Hatzolah Takes On New Members

hatz_rig_at_sceneIn a continuing effort to service the needs of the quickly growing Lakewood community, Hatzolah has added an additional 2 members to its existing team, bringing the total number of members to 55. That number includes 2 Doctors and 9 Paramedics. The new members, on probation, are located in the Sunset area and the Westgate area. Hatzolah responds to approximately 2,500 calls yearly with an average response time of under 2 minutes.

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  1. Its about time ! They should add 2 a month for the next 2 years untill they have 100 member ! That what its should be based on what other community’s have& bases sq. mileage &responce time
    Ty hatzolah

  2. Everyone on hatzoha are good people . The problem is that we need more good people. It took hatzolah 2 years to realize that having.a member in west gate does not say that 500 people in west gate +white rd.+ faraday. are covered! B”h hatzola is great & I wish them they should be better !

  3. here we go again.TLS mentions the word “Hatzola” and all u losers come out like roachs and start whining.Be honest & say “Hatzolah should keep on taking new members until “I” get on.

  4. To # 6
    No! I say take who you want! But take them,,,ON. Very simple! Pick your own club, your entitled BUT make sure ‘the club’ has 70-100 member @ all ends of town. Again; Pick your own people -BUt put them,,,ON!

  5. hatzola has an achrayus for the tzibbur not for themselves and the current members..
    when it comes to fundraising they hold events in each development but how about puting on at least 2 members in evrey area that hosts a parlor meeting.

  6. i love these cvetchers let’s go continue nu i want to hear
    AHHHHHHHHHHAHHH, you guys are gevaldik, no wonder why we are in this galus we can;t look at the good of these wonderful volunteerry organizations

  7. to yakov v. u proved my point .u throw numbers no differance 70 or 100 that’s a big spread,as long as “you” get on. besides I don’t put on members I’m at risk,if I had q choice I’d choose Bikur Cholim they save more lives & keep LOW profile

  8. #6#11 Identify your agenda when mouthing off. Try focusing on the issue. TLS reports good news that Hatzolah added Two new members. Now lots of people comment that many more members are needed. Fact- The pace at which members were added is not as fast as B”H Lakewood is growing. Two minute response time,Is two minutes to long. Unfortunately internal issues have hindered the adding on of members. Hopefully this is a sign of a breakthrough of this deadlock. I live in the Villas and hope that the good and the kindness of the members will protect them when they come up to heaven if God For bid something happens around here during the day

  9. #12 very well said. Without mentioning names there are members on lkwd hatzoloh that started off MUCH more immature then most applicants to hatzolah today. They were busy putting lights and sirens in their cars since they were 18 yrs old!! They now are respected people in the org.

  10. to #17 dear mother you should be going to bed so u can take care of your kinderlach in the morning. blogging is for us “at risk”. Anyways my adgenda is very clear,go back to your hole they don’t want u (even though u talk in third person) on their squad.maybe try Mekimi your quite entertaining

  11. im an emt whose been on a different hatzolah for a couple of years before moving to lakewood I thought they would be happy to take on a fellow member with experience but after filling out the paperwork I did not get a response I kept trying to get a straight answer finally they said they would never take me on not so directly but that’s what we came out most other hatolah squad s allow members from different branches to run on calls but not lakewood

  12. To all those that have no idea what they’re talking about, and nebbuch since they have an agenda, they don’t hesitate to bad mouth Hatzolah, the fact is that in the past year, Hatzolah has taken on 10 new members.
    Comments like “Hatzolah has internal issues which prevented them from accepting new members” is 100% false. People could comment whatever they want here, and gets posted without any proof whatsoever. People should be ashamed of themselves. “A two minute response time, is 2 minutes too long”??

  13. lakewood rocks! and hatzolah of lakewood rocks too! u know how i know if an organization is a good organization. A GREAT OPPOSITION IS A SIGN OF A GREAT ORGANIZATION. thanx lakewood hatzolah ,

  14. To #5 ems
    You obviously don’t live here because its spelled CHESTNUT with a T. Also we have a member here and like him very much so keep your comments/complaints to yourself. Thank you hatzolah for all that you do !!
    We love you 71/89 !!

  15. When does Hatzalah become responsible for your personal safety. Get up and go learn basic safety, CPR, trauma response. When did we become such a complaining, whining group, that we lost site of our responsibilities to ourselves and families.

    Gov’t programs have been slowly training us to rely on others.
    Think about it.

  16. In Lakewood there is a mentality of entitlement to everything . I dont mean government programs . I mean that MOST ( not all ) people assume that they just sit back and somebody will build a school for their kids ,and build a shul for them to daven in ,a mikvah etc etc .

  17. #21
    You have a valid point Its time for experienced EMT’s and other qualified Hatzolah members who moved here to start their own org or to advertise your services so people in your neighborhood know you are there in case of emergency we don’t have to count only on Hatzola .
    #30 does not look like that from the current makeup of the org

  18. to # 32 that’s why they are looking for better.Looks like you don’t qualify.I think the only experience you have iin tech. & human rescources is BLOGGING

  19. to number 32. you make me laugh , you say quote”we should advertise our services” you big time loser you are too whimpy to even advertise your name & hide behind “anonymous”

  20. I have no idea who my local hatzolah member is or how far the closest one is to me. All I know is that no matter where I am or wherever my family is help is a phone call away.thanks to all the members and the administration who keeps the organization afloat.

  21. I took the EMT course 4 years ago to get on hatzolah, but as it turned out I found out after the fact that I needed to be local all day as I was not, so I did not bother handing in my application but lo and behold I ended up saving my own daughters life as a result of my training. So if you guys out there that are upset at not getting on,dont give up take the course, you might find yourself in a situation that you can help someone by chance.

  22. “Don’t rely solely on hatzolah,let ur neighborhood know that ur there” & there will only be one member at that serious call & then he,ll send his wife 2 bring a hatzolah truck from his garage….just think about it I think its better off with hatzolah!!! (10-4)

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