Intoxicated Tent City Resident Burned After Falling Into Fire; Airlifted To Hospital

A highly intoxicated resident of Tent City was was burned last night after falling into a fire in the homeless camp, an official tells TLS.

The drunk man was reportedly trying to stand up at about 9 PM Friday night when he fell into the fire used to keep him warm.

The man suffered second and third degree burns to his shoulder and arms, the official says.

The patient was airlifted by South Star to Saint Barnabas Medical Center. TLS-GIC.

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  1. are we waiting for lakewood to be burned down in a forest fire? for reg tax paying citizens to make a bon fire we need to get all the paperwork in the world filed but here- lets do what the _________ we want!!

  2. I’m sorry, but they need to leave. Incident after incident. Just let us know what has to happen in order for the court to say that it’s time? Does everyone in Tent City have to drop dead? I hope not!

  3. to $4- Impossible Lakewood doesnt have much forest area left..just what is around Tent City and in the County Parks..not much else is available.

  4. poor guy.. lighten up there Anonymous…..maybe you can provide him and the rest of the tent city residents with a place to live and you wont have to worry about the homeless trying to stay warm in the cold or burning down your precious home, you to ???????? what did you do today to help the less fortunate?????

  5. I feel bad for the man but apparently he is not doing anything to better himself by getting drunk. He’s using the little money he has on alcohol. Not wise if you want to get out of tent city. That’s the problem with the homeless.

  6. I hope the fellow recovers- nut this is just another sign of the lawlessness of Lakewood. No Enforcement. Wasn’t there a deal that TENT city would not grow. Just drive there and it appears it has more than doubled.

    Lakewood TWP needs to hire more Police officers and allow them to enforce basic laws especially traffic and parking.

  7. This isn’t a debate so listen up
    1. Alcoholism is a disease, not a choice
    2. There homeless for a reason, not all stand around drinking by a campfire, there are some good people down there, down on their luck. Lost their homes, cars and families. There are also VETS down there , that fought in the Viet Nam, Iraq and Afganistan Wars so before you run your mouths off go down there for a visit. If your not part of the solution, your part of the problem!!!!!!!!!

  8. feel so bad for them.i know people that were homeless…i know people who are reading this is thanking god that you can seat home and have heat and a place calling home…

  9. And just what is the solution? Get those people inside somewhere warm. Its too cold for anyone to be sleeping outside. How many more of them have to get hit by cars, burned or die before that pastor realizes hes not helping these people at all. (moderated) Lakewood you should be ashamed of yourself too for allowing this situation to have happened!

  10. Look people. We all feel bad for these people and it us a terrible tragedy, however these people have been offered govt housing in shelters and have refused it. The building inspectors and fire Marshall’s are so strict on us, why the double standard. Tent city is just a plain Hazard. It should be shut and these people should be transferred to safer ,warmer shelters . This is absolutely ridiculous that it has been allowed for this long and exploited as a national story.

  11. In case your interested, they have been offered plenty of times shelters with food, running water and warmth. They denied it because there are rules such as no drugs ect…. As a matter of fact there are people in tent city who can afford rent but choose to live there beacuse they can live how they want. I live near tent city and have to suffer with the smell of their fires and the smoke all winter long. I have spoken to some residents who live there and what I have written is what they themselves have said.

  12. Tax payers have already paid the welfare money the drunkard used to buy the alcohol. Tax payers have already footed the bill for the police/EMS to handle this situation and the VERY EXPENSIVE airlifting. Tax payers will now be paying the running hospital/rehab/funeral bills.

    Why did the drunkard and the rest of the tent city squatters refuse to take advantage of the various indoor shelters and programs NJ Tax payers also paid for?? Do these squatters actually have the temerity to feel they have the right to demand that we spend MORE Taxpayer money to build them ANOTHER shelter where THEY want it!?

    I also want to see the Permit for the huge bonfire. If there was no permit issued, there should be an immediate investigation into who started the illegal fire and charges should be brought with the potential for an upgrade to manslaughter should the incapacitated alcoholic die.


  13. What housing? What shelters? I thought Ocean County didn’t have any shelters. Isn’t that the problem in the first place? Shelters just warehouse people anyway. Id rather live in a tent than a shelter anyday. Build some shelters that feel more like a home and maybe they’d go. But oh well, its a little late for this,
    its cold outside now!

  14. You are misinformed. There are shelters, and they are quiet comfortable. that’s not the point. Many of these people live there as their first choice. I know ths first hand, as I said I live right near tent city and this s what THEY say,!

  15. “The patient was airlifted by South Star to Saint Barnabas Medical Center.” — great, we tax payers will be stuck with this $20,000 bill.

    Joan says: 1. Alcoholism is a disease, not a choice”
    oh really? its not a choice? then how do so many people just walk away? what disease made them pick up the bottle to begin with? Listen up Joan, cancer is a disease. dont you date diminish the fight cancer patients make, by relating to a CHOICE weak people made by sucking down bottle after bottle. Alcoholism is not a disease. its a choice. its a choice to be addicted. cancer patients dont have a choice you numb-skull!

  16. These people are a danger to the community and themselves. Why should we all suffer from the stench coming out of that place. (I live down the block). They do not pay taxes and they do not add anything to this town. I don’t care if Booz is a disease or a sickness. Get them to a shelter somewhere. There a danger to all of us.

  17. I think Scooby & LaLa are in, well, LALA-Land. As other posters are saying, these homeless were offered shelter. They chose not to go. Right now they are a danger to themselves & a danger to others. I’m sorry, leaving them there is NOT being compassionate, its being mean; forcing them out would be compassionate. You have it exactly backwards.

  18. This comment usually not being on the scope, Let’s see if you put it ? Show me rent in Lakewvood. and Not Washington Square That charge $1100 for 1 Bedroom Not include Utilities. -The publication Masa U’Matan
    Have about 50 to 100 rent in Lakewood weekly , After Trying for six weeks to rent and Because I’m not religious Jewish It wasn’t going to happen . I’m not Interested To move out from Lakewood After the landlord raise the rent by 300%!! I’ve living here 25 years And work in Lakewood.

  19. the road and reasons for choosing ]or becoming] homeless are too complex for i,a layman to is a “trench” once in that is hard to dig out of. when a person has no family,home,social history or circle,it is hard to find a place in the functioning world.and usually if you look at the road of mistakes and despair that brought them to this point,make this more than an issue of why they just don’t get a job.for example,at a job coworkers talk about their families.what they watched on tv etc. these people have no connrctions to share in these types of interactions.and though we don’t get it..shelters to them means loss of the little freedom they have.and as for alcoholism..this is really an addiction. someone just can’t “put down the bottle”. one day i was driving some teenagers and we passed some homeless people..they proceeded to call them names…i stopped them and asked them how awful it would be to have no family or friends to take care of them.and yes,many of them have family,but have become distant or disowned.finally,all i’m saying is this is a complex issue. there are books such as “homeless to harvard” that delve into this topic.i have no solutions..but i do have pity as i sit here in my warm house surrounded by loving family.

  20. The township should build a shelter on the property. Then move the people into the shelter providing they pass drug tests. Who ever doesn’t leave the woods arrest them for trespassing. The town made this problem for itself it now needs to get itself out. Also southstar charges about $1500.00 the private companies charge $20000.00.

  21. The situation is complex and difficult to understand, but remember that all people are made in the image and likeness of God.

    What are we to do with people that drop out of society and have given up. The human brain and genome drives most choices for us. Addiction is a scourge on the the addicted person and everyone else around them. We must, however understand that a segment of the population will become addicted, and will be unable to care for themselves the way you or I would choose to care for ourselves.

    This places the burden for their care on us. The problem is that we cannot proceed with initiatives that would help. Advocates are protecting the people that cannot be sufficient, as they thwart realistic attempts to help. We are now seeing that their personal desire to live with addiction and/or serious mental issues overrides the concern of those that could help them. This means that they will continue to exist in their hovel, until a time when they die, or become inspired to move on.

  22. Letting them stay in Tent City is not being kind to them, because if they were thrown out, they would go to another county where they provide a shelter. And beside Lakewood doesn’t need more bad elements hanging around town. We have enough problems, and don’t need more.

  23. I am sure the residents and locals complaining have driven by there or hear a lot of things that happen there…. but have you been into the camp and seen first hand what the conditions there are? Its horrible!

    The lack of legislation and aide to assist these people is what the real problem is. If there is nothing out there to legitimately help these people then what do you want them to do? Move to the town next door? Move out of that area and potentially closer to your home?

    If you think there is a problem (which there is) vote people into office that will establish programs and create funding to assist these people into taking a step forward instead of sitting in one spot. Get out from in front of your computer and do something about it! Complaining about it on a news board does NOTHING! These are people like you and I. Be fortunate for what you have and give someone the opportunity to help themselves…

  24. To # 23 Dorit,

    Why do you feel you can get away with your lies?? Your claim that your landlord raised your rent by 300% is so absurd that it’s past ridiculous. Either that or there’s more to the story you refuse to share…

    Why haven’t you filed a complaint with the Rent Control Board????

  25. That’s the problem with our society. Everyone expects other people to fix their problems. The township and government is nt the answer to everything. Let them help themselves first.
    I have an idea. First let them clean up the dump that tent city has become, keep their chickens off the road, and start showing people that they are interested in living in humane conditions. Once people see that they really want to live a normal clean life, and they are interested in helping themselves first, maybe people will want to start helping them.

  26. The township committee has been spoken to and they said there is nothing to do because every time they try the liberal drudge doesn’t let them do anything.

  27. For the safety of Tent City and the residents of Lakewood, there isn’t another choice other than closing it down. Too often we hear of such incidents from that neck of the woods.

  28. Maybe they should open up Marlboro state hospital and let them stay there . theres kitchen , rooms , grounds . everything they would need . but they would have to be supervised this might not be the answere but it should be looked into..just a thought..

  29. #33 Hmm- wonderful post!
    And for all of you who swear these people were offered shelters, please become more informed before spreading rumors. As its been said a thousand times before, its sad that I feel I need to say it again THERE ARE NO SHELTERS IN OCEAN COUNTY. They offered to ship them down to Atlantic City and lay the responsibility on them. That’s not fixing the problem.

  30. Although I think you are mistaken, why do these people care where they hang out? It’s not because of their job, cause if they would have one they wouldn’t be living there. So what’s the problem. Let them pick up their bag and move to a shelter in ocean city!!

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