Have Your Property Taxes Gone Up Or Down?

Click here to view the PDF page of the 2010 Tax Reassessment Summary Tax Impact sheet to view the areas affected, with both increases and decreases in their property taxes.tax increase decrease-part of page

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  1. Basicallly the seniors were decreased and the frum oilam was increased. Chateau Park was originally supposed to get a large increase but after making a big fuss and getting the mayor involved they were ubsequently decreased. Maybe we should ALL make a fuss and get the tacx decrease we were promised. Let the seniors keep their lower assesments just lower all of ours even more…. pretty please!

  2. Are you sure that these numbers are correct because according to yudels web site every single one of the 11,522 homes that decreased were seniors
    And that every single house that increased was from the yehiva area?

  3. Can this stand up in court? Can TLS set up a Paypal account for contributions for a class action lawsuit with a top name firm against the township Assesor?
    Let’s go!

  4. This whole reassessment was a scamm. They basically lowered the home value bellow fair values. This way you cant complain about the assessment. Then they raise the tax rate.

    What the politicians don’t realise is that we are concerned about the AMOUNT OF TAX we pay not what the township assess us at!

  5. Coventry actually all went up. These numbers are incorrect.
    White Oaks / Red Oaks, Pine River neighborhood went up.

    Older homes were given a lot of a “discount” in the reassessment formula ex. Glen Ave, off central neighborhoods while newer homes were assessed much higher than older regardless of location. In real estate those famous LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION doesn’t seem to matter in this reassessment it was more like newer construction vs. older construction.

  6. Its time for lakewood residents to hire a private investigator to investigate what happened in this reassessment.

    The whole thing smells like allot of corruption took place.

  7. How convenient to mail out all the increases AFTER the elections. My taxes have gone up to numbers I have never seen before. There must be an investigation into why certain communities in this town have seen decreases across the board. Thank you TLS for allowing us to vent our frustratrions in so many areas.

  8. The truth is that there are not many trees in presidential estates and not much to trim so taxes had to go down.
    I think Senior Presidential Etc maybe we should change the names of the rest of the communities in Lakewood to sound Old and Regal Like …. Willing to listen to your ideas…

  9. I might be wrong but I think the county actually is the ones who raised the tax rate. The new construction homes then I think is the townships doing.

  10. I live in west gate and my property taxes went up 23% .It is criminal what they are doing. They took away the right of due process. There are many homes worth 100,000-125,000 dollars more then mine that were asssesed for less. They arbitrarialy assigned values to homes with no basis to market value whatsoever( as long as it was not over-assessed so you would have no basis for a appeal. It basically comes down to who you know and how big of a fuss you made. If you are a regular citizen just going about his business they really put the screws in you

  11. Thanks Bob! It’s a shame these numbers were not released before the elections (i think I know why). Enjoy the new tax bill.
    Next time around vote for HH!

  12. lets have herschal start a class action suit ill be the first to contribute this is a outright scam and theft of tax payors money

  13. I said it before and I’ll say it again when home values were going sky high the tax rates did not decline now that they lowered property values they raised the rates to make up the differance ~~ what a system only works in one dirrection ~ Casinos don’t even have such great odds “the House always wins!”

  14. Good luck changing any of this. New Jersey has the worst property taxes in the U.S., and it’s all because of the public schools and abott districs. We need to support Christie and force the Supreme Court of NJ to overrule the Abbots so NJ can survive.
    My taxes went up over $3400!!!

  15. To ” Senoir says” I’m a senoir also has nothing to do with being a “senoir” its about equal taxation which is a myth in Lakewood

  16. My taxes in 14th street area went up from $3,000 per quarter to $4,000 per quarter. That is a 33% increase..This is outrages. It makes no sense. Mr. Mayor please do something about it……$16,000 for taxes per year??? Did you speak in the radio programme about Lakewood’s Real Estate taxes?? Are we doing so wonderful here??? we need an outside investigator to look into this.

  17. When is the tea party coming to Lakewood??? I don’t think Bob would have gotten the 30 Percent of Frum Votes he received if the property tax bills would have been mailed out before the election


  19. The houses in Raintree were mostly built prior to 1979 and are not more than 2200 sf and got increased. My taxes are over $8000 and for what…..

  20. seems to me like you are all a bunch of whining babies. My taxes went down but it came with a big cost. i can no longer sell my house for what i bought it for. In fact, I owe more than it’s worth. At least you people can still sell for a profit if you have to.

  21. to 44. 11,000 homes decrease and you call it a terrible situation? I guess if the situation was reversed and it was the frimmer who got a decrease at the expense of the rest of town, that would have been ok?

  22. whiteoak and red oak went up 1500 to 2500 dollars why arent we on it its part of the cover up frum the township that it doesnt show alot of frum neiborhoods

  23. my house cant be sold what its assesed for there was a house that was trying for a yer to get that price and it had to go for 50000 dollars less then the assessed value

  24. Truth be told the seniors were probably under assesed on purpose. It’s kind of fair, since the seniors use a miniscule amount of services. They don’t use thousands of dollars worth of bussing to school. They don’t even send kids to public school. Why should they pay full taxes towards these services? It’s only fair to give them a break.

  25. Can anyone please tell me why westgate got the biggest increase.The committe thinks they can take advantage of westgate.Let them know they were warned ,they will be in for a big surprise in the near future,Westgates a Block vote we will rally everyone against anyone we feel is responsible for this injustice.

  26. Why can’t we DEMAND an investigation if it was legal to send us the assesment right after the election as the Baalei Baatim who voted for Singer wouldn’t have backed him as for the Bnei Torah I’m confident after viewing the election numbers that they voted for Herskowitz in huge numbers. It isn’t surprising as the Yungerleit have a higher level of intellect than the Baalei Batim and knew to back Hershel. I don’t want to hear one Baal Habos complaining about high taxes as anyone who voted for Singer shot themselves in the foot.

  27. The Oilam should do what I did. I hired a company to fight the Township. They are only charging me a percentage of what they save me. They have a lawyer and an assesor and plan on fighting the Township tooth and nail over the assesment. They will accept a small compromise from the Township which is what they are trying to do. Rather this company plans on going to court and proving to the judge that the assesment is a joke.
    The Township lost 3 million dollars last year fighting assesments. The problem this year was that many people didn’t file appeals because they didn’t believe what the final tax rate would be. The only one who called it correct was Herschel.

  28. Rabbosi,

    Its time to establish a block vote in town which will only back an incumbent who lowered our taxes. We have to start fresh anyone who voted to increase our taxes in the past is automatically disqualified.

  29. Yes, Bob voted to raise the rate. Taxes on my house went up. But, BS is only 1 vote. Who else voted w/ him ?? And one of the Fununzere also voted w/ him. Hershel is 1000% right. S/thing stinks here. How a normal frum guy can force people, especially Westgate ppl, to pay such high taxes is beyond any normal person’s comprehension. And, let’s face it, a LOT of yeshiva guys voted w/ the Va’ad and now they got it stuck to them. I hope next time they realize their mistake.

  30. Why don’t we all go and appeal the seniors assessments ygat its too low. You are allowed to do that! It won’t help for this year bec. The tax rate is set but for next year and on it will make the rate lower if prop values are higher and we can start with mr (Moderated) house they assesaed them so low there is no way we would lose the appeal in the county. Its a lot of work but if we get a bunch of people to work on it it can be done.

  31. to under assess seniors due to the fact they use less services. How about a senior who lives in a private house? How about a homeowner that has no kids? In NYC they assess the true value and give a small senior discount for that reason. That is more fair.

  32. Every house on Primrose Drive went up over $2500 (from the already high taxes)! I don’t believe that it was only 202. Let’s see the list!

    What is wrong with these people??

    Is it totally Hefker?!

  33. That is the best idea. The seniors and BS did a lowdown thing by having the low assetsment in exchnage for votes. If we appeal their assessments it’s all over for them and will reduce our taxes

  34. the commotie did something very smart that you cant appeal they made everyone at the most a little above fair value and you cant fight it since its not 15% above fmv while certain neiborhoods were assessed at $100,000 dollars to $200,000 below fmv that is what is causing this inconsistancy the only wat to stop this if the oilem makes a time and date to make a demonastration.

  35. Why is presidential and HIgh streeet assest at under 300,000 while in realty they sell for 400 and why is louisburg square which sell for over 300 assesed at less then coventry………………..

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