Jack Ciattarelli Overwhelmingly Wins Lakewood Vote

Jack Ciattarelli overwhelmingly won the majority of votes from Lakewood residents in Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, garnering 11,644 votes to Governor Phil Murphy’s 7,112, giving Ciattarelli 61.6% of the total Lakewood vote.

There are 57,491 registered voters in Lakewood, but the township saw just a 32.8% turnout, with a total of 18,881 voters casting ballots in the election.

Murphy and Ciattarelli are in a dead heat as election officials continue counting ballots cast throughout the state. As of 11:44 PM, Jack Ciattarelli had 50.3% of the vote while Phile Murphy had 48.9%, with 74% of the total number of ballots recorded.

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  1. If not for the vaad, many more people would have voted and many more votes would have went to Jack. Jack might loose because of Lakewood. Thank you vaad!

    • @Brooke that’s exactly why they endorsed Murphy and why I was one of the 7112 people who voted for Murphy. You endorse someone if you want them to win. If more people had listened to the Roshei Yeshiva to listen to the Vaad, it would have been already called for Murphy. Where were the other 67.2% of Lakewood Voters? They really could have sealed this election.

      • With all due respect to the Roshei Yeshiva, are we being instructed to vote for what’s good for the Yeshiva or what’s good for us? Is BMG a yeshiva or are WE BMG? Should we destroy the economy, our values, support corruption so we are thrown a bone? Do all the choshuva rabbanim really understand the politics or are they fed their information by the VAAD similar to what goes on in Bnei Brak which has destroyed everything in Eretz Yisroel????

        • @Just Me. Yes the Rabbanim do understand politics. Unfortunately throughout the galus we find yidden doubting the Rabbanim and it always messes things up when we don’t follow the Rabbanim

          • No, Mr. A.K. wanna ….. They only understand the politics you feed them. There are many Rabbonim who strongly disagree with you and them….Daas Torah has been strongly watered down and misunderstood unfortunately. Ofcourse they are entitled to their opinion but that doesn’t take away from other Rabbanim’s opinion.

      • one of the the vaad’s reasons to vote for Murphy was that he was going to easily win. They fell for the bogus polls. Anyone following elections from the past few years understands that polls have recently lost their credibility, and often they’re totally wrong, and sometimes they help the underdog win! (its still very likely that Murphy will be able to pull away in the bottom of the 9th, but history has been made in Lakewood where democracy has been restored)

  2. The people have chosen and prevailed over the establishment. I would like to thank the VAAD for attempting to do good for the tzibur but the days of the VAAD are numbered. Thank you to all those who voted for Jack! Every vote is one of the 11k votes that Jack got in Lakewood. #Lakewoodstrong

  3. Brooke, he won’t lose because of Lakewood, he got Lakewoods vote. He may however loose because of the Vaad, which gave Murphy votes and caused many others, who were conflicted to stay home.

    That is very different then saying he lost because of Lakewood. He won in a landslide in Lakewood

  4. I agree with Brooke above. The VAAD blew it again….but on a whole new level. (I have to laugh how the VAAD really expects us to bow to their political opinion as if they understand things that we don’t). Now the ballot box stuffing will start with the democrats and Murphy will steal this election. I didn’t expect anything less from the democrats…..Good going VAAD!!!!
    The silver lining in all this is that all the corrupt politicians in this state will take notice that they can’t do what they want and then expect to throw a bone to Lakewood for their votes. We are a city with values and will vote for what is good universally for NJ. I will daven this morning that Hashem does not allow the democrats to get away with the corruption that we will witness today like they did with Biden. But good going Scoop readers….at the end of the day, WE WON!

  5. What a chilul hashem from the Vaad.
    It’s time we elect someone who had moral values over a candidate that will give BMG lots of Cash.

  6. While I personally voted for Jack, I think the Vaad deserves credit. They were probably given an ultimatum to vote for Murphy and he will keep shuls open. We just gotta pray that he doesn’t take the nick out of Lakewood now that he doesn’t need our vote!

  7. im excited because while everyone is talking about the governors race, Mr, Singer’s automatic victory always seems to go unnoticed. I think he should be the one responsible to get Route 9 fixed for us, for once and for all. After all he’s supposed to be our liaison to the State. I understand that he’s done a lot of good for us , and we’re very appreciative for that, but in regards to solving the Route 9 crisis, he’s been shutout. Maybe things will change now that he realizes that we’re no small cozy town with all the same viewpoints, but rather a diverse metropolis with lots of different needs and opinions.

  8. Question what’s wrong with the vag is not endorsing for governor at all and let everybody do what they want with Governor they can explain to Murphy what there any Democrat that there is no way that an orthodox Jew can indoors a liberal Democrat but we can do for you is not endorse it all that’s also something and then everyone is happy why do we have to give so much to liberals and get back so little we don’t want to anger them so we don’t endorse the conservative so we I protected that we did in the doors the other side that has less of a chance of winning but at the same time we don’t have to vote against our values For Heaven’s Sake the Catholics don’t vote against their conscience Jews do

  9. Murphy did well in Lakewood in comparison to the percentage of the vote that Trump got. Remember, even the first time Murphy ran he barely beat his opponent in Lakewood. It’s not as resounding loss as people make it out to be. The VAAD still has clout on many Yeshiva people. It’s the outsiders who moved here that pushed the needle slightly to the right.

    • we’ll be able to see the results by each polling station to get a better picture of which communities voted for who, but of the 7000 that went for Murphy, half of them are prob from the LatinX community , and another 500 from Belz. Do the math, Vaad garnered a meager 3000 votes.

  10. Personally I think it doesn’t look good that so few people voted. How does it look that out of 130K just under 20K voted? It shows that Lakewood doesn’t really matter

    • When left to their own devices, Lakewood votes. When told what to do, they abstain. The VAAD is all about the mosdos, by the mosdos, and for the mosdos. It has nothing to do with the people. Less than nothing.

  11. Judging from all the antiestablishment anti vaad people out there if the vaad would have endorsed Ciattarelli then Murphy would have won by a landslide!

  12. Correction
    Overwhelmingly wins among the 1/3 that actually voted.
    The rest either figured that Murphy would win, anyhow, didn’t wish to vote against the Va’ad, or were totally apathetic.

  13. Glad to have supported Jack and to not support making plastic bags illegal , getting law enforcement in trouble for reporting kids that smoke marijuana, vaccine mandates , kids wearing masks and teachers must be vaxxed and teaching kids about gender equality rubbish. Hope Jack wins

  14. We lost approximately 15,000- 11,000 Jack votes due to the thousands that got confused and didn’t bother voting, and about 4,000 that did follow and vote for Murphy. The Vaad seems to have read the early polls and misread Virginia and the Red Wave.

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