Hatzolah Takes On 3 New Members

In a continuing effort to service the needs of the rapidly growing Lakewood community, Hatzolah has added an additional three members to the team, Hatzolah EMS confirms to TLS.

The members, Shaul Seigman, A.D. Kaplan and Motti Bakst, are situated in different areas of the town, Hatzolah says.

The three new volunteers brings the total number of volunteer members to 60, which includes 2 Doctors and 15 Paramedics.

According to Hatzolah, the volunteer organization responds to over 6,000 calls yearly. [TLS]

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  1. I want to volunteer. Can anyone with from Hatzolah respond with a proper course of action. I can’t seem to find an application etc. Thank you.

  2. Mazel tov to
    Shaul eeeee
    Motti eeee

    Who are both wonderful people and make hatzolah that much better.

    Mazel tov to Mr kaplan
    I’m sure you’re great too just don’t know you.

  3. So 60 members and only 20 or 30 active with 6000 calls and such a large area why not take on 20 members there are so many ppl that want to volunteer their time

  4. @ Dave ! Why do we go through this everytime an article abt this organization comes up! Assuming u monitor their radios ; therefore u will know the 85% of there members are extremely active as well as everyone else can be relied on!
    They have the quickest radio response from any large hatzolah organization incl ny and Monsey !
    Just stop.
    Ifbu would like to join fill out an application and hope for the best

  5. Just out there, you have no clue what you’re talking about. there are currently 20 active members on Lakewood hatzolah whether you agree or not. If I thought that the scoop would post my comment I would gladly list the active & inactive members.

  6. Hatzolah made a great choice by accepting these incredible individuals. Of the three, I know Motti the best and he is by far the greatest emergency responder this side of the Rockies. He is smart, talented, and a whiz with a stethoscope.

    p.s. It is Avaline with a “V”

  7. How about I send 20 ppl to your office to volunteer? (Who don’t necesarily know what they’re doing, have the necesary skills or can work together)It can only help.

  8. Can I advertise on the Scoop every time u post a Hatzalah article? What is it about Hatzalah that brings every farbitterte kook out of the woodwork??

  9. Like I always post when ever Hatzolah takes on a new member and all the comments are about taking on another twenty guys. (What you are really trying to say is take me on and after that don’t take on any more members.)


  10. congratulations to all the new members. personally think if the organization would take on younger members it would help with people going off the derech. old young teens are on the first aid squad only because they cannot get on to this organization. There can be dual benefits from an organization people should consider helping out the young ambitious ones that may not being studying all day.
    Its amazing how many peoples lifes can be changed by joining an amazingn organizations.

    Oh! Anyone Who Can not work with all these different personalityS Are weak people

  11. Take 20 new members on and that can only help?? Take a look at any other town the size of Lakewood or greater that has Hatzolah which have many more members then Lakewood, and see whether their calls get covered as quickly and efficiently as here. The answer is no, which goes to proove it has nothing to do with how many members you have. It has to do with having devoted members who are spread out in the proper locations. On the contrary, having too many members causes more friction and chaos in the field, interferes with radio communication, and is simply an unnecassary financial cost. This is all prooven facts from what you see out there! Kudos to Hatzolah for only taking on 3. Keep up the great work!!

  12. Even if it was true, that there are 20 very active members and 35 less active members, to cover 6000 calls a year, if each of the active guys “only” responded to 300 calls a year (less than one a day) and if each of the less active guys respond to 2 calls a week… Sure sounds like more than ample coverage. Especially when in reality, they all respond to way more than that. 2) I’m sure those complaining are bored enough to monitor Hatzolah’s radio the whole night long. So I’m sure they know that those members that they may not hear as much during the day, because they have jobs out of town (or in town), respond to many of the mid-night calls…

  13. allthough you make a nice point, Hatzolah requires a certain level of maturity and is not a kiruv organization. One should not join Hatzolah until they know where they are holding in life and have all their hashkafa issues worked out.

  14. Don’t worry, you won’t have your haircut stopped in mid-cut because it’s the Motti Bakst from Whispering Pines who got onto Hatzolah, not the barber Motti Bakst from Raintree. Motti’s an awesome EMT and paramedic, by the way, very responsible and devoted and quick-thinking. He’ll only be an asset to Hatzolah.

  15. Motti Bakst is the best, he served as captain of howell first aid emt and is a MONOC Perimedic as well. We have been waiting to long for motti to be accepted. Thank you to all the captains and board of hatozalh.

  16. Response time has not been as it used to be. Recently there was a call in Yeshiva on shabbos it took over 5 minutes for members to arrive. There are not many members living in that area.

  17. Mazel Tov to the new members. I can not, for the life of me understand why ppl are Dying to get on to Hatzolah. For every 1 “fun” call there are 50 “dumb” (transport-an-old-lady) calls. & keep in mind we must all give a huge Yasher Koach to R’ Avrom Waxman who is the one person who keeps hatzolah going. You wanna save lives ? Go help him raise funds. Dudi B.

  18. Dudi you need to understand that being an emt requires a certain skill set and a fundraiser requires a different skill set. There are many emts from different squads that cannot get on hatzolah. It’s not about going on the “fun” calls, it’s about having that certain skill set already and just wanting to help people. There aren’t enough members and they know it. Hopefully they will take on additional members in the near future. Side point unfortunately there are plenty of calls to go around even if they take on 20 more members and yes I am on hatzolah.

  19. The Yeshiva area has the lowest population of any neighborhood in town, and those that do live there, are generally not EMTs and/or applying to join Hatzolah. During the week, there are always members floating around that area. On Shabbos if members are in Shul without a car, or while walking to Shul, it may take 3-5 minutes to get a member. Let’s see any ambulance in America show up in less than 10 minutes!

  20. Whether Hatzalah needs new members or not….I beg the powers to be of Hatzalah…Please somehow know who these really sour grapes posting here are and please DO NOT take them on Hatzalah. Whether they have the skill sets that they claim to have or not, they are missing the basic skills of bein Adam lachaveiro and mentschlichkeit. More than anything else, Hatzalah needs Siyata Deshmaya. Taking on these complainers and jealous people will not help anyone’s cause. May you continue to do the great job that you are all doing already! This is a very special group of people. Please don’t ruin it by taking on the bitter posters.

  21. Dear realist.
    You call them complainers, it’s people that just want to help, they are the bad apples ? You are talking from a place of ignorance. I hope you find it blissful.

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