HATE: Jewish Jackson Resident Harassed in Park

A Jewish Jackson resident enjoying the park this morning was harassed by a another resident over an alleged letter and phone call he received to purchase his home.

The dog-walker apparently blamed this Jew for the actions of others.

Watch the video below.

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  1. Im not impressed with these clips. PEOPLE NEED TO SHUT THEIR MOUTH AND NOT ANSWER BACK!!! The goiyim are bitter, maybe sometimes justified, and they dont want answers…let them say their piece and let them move on. it just angers them more when u answer back!! its not gonna rile them up if u shut ur mouth!! where were you when ur mother taught u-DONT ANSWER BACK??

  2. I am very confused. Imagine a non-jewish real estate agent would contact him about his home via letter & call, would he start yelling at all the non Jewish people??

    • I noticed the word “fire”.
      Let me tell you what is really going on.
      The last time there was a fire in Jackson, they needed extra help from the Lakewood Fire Dept.. Due to the traffic mess in Lakewood, it took a long time until the Fire Trucks got there.
      One more note:
      It says in the Mishna that if Fire A starts up with Fire B, eventually Fire C will start up with Fire A. It becomes like dominoes. No one is a winner and at the end it will become “Ash”.
      Sorry for telling you the truth.

  3. Abraham,
    As soon as you say “Imagine” you’ve lost. We are not playing in the “Victim Olympics”
    We have no idea what “Would” happen. So assuming to know is a wild guess with no bearing on reality.

  4. @ A YIS
    Excuse me! That is straight up harassment… imagine if I see a Mexican person and start yelling at him for another Mexican person who stole my car. It’s harassment and it’s bigotry and racism to attribute fault to someone just on the basis of how they look.

    And I’m not saying we as a group don’t have what to improve on. We do! Lots! But to blame something being perpetrated by hotrible realtors on an innocent father playing with his kids is not fair and not decent and should be called out.

  5. Nobody should be harassed for the actions of others but does anyone think why the guy is annoyed. Gettin 3 calls a week asking him to move out and sell his home!!! Come on leave the guy alone. It’s poking the bear and asking for trouble. There’s enough anti Semitism without the help of the people calling up all day

  6. All sorts of people call my house with all sorts of sales pitches, trying to sell me different things and I ask them, “Do you make house calls?” When they say “no”, I ask them, “Then how come you’re calling calling my house right now?”

  7. He’s not wrong, we get letters in the mail too, people need to stop randomly calling and sending out mail trying to buy houses, I don’t like it, especially since it makes us Frum Yidden look bad to our neighbors, and they don’t like it. Obliviously this is directed and a random and unrelated person, but when the people calling and mailing are obvious Frum Yidden, it’s going to look bad for all of us.

  8. I don’t understand what’s wrong with people calling and sending mailers. It’s been done for 100 years everywhere. Why do frum Jews need to feel “guilty” about something that is perfectly normal and legal. Don’t like getting calls and junk mail? There are ways to get it stopped (google it), nobody did anything wrong. Everyone grow up.

  9. There is no one group to be blamed for this. I am a resident of Lakewood and recently received a Unsolicited call from a non-Jewish realtor asking me if I was interested in purchasing a house in Manchester Township. So please don’t blame anyone specific group or ethnicity. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone’s out to make a buck

  10. This man is angry and that is a shame. On the flip side look at how angry some Lakewood residents get when missionaries visit their homes. There are clips of Lakewood home owners yelling at the missionaries. There complaint is people harassing them with another religion. People need to learn to respect others on all accounts.

    • @Moshe makes a point, regardless of why people do not like being harassed. We do not want missionaries they don’t want real estate agents. The fact is we need to respect the boundaries and privacy of our fellow community members and yes non Jews are members of the community for those unfamiliar with that concept.

    • He’s not wrong, forcing your beliefs or desires on someone who isn’t interested is wrong period. It doesn’t need to comparable

  11. Kol Yisrael Areivim Zeh Bazeh – All Jews are Responsible for One Another

    If one Jew does something, everyone in the Jewish world is responsible for that one Jew. So yep, the truth hurts. This is golus.

  12. It’s persistent pestering that causes the problems after the goy says “I’m not interested in selling my home”

  13. Just ignore the whole incident. Who cares what someone thinks or says to you in the park?? Just say yes sir and keep walking

  14. This man is upset that someone wants his house that he doesn’t want to sell. He obviously felt some pressure. If he was given some validation and sympathy on the matter perhaps the conversation would have ended earlier and been a kiddush Hashem.

  15. I am not promoting this man’s behavior.
    But there has to be some understanding here.
    These goyim have been living calmly and nicely in Jackson, NJ with their wife one kid and a dog since the beginning of time. They live on quiet, clean blocks. All of the sudden a Jew finds a metziah of a house in Jackson across the street. He moves in with 10 friends (followed by hundreds more)
    He moves in with 5 kids, bikes, balls, food wrappers and noise. Then he and his friends buy a house next door to the goy and decide to make it a shul. Then they buy another house on the other side of the goy and decide to build a mikva. And then… A dozen neighbors knock on his door, call his house- asking him if he wants to sell his house!! And they’ll even pay a lot of money for it. This man’s quiet existence is over! That being said: Our communities are beautiful. Our quality of life is thousands of times more purposeful than his. And that doesn’t give him the right to be so blatantly antiemetic Just giving a perspective.

    • Sorry this is not a “prospective”…we have enough ppl hating us why give them any credence!!

      Please rethink your “prospective!!!

    • This is so true. And honestly, if realtors make sure to approach people without pressure, and with respect and understanding, it could be he would want to sell, because the frum people offer more than the general market.

  16. I recently spent Shabbos at a relatives home a few hours from here. As we were walking around the neighborhood he told me how much the Frum has grown in the neighborhood during the last few years. I asked him how things go with the neighbors. He told me there are no problems at all, in fact the nisht Frum seem quite happy with us moving in. I told him how around Lakewood we’ve had many problems with our neighbors. From legal, opposing Eruvs, Shuls, schools, and just in general making it known we’re not wanted. Then I asked him how they avoided these problems. He said it’s simple. We don’t ask what our rights are we ask what is the right thing to do. When you act Menschlich asking, “Would I want a group of people to do this to me?” And if not I won’t do it to others the outsiders actually appreciate our concern for them and that’s why they don’t get scared when we start to move in.

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