Roe v. Wade Set to be overturned: Governor Murphy responds | Yoel Ackerman

As earlier reported, since 1973, the United States Constitution has protected women and their right to choose their own reproductive rights, placing limits on the government in relation to abortion laws. The famous Roe v Wade decision struck down many U.S. federal and state abortion laws. Yet now, in a leaked document, the Highest court in the land is set to overturn this landmark decision.

This draft leak of the opinion of Justice Samuel Alito is unprecedented and is rarely, if ever done.

The draft was written in February of this year and shows a potential shift in thinking of the Supreme Court. It shows that the Supreme Court is set to overturn Roe v. Wade and place the decision of whether or not abortions will remain legal, into the hands of individual states. Alito writes in the draft “Roe was egregiously wrong from the start.”

Until now, the Roe v Wade decision appeared ironclad as it was also relied upon in a more recent Supreme Court ruling in 1992, the case of Planned Parenthood v Casey.  Alito also writes the Court’s majority opinion on the matter stating “We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. It is time to heed the constitution and return the issue of abortion to the people’s elected representatives.”

After an initial vote among the justices following the oral argument, one is assigned the majority opinion and writes a draft. (This is the draft that was leaked.)  It is then circulated among the justices. At times, in between the initial vote and the ruling being released, the vote alignment can change. A ruling is only final when it is published by the court. It is therefore possible that this majority opinion can change.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Governor has tweeted in response that his State will keep abortion rights in place.

A truly dark day in America with the news reports that the Supreme Court has voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. This year, I signed the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act – codifying a woman’s right to choose into state law. New Jersey will not go backwards on reproductive rights,” Murphy Tweeted. “I want to assure every New Jerseyan that today’s news about the Supreme Court does not change access to abortion in our state. ​ Access to reproductive health care remains available to anyone who needs it in New Jersey.”

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  1. Yes, of course.
    NJ will continue to allow murder, while prohibiting plastic bags….
    By the way, why is fossilized bacteria considered a sign of life, on Mars, but a heartbeat isn’t just that, in NJ?

  2. According to the democrats we are told to vote for, the mass exectution of the unborn is a sacred right which must have no restrictions, up till birth and maybe even post birth, also everyone should be able to do the procedure no need for any medical training, go to a couple classes and you are open for business. This is the modern democratic party, no restrictions on abortion and irreversible medical procedures on confused children. They are the party of evil.

  3. Banning abortion is not so simple. In cases where Halacha calls for an Abortion but the govt bans it you end up with a very complicated situation.

    • THIS!!!! everyone here is cheering this on, but I bet everyone knows someone who get a heter to get an abortion. After this ruling, that goes away. The 13 year old bais yakov girl who got raped and impregnated will be forced to have her life ruined and carry that rapists baby to term. The frum lady with 5 kids who discovered on ultrasound that her 12 week fetus is missing both legs and half and arm and severe brain damage will be forced to bring that child to life. BTW, those are two very real scenarios in lakewood where a heter was given for an abortion. This is what you voted for

    • They are not banning abortions across the nation for every reason, relax! It just basically pushes the delicious to the states to make laws. Which will include all the examples you brought and more that they will allow, especially in NJ and NY where they will likely continue on just as before killing babies at a whim.

      • No one is killing babies on a whim. You seem to fail to understand that abortion is a very complex and emotional decision and I highly doubt women are just doing on on a “whim”. And honestly, men need to stay out of the debate. Her body, her choice.

        • on a “whim”? 63,459,781 Babies Have Been Killed in abortions Since roe v. wade in 1973.

          “her body, her choice”? what about all the females babies being killed that have no choice?

          • Peretz….if it were your daughter or your wife who was violated, you would FORCE them to carry through with a pregnancy they did not ask for? You would actually traumatize them even more? I feel sorry for your female family members. And not for nothing, but are you an anti-masker who says “My body, My choice?”. Just wondering. And yes, it IS a woman’s choice whether to become pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term. No one else’s.
            Men should not be making reproductive decisions for women. Its a no-brainer.

  4. No one bans abortion for serious medical reasons. Halachikly necessary abortions are not impacted.
    The achzarius and murder of unborn babies ( for bnei noach it’s murder and for the us, it’s very close)is corruptive. The morality of nation is our concern. It affects us.

    • If a fetus has an abnormality that would keep it from surviving, most poskim would recommend that the mother abort so she doesn’t suffer the further physical and emotional toll of giving birth to a baby who can’t live long beyond birth. But many of these conditions aren’t detectable until the 20th week of pregnancy, well after many state abortion bans take effect. And most states that ban abortion after the first trimester don’t have exceptions for severe abnormalities.

      So no, halachically necessary abortions are already being impacted, and the problem will only get worse.

  5. The Democrats will have you believing that the Supreme Court and the Republicans outlawed abortion, but of course did not. If the Dems are so sure of their position, they are welcome to put it to a vote to their constituents.

  6. The procured decay of society can be delayed with a victory like this every so often.

    Anyone who votes Dem is voting for a side that universally encourages murdering babies

    Goose Gossage would like a full autopsy into the serpent who leaked this information and then jailed.

    Gossage out!

  7. This does not outlaw abortion. It specifically states that it should be up to each local representative to decide on their local laws which is a argument about the constitution. Democrats feel the need to use the federal government to force their opinions onto everyone instead of leaving it up to the states.

  8. Leave it up to knucklehead Murphy to call this a dark day in the same paragraph as him saying that NJ will still be able to provide abortions. Sorry, I just don’t see the darkness. Only hyperbole and stupidity. Oh well, what else can we expect from a Covid knucklehead…

  9. This does not outlaw abortion.
    It sends it back to the states local representatives to decide, as is set out in the constitution.
    This is not an abortion argument. It’s a constitutional argument.

  10. In the first 4 months of 2022, “mothers” have already murdered over 7 MILLION BABY GIRLS.

    Girls who never will get the chance to play with a puppy, smell a rose, feel a breeze on their face, play in the ocean, go on a date, get married, have children of their own, make a difference in the world.

    Girls who will never get the chance to be a woman.

    And the same demons that call for women’s rights can’t even define what a woman is in any other scenario. Umos Olamos.

    • You are pro birth, NOT pro life. Who will care for that baby if the mother cannot? Will you take it in? Should a young girl be forced to carry the pregnancy of her rapist and raise it? What about the life of the mother?

      • There is a long waiting list of people who want to adopt babies and a big shortage of babies for people to adopt.

        So yes there will be plenty of people who will take a baby if the mother can not care for it.

        • Do you have a daughter? If she were violated (and I hope no one here ever has to go through that), you would force her to carry a pregnancy that she DID NOT ASK FOR? You are insane.

  11. Anonymous,
    Well said about state’s rights, but how come any Jew from south of the Mason-Dixon line that doesn’t thoroughly bash the Confederacy is labeled a traitor and a rebel?

  12. Working in medicine I find it confounding that abortion is a right but if we want to maintain the life of a 90 year old we’re pressured to withdraw care bc it’s poor use of healthcare resources and the quality of life is constantly brought into question
    Who made the bureaucrats g-d to decide what is life – no interfering with Hashems jurisdiction, period!
    Abortions (certainly beyond first trimester) should be restricted and let families decide if an when to pull the plug
    Btw if a murderer feigns suicidal ideation, he earns himself a right to hospital care and possibly rehab, so we’re pro this guy’s life while disregarding thousands of unborn babies and elderly frail human beings who never harmed another soul

  13. I want to thank you Governor for calling this hopeful halt to genocide a “sad day”.

    Pray tell, at what point is a baby alive? 15 weeks? Time of birth? Wouldn’t that better be left to medical doctors rather than politicians?

    Who are you to play God and decide when it is ok to suck out a baby that only sinned by trying to survive?

    Do you not fear judgement day especially at your age? Well, it will hit you in the face eventually. Many lives denied the right to breathe air will be there waiting for you in the afterlife. Get ready for it.

  14. Whatever one thinks or feels, its up to them. I make no judgement on anyones choices. however, going back in time is not the right choice. I heard someone on the news say”Mind your own business” its true. Everyone worry about yourselves. We will answer for our own mistakes.
    You worry about you.

    • Just as we must speak up when someone innocent is murdered even if we don’t know them, and not say that it has nothing to do with me, we must defend the unborn who can’t defend themselves, my body my choice should not permit murder in any part of this country.

  15. “A truly dark day in America,” said Governor Murphy about the latest rumors suggesting the Supreme Court will overturn Roe vs Wade. “However,” the Governor added, “New Jersey residents can rest assured knowing that here in New Jersey, women will always have the right to choose the exact date and time of their babies’ deaths.”
    But pro-life advocates hailed the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the States and their elected officials, and their Governors – the likes of Mr. Murphy – to determine the date and time of deaths of babies across the country.”
    “If babies must die before their allotted time in this world expires, let the States and people like Governor Murphy make those decisions,” said one pro-life advocate. “The killing of babies should not let be left to the Federal government to decide, but to the states and wise men like Governor Murphy to decide. When they decide ‘Time’s up’ for the baby, time’s up!”

  16. Today, Democrats did not address the apparent breach of the Supreme Court’s protocols but, as expected, focused on mobilizing their supporters into voting for politicians to pass pro-abortion bills.

    Republicans, meanwhile, called for an investigation into the leak and said the leaker should face punishment or even prosecution.

    “If the court does overturn Roe, it will fall on our nation’s elected officials at all levels of government to protect a woman’s right to choose,” President Joe Biden said in a statement. “And it will fall on voters to elect pro-choice officials this November. At the federal level, we will need more pro-choice Senators and a pro-choice majority in the House to adopt legislation that codifies Roe, which I will work to pass and sign into law.”

    In response, Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said in a statement that while he supports the opinion, leaking the draft is an “appalling affront against a critical institution and should be fully investigated and those responsible should be punished.”

  17. Mr This: you’re insinuating that Jewish law is somewhat lenient on abortions and can therefore come into conflict with abortion bans. You are severely mistaken, Jewish law has always been very stringent on this topic. Rest assured that any eventuality (primarily when the mothers life is endangered) that would make it permissible to abort in Jewish law is accommodated in the many proposed states laws. And those other few cases that I’m aware of where heterim were given by Kalim w/o yiras shomayim I’m glad if they will be restrained by state laws. For more info see Igros Moshe Ch”M-2 69 how he writes in extremely strong terms and decries the situation in the USA that baby killing is rampant.

  18. @communitymember made several points let’s go through Them one by one:
    1) “nobody is killing babies on a whim” “abortion is a highly complex and emotional decision and I highly doubt people are doing it on a whim”.
    You are probably right in that there is a lot of thought and emotion put in to the decision; but so what? is a thought out, emotional murder any less of a murder? The complexity is a moot point!
    2) ” men need to stay out of this” really? All men?! Or just men whose opinion on the matter you don’t like?! Say for example the 7 male justices who decided roe v wade,(no women involved), should their opinion also be discounted? What about women who oppose abortion, do their opinions count?
    3) ” her body her choice” no it’s actually a distinct human with its own unique DNA which happens to be inside her body. Murder isn’t morally justified just because the human is inside another humans body.
    4)” who will care for the baby when it’s born, will you?”
    Experts say there are up to 2 million couples waiting to adopt, meaning that currently, there are as many as 36 families for every baby put up for adoption.
    5) you bring up rape and life of the mother. Those are more complex and perhaps should be kept legal. More to the point though, those cases represent less than 1 percent of all abortion in the country , far less in fact. Do you agree that all other abortion which represent the vast overwhelming majority of abortions should be illegal?
    Would love to hear from you! Hope that clears things up

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