BREAKING: Governor Murphy Places Further Restrictions On Indoor, Outdoor Gatherings Today [UPDATED]

Governor Murphy announced new statewide coronavirus restrictions at his press conference today, as he continues taking steps in trying to mitigate the continued spread of coronavirus. 

The governor said today that he is lowering the maximum number of people allowed at indoor gatherings down to just 10 people, and outdoor gatherings will be capped at 150 people.

The new restrictions do not apply to shuls and other houses of worship, weddings, funerals/memorial services, or performances.

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  1. It’s blatantly obvious that COVID is back for round 2. Why is it that in the local stores no one is wearing masks? Only the elderly that are shopping do? Please folks protect yourselves and others. This is not a joke nor is it a political issue right now. It’s real!!

  2. I always wear a mask as do many, many, many others- with that being said I completely agree with you that we MUST get to 100% compliance. Keep masking everyone!!! Stay safe!!!!!

  3. i am just curious, what percent of the spike are repeat victims? what is the number? I have heard from some doctors that it is very rare for someone to get it twice if they have/or had antibodies. what are the numbers please

  4. It’s time for the tyranny to STOP! We’re being fed FALSE percentages and it’s so obvious I don’t understand why the sheeple don’t get it.


    Let’s do the math and PLEASE follow along so you can see what they’re doing:

    If you have 100 people in your office, 10 are tested for strep and 3 come back positive, what is your percentage of positive cases of strep?

    If you answered 3%, you are correct! Why? Because 3 out of 100 (3%) had strep.

    What the government is telling you is that the number is 30%, WAY WAY HIGHER, because they’re only taking tests into account (3 positive out of 10 tests). The problem is, 90 ADDITIONAL people weren’t tested because they have no need to tested because they’re perfectly fine. A REAL percentage of positive cases SHOULD include EVERYONE.

    The population of NJ is somewhere around 8.882 million. If you take the positive cases over the last 7 days (22,155) and divide by 8,882,000, you come out with a number of 0.0024943706 or .2494%! Waaaaaaaaaay less than the 3% (of those tested) we’re being fed.

    Can this be a bad virus to those who are immunocompromised? Yes, no doubt about it.

    Shouldn’t they be taking the extra precautions to stay safe? Yes.

    Do we really need to inconvenience and lockdown 99.75% of the people with these draconian measures?

    The fact is, because this is a virus similar to flu, it has high numbers two times a year, October and November, as well as March and April. We are obviously in the October November time period. The problem is our wonderful benevolent socialist liberal Democrat governor likes to take rights from the people and not give them back so fast. It’s not only him, look at the tyrant in New York. He’s worse!

    Remember you’re dealing with .25% of the population that have tested positive. Of the 8.882 million people in New Jersey, anyone who already had the virus, over 275,000 people, should also have antibodies and nothing’s going to happen to them.

    Stop bowing down to the government. We need to show them that we know we are being led by the nose. Enough is enough.

    (I have no connection whatsoever to that email that went out over the past few weeks where the lawyer is trying to rile up the people. He does make a few interesting points. but I have nothing to do with him. These are my words and thoughts.)


  5. To “HealthCareProffessional”: In EVERY single store – “local” (and “non-local”) – I go into, people are wearing masks, despite the great discomfort. I don’t know what your motive is in writing your dishonest comment in a public forum. But truly, shame on you. And honestly, there are exemptions to wearing a mask. So, if you see one or a few people in a store not wearing a mask, before you jump to conclusions, do you know their entire medical history? Do you know for a fact that they don’t have a medical issue etc. that precludes them from wearing a mask?

    And BTW, despite the strong effort to squelch it, there is strong medical evidence that masks either don’t help at all – or help very minimally. I happen to be of that belief (I actually believe they make the situation worse by providing a false sense of protection – but that’s for a different time). I still wear one religiously because that is what the government is asking us to do. But this is America – not a Communist regime (at least not yet…). People are entitled to believe that masks don’t help and therefore only where them where absolutely required and not every time they exit the front door of their home.

    Thank you.

  6. to “Good Question”:

    There are probably some real cases but there is also probably a lot of political media hype together with many false positives thanks to the very faulty nasal/rapid tests which for some reason, people still keep taking.

  7. What’s the point of all these stricter rules if all these places/events aren’t included?

    Also, was out shopping yesterday and the number of people who had masks on but pulled down under their noses or hanging off their ear was ridiculous. Your mask must cover your mouth AND nose!

  8. Maybe it’s time to expose all the political agendas here! Democrats wanting larger government and more control! America going socialist by a group of elitist people who strongly believe in population control. The never ending effort to deliberately cause financial chaos as a platform to raise taxes and pursue a communist agenda. Most of all the insane Hypocrisy of those who are so-called leaders first and foremost politicians followed by celebrities and influencers. Not to mention the fake news! Enough is enough! Leave us all alone.

    • The one and only answer to this big mess is that we need to slow down, come to a complete stop and beg the Almighty to send to us Mashiach right a way.

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