Howell Cop To Lakewood Driver: Whom Do All You People Talk To?

Howell pdA TLS reader was driving on Squankum yesterday while talking on his cell phone and sure enough, was pulled over by a Howell Police Officer. “Whom do all you people talk to” ? the Officer asked. The driver was ticketed and was on his way. Please be aware, the Howell Police have recently cracked down on cell phone violations and ‘hide out’ on Squankum Road-a ‘trap’ where many Lakewood drivers have been pulled over and ticketed. Driving while talking on a handheld cellphone is illegal.

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  1. one of the many differences between men and women is that men can talk and drive at the same time were as women cant, in my opinion the law should be changed accordingly

  2. Oh, but he wasn’t finger pointing to a group of people. If it was a black man we’d have major riots etc. And I see plenty of other people on the phone too, not just yidden.

  3. Who do all the cops talk to? I see them talking and yes even texting on their phones while driving . can we ticket them?
    or at least let’s post pics of cops breaking the laws they are supposed to enforce.

  4. #4 I feel sorry for your wife/future wife. What disrespect you display in your comment. Do you think your comment is very chauvinistic? (Yes, I’m a woman and I hope they taught you in yeshiva good vocabulary so you know what that word means.) By the way your comment is apikorsus as we are all, men and women alike, betzelem Elokim.

  5. Hey # 7, police ( EMT s) are exempt from the cell phone law, if using their phone in the performance of their duty. So lets not think that you can blackmail an officer, just because you got a cell phone ticket. I applaud Howell PD, and the NJSP for enforcing cell phone violations. Now I hope LPD steps up and enforces even more of these violations. I see Officer Butterworth wears a blue tooth, maybe you all should buy/wear them as well.

  6. #4 Actually, studies show that woman have a GREATER ability to multitask than men. It’s also a Chazal: nushim daitem kalos – i.e. flexible.

  7. Well, before cell phones, how did everyone manage to drive? It seems no one in Lakewood can drive without a cell phone glued to his ear. (or walk, or go shopping) Everyone is always yakking away on a cell phone. How did anyone ever manage without them?

  8. Having had a few close calls with drivers who were busy schmoozing on a hand held cell phone while executing driving maneuvers that require concentration and focus, I certainly applaud a crackdown on cell phone use while driving. If it is important enough to take or make a call, pull over to a safe spot on the side and do your business, then proceed to drive without jeopardising your life or the lives of others.

  9. Thank you Howell police offer for enforcing this law and getting another driver off the phone while driving. I drive through town with my young child in the back of my car, NO ONE in this town has the right to put her life in jeopardy by talking/texting while driving. If it were up to me, the punishment would be more stringent than just a fine. I would make it a moving violation with points on the license.

  10. instead of the focus of this article being on the cops who “hide”, why not focus on the fact that its illegal to talk and drive and talk about the safety aspects of this issue.

  11. # 4 you Crawl back to your cave with your club and try to join the 21st century where women are as competent or more than a man.

  12. i was stopped by howell cops for going over speed limit on a back road he asked me what are you doing in howell were are you going also he said this is not lakewood you have to abey the law

  13. I honestly and truly feel that some Howell cops are truly antisemites and not sincerely looking to just obey the law. This is my observation as they have zero sensitivity to our community . huh rayah the Tomchai Shobbas debacle and the many many times where they show ZERO sensitivity . Yes of Course we must all obey the law. but you can sometimes sniff out a true antisemit

  14. I agree, my comments are VERY frequently edited or not posted at all. Hey TLS, I’ll moderate your site for free to allow women to voice their opinions!

  15. ELI MANNING – I hope you aren’t serious! There are a lot of lousy male drivers out there, that don’t stop at stop signs, drive agressively, talk on cell phones without looking where they are going etc. I am a woman driver and proud of it and I am considerate of other drivers and pedestrians, and I don’t talk on a cell phone while I’m driving.

  16. Phoneless, put down that blackberry and watch where you’re driving. and stop using hand signals, they have blinkers nowadays. it’s more tzniyusdik

  17. In the 1970’s the last 4 miles of Howell’s Route 9 heading into Lakewood were still only one lane highway each way (in 1986 the 2nd lane was completed all the way through) and that stretch was extremely dangerous, many accidents, especially Friday afternoons when the Shabbos rush was on, people would use the shoulders, etc. Anyways, in one of the many accidents that occurred – the mayor of Howell was killed! To serve his memory and to revenge for it, Howell cops decided to become the most aggressive on drivers anywhere. They started hiding cops all over Rte 9 and would give tickets for any infraction, speeding, leaving an intersection to soon, too many lane changes, etc. In fact they became nationally famous for their being notorious ticket writers and for years there was a major billboard heading into Howell after Freehold that had a gun at you stating: Welcome to Howell – Killer Highway USA. Everyone in Lakewood knew not to speed. Don’t think Howell cops forgot this – add to that that we are yidden who have built up Lakewood to the point that Howell now looks like an abandoned warehouse next to us now – and you have a recipe for Howell cops targeting us more than ever. Let’s not forget this and let yiddisher gelt go to our headhunting neighbors.

  18. I think it is important that driving while texting talking laws MUST be enforced. I also firmly believe that many Howell officers are downright rabid Anti-Semites. I don’t have the time to elaborate but this has been proven time and time again by the Howell PD.

    TO #9
    They are allowed to use their phones….IN EMERGENCY SITUATIONS ONLY. Something tells me when I constantly observe officers on the phone casually cruising the streets of Lakewood they are not in an emergency situation.

  19. To # 37
    who are you going to call when you need help, Howell or Lakewood Police Department? Just being a police officer in these times is an EMERGENCY SITUATION saving dumb people like yourself.

  20. Howell looks cleaner than lakewood, no day laborers on street corners, the stores are clean, the houses are kept up…unlike Lakewood. B”H I am moving back to California!

  21. To “BlueTooth”

    Your brain sort of acts like a “BlueTooth” for your hands that type. In your case,I think you’d better check that “BlueTooth:of yours. It does not seem to be sync’d well !

    What exactly does it mean “being a police officer in THESE TIMES is an emergency situation”???? Can you explain? Why is an officer cruising rt 9 texting or on his cell in an emergency situation that would allow him to disregard the law?? Explain that in a reasonable manner so we can all understand you because I’m having a hard time deciphering your last message. Again the law is for EVERYONE cops as well. Oh,on your initial question-in an emergency I sure as hell will call Lakewood PD because they are an upstanding force unlike Howell. What that has got to do with the issue on hand is beyond me.

    Good Evening

  22. to smafoo #33 – I do not habe a blackberry , nor do I know what I need one for, and I probably watch where I am going better than you. If I used hand signals probably no one would even know what i was doing.

  23. to smafoo #33 – I do not have a blackberry , nor do I know what I need one for, and I probably watch where I am going better than you. If I used hand signals probably no one would even know what i was doing.

  24. Omg!! here we go again!! Cops doing their job and the community is in an uproar!!! The people of the community ARE NOT better than anybody else!! Once you guys realize that and stop breaking the law and running to the rabbi or chief lawson or chief carter in howell . The police officers in these towns can do their jobs without any conflict from te community or there respective Internal Affairs divisions!! GREAT JOB TO THE HOWELL OFFICER THAT WROTE THE TICKET!! HE WAS JUST DOING HIS JOB!!!!!!

  25. “Whom do all you people talk to” i dont know why “you people” arent in a total uproar! if this comment by a cop would have been said to anyone else there would be a huge uproar. this cop is an anti semite and there should be no place for him in the police department.

  26. what does “you people” mean if this would have been said to a black, rev. sharpton would be all over it. come on “you people” should fight back

  27. why was my comment edited, i am a black man who finds this type of behavior inexcusable! and therefore would hope that my comment be posted the way i wrote it and not an edited version.

  28. funny everyone bashes PD in Howell and Lakewood but who gets your 1st phone call when you need help? PD thats who!.
    Now we know Howell PD is harsh on Lakewood drivers for a reason… we drive like fools and give them a reason to stop us. Why not stop complaining about what they do, and start following the law? hang up and drive, like we’re supposed to do

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