehavdil), it is neither perfect nor timeless, it needs constant revision.

    The point made about spreading the tuition burden is as clear as it is compelling. Vouchers is an idea whose time has come, especially with our failing public schools. The majority in New Jersey support vouchers. But not in the legislature. They need to catch up with public sentiment, and not be intimidated by the 200,000 strong teachers’ union, NJEA.

  29. I am simply embarrassed to belong to a Tzibbur that endorses someone who has ss marriage high up on his agenda. (Right after Parshas Noach when we learn about what caused the Mabbul!!!) R’ Simcha B. Cohen is the only Rav who is not scared to say it like it is (be it Tznius issues or political ones.) He follows Daas Torah as exemplified by his Zeide, Rav Avigdor MIller. I intend to follow his instructions. (Yes, I try to do that with Tznius also.)

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