Hitchhiking lands driver, Bachur tickets in Lakewood (PHOTO)

A Lakewood Bachur hitching a ride was issued a ticket, as well as the driver who picked him up.

The Bachur, 19, says he was hitching a ride at the intersection of New Hampshire Avenue and Ridge Avenue at around 7 PM yesterday evening when he was stopped by an officer. Both the hitcher and driver were issued tickets.

Hitchers are advised to stand in an area that has ample space for a driver to pull to the side of the road and not impede traffic.

The ticket fine is $54.

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    • WOW!! What do you want to do to this officer. Do you want to punish him and ruin his life just for doing his job issuing a ticket.
      I don’t understand what that information is for except for revenge against this officer.

  1. It’s about we educate hitchhikers and drivers about this.
    I will only pick up hitchhikers if I can safely pull over AND they are not standing in the street.

  2. Unfortunately, way too many people forget that when doing a chesed for the convenience of the boy hitching they are also sometimes inconveniencing a whole line of cars behind them. Use your brains when stopping on the side! Make sure it is actually on the side and not smack in the middle blocking the entire Central Avenue or the like!

      • “In the US state New Jersey it is illegal to hitchhike. This is provided by 39:4-5 which states: “Begging rides prohibited.”

        It’s illegal. Do it, and you pay the consequences.

  3. Hitch hiking is illegal in NJ why in the world are you advising people how to properly hitch hike? Don’t be part of the problem please.

  4. An officer educated me a few years ago that indeed the hitcher may NOT stand in the roadway AND the driver must stop off to the side so that other cars may pass. I therefore will not stop for boys if the two above criteria are/can not be met. Safety for all of us.

  5. Hitchhiking is illegal in NJ. Period.

    Unless the law changes, you should not pick one up.

    It’s also dangerous- but that’s a different conversation.

  6. Back in the day when I was a kid hitchhiking on forest a police officer gave me a hitch to satmar in the front of the police car good ole days in Lakewood…

  7. @david why do you want the officers info? He was doing his job. Finally!
    It’s so dangerous when cars just stop smack in middle of the road or when they do pull over then just whip back into traffic without even signaling.

  8. Here is what NJ law states: In NJ it is illegal to hitchhike. This is provide by 35:4-5 Begging rides is prohibited. No person shall stand in the highway for the purpose of or while soliciting a ride from the operator of any vehicle unless an omnibus or street car. I think the word prohibited is pretty clear. Unless someone has their own definition of prohibited. So guess what, the ticket was justified. Stop blaming cops for doing their job and follow the law. No one cares if you don’t like it, its a law.

  9. It’s about time.its super dangerous and selfish. MEMO to all,you cannot stop in middle of a road for no reason.
    To the LPD please continue to enforce and give tickets. The community at large does not agree with hitching.
    To the Bachirim, make your bus!

  10. I find it interesting that whenever this topic comes up there are people for and against boys hitching. But you never see any discussion about girls hitching. Actually, you never see girls hitching.
    Presumably because it’s socially unacceptable, unsafe, untzniyus… the girls manage to work out their transportation arrangements without relying on the general public. Sometimes they even*walk*. Gd forbid the boys should arrange their rides in advance, take a car service, or use their two feet to get around. I would never allow my daughter to hitch and I wouldn’t want my son doing so either. The girls manage just fine- the boys can learn from them.

    • I assume but can’t verify that the high school girls have busing whereas the boys don’t (too early/late start/end times).

      Whereas the older working girls have their own cars the yeshiva guys generally don’t (married with one car).

      • remember boys have to go to davening, 3 x day, vaskikin shiur,mussar shiur, etc etc – girls don’t have that type of schedule – they go to school and come home

  11. For all those worried about inconvenience for other drivers.
    It’s their job as much as everyone else to help out other people. (There’s a famous story with r Chaim but it’s too long)
    I stop always & anywhere.
    If I get a ticket… well that’s the price I have to pay.
    Also, unless you ever stood in the cold or heat it rain with a hat and jacket and had 30 cars pass you and not even look at you please don’t argue with me.

  12. To stopthehate: YOU SHOULD NOT DEIVE IF YOU CAN’T FOLLOW THE RULES OF THE ROAD. We should not have to deal with drivers like you in this town. It’s not hate- get some brains! #gethisId #gethimoffourroads

  13. Thank you to the police officer! Ensuring the safety of all involved and assisting in maintaining normal traffic patterns. I was just behind someone yesterday who was the first car to go through the green light and then stopped to pick up hitchers on the corner just past the intersection. This “chessed” was ridiculous! No other cars behind him were able to go through the green light – maybe we should be doing chessed to the other cars on the road and allow people to get to where they need to go without causing unnecessary delays.

  14. Stopthehate

    Well said. There are many selfish commentators here who would never pick someone up because they’re selfish and are hiding behind “the law”. I wonder how many of them follow “the law” when stopping at stop signs, using blinkers, and not texting.

    • Stop hiding behind Chessed and Selflessness. Hitchiking is terribly dangerous for the driver, for the hitchiker and for other drivers. People who don’t stop for hitchikers are not selfish. We are doing the right thing! And I for one thing, I stop at stop signs, use blinkers and don’t text while driving. That’s Normal and not something special as some drivers in Lakewood think. Hitching is not a normal thing. As a senior citizen I might add that you only used to see low lives hitching, not choshuva yeshiva bochurim. When my son had to get to yeshiva or minyan and I couldn’t drive him, I found someone who could take him. This is a horrible situation on so many levels!

  15. Besides being dangerous for the boy who is getting in or out, it can also be dangerous for the cars around. I was driving on county line road, 2 lanes with no shoulder going at the legal speed limit, when the van in front of me suddenly slammed on its breaks. I slammed on mine and almost swerved into the left lane, BH missing an 18 wheeler that was barreling up the lane. I managed to break on time and the driver was completely oblivious to the fact that as he let a boy out of his van, there could have been a fatal accident behind him. Drivers! Please think about the other drivers!

  16. The bachur & his parents should be ticketed. Not everything that’s so called “legal” is ok to do. Unfortunately, too many hitchhiking incidents happened in the past & we should know better than that.
    “Never get in to a car that you don’t know the driver”!
    It’s unsafe to cross against a red light, it’s unsafe to swim without a lifeguard, it’s unsafe to hitchhike too.

  17. If you charge someone for the ride does that make it legal?

    I do agree that if you cannot safely pull over then you should not give a ride. I have seen many close calls.

  18. If I can pull over safely and not obstruct traffic, I will pick up hitchhikers, especially in bad weather. I don’t think it is wrong to do a chesed for someone. Back in the good old days, when I was young, I would always hitchhike in the mountains. I don’t know if I would recommend it nowadays.

  19. @lakewoodmom it’s not drivers like me that make it hard to drive it’s people on phones and people who go when it’s not their turn and people who don’t let other drivers in front of them that make driving hard.
    All saying not to pick people up based on some story they had I don’t believe you. This was always the practice in Lakewood until Cellphone’s and everyone got in a rush. Also regarding #gethisid #hmu

    • For some… living isn’t about working, making money or having a car.
      Yes this life may not always be convenient, and no it will not be easy.
      It may mean struggling to find a ride or not having enough money for a taxi.
      This is hardly an issue because…


      And guess what??
      When you are driving down the street, in your brand new Audi.You have the AC turned all the way up because its 98 degrees outside. What do you know its that Yeshiva guy hitching again… He’s in the heat working hard to go learn Hashem’s Torah! He is holding up the world! And your worried about letting in a little bit of heat. Now, I’m not saying you should stop in middle of RT Nine to pick up a hitchhiker. Use your brain pull to the side, don’t block traffic, don’t stop on a busy road,Number one don’t make a chilul Hashem.
      And maybe do someone a favor. You never know, going out of your way a lil and doing some Chesed may earn you a plot of paradise one day.
      (you might need it)
      Chadesh Tov!

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