July 4th Fireworks Pushed Up To July 3rd – To Save Township About $30,000

fireworks 2010 tlsThis year’s fireworks display in honor of July 4th, will be taking place one day earlier in order to save the township money, TLS has learned. By pushing it up by one day, to July 3rd, the Township is expected to save approximately $30,000, Deputy Mayor Steven Langert tells TLS.

For those questioning the Township’s decision, says Langert, “Look around and see, there are many other towns doing it early as well”.

Doing it ‘off peak’, would save on Police and Public Works overtime as well as on the fireworks.

Last year’s fireworks were pushed up by 3 days, to July 1st.

The fireworks display this year will be taking place at Lake Carasaljo on Sunday evening at 9:00 PM.

See video below of last year’s event.

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  1. How much does it cost to do w/o the whole thing.
    We all seen them before. They cost a fortune.

    E/O go home and read the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.
    Should take about ten minutes. Vote accordingly. Make the Founding Fathers happy.

  2. i support getting rid of them and saving money. i never attend anymore. i rather see the money spent on cutting down the grass and cleaning up the side of County line road. it was looking rather ratty today.

  3. The township will save money because the demand for fireworks is on the 4th of July….not the third! Firework companies offer discounts for events held other than the high demands but….#2 is correct.
    The township will not save money because the public works staff will be working on a sunday so they will receive overtime anyway and if they are off on Monday….the actual holiday the trash left behind by the crowd will not get cleaned up till tuesday! That means they will have to pay second overtime day or allow the debris to blow all over and into the lake…with all the other debris that is already in it.
    To number 4….give me a break! Is it all about you? Do you not think many people ENJOY national and community celebration. Is your, and therefore, my life all about work and no pleasure? Its abd enough the town has already done away with the Community band, which was a town tradition for over fifty years! Oh yeah….but it was’nt Your tradition!

  4. We love and look forward to the fireworks. the kids were asking yesterday, ‘why isn’t the floating dock out, and the fence up yet?’ It doesn’t really matter that its not exactly on the fourth, but last year’s move really did ruin the show. Hopefully, this year the launch site will be moved back to where it had been in the past, so the majority can appreciate it once again.

  5. Number #8
    Money can be spent better “oldtimer’ in this economy
    What would they have done when you were a kid during the Great Depression?

    Spend on things we need. HUGE waste of money.
    Don’t leave our debt to the grandchildren. Do something for your country, go read Constitution, instead of wasting money on silly explosions in the air for ten minutes
    WE ARE BROKE in NJ! Bands? Ever here of records? LOL

  6. One day early for the fireworks is fine if what you say is true, saving money or is this another way of doing away with thing that were once a tradition inLakewood? the fourth of July is a vvery important holiday to a lot of people that still live in Lakewood. There are some old time residents still here

  7. Anon, well said buddy! I agree. NJ is broke so we must cut-cut-cut.

    20mins of explosions isn’t worth the mega-price tag.

    Then everyone cries when their taxes go up by a few bucks….

  8. Cut-cut-cut, huh? Well my family and friends enjoy the fireworks and I am happy to put some of my tax dollars towards that.

    Hey, maybe if the town stopped providing township DPW garbage collection in private developments (no other towns around here do that) we could spare a few dollars to celebrate our nations independence.

  9. First of all county line road is a county road the township doesnt pay for its maintenance second of all second of all ive lived in this town for 20 years and dont remember them ever doing it on july 4th

  10. My father and my husband were both on the LFD, in all the years I went to the fireworks it was not ever on the 4th because of several reasons in Lakewood. If the 4th fell on a Friday it wasnt doen for shabbos reasons and then if it wasnt a friday then it wasnt donen on the 4th to save a lot of money. It makes perfect sense, why pay such a huge amount for it when most people do there BBQ’s and celebrations on sunday anyway.
    The LFD is volunteering their time when they go to the lake to watch for fires, they are not paid anything let alone holiday pay. The police and EMS I have no idea and wont guess.

  11. To Duh:
    Police work every day 24/7 and Don’t get holiday pay if they work on the holiday.
    But they do get overtime pay and no matter the day or time of year..its costly but welcome. I don’t mind the PD or any organization that participates in the July Celebrations.
    Remember to say hello to all your Emergency Services workers out there..they are there to make sure we have a safe Fireworks display.

  12. To all those who say they enjoy the fireworks: I enjoy them too. But if you couldn’t pay your kid’s medical bills, would you take him to the circus? Lakewood is broke. New Jersey is broke. We need to cut where it hurts us least. I hate to take away your pleasure, but what would you rather we took?

  13. the people who do all the work for this event to take place would m uch rather do it a day earlier, this way they will get to spend the actual Holiday off somewhere else enjoying a fun filled day with their famalies and loved ones…..it ain’t all about “YOU”

    Oh by the way the 4th of JULY is national holiday and should be observed by ALL who live in the USA.

  14. sorry but some things should be left alone ITS JULY 4th not July 3rd, and as for saving money don’t start with that excuse I can give you some really money saving ideas that will never make it to print in this town!

  15. i would suggest we can save alot more then 30k if we do away with it completley but short of that
    why not do it every 2-3 years instead of every year this way well save alot more money if the name of the game is saving money we would save alot more that way?

  16. It is the fourth of July celbration, not the 3rd. Saving 30k? And put it where? Just enjoy the HOLIDAY. Stop with all the politics, PLEASE.

  17. why was my comments deleted ? nothing but the truth stated so i will try again
    there seems to be some comments here that obviously show a lack of respect for this wonderful land called United States of America, it is the best place on earth ,while not perfect I would not want to live anyplace else. Everyone should cherish the freedom that we have that has been fought for many times with the blood of many Americans. We are presently at a point in time in history where it seems that we have some who would like to change our style of life and force upon the citizens of this great land a socialist type of government that would be much more intrusive into our lives . If there is anything to be concerned about it would be that there are a handful of people who think they can shape and mold us into a country where government will control evryaspect of our lives. This is not what founding fathers had in mind when they set out to shape this great republic.For those who do not think this country is their homeland and do not see any reason to value the 4th of July I really feel sorry for you. As an American citizen everyone should honor those who made this way of life a reallity for the citizens to live free

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