Hatzolah Paramedics Head To San Francisco For Conference

Hatzolah’s Paramedics will be once again heading to San Francisco, California for an EMS Conference, sources tell TLS. The four day conference – spearheaded by Dr. Peltz, a Hatzolah Volunteer and renowned ER Physician – was initiated in an effort to advance the team’s medical career and training. 

The Paramedics will be leaving today and tomorrow.

Several Paramedics will be staying behind, in order to cover the ALS calls in town. 

The trip expenses were paid for by the Paramedics themselves, and not by Hatzolah.

Hatzolah currently has about 13 Paramedics on the team, which includes two Doctors.

Paramedics go through an advanced two-year course, which consists of over 1,000 hours of class and hospital training. TLS.

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  1. Why should they have to pay for this trip out of their own pockets? Doesn’t seem like this is a vacation. they are going to advance their medical expertise for the good of the klal. They will be using this to save lives in our community, yet they have to foot the bill themselves? Shameful.

  2. Right, so when they put up a fund we can all scream: ‘oh, and again their asking us for money!’ I mean why would you say such a thing when you don’t even approve

  3. you people complain about everything. when Hatzolah collects money, you complain, when they don’t you complain, and if they would dare use your money to pay for the trip- boy- we would never hear the end of it!

  4. I would glady give some tzedaka. But i dont feel bad for them doing a mitzva too and spending some money to go! Im sure they feel great to do what they are doing regardless of the money!

  5. “The trip expenses were paid for by the Paramedics themselves, and not by Hatzolah.”

    How much is the Brooklyn bridge??

  6. if you are willing to do that can we help lakewood firedept and lakewood ems , who travel all over the state for training on our own dime.lets keep in mind this is what we do . we are not looking for handouts im sure the medics arnt asking for money either. but i just get tired of the way we praise Hatzolah and lcsw and we totally ignore the lakewood ems and lakewood fire dept.. can we please start being fair to everyone? anyone that gives their time money and risk life should be rewarded not just the ones you like..

  7. #4, Have you actually heard people complaining when Hatzolah collects money? I’ve been in Lakewood for 35 years, and that’s one complaint I’ve never heard.

  8. #8, you are slightly wrong. as the gabbai in my shul I know from shabbos hatzolah many people complain. the main complaint is that this is basically a 1 way deal. when we try to talk to hatzolah and ask them to take some more members in our area they don’t even listen to us. but when they ask for money we should all jump???
    I am NOT picking on Hatzolah C”V. It hurts me when I collect for them in my area and all I hear is complaining…. and how I feel like a beggar when I show up to hatzolah’s office after the shabbos campain with $250 from the “entire” neighborhood.

  9. So many sour grapes! Guys, there are probably very good reasons why YOU were not taken on Hatzolah. Number ONE is being an infant and whining every time a Hatzolah story hits the Scoop!!

  10. #13, First of all I am not even an EMT. I just live in one of those parts of town where the coverage is poor & there are many EMT’s who don’t complain & are not on hatzolah.
    Also, why does “EVERY hatzolah story need to “hit the scoop”??? if you want to boast about them, boast about their quick response when they will have them. who really cares about paramedics going to SF??

  11. Being the child of a hatzolah member, i feel the need to “defend” all the members for the sake of my father! Hatzolah has taken on many new members in response to the growing needs of the community. Additionally, every new member costs money for the organization. If you want more members, maybe up your donation! And yes, they DID pay out of their own pockets!

  12. As I sit here with tears flowing down my cheeks and watery eyes from reading about harav nosson tzvi and the 2 bochriem passing away I can’t believe how nasty and disgusting you ppl are who comment always for the bad. Just say some thing nice. These past few days broke my heart. Work on your self. What’s it going to take for you to understand. Making fun ot hatzala really!?!? They are there 24 hours a day. Ppl who work to save YOUR life and if they didn’t yet they will be there for you or some one you know. GROW UP!!! Just GROW UP!!! The negative comments are just sickening. If you don’t like some thing keep it to your self. I can’t believe you would put down an organization like hatzala

  13. # 14
    People brought up legitimate concerns. All They want if More Members added to the force. What is sad about that ??
    There are areas in town that do not have members living there and in case of emergency would take longer to get there.

  14. rachmana litzlan. they are there for you you when you shouldnt need them chas vsholom. rchmana litzlan what has become of a generation of young adults with yidishe neshamos

  15. Sad says -” If you don’t like some thing keep it to your self.”

    Now I have a question on your statement. Is this a dictatorship like Communist Russia -where no dissent is allowed? These people have valid concerns about their and their families well being. They expect members to be all over for quick response. You make it sound as if Hatzolah is a private org. – not funded by Yiddishe gelt and they don’t have to answer to anyone. If they just wanted to put them down for no reason -then I’d agree with you. But this isn’t the case -is it???!

  16. Hatazola has a vaad as every public organization that takes money from the public should
    they recently appointed a new ceo mr feldman as reported here on TLS
    instead of bringing your perhaps valid questions to a blog why not get in touch with their ceo or their vaad members and speak with them.
    If you have any issues with hatzala youll get much more accomplished and perhaps if they hear from the public it would lead to changes in the organization.
    maybe suggest they open a website where people can write in their ideas and suggestions for the organization
    as good as they are their are always ways to improve
    but airing your taanis(even if valid) in public isnt the proper venue
    a) to get things changed
    b)more importantly the issure doraysa of loshon hora,chillul hashem etc this may cause should definatley make you pause before putting your opinions on a public blog

  17. To 4 u all: Name the people on their Vaad and don’t tell me it’s a few Rabbonim and H members. To represent the public – a Vaad has to be from the public – a group of laymen!
    Their CEO is just for money aspects. So please rethink your post. Unfortunately people feel they have tried the means you mention, but haven’t met with any success. This is perhaps why they mentioned it on a public blog.

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