JUST IN: Hundreds Leave Town Hall After Hearing Cancelled

JUST IN: (PHOTOS & VIDEO) An overcrowded Town Hall overreacted in disappointment moments ago after Senator and Mayor Bob Singer announced that the hearing for the SmartGrowth Plan will be cancelled due to a broken microphone system. Hundreds of Yungerleit and seniors packed Town Hall for the scheduled 5:00 p.m. hearing which had to be rescheduled to a later date, being that the hearing had to legally be recorded and notes wouldn’t suffice. Photos and video will be posted shortly. (Mobile users click here for photos and here to view video on youtube).


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  1. Maybe the town fathers can get some of the land back and sell it for fair value to buy a working sound system and lower my taxes. Oh I forgot- if the town tax goes down the school tax will go up-LOL

  2. The yeshiva will like to build homes on the cederbridge corprate park
    . Do we want more townhouses and congestion? This might be the m
    ajor decision that will change the face of lakewood for the next 50 years. Is lakewood overcrowed already? Should we slow devolpment and that will force
    People to move into new areas.

  3. This is not a us versus them issue. And don’t let anyone tell you that it is. Many in the yeshiva community agree that Lakewood should plan better. Overcrowded townhomes is not feasable. There must be serious attention given to growth issues b”h. Proper respect should be given to those that bring up viable remedies. Let’s stop the rhetoric on both sides. It is an achrayus of the Commitee to the entire tzibbur for health and safety reasons
    Let’s discuss this issue as mentchen. Let the dialouge begin. Let’s be heard (without the usual rhetoric)

  4. I am still waiting for my taxes to go down since all the new developments went up. As the previous fellow stated let’s discuss this issue reasonably. Your taxes will not go down if the land is developed
    Been there. Done that. It don’t work. Sorry. 🙁

  5. Supposedly, the court was having trouble with the sound system earlier today, and failed to tell the township committee, which resulted in the cancellation of the hearing at the very last minute, due to it having to be legally recorded.

    It has been moved to Oct. 29, time and place to be announced, from what I heard. Possible locations include The Strand or the public high school.

    The presentation from the DOT was interesting regarding Rt. 9, and more people should have stayed to hear that.

  6. Taxes go up, that’s the nature of things – wages, fuel, real estate, supplies, professional services, etc. escalate year over year. Developing the land broadens the tax base such that taxes don’t go up as quickly as they otherwise would.

    Your wages aren’t what they were 10 years ago, the cost of a gallon of gas or a loaf of bread isn’t either – it’s simple-minded to think that the cost of running the Township should remain the same.

  7. So sad to hear about the cancellation. Funny though because I was running late and had a whole speech prepared.I hope now we will have more time to finally join together all the dissenfranchised people of this town,whether from the senior community,ex-yeshivalite,alte lakewooders,kollel families ,angry townhouse owners, rabbonim,storeowners ,hispanics,african americans,and new residents.we have all been misrepresented all these years.the planning board and township committee has never voted with their conscience. They only vote with the side that will get them reelected. If enough of us show up on oct. 29th maybe the committee will realize this time they may have chosen the wrong side.I hate to be contrarian,but I,and many of my fellow lakewood residents feel that growth of this magnitude,is not what one can call smart. It is no smarter than proposing a seven story parking garage in downtown when there is nothing to park for.sometimes truly bad ideas just keep blossoming until they take on a life of their own.this is one of them.for real smart growth we need to sit back,discuss the problems and needs of the town,let it swirl around our brains a little and choose our best options.not follow blindly and do as we are told so a few people can get what they want at everyones expense. Yes we need a new cheder. We need decent housing,recreation,and jobs.but all these things need to be planned without anyones personal agendas.these are all important issues and they should be addressed in the future but without using it as an excuse to trample on the quality of life that we have all come to expect from the town that we ALL helped create. October 29th. I will be there will you?please RSVP on the scoop let us all see the power we have.

  8. well first of all it is very sad that we have the largest boys elementary school in the most deplorable condition.and you will be hearing that by expanding with smart growth we will get a new cheder.yes we need a new cheder ,but at what price?and we will need another one soon after all our smart growing starts.

  9. It will be rezoned. 15 houses per acre with basement apartments. The planning and zoning boards and committee do what the developers, some property owners and certain attorneys want them to do. That is why they are moving the meeting to the Strand or school auditorium. Puppets give a better performance on stage. Look up to see who is pulling the strings. Lakewood is almost bankrupt.

  10. looking at the picture i see most if those poeple that showed up, are the ones that bored, and always complaining… so for all you poeple that ask how do u know this? the answer is very simple. whem ever you walk into any store or even ask some of the employees who complain the most and dont buy anything and they’ll be able to point them out to you….ppl find something better to do with your bored lives oh wait dont worry u have another meeting to attened

  11. This is the time for all residents of Lakewood to unite for a better Lakewood. Rapid development without infrastructure leads to more and even deeper problems. Understand that all of this cost taxpayers money. The question is “What can we afford to pay or are we willing to pay for rapid development.

    The devil is in the details regarding zoning, utilities, transportation, infrastructure, state plans for Rt 9, county roads, schools, emergency services, etc. Let us be careful about what we wish for. We might get it.

    There are smarter ways to manage growth without giving away the quality of life.

  12. To those who feel that only bored people that have nothing better to do complain.The people of this town are not complaining we are taking much needed action in matters that have been too long ignored.The attitude that “I don’t wabt to seem like I have sour grapes”or “everybody else seems to be fine with it”,”who am I to complain” has to end.we can no longer bury our heads in the ground and hope all will be fine.Believe me,I would much rather be learning or ordering toys for my store,but I realized long ago that our town is being mismanaged to a point where we will wake up soon and say how did. This happen?and there will be no turning back.the small favors that well connected individuals are receiving on our account pale in comaprison to the loss it causes the entire town.This is not about taxes or services.This is about the overall attitude that we all are being told to help a cause that benefits a few people with questionable motives that hide behind the guise of caring about all of us.Oh and just to clarify.Many of the people I saw in the video have a seder kavuah and learn every extra minute they can find.I hope it makes you feel better about your life to put down people that want to make sure their town is not destroyed by a few (hopefully) well meaning individuals.do you criticize askanim for helping get boys into school as well for wasting their time?or are you one of them yourself?see you oct 29th iy”h hopefully at the strand theatre,how ironic will that be?

  13. Who has time for all this shtis?they will get theire way whatever we do. Go work or learn and forget about it.what do we need some guy to tell us what to do now?

  14. To the person who wrote that only bored people attended: You can’t be more off from the truth!! I saw the oilam there & they are far from bored people. The people that I saw there – hard-working Baalai Batim & Choshuve Yungerleit – had plenty of other things to do besides being crowded into a standing-room only hall. You need to ask them mechillah!!

  15. Iknow I’m definitely going iyh on october 29th. Scoop please post schedule and updates. I like to think of myself as a pretty kavuahdik guy when it comes to learning and I am not bored. I figure I will save myself much more time if I waste a little now on this than all the hours I will be sitting in trafic in an overcrowded little town

  16. Hey hershel what are you so mad about ? More houses more families more kids equals more toys for you to sell. You can even open another toy store near the blue claus stadium. Chill out man and have a great shabbos.

  17. look to all you who are protesting . the lakewood cheder is one of lakewoods best and largest schools with over two thousand legal tax paying citizens . lcs owns a very large piece of property and would like to build a well deserved campus that these children so desperatly need . were not asking for money just zoning approval . please come by and see for yourself the wonderful children who work so hard and have to learn under the most deplorable conditions with barely any playspace or anmenties . stop by before you protest. only somebody without a heart ( or a true antisemite would vote against a school for these kids. shame on you people . you’ve built and lived a life for yourselves, why can’t we do so on our dollar . you’re worries about congestion ( a ligit. concern) well, work in out in a pieceful and amicable way . we are all in these worldto help each other and live in piece . go visti. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and may even shed a tear that in 2009 there exists such pure chidren who don’t even know who michael jackson is .

  18. How much is the developer going to pay for this land? Is it going to the Township to offset the high taxes or will it go to someone else where the entire town won’t be able to benefit from it? Remember the town sold the 34 acre tract for $10.00. Who made the money from that deal? Were the taxpayers given the benefit? Did it help to lower the taxes? So, if the 200 +- acres is sold by the Town, where will the money go and will it be sold for market value as it should with the township reaping the benefits to help all the residents?

  19. To 11:50 am. The land was sold for ten dollars. That is over. It was supposed to become a corporate park made by the people that bought it for ten dollars.now they want to make townhomes there. They say it will have open spaces and parks. Even a new. Cheder. So they say. I don’t think they have a chezkas kashrus any more. There are more urgent needs this town has then growth. Smart or stupid there are more pressing isues. Such as slummy housing filled with overcrowded families using our public schools and hospitals. Not paying taxes and raising yours. Drug dealers using houses and storefronts in our town as laundering money fronts. Choking out legit businesses from opening. We need good planning if we want to keep our town from going downhill.we need nice apartment buildings to be built in the place of slums. Not more sprawling townhouses causing more traffic. A young couple needs a two or three bedroom apartment. There will be plenty of homes for them in the future. People die or move or downsize all the time. And there are other nearby towns that would laove to host our offspring and we would even be forced to open a school or two in those towns. There are so many better ways to plan for the future. I hope the township comitee can stop worrying about if they will get relected and throw them out of the meeting. Heshy we are with you man.

  20. I would say that in responding to 11:50 Am you shouldnt use yidish or heimishe words . The time and day of the post Saturday Oct 17 at 11:50 Am would suggest that he might not understand those words . It is obvious that this has become a forum for everybody ,not just yeshivaleit ,so post accordingly .Vedai lechakima

  21. Oh boy someones got a lot of guts.nice to see someone willing to stand up for something. I wll be there on october 29 at the strand theatre. Will the mics work there?if not ill bring some megafones

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