UPDATED: Guarding Life or Inciting Hate? Vaad Calls on Lavallette Beach to Terminate Bigoted Lifeguard; Borough official says “we take matters like this seriously”

When one’s children jump into the water, the sight of a lifeguard offers enormous comfort: He/she is there to save the child’s life in the event something goes wrong.

It is frightening to contemplate that the lifeguard would think of any of the people he/she is in charge of protecting as “trash.” Even more troubling would be if this “lifeguard” would be paid with taxpayer dollars.

Well, this is precisely the case in Lavallette Beach, roughly 15 miles from Lakewood. Alex Adamek of Tom River’s Facebook profile lists him as a lifeguard at the Lavallette Beach Patrol, yet he uses the account to spew hate against Orthodox Jewish residents of the region.

Recently, photos were circulating on social media of an Orthodox couple visiting an area beach with their children. Commenters subjected the innocent family to lots of venom and scorn, and Alex Adamek decided to get in on the action as well. “I just saw the trash family that’s probably scamming welfare,” he wrote.

“We have zero tolerance for hate and are committed to publicly ‘out’ haters who spew their venom and hatred in public forums, including social media”, says Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg of The Lakewood Vaad. “Employees and officers of public agencies, and those who work for honorable companies who value their reputations, be on notice that your employer will be notified and copied when you propagate hate speech or action.

“Lavallette Beach is a public facility serving a diverse public on the dime of diverse taxpayers. It has the legal and moral responsibility to protect the public it serves from abuse, especially from its employees,” Rabbi Weisberg adds. “We call on Lavallette Beach to do the right thing and immediately terminate Mr. Adamek and ensure that only professional and ethical lifeguards are patrolling its beaches.”

UPDATE: In response to this story, a Lavallette Beach Borough official reached out to TLS seeking additional information on Mr. Adamek’s offensive post and confirmed that a comprehensive inquiry is underway:

The official wrote, “Prevailing employment laws restrict me from commenting on employment related matters. I can only confirm that the Borough is aware of the matter, that we take matters like this seriously, and that a full objective inquiry will be conducted.”

TLS will update story as necessary.

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  1. It’s free speech, people can say anything they want. You can not censor everyone, you may not like what they say but you can’t scare people into being quiet. I’ve read the orthodox call non orthodox unpleasant names too on social media. It’s a shame but people will sometimes be hurtful towards others.

    • That rule applies only when people mock Jews but if someone calls black people trash that’s totally unacceptable and deserves public outcry.

    • He is free to speak what he wants; but he’s not free to work where he want’s. The employer decides who is fit for the job.

      The public has decided this guy is not fit for the job.

    • Free speech doesn’t include yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Nor does it include racist, bigoted, or slanderous speech.

    • Freedom of speech protects him from government prosecution, it does not protect him from the consequences of stupidity or bigotry in his speech.

    • that’s one of the dumbest comments ive ever heard.what your saying is that free speech entites you to say what you want even yhough its clearly anti semitic????? I don’t think it would go over well to say the n word to a African American and say free speech and get away with it!!!!

  2. To Janiice – When dealing with life-threatening situations where every second counts, then there is no room for even the slightest of biases or anything that may impact a decision, only the finest individuals who will treat every situation equally should be allowed in such a position

  3. Janice we don’t as a society tolerate the demonization of any other race in this country. One reason is because demonization has real dangerous consequences. Why shouldn’t orthodox jews be affored the same treatment. Why is our blood the only one free for trampling.

  4. Ma lkohen b’veis kvaros? Why, pray tell, are unzere hanging out on beaches, a totally pritzusdike place? Is that a place to bring heilige Yiddishe neshomos to feast their eyes? I think that the lifeguard was being better than a mashgiach by making them feel uncomfortable in a place they shouldn’t have been at in the first place!

  5. I’m at the beach quite often and the only time I’ve seen orthodox there is after the lifeguards have left usually around 5ish. I don’t see where anyone feels in danger of not being rescued when there’s no guards on duty.

    • A. After 5ish is when your children don’t have to be exposed to immodesty. B. Parent is a Lifeguard. C. What does your statement have anything to do with the issue at hand?

  6. @Janiice I’m not sure that you’re aware of this,but free speech goes both ways. Yes, this bigoted throwback lifeguard has freedom of speech, but so does the Orthodox community. Orthodox Jews have every right, through their freedom of speech to request that this bigot be fired. He is clearly not the right person to be trusted with protecting New Jerseyans on public beaches. The Orthodox community has been bullied, harassed, and maligned by the surrounding areas of Lakewood. We have every right to speak up and expose the nazi hatred which unfortunately is way too common down here.

  7. How despicable! I am sure the town would never tolorate such behavior. I’m certain the one who’s overseeing the beach operations will take action and no longer allow this lifgaurd to be on public duty. A beach can be a fun and exciting place to spend the smmer, however with someone with Mr Ademek’s mind-set surely puts Public Safety at risk.

  8. No public servant or an employee working for the public should be biased in such a way. True, theres freedom of speech but there is also moral obligation of the one who is hiring to make sure their candidate can perform their duties fairly and unbiased. Mr Ademek unfortunately exposed his inner bias and therefore has made himself publicly unfit for the job. Im confident the authorities will act responsibly and do what needs to be done in this situation.

  9. It’s a shame, that people have so much hate. This lifeguard does no justice sitting atop and guarding the community. A person with hate and malice cannot be trusted to save any life, no difference color, or race. Shame Shsme on you!!

  10. Of course a person should not be in care of the lives of people he is biased against, duh! Janice, 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

  11. With all the hate this man has built up wthin him. I could bet he never had any direct contact with anyone in the orthodox community. Just a sad uneducated kid. LKWD ROCKS!

    • Its not because of the way we drive. Even if we drove beautifully, they’d still say we drive like maniacs.
      Even if we wouldn’t defraud Jersey Care, they’d still say we defraud Jersey Care.
      Even if we would be amazing neighbors, they’d still say we were rude neighbors.
      Even if we wouldn’t open shuls on residential blocks thereby destroying the neighbors’ quality of life, they’d still say we open shuls on residential blocks thereby destroying neighbors’ quality of life.
      So there is no winning with the haters. They will always hate us and make things up about us.

  12. Free speech doesn’t include yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater. Nor does it include racist, bigoted, or slanderous speech.

  13. I am a long time Lakewood resident. I would truly like to sit down with some leaders of your community, with the scoop and a secular reporter there to do an article afterwards, and give you a view from the people outside of your faith as to how and why some people feel the way this young man does. I am just an average person, not a politician looking to say the right things. Maybe if you could see your world through our eyes and through our experiences with your community there might be an understanding as to why some people act out on both sides the way they do. Maybe if we could see our world through your eyes we could learn something too.

  14. @zman As a lifelong resident of Lakewood, I would really be interested in why people harbor such hatred and resentment towards our community. Speaking for myself and others around me, all we want to do is mind our own business and serve God as best we can. Of course there are some amongst our community that act in a way that they shouldn’t, but why would that be indicative of the community as a whole?!? All the hatred and venom that is being spewed on social media is concerning, mind boggling and quite frankly very unamerican.

    • It shouldn’t reflect on the community as a whole. I’ve read many of the stories/comments on the scoop and I truly believe that if we could sit down and talk we would be amazed at why some people act the way they do. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great frum neighbors who I talk to and am able to learn about your communities views. I’ve expressed some feelings that us outside of your community have and why we have them. It was an eye opening experience for both sides and we became better neighbors because of it. Unfortunately it will never stop some of the cowards hiding behind keyboards from spewing hate, but if some of us talk it is a beginning.

  15. Mr.Zman, what if I told you I was brought up not religious not within the community here. I was on both sides of the fence so to speak. Don’t give me garbage about seeing from their eyes why they feel this way towards Jews. Jews are different. And so what! Live and let live! If other people feel threatened, then they have to recognize their own insecurities. U can also find ways to single out blacks or Hispanics but seriously, why? There’s a reason why we live in the good ole USA!! It’s a melting pot of many faiths and races. Everyone with their beliefs. We don’t necessarily have to agree with other ways of life but we should still respect others just because they are PEOPLE LIVING IN THIS FREE COUNTRY!!

    • And what if I were to tell you that a friend of a family member of mine was a member of the community and walked away from it. I’ve listened to his views from both sides also. You know what? He’s a great kid. Very kind and compassionate and still loves your community though he doesn’t feel part of it. What I’ve learned from him and some of my frum neighbors is there is a huge gap in perception of each other. And so that there is an understanding of what I mean, it could be Italians, Germans, catholics, people of color, whoever….there is a big divide on understanding each other and that’s what’s a big part of the problem. Like I said on another post, stop being Anonymaam, get out from behind the anonymous keyboard and let’s talk. If people are unwilling to do that then they are just as much part of the problem as the idiots posting the hate.

  16. @zman You are really being unfair. Why is that when hate is directed at Orthodox Jews it is automatically assumed that the victims of that hate, Orthodox Jews, are to blame for the hate that they are experiencing?! Do we treat any other minorities who experience bigotry that way? Do we tell them that the bigotry they experience is their fault? Do we justify the hate directed towards other groups? NO! So stop doing it with Orthodox Jews. It almost seems as if discrimination against religious Jews is encouraged, excused for and then blamed on the Jews themselves! It’s sickening and quite frankly discriminatory. Stop with the moral equivalency of “both sides”. If someone hates me because of my faith that is a one sided equation; Hate vs. Me for who I am. There can be no legitimacy nor excuses made for bigotry.

    • Am I justifying anything…no. I am telling you that there is ignorance of each other that is much of the problem here. I offered to give a view from someone else’s perspective and possibly open your eyes to why some people may act like they do. I also offered to listen to your communities views and maybe there could be some mutual ground because I’m tired of watching the hate from both sides. But all you and some others here can do is attack. Get out from behind your anonymous keyboard, get some higher ups together, let’s get the scoop on board and let’s talk. I guarantee we both will be surprised at the things we didn’t realize about each others views. FYI my neighborhood is overwhelmingly frum and I have no problems with anyone here. I help out on Sabbath when asked and the parents feel comfortable enough with me that they allow their kids come into my yard to watch me do yard work while they do other things. Whenever there was an issue we talked about it and it was resolved in no time. So will talking solve the entire problem? No. But it is a starting point and unless you start somewhere you can all but expect the situation to get worse. And yes other minority groups experience same blame game. Hispanics are all illegal, African Americans are lazy and live off the government, Native Americans are drunks. I’ve watched friends from all 3 groups go through the stereotypes and blame for their predicaments. I’ve watched friends from all 3 groups get treated very unfairly and was labeled some very offensive things for pointing out that what was happening to them was wrong.

  17. If we don’t allow people to express their feelings it can build up to something worse. The hatred is there. I don’t know that repressing it makes us any safer.
    This might cause even more hatred of us.

  18. “We have concluded that personal biased opinions do not affect the duties of workplace performance.” Robert Mueller. LOL. On the other hand, First Amendment protections do not apply to public agency employees, Supreme Court decision 2006.

    • Phil. How do you know that Lakewood Jews don’t pay their taxes? Pick on a few crooks and blame us as a whole. As if we Jews condone thievery..Oh yeah.That’s the typical anti-Semitic stereotyping.
      I’m sure that each and every non-Jewish New Jersey resident is upstanding and perfect.

  19. The reason non Jews hate us is 1. because we’re different 2. When we act like them and try to be like them – they resent it.
    3.Because we’re “rich” 4.Because we’re poor. etc. It makes no difference – Eisav Sonei L’Yaakov for no logical reason.

  20. wondering what township of Lavallette is doing? Will they fire this individual? Look what happened in Wall Township. They had to pay over a million dollar law suit, because Town employees acted anti Semitic against one of the Township employees. People have to understand, especially government employees. Hatred and bigotry will not be tolerated in this wonderful country of ours.G-d Bless America!

  21. If this really bothers anyone (aside from venting on this forum)- after July 4th, pick up the phone and call the mayor and ask him to terminate him, and if he chooses not to, have it on record.

    Record the call, and you’re done.

    Move on.

  22. here’s the bottom line folks. Every group has some jerks in it. Should the lifegaurd be released from his duties. Yes. Are all Jews perfect. No. Will critisizing others make them want to be like you? I think not. Bottom line is the more ignorant a person is, the bigoted he can become. Thinking people realize that having a different opinion does not mean you have to go to war.

  23. I agree with the above comment. Do something, call the Township of Lavallette voice your thoughts. We will not tolerate hate, bigotry and anti Semitic remarks on social media. The township does not want to be associated with such individuals, surely they will dismiss him from the job.

  24. Btw, @a reasponse to abe, happens to be that when im crossing the few streets to the park or bus stop with my kids, the only times that we see cars with NO caution or consideration are ALL goyim, not once in the past 5 years had we had a problem with any yid, while trying to cross, when theres a sighn that says stop for pedestrisns, but the non jews have no problem, to come so close to us while crossing, like to trample us n move on! Its scaryscarytrust me!
    However im sure there are plenty of non jews that are nice too!

  25. I think he should get a warning and another chance, its the fake media’s fault because they try to instill hate all day, but little does he see himself, he’s the one scamming the taxpayer, we pay tons taxes and have few gov.jobs while he and many others get many benefits and pensions on our taxpayer money.

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