HATE IN JACKSON: Jewish-owned home sprayed with Swastikas, vandalized (PHOTOS – UPDATED)

A Jewish-owned home in Jackson was found with its windows busted out, and covered in Swastikas and other hate symbols and messages. The name Hitler was also sprayed on the home.

The home was reportedly recently vacated.

An investigation is underway.

UPDATE: A look inside the home shows a whole lot more.

Walls were destroyed, swastikas and hate messages were scrawled on the walls. The message was clear – Go Home Jews.

UPDATE:  The Jackson Police Department released the following statement:

The Jackson Police Department is investigating a bias incident involving burglary and criminal mischief which occurred at a property in the Township.

On Wednesday April 30, 2019 at approximately 2:50 pm, officers responded to a property located on Valley Road on the report of anti-Semitic graffiti being found.  The location was an unoccupied/abandoned house located approximately 400 feet from the road on a wooded, 10 acre property.  The house was reportedly scheduled to be demolished later this week.

Officers observed that the windows of the house had all been broken and that there were swastikas spray painted on the exterior of the residence along with the word, “Hitler”.  Upon entering the house, extensive damage was discovered including all windows being broken and damage to the sheetrock walls.  Additionally, there were multiple areas on the interior where profanity was spray painted on the walls along with additional derogatory remarks directed towards those of the Jewish faith and African Americans.  There was a second abandoned structure on the property that was not affected.

It is suspected that the damage was done between April 19th and April 30th.  During a neighborhood canvas, a resident reported hearing noise in the area the previous evening but did not report it. 

Additional patrols have been directed in the area and the incident is being investigated by Jackson Police Detective John Rodriguez.  There are no suspects to this incident at this time and anyone with any information on this incident is asked to contact the Jackson Police Department at 732-928-1111.

UPDATE: Statement from Township:

Jackson Township condemns all forms of hatred and racism

Mayor Michael Reina, along with Council President Rob Nixon, are reaching out to the Community to seek your assistance. In recent days a vacant home, which was slated for demolition, had been severely vandalized. The vandals destroyed all of the windows and spray painted the interior and exterior of this dwelling with profanity as well as racial and religious slurs. While this dwelling is currently being demolished, the vandalism cannot, and will not, be ignored.

The governing body condemns all bias, discrimination, and hateful acts against any individual, race, religion, creed, etc. These heinous acts attempt to incite nothing but unnecessary unrest and unlawful behavior and will not be tolerated nor accepted by the good people of Jackson. Jackson Township stands firm against this unacceptable type of behavior and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. The Mayor and Township Council’s commitment to the resident’s safety is second to none. Therefore, anyone with information is encouraged to work with law enforcement to identify the individual(s) or group(s) involved and bring them to Justice. Please contact the Jackson Police Department at 732-928-1111.

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  1. Will Jackson condemn this and urge the police to take this seriously this is sick and the rhetoric locally has been dangerous and sick

  2. Been an increase of people getting yelled at bigoted comments like Hitler etc walking and passing through Jackson..one leads to another this got to stop the mayor and council need to take action

  3. Will riseupoceancounty codemn and take responsibility for their horrific rhetoric?! In every generation they stand up against us. BUT THEY WILL NEVER WIN. THEY SHLD LOOK AT HISTORY. NO ONE THAT FOUGHT WITH THE JEWS ARE AROUND TODAY BESIDES THE JEWS. Period. And they know it deep down.

  4. @Horriffic while I think what happened is an absolute disgrace and has no place in this world, your comment dear is also not necessary and I take that as a threat. A physical one at that.

  5. so who will be held responsible to clean up this mess? will we start to need anti-terrorism insurance. this era of hate is much more damaging to the citizens of this country than measles

  6. @Angered Since when are historic facts threats? All he said was, was that anyone who fought with jews throughout history, are no more. Something tells me that it wasn’t the jews who took down the Nazis.I hope I dont sound too threatening too.

  7. @Horrific, I do not condone the acts that took place at this vacated property. However, your comment reaps HATE and THREAT. Hate, threat, discrimination, racism, are all things that should never be tolerated from any person; we also should not be resorting to the same hate as a defense mechanism. I take your comment as a physical threat against anyone who is not in agreement with you. THAT is NOT the way to resolve these types of issues, it only creates more wars and more hate.

  8. RUOC, otherwise known as the RTTC (rotten to the core – with the odor to match), already stated that it was most likley teh Jews themselves that sprayed the Swastikas in order to garner attention for themselves.

    To the owner of the RTTC website and all your bitter, grouchy, need-a-life, co-conspirators, you can go to Purgatory where I am certain there won’t be any Jews there.

    Oh. My 94 grandmother – she should live and be well – who was in the first women’s transport to Auschwitz where she was held captive for THREE years – sends regards.

    Oh, I forgot. RTTC and the little people of that website will most likely assume that the JEWS created Auschwitz to garner world support…

    Today is Yom Hashoah: AM YISROEL CHAI!

  9. Also, please do not take my words out of context. I DO NOT condone these acts; acts of this nature are never welcome and I hope the person(s) responsible are found and charged accordingly regardless if they are Spanish, Black, White, Jewish, etc.

  10. Jackson council DIRECTLY responsible for this by not condemning the Jew obsessed hate group RUOC. Disgusting and shameful but not surprising given the wink wink that elected officials give to these Nazis

  11. Let’s hope the hate is not c’v from the leadership of Rise up! The Rasha who is doing all to be oker Dass r’l

  12. Why are you insinuating this was someone who follows RUOC? How do you know all the followers of RUOC are Jew haters so lets stop that nonsense. This does not solve any issues, it just infuriates people you know nothing about. I think the above graffiti is repulsive but I do not like bad behavior all around. That includes some of things that go unchecked in Lakewood. Lets get real about all the issues that not only effect your community but the whole community. We all bleed the same color. In the end we are humans created by the same God and live in the world He created for all of us. We need to take care of that and each other. We are not separated by race or religion. That separation comes from the minds of men not God. Time to get our act together and work as one for the sake of all. This is getting ridiculous.

    • Regardless of any insinuation of who follows that rag, RUOC UNDERMINED what took place. Have a look for yourself.

      I agree that we have to have a conversation but RUOC operates behind a dark curtain, the founders of which wish to remain hidden lest we uncover the truth of that Goebbels-minded website…

    • I cant believe you’re equating an anti-semitic hate crime to ‘things that go unchecked in lakewood’. Are you referring to over-development? What things in Lakewood are bad enough to be compared to an act that is vicious, and complete hate motivated.

  13. @Ray You write that your are infuriated. Are you infuriated that Jews are letting the world know what kind of harassment they are experiencing?? You couldn’t even find the graffiti repulsive without attacking Jews yourself. For one to deny that RUOC is blatantly anti-Semitic is beyond delusional. This isn’t even debatable. They are sickly obsessed with anything and everything Orthodox Jews do. Stop enabling it by giving them cover

  14. These morons don’t realize they left clues and evidence which will be found with forensics through the excellent cooperation of the PD, OCPO, Sheriff and FBI. They will be made an example and will not get away with this. The government is motivated right now to make them panic.

  15. The council has nothing to do with these animals. There are a lot of good people in Jackson and Toms River.
    Bad apples are in all communities including the new crowd moving in.
    We all need to combat the negative and hatred from these cowards.
    We are all one community!!!
    We drive on the same roads and go to the same stores, peace is the answer.

  16. Can’t the Jackson Council call out ANTISEMITISM for what it is?
    Why are they not comfortable mentioning that this was an act against the JEWISH Community?

    It is true that ANTISEMITISM is a form of Racism, but this was very specifically targeted against JEWS.

    The first step to fight a disease is to identify it – specifically.
    Treating it as general disease won’t do much if at all.

    Hey Mayor Reina and fellow Councilmen, if you keep avoiding to call ANTISEMITISM for what it is in your public statements, is it because you’re afraid of upsetting the ANTISEMITES?? Know your ENEMY.

  17. Well, who ever did this awful act obviously has no understanding of grammar or what a swastika actually looks like. This person/people are obviously idiots.

  18. @ Horrific, I see no reason to be petrified. Obviously always be diligent and aware. However, there is a reason why the majority of insults and eggs are hurled from moving cars. There is a reason why swastikas are drawn under the cover of darkness. There’s a reason that this crime was committed on an abandoned house. There’s a reason why, despite “12,000 members” there are like 30 RSVP’s to “Visit Lakewood” day. There’s a reason that despite “12,000 members” there are about 5-6 dozen consistent commentors. That reason is that there are a few cowards making a lot of noise. We have an excellent police force protecting us. We have constitutional rights that will be protected in courts, despite the kicking and screaming of RUOC. I will be moving to Jackson soon, and everyone that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Jew and gentile alike, have been nothing short of gracious. I am not intimidated or scared, and I look forward to my move.

    • “Next”? Like all the others that murdered innocent people: Boston Marathon, Newtown, Connecticut, Marysville, Washington, New York City, New York, Sutherland Springs, Texas, Parkland, Florida, Palm Beach, Florida, Brooklyn NY, Lakewood, NJ, Pittsburgh, PA, Poway, CA …. “Move On” ??????

  19. Most comments about this on RUOC insinuate that this was a hoax committed by the jews. From the admins down the rank and file, this is the narrative. So please… lets drop the pretense that RUOC is not an anti semetic page created and run for the express purpose of trashing Lakewood. There were stories of corruption in jackson reported in other publications recently… RUOC didn’t say a peep. Corruption is only bad on one zip code. Their goal is to RILE UP OCEAN COUNTY against the jews… and they have done a great job.

  20. This really “breaks my heart.” What a sick thing to do. Who ever you are, get some help asap. There is something really wrong with you.

  21. Why do they mention over and over and over that the home was slated for destruction anyways? Why does that impact anything? Are they trying to make this appear less than it is? If this was done on a tree in the street and not even a home is that better?

  22. Why has no one asked why the pictures of the inside of the home are shown if there is bad language and crude words on it. This is The Lakewood Scoop and I am horrified that these pictures were shown. You could have just shown the outside that would have been enough. Despite trying to block out the words it can still be seen and understood. You should be ashamed.

  23. What a horrible display of hate speech. Who could do such a thing? Especially against neighboring towns. We need to spread love and unity between towns. Lets break down the walls and assimilate through love and peace before a other tragedy strikes. We cant afford to lose another 60 thousand jews like we did in the holocaust at those dreaded work camps. This behavior is similar to those in the nazi propoganda groups pre WW2, WAKE UP PEOPLE

    • As an elected member of the Ocean County Republican Committee I call upon our leadership in Congressional District 4 (Includes Jackson) to make a public declaration regarding antisemitism in Jackson Township and this incident in particular and to sponsor whatever legal avenues are pertinent.

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