Hagaon Reb Yecheskel Roth Shlita: Young Bachurim Don’t Have To Become Drunk On Purim

purim lakewood 2010 tlsEXCLUSIVE AUDIO: As Purim approaches, we present to you an audio clip we obtained of Hagaon Reb Yecheskel Roth Shlita talking about young Bachurim becoming drunk on Purim. The question was presented to the Rav during his recent visit, by a Lakewood businessman. The Rav was asked if there’s a Mitzvah for young Bachurim to get drunk on Purim, being that sometimes they lose their self control and wind up making a Chillul Hasehem in the streets.

“Yinger bucherim darfen nisht veren shikur”, Harav Roth Shlita said. (Young boys don’t have to become drunk). When asked what age would be appropriate, the Rav responded, “Fin achtzin yur in hecher”.

The above P’sak is for informational purposes only. As usual, all are encouraged to consult with their Rav regarding any questions in Halacha.

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  1. In this caser “darfen nisht ” means ARE NOT ALLOWED TO. Its is Ossur to get drunk except for the mitzvah and therefore if they are not required then it remains forbidden like any other day.

  2. First off, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 years of age to be drinking an alcoholic beverage of any kind. It is also illegal to sell or give alcohol to anyone under 21. There are stiff penalties for this. Anyone who sees someone underage drinking or someone giving a drink to somone underage has an obligation to report it. It might save a life. Its funny how people think they have some sort of obligation to get drunk and they take this to the highest level but everyday interaction with their fellow man is thrown to the wayside.

  3. Young boys get too drunk for themselves to handle and end up making fools of themselves- this is new?!
    I emphasize YOUNG bochurim. It is the teenagers who get out of control and throw up and pass out anywhere and everywhere. It seems once they hit about 20 then people who do get drunk can control themselves and be “leibedik” without doing harm to themselves or others.
    (Guess they knew what they were talking about with the whole 21 thing, huh?)

  4. Actually number 4 it is not illegal for persons under the age of 21. In new jersey a minor may consume alcohol in the presence of their parents in a private dwelling. Teenagers can consume alcohol with parental supervision. However they obviously can’t purchase it nor drive a vehicle. And to number 2 it means that 18 years old would be acceptable


  6. can someone please explain the following to me

    If there is overwhelming opinion that it is ASSUR for young bochorim to get drunk on purim, yet 8/10 will.. why is it that since its assur to eat traif, 10/10 buchorim will not eat traif. since when are buchorim allowed to pick and choose which laws to follow and which to throw at the wayside?

  7. Please do not moderate this comment out.
    They don’t need to ride around in limosines or smoke either.
    I spoke with the admin. of a major tzedaka and he told me he was threatened by a bachur that if they don’t send an expensive limo, he would “put out the word” and this tzedaka would have no one collecting for it that year. Who was the tzedaka for? To help widows, orphans and sick people. The admin buckled under, spent over $400 of tzedaka money for the limo, and was in shock when I told him i would drive my boys around for FREE to collect for his org. Where is this boy’s Rosh Yeshiva, Parents, Rav etc? This is a tradgedy. This is not Purim, and once and for all we should make it known, come with a limo, no $ will be given.

  8. to number 6 what if the parent let’s his child drink what if there is a friend over and the let him drink they now are responsible for this child and that is illegal, they can get into a lot of trouble themselves it’s againt the law, frum family or not. 21 is the legal age to drink in this state

  9. No one has to get drunk on Purim,period
    The Rem”a,is dependable,and you are yoitzei,with drinking more then your regular alcoholic intake.
    Drinking to get drunk,is a bizoyoin,as you lose control of your Daas.
    Reb Yecheskel shlit”a,himself does not get drunk either.

  10. I wonder why the question is not asked about girls drinking. Don’t all mitzvot on Purim apply to both men and women (megillah, mishloach manot, matanot l’evyonim, and seudah)? Drinking should be no different.

    Perhaps our bochrim should take a lesson in tzniut (in activity – not dress) from our young ladies. This aspect of the celebration (being drunk) is ugly to see in adults – how much more so in under age individuals. Given that there is only a debatable halacha/minhag to be drunk, I see no reason that anyone should follow a chumrah that has such serious potential to lead to aveirot.

    Drink a bit, get tired, take a nap – ad shelo yada.

  11. Why is it, that at the age of thirteen a Jewish male is obligated to keep all the Mitzvos, EXCEPT the ones that ‘adults’ are uncomfortable with? Either there’s a Mitzvah of Ad Dloh Yadah, or there isnt.
    Either it applys to everyone, or no one.
    As for the Bochurim behaving like animals, it’s up to their parents or Roshei Yeshiva to do their job.
    I’ve been getting drunk on Purim since I’m 13 and never had an issue. Yet.

  12. I plan on taking video and photos of all these drunken fools who plague our town during this holiday. Then I will post for all to see what has happened to this holiday. The powers to be have no control over their own and this really proves the lack of self control that takes place.

  13. To all the questions above…… ‘Fun achtzen yur un hecher’ means from eighteen and up. ‘darfen nisht’ means they don’t need to. Not that they are not allowed to, I don’t know who taught you Yiddish!?!?!? I agree that young bochurim should NOT drink I just want to clarify the words of the gadol. Also, I agree with number nine 100%. I think someone should get all rabbonim to sign a kol korei assuring the use of expensive cars, limos etc. And besides the point of stealing unneccesary expenses from momen hekdesh, most bochurim get so drunk they don’t even remember which state they were in Purim, forget about what kind of car they drove around in!!!!!!!!!!

  14. On purim people come to my house. I usually try to see what kind of car they came with (although sometimes the volume is overwhelming and it becomes diffucult). If it’s a limo I give them $5.

  15. Right on # 9 you hit the nail on the head!

    We should start by telling those organizations that rent limos for bochurim that we will NOT give them $. What good will the bochurim be if no one pays them money? There are plenty of other worthy causes we can give to, but we don’t need to further the excesses of these bochurim.

    As far as getting drunk/smoking there are no big kavanas here other than using Purim as an excuse to misbehave.

  16. If u asser Limo’s, the boys won’t collect. Ur just shooting urself in the foot. And, btw, bochurim do need a release. Lemme remind u, in the yeshiva velt, boys can’t go to ball games, pool halls, bowling alleys, malls, etc. They have absolutely no outlet. So, on purim they get a limo & have some fun. And raise $$ for important tzedakos. And u have a problem w/ this ? Last year my 2 boys went collecting w/ a school bus. It was horrible & not much cheaper than a limo. You can asser the drinking but I think we should keep the limos. DB.

  17. To #21. If your kids have no outlets then provide them with outlets! My kids go to gym, play ball, swim etc. there are plenty of appropriate outlets available besides Limos and drinking. It has gotten completely out of hand. Parents stay awake to all hours of the night worrying about their kids. I need to barricade my doors so my house is not overrun with disrespectful, loud, obnoxious “Bochrim” playing drunk. This so called Minhag has ruined Purim for me and many other like me. If the Yeshivos and Mosdos want to raise money on Purim night, I would suggest that the Rabbaim and Menahlim go around and collect, I assure you they will have much more success than what they get today! Let’s put a stop to this Bizayon HaTorah!

  18. This is an example how this town looks the other way. If on other holidays regular residents drove drunk…or ran around in the streets intoxicated they would be arrested. NOT in Lakewood..its a special holiday its ok……………..

  19. Ad Dlo Yoda is a practical mitzvah listed in Shulchan Aruch.

    If you have some shitta not to get drunk, G-d bless you. But do not begrudge those who follow Shulchan Aruch and the many Rabbonim shlit”a who pasken a Yid MUST get drunk on Purim.

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