Inspections Department: Remember to Clean Your Sidewalks

snow clean sidewalk lkwd“A friendly reminder to all property owners that all sidewalks are required to be shoveled and safe to walk,” Lakewood Inspection Department head Mike Saccomanno told TLS.

The law applies to all properties, whether residential, commercial and rentals, as well as construction sites.


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  1. Your kidding, right? Look at the streets and ticket the township! If they start giving out tickets… The township and governments organizations are so out of synch with the man on the street. Completely ridicules.

  2. Residents of Lakewood:
    “A friendly (?) reminder to all township officials that all roadways desperately need to be plowed properly to be safe to drive,” Lakewood Residents tell TLS.

    This applies to all township roadways, whether residential or commercial, as well as developments.

  3. Wow! This one takes the cake. So the town’s gonna issue tickets now too?! Guess what, we’ll get around to our sidewalks at the same pace you guys get to the roads. Should be done by the time spring rolls around.

  4. sidewalk cleaned? i thought that is what the township (and their contractors) did in the street- they plowed a narrow strip to be used as a sidewalk.
    They are wating till it is warmer for the snow to melt for cars to drive.

    oh and btw== i understand the township ran out of trucks- did they run out of salt?

  5. Really meant to add this to the last comment, but I already shoveled for 8 hours without really making a dent. Corner property with massive drifts, and now a couple of inches of ice on the bottom

  6. This is actually very important for homeowners to take care of this… SINCE NOW PEOPLE WILL BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE SINCE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DRIVE ON THE STREETS!

  7. i would like to shovel my sidewalk but when township plowed Westgate on the New Central side they put all the snow in front of my house blocking in my whole driveway we have a four foot pile all along the front of my house.

  8. I am shocked at the lack of consideration and mentschlochkeit by the Lakewood residents . Common decency is to create a pathway for people to get through the streets, with or without a baby carriage etc. Especially as they can not get around with their cars. Two wrongs don’t make a right. No excuse not to. I have never seen this before in Brooklyn where if one person doesn’t clean his sidewalk, everyone will be rightfully upset at them. If there is even one person getting hurt because of this, it will be the fault of everyone with this farkrumte attitude. Think about others. I just took a very hazardous walk to and from my daughter and am happy to have arrived safely after having to walk in the icy street together with the skidding cars.

  9. Two wrongs don’t make a right!

    The streets aren’t plowed properly and the cars have a hard enough time driving. The least you can do is get pedestrians off the streets and back on the sidewalks.

    Yes and injustice has been done with the township plowing fiasco but don’t shirk your responsibility to your friends and neighbors. We are better than that (I hope).

  10. I agree with everyone I have to try getting my sidewalk plowed out but my shovel snapped in half now I need another one and I can’t shovel until Sunday or late sat night. My work doesn’t let me go home ealy because employee have stay after 6pm

  11. Hey George, that is the plan, they plow the road, dumping all the snow on your sidewalk while you are at work and then the Inspection Department gives you a ticket for not plowing your sidewalk. Somebody has to pay for the outside contractors hired to plow the streets.

  12. In 30 minutes I’ll be holding a press conference expressing my extreme frustration and utter disbelief for not doing my sidewalks. I promise to get to the bottom of it.

  13. At the corner of Madison and Ninth, there is a ten foot wall of snow thereby causing bochurim and yungeleit who are waiting to cross to stand in middle of the road. This is Chas Vesholom, an accident waiting to happen. Please clear a path so we shouldn’t have to risk our lives waiting to cross!

  14. Of course I’ll do the sidewalk… Just right now I have to give precedence to the main walkways (front door to the curb) Can’t get busy worrying about secondary sidewalks. Also some of my shovels decided not to work but don’t worry they will be severely penalized for shirking their duties once I complete my investigation.

  15. In Montreal and in Monsey and I’m sure in other towns that get a lot of snow, the city does the sidewalks with a special machine. Maybe Lakewood should be doing that too. B”H I don’t have a sidewalk around my house. I still couldn’t dig out the end of my driveway where I am plowed in.

  16. No way I’m shoveling my sidewalk. It’s that simple. The law makes no sense anyway. If it’s my property then the govt shouldn’t be telling me what to do. If it’s govt property then the the township should be doing. The easement status wouldn’t require me to shovel it just requires me to allow passage.

  17. I think we need to change the ordnance, the township should do the sidewalks since they are so efficient. This town rocks. All ways something really weird going on. Great Entertainment

  18. I actually took very treacherous walk through some nearby blocks bec sidewalks not shoveled- not necessarily in front of anyone’s house but still where many pass through- someone has to be responsible

  19. I cleaned my sidewalks. Then a contractor came with a backhoe and cleaned the street dumping 10 ft, yes 10 ft of snow on the sidewalk in the front of my house. You want me to clean the sidewalk? Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. You guys should be cleaning the sidewalks. The politicians in this town obviously have no clue or experience in management.

  20. It doesn’t matter how hard to shovel with or without the plows makoing a mess. Besides for the fact you can be in a civil law suit if someone slips on your property, it’s the mentchlich thing to do

  21. I agree with 25 that 2 wrongs dont make a right. I cleaned my sidewalk on Sunday already and believe me it was pretty high!!! When you do it – have in mind to b mikayem the mitzvah of; Ushmartem m’od l’nafshoseichem -lifnei eever lo sitain michshol , v’ohavta l’reiacha komocha. Kiddush H-shem etc.

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