Good or Bad Prank? 9th Graders Prank Fellow Classmate with Engagement Mazel Tov in Papers

mazel tovIn what seems to be an early Purim prank, several 9th grade students decided to wish a fellow classmate a very public Mazel Tov upon her engagement, TLS has learned.

The high school girls decided it would be quite humorous to place a fake and unsuspecting Mazel Tov in multiple National papers, but it turns out not everyone thought it was something to laugh about.

Some of the unhappy campers reportedly contacted the papers, as well as the schools, voicing their dissatisfaction with the prank, though the papers were obviously not aware of it.

The school reportedly made the students read a public apology to their fellow classmate.


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  1. So Funny! We just had this discussion at Our Shabbos Table!

    One side of the table said that the schools these days are taking over our childrens lives and not leaving any discipline or decisions for the parents and they backed that by another incident where as a Lakewood parent once called to take their daughter to a cousins wedding in Montreal after negotiating the school allowed however the school stated it is in middle of mid terms and they will permit the daughter/student to leave at 11 o’clock following one of the tests and that is when the the family should leave. They than said the family must drive back thru the night or else she will miss the following day of midterms as well. The other side of the table said it was a good move on the school part to step in because the incident was among students of the school, and since it was a group that did it, it should be publicly shown that it was a wrong thing to do and that such a thing should not be done.

    What do you feel about this story and about the actions the school took?

    Do you feel we are “Partners” with the school in being Mechanech our children or do you feel they are doing it all and not leaving us any space?

  2. To mother of 3 in high school your long winded ramble about a wedding some where in canada has nothing to do with the article. So I have no idea what your talking about.
    in my opinion its a joke in very poor taste & serious discipline is in order.

  3. it wasn’t national papers. it was only a local publication. the “kallah” was a girl and the “choson” was her best friend’s 10 yr old brother. The girls who it was done to actually thought it was hilarious.
    Regardless, the girls were reprimanded for a joke in poor taste.

  4. Horrible. The ones who did it were very not original, they were just the only ones to do something disgusting like that.
    As an aside note, the papers should verify these things better…
    Also i will end with a bracha that she should find her real bashert at the right time!

  5. i think the girls are just plain imature ninth graders and just have to get some musser about what they did wrong. no punishment needed or this will arouse more politics and trouble.

  6. it was poor judgment on the girls part but they are young and have time to grow up… no need to publicize further Im sure they feel bad and have remorse over their actions. and I agree with number one some schools these days don’t let the girls breath!!!

  7. Once we’re on the topic, is it ok to make fun of the choson and kallah by sheva brochos? Many couples have been mortified in public, and there are plenty of stories where this created sholom bayis problems from day one. Perhaps an asifah should be called to discuss this issue.

  8. We did this in 9th grade also, maybe 15 years ago, about a shlom zocher, I think his family even got some platters sent over, this joke is not new nor would it stop. Don’t belave everything you read!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Harmless, silly prank. If the schools would take the kids skiing during the winter, they wouldnt be so bored as to do these silly oranks. Its the teachers’ & staffs fault. The lessons are long & boring & they never do anything fun in the winter. Punish the boring teachers, not the kids.

  10. my son once did this to my 10 year old daughter and we thought it was funny. Later that week she got some coupons in the mail from local furniture stores…
    Harmless prank. an apology should be made and everyone moves on…

  11. Just a simple thought …. pranks have been played for many many years on thousands of different people , most of them but not all are perpetrated by young people who are just trying to have a little fun with eachother with no harm intended, so I must ask why there are so many comments demanding such punishment , why aren’t kids allowed to be kids ?

  12. you know why there are kids at risk because some adults forgets “kids are kids” their maturity and intellect at their age can not require them to act like grown adults this was a terrible joke they should be told how bad it is and then chill out… (im sure they feel bad enough) they are still good kids no need to make them feel like idiots. no one likes to be made to feel like they are bad people. Im sure you don’t either!!!!!

  13. They should ask her for mechilla. Some bochurim did this same thing to my 14 yr old son and I have to say that he’s not such a sensitive kid, but he will never forget the kids that did it. It’s not cute, it’s nasty and insensitive. I feel bad for the girl, she was probably mortified…

  14. Its called bullying, and I guarantee that the parties involved will live with this in their memory for a long time to come. They may even need to spend some time on a therapists couch to undo the emotional damage. The responsible parties need to understand that.

  15. to # 3, the girl may have put on a mask of thinking it was a funny joke, but was crying inside…of course she said she thought it was funny, this is a 9th grader we are talking about! do u want her to have friends?! lol!

  16. I agree w of course I did the jog athon its a harmless silly prank and the girl herself thoughrt it was funny everyone should just grow up…kids will be kids!…and mr yid not everything gets an asifa as a matter of fact almost nothing does u and ur asifa loving buddies having to stop suggesting it everytime u cud…we shud make an asifa about this

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