Handicapped Parking: This is the Law for Drivers and Proprietors, Obey It, No Excuses | Ron Benvenisti

As a person who was handicapped for over a year, I fractured my knee three years ago, this is a pet peeve of mine.

For 3 months I had to use a wheelchair. For 4 months I had to use a walker. For 6 months I had to use a cane. I cannot count the amount of times parking spaces were taken illegally.

In some cases, the vehicles were occupied and others they were not. I gave up speaking to the driver’s because the answer was, “I’ll just be here a minute.”, although I was with a walker or a cane. In one case the driver actually forcefully opened his door and knocked me to the ground, and backed up, nearly running me over and sped away. Calls to police must be prioritized, as by the time the police show up, the driver or car is gone.

Even the mayor has been in the same situation when a close family member was injured.

I have tried to speak to occupants nicely but have had little success. I have tried to have the establishment page the owner of the vehicle to no avail.

I have resorted to taking pictures on occasion, which is difficult when you are using a walker and a cane. Even when I was mobile again, I tried to talk to the driver’s or have the establishment page the owner of the vehicle. Most of the time, I am sorry to say, I was ignored.

Parking lots MUST have a certain number of handicapped spots available, according to the total number of spots in the lot. Unfortunately, this is mostly never the case.

The amount of selfishness is appalling in a community where we are literally bound to help each other and be courteous above all else.

Therefore I am posting the New Jersey Guide to Accessible Parking with all the applicable laws. You can, and should, download it here. This is required reading for every driver and developer.

New Jersey Statutes > Title 39 > Chapter 4 > § 39:4-138

In any space on public or private property appropriately marked for vehicles for persons with disabilities pursuant to P.L.1977, c.202 (C. 39:4-197.5), P.L.1975, c.217 (C. 52:27D-119 et seq.) or any other applicable law unless the vehicle is authorized by law to be parked therein and a person with a disability is either the driver or a passenger in that vehicle. State, county, or municipal law enforcement officers or parking enforcement authority officers shall enforce the parking restrictions on spaces appropriately marked for vehicles for persons with disabilities on both public and private property.

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  1. I am in complete agreement with this post. My son was born with a congenital issue and every few years he needs major surgery requiring 2 months off from school and weeks of being in casts on his legs from the waist down, then a wheelchair, and then a walker. Whenever I see people parked in the handicap spot and no handicap placard I get so upset. I have told a few people that have been in their car where they are parked that they can’t park there but they don’t care. They feel they have every right. It is so frustrating. I have a close friend whose child will permanently be in a wheelchair and she also gets so annoyed. I really would love to tell those parked in handicapped parking spots l, and not needing them, that would they want a reason to park there???!!!! Maybe if we tell everyone it’s an ayin Horah to park there then maybe, maybe they would listen. For those reading this and are parked illegally DON’T DO IT.

  2. Well the police department doesnt care either. Ive called them about this and they asked if the car is on, how long theyve been there etc basically telling me to wait for the occupant to return. Its really makes peoples lives who are difficult even harder.please think bf you park

  3. The next time you see someone parked in a handicapped parking space, take a picture of the car, plate number and the Handicapped parking sign and go to the Municipal Court and have a ticket sworn out to the registered owner. As a private citizen, you have that authority. Parking in a handicapped parking space is “COURT APPEARANCE MANDATORY”.The owner WILL be required to appear in court regardless if they are found guilty or not. If they are found guilty, its a $ 250.00 fine for the first offense.

  4. Its sad that the Ir Hatorah needs to be told to act like a Mensch. In my classrooms growing up there was always a large sign that read: Derech Eretz Kudma LaTorah.

  5. I heard a shuir from Rabbi Pesach krohn talking about this issue, if I remember correctly, he stated along the lines from the gemara that anyone who acts that way will eventually be that way

  6. To Uma Thurman
    Do you have someone in your family that needs handicap parking? Yes I agree that we have to judge others favorably but not when it comes to something like this. There is no excuse to park in a handicap parking spot if you don’t need it. If you do need then get a placard from the DMV

  7. Look at the last Mishna in Mesechtas Peah. The Shayloh is if you are permitted to call the police. According to what the law says they are obligated to respond.

  8. I see it all the time, I wasn’t raised here. It is VERY disturbing.
    On a smaller scale the fire hydrant blocking is also problematic and poses a hazard.
    An actual danger is when people park close to the curbs or entrances of parking lots posing a danger to pedestrians or other vehicles who have to literally put themselves into oncoming traffic in order not to be “blinded” from viewing where they wish to go.
    I liek your articles!!! Could you PLEASE run for office and set things straight!!!!!!!!!

  9. The root of the issue is that there are not enough parking spots. period. this prompts drivers to illegally take the only available spots which are for the handicapped.

  10. could we report to the State police that the local police don’t do anything (not just about this but in general) or is there a direct number to have them ticket these perpetrators?

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