Here’s why there are no Speed Cameras in Lakewood

In light of recent fatal accidents, many have inquired and have been wondering why there are no speed cameras in Lakewood.

The systems are in place in New York and in other states, and they help to reduce speeding when police are not around to monitor. The cameras will snap a picture of the speeding car, and mail a ticket to the vehicle’s owner. The ticket would not carry any points, and it cannot identify a driver.

TLS reached out to Mayor Ray Coles to inquire about the possibility of such a system in Lakewood, and the Mayor in turn reached out to Chief Greg Meyer.

The Chief looked into it, and came back with the State statute which indicates such systems are in fact illegal in New Jersey (see the statute below).

However, Mayor Coles tells TLS he will be reaching out to state legislators to see whether the law can be amended, and what other options are available to enhance safety on the roads.

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  1. Are you kidding with this!
    Look at the statistics…. Cameras in fact did not make a difference on deaths! That was the whole scam New Yorkers were yelling about! Stop being stupid! reached out to them??!! Are you kidding?? It was all a scam to make more money! It never did and never will help. Stop trying to cost us more money!

      • If it doesn’t affect deaths, why should he say any different?
        The question is, do they actually work? From what I see, the problem isn’t speeding per se, rather ‘oiber-chachomim’ seeking workarounds for traffic, including driving in shoulders and turning lanes, racing to catch a light, using driveways to avoid red lights, and distracted driving.
        No cameras can take care of that.

  2. Are you kidding??!! Look at the statistic… it did not help in New York…. Deblasio kept doubling down every year as the deaths kept rising… you are so wrong for reaching out to the Meyer about this potentially getting them installed… you are going to cost People a lot of money for no reason! Do better!

  3. Be careful when you fight for government oversight.
    Once you give those in power more power they will use it to abuse your rights.
    Look at Brooklyn the spped limit was made to 25mph on Ocean Parkway.

  4. It was deemed unconstitutional along with red light cameras and chalking tires in timed parking spots. I believe under the 4th Ammendment its considered an illegal search.

    • @USA and @Dovid, there are cities where the people in charge of the red light tickets rigged the system so that the light would change to red quicker than normal. So I agree, there’s a problem when city governments are given so much power that enables them to crookedly amass money in their coffers, and in the coffers of the gangsters who set up these systems. And indeed, with regards to these speed limit cameras, sometimes the whole operation is set up in a tricky and unfair way that makes it difficult to avoid getting a ticket, and easy to fall prey to a huge fine.

      • When I said in my comment above “the people in charge of the red light tickets rigged the system”, I’m talking about the companies that set up the red light cameras.

  5. And….just like in NY, expect plate covers, bike racks, bent plates, etc. Anything to obscure the plate.

    Waste of time. Not an effective deterrent unfortunately.

  6. No way should we have speed cameras in NJ. It’s just another birder on the people and makes impossible to drive. If anything there should just be a little more enforcement and even that’s too much. Because one unresponsive driver the whole population doesn’t have to suffer. Enough with these penalties

  7. I just got 2 tickets $50 each for driving in NY at 41 MPH. on a road similar to Rt 9 THAT IS INSANE!! I understand if I was going 50-60 on a main road but 41? Do we live in communist Russia here?? It just goes to show that this is not about our safety but rather stealing money from innocent people. I am appalled that anyone would awaken such ideas in our Mayor and Govt officials. TLS should be ashamed of themselves for posting such articles.

  8. The reason it was outlawed in NJ was because studies proved it helped not even .01% & therefore was deemed to be nothing more than another way for the government to steal our money. There are very few states that allow it anymore for that reason.

  9. Great, you want more oversight from the government. We don’t have enough already?!? Enough is enough!

    The statistics in New York and other places showed that they didn’t really do anything. It was not a major deterrent at all. The only thing it did was raise more money for the state.

    The laws themselves should be the deterrent, especially if followed.

    And for TLS to come back in a comment saying well what about if it was your family member, I’m sorry but that is an incorrect and not to mention childish, response. If we did that, what if it was your family member, we’d have even more mentally ill wars than we do already. You can’t make laws to change everything into a utopia. Some countries tried that and it really didn’t work for them.

  10. Well come up with another idea. There must be something to hold the bad drivers accountable.Get off the cell phones would help…..

  11. This is a quality of life issue I believe that many people in NY hate living there due to these cameras which make driving unbearable. I was just there recently and thankfully I don’t live there as it feels so oppressive and no room for error. Cars are literally crawling along on ocean parkway it’s a disaster

  12. How about also enforcing passing a school bus with flashing lights, illegal turns, aggressive driving, cutting people off!!! ENFORCEMENT IS NON EXISTENT!!!

  13. We don’t want to be like NYC
    NYC became one big Kindergatden Jail
    You cannot Drive or Park anywhere in New York without getting tickets upon Tickets
    Every other block has a red light camera or speed camera
    And unless you drive at the speed of a turtle or make sure to never go thru a yellow light even for a legal turn your paycheck will just be going to pay for tickets all day

    It will not stop those few reckless drivers anyways it will just hurt the regular common law abiding citizen who does not drive like a perfect turtle 24/7

  14. Hey Mr. Mayor, The past has demonstrated the use of cameras has not deterred anyone and has in fact only allowed unscrupulous camera vendors or rigging the system to increase revenue, illegally on the tax payer. And your constituents are sick of taxes.

  15. Most of these speeder accidents are drivers from out of town who will not know if there are speed cameras in Lakewood many are drunk or on drugs so they will not be aware of pay attention to speed cameras
    The only people the speed cameras will hurt are the local Lakewood drivers who will inedver go 2 miles over the speed limit

    • It’s like was stated earlier. it’s the ‘oiber-chachomim’ (whatever that is) and pathetic people on their cell phones. Why have any traffic laws, no one seems to obey them or they think they’re above the law or it doesn’t pertain to them. Like was also said earlier, what if one of your family members was killed by someone who broke the law, would that be enough for you hang up your phone and start driving safely and courteously? Because most of the people responding about speed cameras are the ones breaking the laws and yakking on their cell phones.

  16. Most people know they are illegal in NJ for a good reason, this goes way back. I was wondering in last post why people were discussing as if its an option. I agree with everyone else here, I believe they cause more accidents and traffic every light people short stopping etc., the people who want to speed will put the illegal spray or covers so the cameras wont be able to get us including myself.

  17. So what is the answer if not cameras? You can’t have the LPD everywhere to enforce the laws and when the State police show up everyone cries foul. For the ones that say it’s not Lakewood residents speeding please take some time from your day and travel County Line Rd from RT9 through Jackson. 45mph is a joke as most drive closer to 55-60mph. The traffic light by my house is the scene of numerous accidents every month due to speeding and people trying to beat the light and yes, I get a front row seat to the carnage. Something has to be done and if it takes away some of your “rights” to preserve some innocent persons right to life, than so be it.

  18. America has always taken a hands off approach to law enforcement. If the population can police itself then the govt stays out.
    That the “Ir Hatorah” needs to reach out to the govt when we should be the model of safe and courteous driving is something I find disturbing.

  19. If youve ever drove in NYC and specifically flatbush youll understand why reaching out to the mayor was an act of foolishness. Try paying attention to the road on ocean pkwy while trying to stay below 34(9 over) while short stopping by every yellow light. I understand lowering the speed limit helps, but locking up a petty thief for life would also keep him off the streets. But thats not how things work here in america, thats the work of communists. This wouldnt solve the real distracted driving problem which is using a phone and not paying attention to the road. this would just cost the working people unnecessary additional loss of money they dont have. TLS lets reach out to the legislature about our skyrocketing taxes and not pointless things. lets not do stupid things again.

  20. So basically the system will be : that anyone who’s license plate is affiliated with the developers/askanim in town, (who created the traffic mess) who are heading toward their chopper in Lakewood airport, or their private jet in Monmouth, shall not be ticketed, all others (I.e. Hardworking mothers driving their kids to school after their bus has been canceled yet again.., yeshivaleit, or middle class workers trying to get to their job) who sit in traffic a third of the day shall be ticketed, or maybe even have their license revoked for being reckless! And the proceeds will go to further develop the towns infrastructure, so not to overburden the developers with “unnecessary” taxes, as they continue their building spree, for the “benefit” of the town.
    I can’t see how anyone could be against such a plan, it’s a win-win for everyone in town!
    Anyone who’s against such a proposal is simply selfish, has no patience, and only cares about themselves, and couldn’t care less about the safety of our kinderlach, Lakewood has no place for such terrible people. Follow the developers who even in the face of such adversery, continue to build with such “mesirus nefesh” just to help fellow lakewooders have a roof over their heads, let’s take a lesson from them, even if it means sitting in traffic a few more hours a day, come on let’s man up, I’m excited to pay for my first ticket!

  21. How about a ticketing blitz for all the driving violations. It is sakanas nefashos to drive in Lakewood with all the speeders, sign and signal violators,and general recklessness . Perhaps traffic cops to ticket and ticket and ticket until the rate of accidents and fatalities are reduced significantly. I bentch gomel without a Bracha when I get home safely each day…

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