Hateful Campaign Fliers Sent To Toms River Residents

As the Toms River mayoral race heats up, hateful campaign mailers from the Mo Hill campaign have been appearing in the mailboxes of township residents.

The fliers, which were mailed to Toms River residents earlier this week, includes photos of Mayor Hill and notes a long list of challenges, including inflation, the presidential election and the “threat of global military conflicts.”

The flier then makes an apparent reference to the Jewish people who have been moving to the township, noting there are “people of different cultures fleeing the cities buying up our real estate; attracted by our location and affordability, they are seemingly threatening the way of life that attracts them.”

The flier then pleads with voters to make sure not to “misdirect your anger.”

On the opposite side of the flier, under a headline titled “results delivered,” Hill makes no attempt to even hide his animosity, proudly noting how he “[f]ought religious leaders attempts to circumvent our zoning ordinance and the DOJ settlement in court and at the negotiating table.

A smiling Mo Hill, dressed in his Navy uniform, is featured on the mailer, and the names of the three incumbent councilmen running on his slate, Matt Lotano, Josh Kopp and Kevin Geoghegan, are listed underneath.

Incumbent Mayor Mo Hill is seeking a second four-year term but is facing a tough fight for the Republican nomination from three challengers, Councilman Daniel Rodrick, Geri Ambrosio, the former president of the Toms River Regular Republican Club and Robert Bianchini.

Similarly, Rodrick has been circulating mailers and social media posts diffusing the same sentiments.

Toms River is in big trouble,” Rodrick said in one. “Taxes are out of control, and high-density, multifamily development continues to reshape our town. As homes are converted into houses of worship, quiet residential neighborhoods are being transformed into busy commercial streets. These changes are having a disastrous impact on taxes, traffic, quality of life, and our schools.”

While Rodrick has been employing similar hateful language for years now, seeking to attract the anti-Jewish vote, the new mailings by the Hill campaign suggest that Hill sadly feels the need to try and peel off some of the “anti-Jewish” vote from Rodrick.

The primary will take place on June 6, with early voting from June 2-4.

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  1. “Buying up our RE at affordable prices” !!!! Yeah right . And laugh at us all the way to the bank !!! They should bus in ,illegals , & see what that’s like !!!!

    • Most of us are buying a single family home with no interest in increasing the density. There’s few yechidim who are developer’s looking to build more housing but they don’t represent the cast majority of Orthodox residents in Toms River. The bussing problems are a state issue that isn’t the fault of Orthodox tax payers. Instead of demonizing the Orthodox community who are there already & growing, the town leaders should work with the community to find the right balance.

    • Hill is 2 faced. He was just in our neighborhood- now predominantly hewish- with his wife giving out flyers.. he happily obliged to push some neighbors agenda 5 years ago who complained on anything small to issue violations. But things like work done on homes without permits was looked the other way until the jews purchased those same homes. And the township zoning and engineer department are internally corrupt like all politicians. They can beak any rule they want when they make mistakes. And there is no government body to stop it. Like many township committe, the members control what goes on.
      No I am not happy paying more taxes on my property because the previous owners made a killing selling their homes at top dollars.

  2. That’s not how elections work. Once someone wins an election, the “town” can’t kick them out of the race. Thankfully, in a democracy, you don’t need the government’s permission to run for office. If you don’t like these candidates, vote for one of the other candidates, or write-in someone, or vote for the Democrat in November.

  3. The reason this stuff gets traction is not only because עשו שונא את יעקב. There is truth to what they are saying. Houses of worship we have a legal right to, but high density housing isn’t a right – although the left wing politicians are hypocrites because they have no problem with high density housing when it comes to building low income housing.

  4. When asked if ‘race’ had anything to do with the hateful rhetoric seen in the flyers, Mr. Hill and Mr. Rodrick told reporters on Thursday: “Of course! Race has everything to do with it – because this is a very close race that we both want to win! And the most effective way to tilt the race in one’s favor is to attack these people?! So yes, it’s all about the race!”
    The two candidates added: “Its also about the race to the bottom of the sewer, to see which candidate’s campaign can hit rock bottom first.”
    “So, yes,” the two candidates agreed, “it’s all about the race!”

  5. The people in the surrounding towns see what happened in Lakewood when building was prioritized over infrastructure, and they don’t want it to happen in their town. Is that hateful or antisemitic? No it’s not. Everyone knows traffic studies submitted by the developers and okayed by the planning board were false. The recent flooding of 100’s of basements was caused by builders cutting corners with water proofing and drainage and okayed by our building officials. Toms River needs a mayor and a planning board who will put infrastructure before building.

    • Please also look at what happened to Lakewood public schools and the current debt of 100 million plus and another loan of 93 million being asked by the Lakewood BOE. How can Howell, TR, Brick, Manchester, and Jackson keep their own public schools functioning if hundreds more Orthodox private schools need to be built to educate your children in the coming years? Busing and special needs education is costing tens of millions. This is not sustainable!

      • You are absolutely correct. The traffic alone is awful. The building thats going on is a nightmare. The roads can not handle the amount of building thats going on. Lakewood schools will eventually go under. Busing amounts now are out the roof. Wait till all the building on Route 70 is complete. No way lakewood can pay for all of this. Trenton will have to start saying no to Lakewood s public schools. The numbers are way down for public. The shopping centers going up are also out of control. Stores that have been around a long time are having their rent tripled so they have to move. I know of 3. Enough…..

      • That’s absolutely the point. Lakewood has shown us what will become of surrounding towns. The quality of life is important to people in Howell brick and Tom’s river. Respect is needed from both sides of this debate.

  6. We have to acknowledge the fact that most of the areas we take over end up condensed and congested its just the way it works. We have to somehow figure this out as it will just get allot worse with our tremendous growth bh. The fact is that most of the people that moved out to Toms River want to preserve its beauty and not change any of the zoning but we have to proof to our non Jewish neighbors that we are serious about preserving the neighborhood character. They have no reason to believe us after seeing the Lakewood disaster. This justified anger from the non Jewish community can lead to a massive increase in Anti semitism and chilul Hashem if we dodnt tackle this heads on! .We need to reach out to our non Jewish neighbors in Toms River and collaborate and communicate with them.
    Proud Toms River Resident!

    • I agree with you and the comments above you except in the case of shuls. Their resistance to shuls is very much antisemitic. Their stoppage of multi family housing etc however is often due to the games of our brothers in Lakewood who handed over the town to the builders, with the damage that it was going to cause being ignored.

    • Mark, they hate you even if they pretend they don’t when you try to collaborate with them. Giving them donuts on Chanuka does not change their inner feelings about you. I have a nurse for my son who lives in Toms River. I have gotten vibes from her about her new neighbors. Of course she is politically correct and would never say anything outright. But the vibes she gives off is that she hates you guys no matter how up to date and with the program you look and behave.

    • So you are admitting you take over areas, so the people in the surrounding towns are valid in their feelings that they are being pushed out of their homes. Thank you for finally stating the reality we all see.

  7. And Mr Stein, what you are saying is characteristic of most of the Haredi/Ultra Orthodox enclaves all over NY State that I have seen. These communities not only have crumbling infrastructures, but look worn out and overdeveloped. Traffic does not move. Only places like Deal and Ocean Township where the Safardim live, look beautiful and developed with a plan in mind. Lakewood looks like a disaster. Please excuse my honest views.

  8. all this does not matter one bit because all the homes were SOLD by people moving out to warmer climate etc. and there are no other buyers so there aren’t 2 sides to this discussion there isn’t anyone else competing with those moving in from out of state so they really have the right to adjust things in the way they feel will prevent this town from going the way of other ghost towns and the fact is that they are saving and rebuilding the area

  9. As far as understand from my orthdox neighbors and some coworkers, The orthdox indvidulas moving to Toms River are doing so because they preferred not to live in Lakewood and hold anti-develpoment sentiments. Their intention is to maintain Toms River exactly as it is, with the only exception being the desire for a legal permitted synagogue. Their reason for the request is rooted in safety concerns and consideration for the neighbors. By having legally established synagogues, regulations such as parking requiremnets, buffers, trees, and setbacks can be implemented. Additionally, they believe that having too many meople in a residential house could lead to dangerous situations.

    • i am just happy to be able to live openly as Jew here in the US among my people and my relatives who i love so much and i want them as my friends and neighbors i am not a wilderness person and neither were my parents and grandparents

  10. thank you torisa
    that is absolutely true and please add the benefits that the jewish comunety add to tomsriveer in paying higher property tax and saving alot of money for tomsriver by sending our childern to privte schools and by minimazing crime in our area

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