Homeowners Wake To Burglar Ransacking Home

burglarA home in the area of County Line Road and Lexington was ransacked early this morning while the homeowners slept, Detective Captain Paul Daly tells TLS. At about 12:05 a.m. this morning, a burglar made his way into the home through a basement window and proceeded to ransack the home.

Upon hearing the noises, the homeowner got up and went downstairs where he found the mess, but the suspect fled.

A neighbor spotted the suspect leaving the home and alerted police, but the suspect got away.

The suspect is described as a black male and was wearing something resembling a scarf, over his face.

Late last week, two Raintree homes were burglarized, with thousands of dollars of jewelry taken.

The first one, reported here, occurred in broad daylight and the burglar made away with over $10,000 worth of jewelry.

In another incident, a home – in the same area – was burglarized between the hours of 6-9:00 p.m. Daly says. Approximately $3,500 in jewelry was stolen.

Entry to that home was made through a rear laundry room window.

No suspect information is available. TLS.

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  1. Yeah, let’s give these guys welfare, hud, etc .. So theyt don’t have jobs, then no $$ in their pockets, so they rob, steal , burglarize, or r”l, worse. Much worse. Vote out the Dems !!

  2. I find it a little funny that when a comment is made on here regarding certain people or politicians, or anything that moderators dont agree with, the post wont make it up or will be removed. When a post is made like #4 “Lets load up our 12 gauge shot guns and plaster his brains to the wall next time!” and thats posted, it has me thinking. Is it really acceptable to “plaster someone brains onto the wall”? Is this in agreement with this website? Really?

  3. Entering my house after midnight is tantamount to signing an agreement to have your brains splattered and yes, plastered to the wall. Sorry, rules are rules.

  4. #4 and #7 – the intruder was gone by the time the homeowner got downstairs, as per the article. A lot of good a shot gun would have done then. Just get an alarm and set it, or at the very least, get a large dog that will hear the intruder before you do.

  5. Chritine Abrams:

    If would-be intruders, robbers, killers, thought that some in our community might have guns (which some do – but not enough) with which to blow their brains out, they wouldn’t be so quick to enter these homes. So although this particular resident would not have been able to do anything since the intruder ran away, perhaps the whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

  6. #8-you are100% correct. Although it is not fool-proof, I sleep much better knowing my alarm is set. Why spend so much money on items like jewelry and silver, when you don’t secure your valuables??? Even if you don’t want to spend the money for central station, the siren alone is a definate detterant!

  7. What in Heavens name is going on in this town? If law inforcement can not slow down these burglaries, should the citizens not try? LCSW? Maybe more parrol volunteers?

  8. I not only agree with #6, but thought the same thing myself. The owners of this website are biased. But, I’m sure this comment will be pulled too.

  9. it amazes me that people will spent thousands for cosmetic items & omit the burgular alarm when having a home built. & a free system is worth just that.buy the best system, pay for it & than shop around for moneriting. & another must is cellular backup for the system should the wire be cut.

  10. Since most of our community is politically conservative, as I am, they like to listen to conservative talk shows.Unfortunately, they robotically parrot everything they hear from these talk show hosts and their callers. Without thinking and using their own brains, they fail to realize that not everything they say is in keeping with our way of life. Gun use is a example of this mindless parroting. It is beyond me how a frum person can be pro gun use and phrases like ‘plastering someone’s brains to the wall.”

  11. To continue the thread of my previous comment about robotically parroting talk show hosts, the same can be said about condemning all those government programs. Do you realize how many of our families have benefitted from government help?

  12. the question is could lpd handle the current situation ad hand or not then.we may have to.private armed security servies to patrol the areas with high crime rate we can’t hide from the current situation situation why isn’t the sherrifs department helping out lpd only when there is a crime they come the ciu unit

  13. One simple step is board up your basement windows with 2 Hefty 2×4’s and get good sliding door locks and keyed on both sides deadbolts for all exterior door.

  14. nothing will stop an intruder. may slow em down a bit. good alarm with central station moinerting. all windows & doors should be hard wired when the house is built. just eliminate the granite top & u have it. camereas with movement notification help to give u advance notice to ur cell phone.

  15. Its only a matter of time before an intruder is shot. Mark my words there are plenty of loaded weapons just waiting for an unfortunate burgular you heard it here first

  16. #11

    Texas is pretty well known for being one of those states where many people have guns, right? Well, just today in Tyler, TX the paper reported online: someone broke into a home while the homeowners were still there. The possibility of a homeowner having a gun didn’t seem to deter that h*ll bent criminal. What they don’t want is to get caught, get discovered. Won’t an alarm do that job? IMO, if you don’t have an alarm you’d be pretty stupid not to have a gun, but then again, if you think you need a gun, it’s pretty stupid to not have an alarm. You must be prepared to risk your own life because there is no guarantee you will get to your gun in time, or maintain control of it in a struggle. By no means am I anti-gun, I’m just looking at it as a last resort.

  17. Moderator is there a way to search older articles especially comments. I’m trying to follow up on details from another robbery that was committed in the summertime in raintree on the corner of cederwood. I need the vehicle information for that robbery to try to help solve a recent case. Please post answer if possible.

  18. Two points:
    First, my standard ‘install landmines’ comment.
    Second: I’m not blaming the victims – but we kind of bring this on ourselves by building nice-looking houses with lots of ‘curb appeal’. Maybe it’s time to start a ‘Lamah Titrau’ campaign. There is, after all, a difference between nice and decent and knock-your-socks-off-wow. (No, I’m not joking.)

  19. I have something alot better than a 12 gauge, 2 HUGE German Shepherds, now that is a deterrent, and I can tell you I sleep like a baby knowing the are “patrolling” my house day and night, and the cost is minimal, a handful of doggie treats………

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