Independent Candidate Isaac Akerman Meets With Supporters

ackerman_sticker(Click image to enlarge). Last night, Isaac Akerman, met with several supporters to discuss his campaign strategy. Details of the Independent candidate’s campaign plans are not being made public at this time, but bumper stickers were given to several eateries around town for distribution.

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  1. wishing him much Hatzlocha
    I would like to mention something which maybe someone can add too.
    Why is Lakewoods real estate tax so high when there are hardly any kids in the public school system. They say most of our real estate tax money goes to public school.

  2. I think that its very nice that we have someone running against Bob SInger, but as much as I would like NOT to vote for him, I am not either voting for someone who never once said what platform he is runnning on!
    Has anyone heard him say HOW he is lowering taxes and what else he plans to do if elected?

  3. Most of the property tax is for the public schools- but not for ours.
    The state has a whacked up system of distributing the funds. Much of it goes to Newark, Trenton, Camden, etc., so it can be wasted there. Gov. Christie is trying to change this formula, but it’s not up to the govm’nt, the state supreme court has to change it.

  4. Does anyone know which stores have it I intend to put stickers on my car and my wifes car…. Unfortunately I cant put one on my house because I was forced to sell it because of the sky high property taxes

  5. To Lkwd Rabbi “Most of the property tax is for the public schools- but not for ours”.
    with all do respect your schools are private institutions, not public!
    Again without sounding like a broken record Private is Private
    time are tough right now so i guess the mind set is to make this kind of statement even though it makes no sense
    I do not want to and should not have to pay for anything that is PRIVATE school or otherwise.

  6. Anyone who raised property taxes on certain people in town and significantly lowered it on another group of people in town whould be thrown out of office

  7. to #3- I think he didn’t want to get into high campaign mode so long before the elections. These things tend to build up and then eventually lose steam. It’s better to start closer to the election and be strong on election day.

  8. Isaac Akerman is a mentch for starters. He has a lot more experience than HH had in government as he is on the planning board for many years already. He gets along with EVERY Vaad member and regular guy in town. He hasn’t given into political pressure in the past- so we can base what he says on that! He gets along with the seniors! His own family member lives in a Lakewood senior development and knows first hand the challenges they face. ABOVE ALL: He sticks to his word. That is why we all need to vote for him.

  9. #7, First of all he was talking about Lakewood PUBLIC schools. Second of all, you do not want to pay for anything thats “private”. Good, and he doesnt want to pay for your childs tuition either. How about you pay for yours and he pay for his?

  10. #7, Time to stop being a socialist (moderated) and pay your own way. You cant have it both ways, either you subscribe to the “every child is entitled to an education” and therefore fund schooling for EVERY child equally. Or you believe that your childrens’ education is a PRIVATE responsibility of the parent and hence no such concept of tax funded education systems.

  11. to James says
    ” How about you pay for yours and he pay for his?”
    I have paid for mine been here more than 40 years they all have graduated long ago and have their own families
    paying taxes is everyones resposibility that owns a home That is not something that we can dictate who pays and who does not ,if that was the case then I should no longer have to pay as I no longer have kids in school it just doesn”t work that way How about seniors in retirement homes they too should be exempt? How about young couples who have no children yet Exempt also ,How about home owners that are single with no kids do get my point Does not work that way and never will

  12. The person that mentioned that the schools in Newark Camden etc are wasted money meant that they are extremely failing schools (i.e. Abbot Schools) and the more money that’s thrown at them is just more money wasted since there has never been an improvement.

    More money does not equal better quality, in fact it does just the opposite. Simple psychology, if an administrator of a school or school district receives more money when he/she fails then what incentive is there to improve!?!?!

    In terms of private and public. The concept of funding public schools is not uniform or sacrosanct. It was setup originally to be under state and local governance. This was done so each region can have their own “flavor” and reflect the educational and financial requirements of the local populace.

    By New Jersey State law there is a requirement for schooling and regulations that “guide” school districts. The same way that New Jersey can pass a school tuition voucher program, Lakewood can pass a courtesy busing program. There is no conflict and it is completely legal.

    The argument for Seniors is legitimate, why should you have to pay for schooling that doesn’t effect you. I can say the same thing on why I pay for Social Security when it doesn’t effect me. The way SS was setup was that the payments paid today are paid out to the Seniors of today. Anybody who is 30 years old now and thinks when they turn 65 they will receive the SS payments is delusional. The financial “tsunami” in Lakewood is nothing compared to the upside down financial setup of SS. There just isn’t enough money, especially now with the Baby Boomers coming of age.

    Either way, good luck and “hatzlacha” to all!

  13. Again #15,

    I am not taking a stand on whether or not there should be publicly funded schools. What I am saying is really simple. Either you fund everybody or nobody. If the tax payer is bearing the burden because every child deserves an education, then EVERY child is ENTITLED to the same share of the funds. Who cares if that amount that the child is entitled to is administered in a “public” school setting or in a “private” school setting? Please we’ve been having this back & forth for months now, you still fail to explain the answer to that one simple question.

    Again and again, what is the difference if that amount that the child is entitled to is administered in a “public” school setting or in a “private” school setting?

  14. “Again and again, what is the difference if that amount that the child is entitled to is administered in a “public” school setting or in a “private” school setting?’

    There is a huge difference ,if thats the case where do we draw the line on supporting private institutions and in this case a private religous one as well.
    While I believe its everyones right to make that decission in this case to use a privte institution for their childs education .
    There are two issues here public money for private use and to support a particular religious belief
    Both unnacepable
    Not just for the orhodox but any religious affiliation
    In this country you have the right to worship in any way you wish ,however there is to be seperation of church & state
    when you use public tax money to support a religious school that crosses the line. I don’t understand why that is so hard to comprehend

  15. You are still missing the point. This is not supporting a religious institution. They are receieving the exact services they would receive in “public” school. Nobody is saying give them more then they would get at public school. What is so difficult about that?

  16. Mr Voice, according to your logic, any religious person should not be entitled to any government service due to the seperation of church and state. What about a childs entitlment to an education involves religion?

  17. I must disagree with your logic , no public funds should go to any private or religious institution PERIOD end of discussion I will leave no more comments here as i see you and i will never agree on this issue

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