Is Smoking In Shul Permitted?

smoking drinkingThere are times and places we cannot eat or drink. There are times when even speaking is a Hefsek. What about smoking, what is its status? The Rivevos Efraim says that we see the minhag is that people smoke in a Bais Medrash, but what about in a Bais Knesses. He brings the Kaf HaChaim who says the smoking is Kalus Rosh (demeaning). Similarly he brings the Aruch HaShulchan who speaks harshly against it and says it is only permitted for those sit in the Bais Medrash a whole or half day, since it is like eating, and only they may eat.

During the Davening he says there is no question that it is not permitted, since it is disgraceful. After davening he says, it has a Din like eating and drinking and if that is permitted, so is smoking, since Batei Knesses today have a Din of a Bais Medrash. Revach.

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  1. Why. Are u even. Writing an artical. About this. Its just making it more. Acceptabale in. The eyes of smokers and everyone. Else it. Is assore. To. Smoke. So please don’t think. U. Have to kler if u can do it. In shul can u speak loshon horah in sshul…… itss the same question. A sttupid one ofcourse not bec. U can’t ever do it. And. So to smokeing

  2. These halachos were written before people knew that is is an issur deoraisa to smoke. V’nishmartem meod lnafshoisechem! It’s like asking, is it permissible to eat chazir in shul?

  3. who wants to breathe 2nd hand smoke and who wants to smell like they smoked when the don’t they should’nt be allowed, maybe the can have a smoking room or better yet how about outside.

  4. #1 – I got a headache from reading your post. There is almost not one word that is spelt right, not to mention your thought process, its anyone’s guess what you were trying to say. But seriously what with you boys today that you mumish cannot spell, its time you boys took reading and writing a little more serious, you never know when you may need it – hopefully not just for posting comments on blogs.

  5. smokers in shul are destroying our bochrim who come to get a good hashpah from the mispallim anyone who feels its not true does not have a teenage son.

  6. Anyone who smokes after all the negative things that have been linked to smoking is a fool. To subject their children to second hand smoke is a sin.

  7. How can someone do something so disrespectful to their fellow man and to God? If you are an addict, please remove yourself from the company of others and from the House of Prayer, while smoking a cigarette. We are all working on something to continuously improve ourselves. It is understandable when one has an addiction, but please, do not put others in danger so you can get a quick an easy fix. Go outside, away from doorways (where people will ultimately be coming and going), in a separate area, and have your cigarette there. It is selfish to do otherwise.

  8. the Chofetz Chaim ZTL when questioned from an addicted smoker if he was allowed to smoke on yom tov replied “Who told you that you were allowed to get addicted in the first place?! Even the velt understands that it is harmful and people shouldn’t smoke. When will we finnaly take the mitzvah of vishematem nafshoseichem miod seriously. Enough already, we should vigorusly protest this at every turn. And by the way, yes it has a terrible effect on bachurim.

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