Grow Instagram Followers Naturally

Planning to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views to grow Instagram followers naturally? Let us help you decide by sharing the pros, cons, and more.

There are basic rules to social media marketing. First, the more engagement you get from your online audience, your conversion rate will be better.

It is also a good idea to build your online presence in a social media platform with many active users because it increases your chances of getting the said engagement.

Instagram is a powerhouse when it comes to active users. Recent statistics report that they had a billion monthly active users in 2020, which grows even more by the day. This is the reason why a lot of people make money on Instagram.

Unfortunately, even so, it can still be quite challenging to grow Instagram followers naturally. Hence, it’s not a big surprise that many business owners opt to buy engagement products instead.

Today, we’ll share with you the pros and cons of doing that. This way, it will be easier for you to make a smart decision on whether to avail of such services or not.

Why Do You Need to Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views?

As mentioned, it’s not easy to grow online engagement organically. First of all, you will need to produce relevant, high-quality content and publish it consistently.

There are 95 million posts shared on Instagram per day, so even the most compelling content doesn’t really guarantee that you’ll get noticed right away. This waiting game can take months or years before you reach a certain number of followers enough to attract even more people to pay attention to your brand.

This snowball effect is based on social proof. It is the psychological phenomenon where people are more inclined to try something new if there’s evidence that other people are doing it, too.

Social proof also holds the answer to our question about why you need to buy your Instagram engagement. Doing so eliminates the waiting game of accumulating followers and instead catapults you to that sweet spot where the growth of your Instagram reach will hasten on its own. It can even speed up your chance to make money on Instagram.

The Advantages of Buying Instagram Engagement

The snowball effect of social proof is not the only advantage of buying Instagram engagement. 

After all, reputab00le companies offer followers, likes, and views coming from real people. That means all your purchased engagement is equivalent to actual leads一online users that you can potentially convert to actual patrons of your brand. You can buy Instagram followers and likes from brands like,, and 

In fact, some social media marketing companies state that there is a high possibility that their provided followers might even refer you to their personal network, effectively extending your reach even further.

Finally, you will also be pleased to learn that just buying a single type of engagement can influence others. For instance, buying likes will attract more people to look into your profile that can help grow Instagram followers naturally.

The Disadvantages of Buying Instagram Engagement

We’re not saying that there are no potential downsides, though. One of the biggest risks of buying Instagram engagement is getting your account permanently banned from the site.

This happens when you deal with dubious companies that use bots to deliver their promised numbers. After all, doing so goes against Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Hubspot warns us about this, stating that bot technology is so advanced these days. It is even possible to have them assume an identity of a real person and commit identity theft.

Another disadvantage is that you might be required to share your credentials. At the end of the day, you should keep in mind that the marketing agents who will handle your account are still total strangers.

Giving your username and password to strangers is never a good idea under any circumstances. It might even give them a way to hack into your other online accounts.

Luckily, working with a reputable company can avert these risks. Not only would they deliver real followers, likes, and views from real people, making them Instagram-compliant, but they also won’t require you to provide your password.

How to Buy Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views

The first step towards boosting your Instagram reputation is finding a trustworthy social media marketing company to work with. We recommend taking your time to check out reviews online to ensure that they really deliver what they promise.

According to top recommendations from sites like Economic Times, Dailyiowan, Rankwisely, Exploreinlife, Searchmen, Hurryworld, Brightkeys, Rankwisely, Israelnationalnews, 303magazine, urbanmatter, inventiva, theyeshivaworld, and vinnews the Top websites are,, and for Instagram services.

You can buy Instagram Likes, followers, and views anytime as the best service ever on the Internet. It’s easy to buy followers Instagram as you are buying items on Amazon.

Another good sign to look out for is whether they will require a password or not. We will be remiss if we don’t reiterate this warning.

Anyway, the next step you should do is choose the type of engagement you want to get. You may also purchase different ones at a time.

Getting followers is always ideal. However, keep in mind that paid followers can always unfollow after some time.

Likes will get your posts noticed, making it a good idea if you want your content out there. Lastly, we recommend buying views if most of your content is videos and stories.

Most of these social media marketing companies offer multiple packages for you to choose from with varying amounts of engagement, designed to fit any need or preference.

Now, go back to your Instagram profile and make sure that it is set to public. Some of these companies deliver almost instantly after settling your payment, so it’s best to get things ready before payment.

Finally, all that’s left to do now is pay for your chosen engagement products and wait for the magic to happen.

Grow Instagram Followers Naturally: In Conclusion

We know how tempting it could be just to wait for the increased activity to come in and think that your profile will pick up its reputation from here on. However, remember that these added boosts will be for nothing if you don’t support it with actual work.

The social media tools such as hootsuite vs buffer help you to automate the scheduling process, while sites like and help your instagram engagement as a turning point.

Bought Instagram followers, likes and views, even those coming from real people, will not create the online community that will make your business thrive. You cannot place your trust on the slim chance that they will convert into actual patrons.

Nothing can replace the followers, likes, and views that you have organically earned. Nothing can replicate the genuine appreciation you will get from loyal online supporters.

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