Did Gov. Murphy Just Indicate That Vaccine Mandates Are Coming to New Jersey? | Aaron Neuman

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy may have indicated Monday that the Garden State could be heading towards vaccine mandates and passports, similar to those already instituted in states like California, and metropolises like New York City.

“You’ve seen what California is – the direction they’re headed. Colorado. New York City. I think you can assume that that’s a direction we’re going to be headed,” Murphy said at his Monday press conference.

In case you don’t know, California, Colorado, and New York city have all instituted vaccine mandates and passports, and have imposed restrictions on people who remain unvaccinated. New York City has strict mandates in place requiring restaurant and bar patrons to show proof of vaccination. California has a mandate in place that all K-12 students must get vaccinated in order to be allowed entry to school, and Colorado this week put a law into place that requires proof of vaccination to attend large gatherings.

Lest you forget, Project Veritas released an undercover video days before the gubernatorial election showing Murphy campaign staff saying that the governor plans to institute vaccine mandates in New Jersey after the election. In response, Murphy’s office gave TLS an exclusive statement that reads, in part, “The Administration has never had plans, nor is it making plans, for a blanket COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

At the time, many noted that the governor used the term “blanket vaccine mandate,” implying that he could impose more mandates on New Jerseyans, just not all at once. Others defended the governor, saying that no, he meant he would not be mandating any New Jerseyans to receive the vaccine.

It should be noted, however, that the question Governor Murphy was responding to was specifically about Covid-19 vaccine boosters, and when they will be made available to everyone. New York City, California, and Colorado have disregarded CDC advice to limit it to certain people, and Governor Murphy may have been saying that he is considering making boosters available to all adults, rather than following the CDC’s guidance.

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    • Can mr. LV tell us which state or country that has implemented vaccine mandate was zoche to vihuser mageifa?
      Also, maybe I missed something, but are there still ppl in Lakewood who think that this mageifa is ongoing?

  1. Typical Lakewood Ciattarelli voter: I don’t want to vote for Murphy because he might make a mandate.

    Lakewood Askanim (the real ones not the ambulance chasers): Well that’s why we should vote for him because he told us he values his relationship with us and he wants to keep it that way, so he won’t do it. But if we don’t vote for him, I’m telling you all bets are off. So you should vote for him because he’s probably winning anyway.

    Typical Lakewood Ciattarelli voter: Meh, that’s a stupid Cheshbon, I’d rather stand on principle and spit in his face by voting for Jack.

    Lakewood Askanim: That’s a bad idea, and can have consequences you’ll regret.

    Typical Lakewood Ciattarelli voter: YOLO

    — after election —

    Typical Lakewood Ciattarelli voter: See! I voted for Ciattarelli and now the Governor is doing these things which are popular in the rest of the state and ignoring Lakewood! I guess I was right all along, and the Askanim are worthless.

    Askanim: Um, actually..,

    • Vaccine mandate was in his plan regardless of our vote, that’s why he had to be defeated! Yet VAAD did an amazing job suppressing Lakewood voter turn out by 50%. Great Job!

  2. New Jersains knew about this when the voted, the majority has spoken.
    We want mandates, we don’t want to prove anything or anyone. We want to be safe. #stillmasked!
    @TLS- you should’ve been less biased in the article, he didn’t mean what you think he meant either way.
    Just saying.

    • If you want to be safe…
      1. Close the southern border!
      2. Fire Fauci and stop all “gain of function” research!
      3. Stop voting for socialist insanity!
      4. Stop mandating ppl to be Guinee pigs in mRNA vaccine medical trials.
      5. Stop relying on Big Brother Government for your personal safety!

  3. Lakewood enjoy your vaccines in all the yeshivas soon and for the 7k that voted for him instead of Jack this is what you get in return and you will have to listen to it as governor has nothing to loose now

  4. This is a very misleading article and headline. Please don’t stoop to this just to make headlines. To be clear I am not defending Murphy or saying that he will not in the future make a mandate. But he did not imply that through the answer he gave.

  5. If anyone didn’t think he wasn’t going to do it must live in a cave.
    He is a Democrat politician and will say what needs to be said to get a vote.
    This is just the start he has 4 more years to force his will on the people, obey or be crushed.

  6. @Lakewood Vaad, even without the mandate, the positive rate in Lakewood is low….BTW, sick Socialist’s like forcing other people what to do, not normal regular people.

  7. Lakewood vaad? You’re such an idiot Which מגיפה are you referring to? I assume you mean the one that affects people after getting the vaccine because the one that fauci created with the help of China doesn’t kill anymore. You’re such a clown by saying והסר מגיפה מ….

    • For every person you list that got real sick from the vaccine, I’ll list you 50 people that are in their kever from covid. Seriously, this sickening Covid denial, anti fauci, anti science movements in this community must stop.

      • How dare you mention Fauci and science in the same sentence?
        Science – Hydroxyloroquine + Zinc, Ivermectin,or monoclonal antibodies are effective against covid!
        Fauci – only vaccines are effective against covid.
        Science – Natural immunity is 27 times more effective than any of covid 19 vaccines. Fauci – you will be protected when you are fully vaccinated, but you’ll soon need 3rd buster.
        Science – Kids have Zero chance of dying from covid-19, but 1 in 2500 chance of serious covid vaccine injury.
        Fauci – k-12 must get vaccinated.

  8. It has not been proven the vaccines helped one bit. People who were vaccinated still get covid, People who were not vaccinated can be treated with monoclonal antibodies and develop better protection than if they get the shot.

  9. No he didn’t say that. Just more fear mongering and stirring up the pot here. You all are very late because you all promised that the day after Murphy was reelected he would implement a vaccine mandate. Tick tock. Also, if say every other person got covid and people were dying in the streets you still don’t think a vaccine mandate should be implemented and you dont think Jack would have made one either? No matter what circumstances Jack would never ever have implemented a vaccine mandate and no matter what Murphy would institute one the day after election. Fascinating. Thats some real paranoid nut job fear mongering conspiracy basement dweller thinking there

  10. Actually the majority don’t want mandates, we want to go back to a time where we can make our own decision, the way it’s supposed to be, and look at Florida they are doing a lot better then NJ, at this point theere is no pandemic anymore, it’s all political and it must stop

  11. What’s the big deal! Just get the vaccine and be done with it! Same as all the vaccines. At some point they were all new and the doctors said to take them and everyone listened. Now because of social media every ignorant person give their opinions and sad how smart people listen to these ignorant people. And whoever said there’s no proof of the vaccine helping is even more ignorant. Enough already about this topic! People move on. Go do good deeds and pray for Mashiach!

    • FYI mRNA vaccine is new technology, never used in humans before, so in 2 – 3 years we will find many more long term adverse side effects. Short term adverse side effects can already be seen on VEARS website, they include 9810 deaths in US.


    So now he wants to do a mandate when the percentage is MAYBE ONE 100TH OF 1% POSITIVE?!??!!

    This is why I despise leftists and people who don’t understand what they’re doing when they vote.

  13. APOLOGY!! To all those that dont remember the issue of the murphy vaccine mandate was the concern of the tzibur prior to election. we issued a statement which was posted on the scoop that we have contacted murphy regarding the issue and that he assured us he wont be implementing a mandate .we apologize but we had to do this because we felt we were loosing to many votes due to this issue (and rabbi E)

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