Homeowner Scares Off Burglar

burglar2:25 a.m. A homeowner scared off a burglar from his home a short time ago. Police received a call from a resident who stated that he heard noises coming from his basement window, and when he got up to investigate, the burglar fled, but not before removing the window screen. Upon arrival, police found a knife and stereo system near the window.

No suspect description is available.

The CIU was called to investigate. TLS-NS.

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  1. Didn’t we have a similar story earlier this week? As far as “Now if he had a gun…” – he really wouldn’t need one if many others did and word got out on the street.

  2. If that homeowner had a gun he would have no right to use it. His life was not in imminent danger. This isn’t Texas.

    A 1997 American Journal of Public Health study showed that family members that had a
    history of buying a handgun were twice as likely to die in a suicide or homicide as were
    persons who had no such family history of gun purchase.

    One study, published in The New England Journal of
    Medicine, found that having a gun in the home made it nearly three times more
    likely that someone in the family would be killed.

    Even the gun press admits the risk. Describing the demise of so-called “lintel guns,” firearms
    hung over the door ready for immediate action in frontier times, Shooting Sports Retailer noted,
    “Today, guns in a home used for self protection are not hung over the door but are more likely in
    a desk drawer or beside the bed in a night stand. When a child is hurt in a firearm accident it is
    often the self defense gun that was found, played with, and ultimately fired by the youngster.”

    Think about these things when you consider whether the masses should be gun owners. I have no problem with those who are enthusiasts, professionals, or well trained knowledgable owners having guns (there have been guns in my home my entire life) but to think of MOST of the population?? People can’t even be responsible enough to lock up their homes, children’s toys, cars, etc and you want GUNS in their homes? If word got out that the average citizen in Lakewood had a gun in their home, it would end up stolen or misused.

  3. JD, finally a voice of reason. SOme folks think that just because they are politically conservative, they have to agree with everything on the conservative agenda. How these otherwise sane people are against gun control is beyond me. To me, the idea of having a gun, or my neighbor having a gun is terribly scary.

  4. a gun is dangerous in a home with children.

    to clarify in the state of nj one would need to warn the intruder that if he continues to move forward, he will be shot. Obviously if one is breaking into a home the homeowner life is at stake. We have seen in lakewood this week on 14th st and other times that the intruder will grab a weapon such as a knife and stab the homeowner. So by default AN INTRUDER IS ONE WHO WILL KILL TO NOT BE CAUGHT. ONE WOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT FOR AN INTRUDER TO GET INTO YOUR KITCHEN AND HAVE THE KNIFE IN HAND,

  5. #5 so only the bad guys will have guns (they don’t follow the law) and how’s anyone gonna protect themselves. Gun control is needed but with limits, not so strict. Just look at cities that have very tough law as NY, LA, Chicago, guy violence as be up (tell that to bloomberg) and that’s a fact. So I think its insane (to use your words) just to outlaw all legal guys.

  6. I’ve notice on the homes being built around town, the basement windows are huge. There not regular basement windows, 32 x 18, there almost full size at ground level. Very easy for even the biggest of thieves to get in. First, why water dose flow in them when it rains I don’t know. Second, for an average of $ 50 , plus labor, consider decorative steel bars on the inside of these windows to inhibit entry but allow emergency exit.

    Or better yet, call ADT,…. 40 bucks a month

  7. to jd says:
    you are right about shooting an intruder if he posses no immenent threat, however that is not always the case there are many docunented cases of home owners protecting their family with legally owned weapons (guns) I must ask why you pooint out only one side of the story. In this country you have a constitutional right to bear arms as long as you have no crimminal history ,not mentally deranged . I support those rights and the right to protect myself & my family if confronted by a violent intruder.
    It is also a good idea to have an alarm system as a first line of defense but that system cannot avert confrontation once someone has already broken into your house
    In the case of a break in the police can only respond once the damage is already done ,so its you against the thug and given that I want to be armed !!!

  8. To “never would have a gun”, JD never once said that owning a “gun,” not “guy”, should be illegal. You took JD’s words and misinterpretted them. JD merely said that not everyone should just go out and arm themselves. That is the point JD was trying to make I believe. Personally speaking I have been a gun owner since I was 18 and have had guns in my home since before that, but to be brutally honest I have seen the level of common sense some of the citizens in this town and I would hate to have to live here if everyone could go out and start arming themselves.

    This is not a state that could handle liberal gun laws. There are too many people too close together. Just because you are legally justified in shooting someone if they are intruding in your house, the bullet will not always stop when it hits the person. A stray bullet going through someone could wreak havic in an area like West Gate or in any of the apartment complexes in this town.

    If a person is going to own a gun and plan to use it if necessary for protection, they must be fully versed on all the laws regarding gun ownership within this state. They must also be level headed under pressure. The adrenaline surge that accompanies drawing a gun for any reason is something that must be dealt with and many people would not be able to do so.

    If people in this town want to start arming themselves, they have a Constitutional right to do so, however logic and common sense should be the guide in doing so, not a rash decision made in a time of fear or excitement.

  9. To JD, “One study, published in The New England Journal of
    Medicine, found that having a gun in the home made it nearly three times more
    likely that someone in the family would be killed.”

    Or maybe they get a gun because they are more likely to be killed and would like to prevent that. Not an accurate statistic.

  10. Mr Mayor. Please make sure thAt if a burglar gets caught he will face a mandatory one year sentence . That will be a deterrent burglars will think twice before they strike

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