Hatzolah Paramedic Installs Light Tower On His Vehicle For When Minutes Count

PHOTOS: The first moments of a first responder’s arrival to an accident scene are crucial, and in the dark, those moments can sometimes prove fatal. For that reason, a veteran Hatzolah Paramedic took the initiative to install a light tower on his private vehicle. The pricey unit – installed by Elite Emergency Lights in Lakewood – is a compact foldable device which can extend up to about 10 feet and provide close to 1,000 watts of lighting for a scene.

Scenes of a pedestrian struck or a serious extrication job, which require sufficient lighting, can now be efficiently worked without awaiting the arrival of an OEM light tower or other external assistance during the most crucial moments.

In several past incidents, Hatzolah and First Responders were unable to locate an injured party struck by a vehicle or thrown from a vehicle, due to the insufficient lighting in the area.

The newly equipped vehicle was shown yesterday to the LPD’s Sgt Frank Work and the Traffic & Safety department, and to the Deputy Chief Fred Capper, who have shown interest in obtaining such equipment for their SUV’s. Those purchases however may not happen any time soon due to budget constraints. TLS-CCP/Photo Credits: Lakewood Shopper.

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  1. How about taking on more members in the areas without coverage in order to have those first moments! instead of waiting for extended responses! Many areas are without members nearby! Ask around your neighborhood where is the closest member, if its far away complain to hatzalah to take on more people, maybe then they will listen!

  2. Light cost 5k- 15k depending on what wattage you need and what height you want.

    install can cost 500 and up depending what kind of vehicle and what type of electrical components are needed ie. High output alternator to power that light up.

    Bulbs are approximately $50/pc

  3. Misaskim has quite a few of these for years now , Catskill Hatzala just got one and now Lakewood Hatzala , BTW they do cost thousands !

  4. we need more Members .The town has grown and Hatzalah Must grow with it. asking for More money is not the solution. we need More Members.

  5. To #1- I listen in to Hatzolah’s radio quite often, and I’ve yet to hear “extended reposes” as you call it. Since I’m sure you raise your point only “lsheim shamayim”, why don’t you meet with Hatzolah’s captains to point out to them which neighborhoods “you” feel need more members. (Or at a minimum, mention an area in your comment)
    To #9- Hatzolah as 30+ members in town during the day. You obviously are referring to a different sqaud or a different Hatzolah.

  6. Number 1 if they didn’t take you on it probably has a good reason so don’t get all frum on us and make believe you realy care about the klall! Say it how it is: I want to get on hatzolah and they don’t want to take me on.

  7. To #10 I have a life just trying to bring this to the publics attention.

    TO #16 I tried to post neighborhoods last night on a different thread and wasn’t allowed through, but the entire arlington, ashley, spruce, carol, marc, pine street, albert ave area, cederbridge barely has coverage 1 member sometimes available by day and 1 sometimes by night! What do you call extended when i hear someone say i can respond to newberry for a choking from presidental, i would call that extended. And in some areas nighttime calls are extended also cuz some members are getting older and it’s hard to get up in middle of the night, (they did it for years though), so it’s time to take on more younger guys in those areas also! And there is not 30+ members around and available by day if you really listen you would see it is mainly 6-7 guys who cover almost every call! Oh and try talking to the captains doesn’t work many including myself have tried. I believe the only way to solve this issue is to bring it out in public and have a group complaint etc. for neighborhoods to get more members, being that the main ones who know this issue are people who want to get on so afraid to speak out because then (most probably rightfully so) they won’t get on.

  8. Here is what I believe to be a legitimate question. How often will this member be on scene as a first responder when the lights are needed? This is just one member.
    How often will it get there to be used? Actually this is only a question if Hatzolah paid for it. If it’s private he can do what he wants.

  9. fact is no other hatzolah has as few members per call and covering area as lakewood hatzolah does

    fact is most (i said most ) calls are covered quickly and yes even the old guys cover when needed . .

    fact is there is no reason ( no good reason ) to have so many qualified and available individuals around town that are not responding as well.

    Lakewood hatzolah is not cheap and spends a ton of money in making sure that they have all necessary equipment for whatever might accure . Ambulances all over town , garages in every corner , over a dozen paramedics , special equipment for extrcating trapped patience , a thumper , new dispatch system , and the list goes on and on …

    Why are they stingy in the process to take on a few extra memmbers ?
    what if the same area had a few members to cover so that incase chas vesholam the 3 or 4 active units were responding to jersey shore they would still have a few members covering ? why pull soemone 7 – 9 minutes away when seconds count ? is that not why we have a hatzolah in the first place for when seconds count ?

    We all do appreciate the unbelievable hard work that is put in to lakewood hatzolah every single day .Thanks and Please keep up the good work

  10. to #1
    why you going off topic say thank you for the expensive lights and get on chaveirim if you want to carry a radio (i think db has scanners for all you losers)
    Thank you for taking that expense to help lakewood!!!!

  11. Why must you denigrate chaveirim? there is no adreneline rush to go out in the cold,heat,rain to change a tire for the 6th time that day. yet the members of Chaveirim do so selflessly day in day out. Youre right that # 1 is wrong but one reason he says what he does is because of people like you that feel the need to put others down when defending an amazing org. like Hatzolah. And that might be why some have a gripe. Hatzolah belongs to the klal and not an elite few. Anyone who is a member of the klal has a right to voice their opinon if they feel there should be more members on Hatzolah with out the risk of being called a loser. it makes one wonder….. And this theme seems to be a recurring one every few months that people WHO FUND the org. that belongs to THE KLAL are asking for more coverage. Any one listening?….

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