JUST IN: FDA Approves Covid Vaccine for Kids Ages 5-11

The Food and Drug Administration has authorized the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, paving the way for further mandates and restrictions on school attendance.

The decision will allow approximately 28 million American children to be vaccinated against Covid-19 and comes just days after its advisory committee unanimously recommended the shots for children in the 5-11 age group.

The vaccine still must be officially approved by the CDC’s vaccine advisers and signed off by CDC Director Rachelle Walensky, but those steps are seen as little more than a formality.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has already mandated that all K-12 students must be vaccinated once the vaccines are available to be eligible to attend school, and other states are expected to follow. NJ Governor Murphy said earlier this week that he has “no expectation” that he will mandate vaccines for schoolchildren.

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    • i am not getting involved if a person should take the vaccine. But what you are saying is missing the point. people take the vaccine for 2 reasons, to protect themselves and to protect others. so even if it isnt a high risk for the children but it reduces them spreading it to the high risk.

      • Do your research. It does not do either. Massive amounts of vaccinated people are getting covid and when they get covid they could spread it to others. Additionally, the risk of myocarditis and pericarditis, as well as other severe side effects in kids if very real so giving them the shot is sakanas nefashos for them.

      • to huh?

        I don’t think a parent is allowed to inject a healthy child with a potentially poisonous substance in order to protect an unknown high risk person.

      • Your point has been addressed by experts: If the vaccine actually helps adults, why would a child in their presence need to be vaccinated? In Israel, they already saw that two doses don’t help, and so they mandated a third, and that if you don’t have the third you’re considered unvaccinated!

  1. To “Just saying”
    What about those children who are immucompromised?
    This “poison” could be a matter of life or death for them……………

    • THe shot is more dangerous for the immunocompromised than covid. You could treat covid with ivermectin and z-stack. Serious blood clotting and heart issues that come from the shot can not be treated so easily and some kids will die from it.

  2. @Just Saying

    Just a little thinking, before just saying, would have been just right.

    P.S. Kids do not pose any risk to Covid, whatsoever. Covid, on the other hand, isn’t the safest illness for children, let alone to those that live in the same households.

  3. Although kids are less at risk. They are still at risk.
    One third of kids admitted to the hospital had no comorbidity. There have been thousands of kids who were hospitalized and many were admitted to the ICU.
    In addition, as much as 10 % of kids can suffer from long-Covid. We still don’t know if kids who have Covid may be at risk later on in life for other complications.
    While with previous strains of the virus kids were not spreading the virus efficiently, with Delta the game has changed. Kids can spread it just as easily.
    Which brings me to the most important point. As frum Jews we are Gomlie Chasadim and we are supposed to care about those people who are more vulnerable. Kids can pass it to grandparents or to other people who are at higher risk. If you give money to chai lifeline but on the other hand you say, why do you care if I am vaccinated? You are a hypocrite. People who are immunocompromised cannot generate a sufficient immune response with the vaccine, and they rely on all of us to get vaccinated to protect them. It is middas Sdom to say each person is on his own and we don’t help others.

    • What you wrote implies that the vaccine works and is safe for the children to take which are both NOT true. Additionally, when treated early and correctly it is rare to have long covid especially in kids . Look up Dr. Peter Mccullough’s videos as well as try to get a copy of the 8 hour long testimonies at the brooklyn bais din last week that top doctors testified about the vaccines dangers. You are parroting media propaganda which has been proven to be false if you look at the facts on the ground. If you are concerned about the immunocompromised, follow Dr. Zelenco’s protocol, who is also immunocompromised and calls the vaccine the death shot after researching it throughly for months.

  4. To mr anonymous You obviously would like to stay anonymous and keep your information sources anonymous. Thousands of children have not been admitted to the ICU, Not here not there not anywhere. I don’t know anybody who claims that that being vaccinated will stop you from passing the virus, Some might not like to discuss the fact however there is no proof that being vaccinated it will stop you from spreading the virus. it’s rather simple if you have received enough of the virus and sneeze you pass it on….. Whether or not you will get ill from it. Is the Vaccine simply will not kill the virus in your saliva….

  5. You can look up the data yourself at the FDA website. The data was presented by the CDC at the recent vaccine and related biological advisory committee meeting on Oct. 26 2021. The data shows to date there have been 8,300 hospitalizations in children ages 5-11. 1/3 required ICU admission. MIS-C is most frequent among children ages 5-11. A national survey in the UK found that 7-8 % of children with Covid reported continued symptoms > 12 weeks after diagnosis.
    Why don’t you post your “sources” as well?

    • What a joke! the CDC and the FDA are as corrupt as could be. If that’s where you are getting your data from, you are in trouble. There are many ways to explain the lies they are promoting but the most obvious one is the way they let this approval for kids to go through with clear data that it could be very dangerous for them.

    • You have to take into account how they calculate. If a kid with cancer RL is in the ICU and then test positive, albeit without symptoms, he’s counted as a covid case, THeir whole method of collecting data is a bunch of lies. I dont know one kid that ever had MIS-C. Neither does anyone else I know.

  6. Even if the FDA/CDC data that anonymous presented were true, he left out that the same presentation says there were only 94 deaths out of 1.9 million Covid cases in the age 5-11 group. They are clearly not at risk and don’t need a vaccine. Not does the vaccine work, as we can see, they’re up to vaccine number 4 within one year of the first vaccine. Not comparable to the once a year flu vaccine at all.

  7. Here’s the thing. I unfortunately know many many adults who were seriously ill with covid and died rl. Kids? Not 1. Not even 1. Not relatives, not friends, neighbors, community. I would sooner trust my own eyes and ears and the media. Especially since there are documented risks of myocarditis and blood clots from the vaccines.
    And I’m speaking as a fully vaccinated adult here.
    I wouldn’t give this vaccine to my child. If you’re worried about getting sick from my child, in spite of your vaccine and mask, then I would suggest that you first of all don’t spend a lot of time near kids, and also bear in mind that if you do get sick there are very effective treatments available now, especially monoclonal antibodies, and it isn’t the deadly disease it used to be.

  8. It most certainly is as dangerous a disease as ever. The seven day average in the USA is 1,346 deaths a day for the last week! The vaccine is useless against coronavirus.

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