Gas At BP Station On River Avenue Is Contaminated, Lakewood Mechanic Says

According to mechanics in Lakewood, motorists should refrain from filling up their vehicles with Gas from the BP gas station on River Avenue in Lakewood due to gas contamination.

Sruli of Madison Repair tells TLS his shop has diagnosed over 10 vehicles with various mechanical failures after the cars were filled with gas from the BP Gas Station on River Avenue near Lake Carsaljo.

TLS has received multiple complaints about the gas, which Sruli says is causing power loss and other mechanical issues. The engine light will typically go on, and the car may stall. At least two vehicles who filled up at the station and drove to the Catskills, had to have their vehicles towed back Sruli says.

Additionally, Sruli says, a Honda dealership has confirmed that one of the vehicles brought to them was contaminated.

Those who filled up gas there since last Wednesday, should have their vehicles checked, Sruli said.

If you are a victim of this contamination, you can contact BP by emailing them at [email protected] Sruli says. You can also call them at 1-800-333-3991, and they will refund you for the gas as well as for any issues the gas caused, with proof of the mechanical failure. Sruli says those affected should be sure to keep a copy of their receipts, which should be faxed to BP. TLS.

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  1. I just went down the station and the guy there claims that it’s not contaminated. Don’t even bother going down there. Just call the company tomorrow and hopefully they’ll refund you.

  2. I filled up there last night and i called my mechanic to see what I should do. He said that he already has 8 cars brought to him with problems because of this.

    He said you could buy 2 bottles of Luke’s gas treatment and that will prevent any problems.

  3. Anybody know: Does that include Wednesday or only AFTER Wed. (as I filled up there on Wed.)? Also, will a credit card statement suffice if I have problems, after all who keeps gas receipts from a week ago?
    I can’t believe this is happening again after fiasco 2-3 years ago when diesel gas was put into wrong tank at Jersey Gas and everyone was stalling all over Lakewood.

  4. Oh great! I just filled up my new minivan there on Friday ! Should I only get it checked if I see a problem or go before a problem arrises

  5. CALL NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

    The State Office of Weights and Measures, located in Avenel, can be contacted at 732-815-4840. The state office also oversees the operations of the county and local weights and measures offices.

    Ocean County, (732) 929-2166
    1027 Hooper Ave.
    Bldg. 2 – 2nd Fl.
    Toms River, N.J. 08754

    “We encourage motorists to contact the State or their local Weights and Measures Office to report any suspected violations occurring at gas stations,” Consumer Affairs Director Ricketts said.

    New Jersey Office of the Attorney General
    Division of Consumer Affairs
    P.O. Box 45025
    Newark, New Jersey 07101
    (973) 504-6200
    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Check that the per-gallon price displayed on the roadside sign matches the per-gallon price setting on the pump;
    ******• Look for the blue Weights and Measures sticker on the gas pump, which verifies that the pump has been inspected annually as required and found to be in proper working order. *******
    • Make sure that the price display on the gas pump is set to zero before the attendant starts the pump; and
    • Verify the price that the attendant tells you to pay by checking the display on the pump.

  6. Maybe don’t only buy the absolute cheapest and you won’t suffer so much. Have you ever bought junk at wal-mart and dollar stores? Did you enjoy your savings while you repurchased the same item again? Do you own a house that was a really great deal, upgraded and exclusive and stunning, only to find out why it was so cheap after the warranty ended( day1)?

  7. I filled up there on tuesday and friday at 4:15 i got stuck at adelphia on the 9. I was towed and had to rent a car. Are the reimbursing renal cars?

  8. The symtoms are engine stall and misfire. This isn’t ermanent damage at all, but the engine does need to be flushed and the gas tank needs to be drained (both of these remedies can be done at a mechanic shop.)

  9. I’m two yrs into my lease and my warranty is up. I’m over the miles. filled up there on Wed. Had problems took car to mechanic changed coils and still not firing up said to take it to Honda dealerm dropped it off there then today my mechanic called to tell me about this contamonation problem. Should I leave it at the dealer or bring back to my mechanic? Does Honda Universe know about this?

  10. I filled up there last week. Hoping for the best. Just about empty again. I’d like someone to explain “contaminated.” With what? Was it intentional or by mistake?

  11. you can buy lucas gas treatment in autozone on rt 9. there are other types you can get also. ask your mechanic which one he recommends.
    There is also the option of getting the contaminated gas pumped out of your car, but that is a little more expensive.

  12. Autozone has them on sale two for ten. I feel terrible for all those that are experiencing this! I knew it was a matter of time before Chavez spikes his gas!
    BTW – Vince told me years ago to fill up at WaWa. Why? They have such a turnaround that the gas is always “fresh”. AND – I am more comfortable having AMERICANS fill my car then some suspicious smarmy looking guy fill it. Call me racist – I don’t care. It’s a post 9-11 world out there.

  13. Have you checked with bp to see if its their gas? Do we know for sure its contaminated? What if its not the gas and you hurt thus man’s business? Isnt that lashon hara?

  14. I filled up there on Thursday, drove to the mountains and back without incident, and since filled up somewhere else. Do I need to be concerned? I notice a few comments regarding Hondas, anyone with a Toyota that had a problem?


  16. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think any Jew owns any actual gas station in Lakewood at the momement. They own the mechanic’s shop perhaps. I would, however, trust Sruly’s old shop’s gas even though he doesn’t own it. Again, please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

  17. It seems if the mechanic has the instrumentation to verify contamination, so would BP, who should really be the sponsor of publicizing this information.

    In any event, keep in mind there is a backlog of cars needing engine repair at every service facility in the country. They all had to have filled up with gas someplace, too.

  18. Thank you for the heads up on this.

    But what exactly is the contaminiation, and should not BP be making this public statement?

    Keep in mind, service facilities all over the country are backed up engine reparis, and all those cars had at some recent point put gas in their cars, too.

  19. Does anyone know if I have anything to hold on them if I filled up with cash?! Is there any way of proving the purchase other than their CCTV which I’m sure they’ll be more than glad to grant access to 🙂

  20. i had 2 vehicals 1 van and 1 car one was filled up on the 30th and 1 on the 31st. they both started having trouble last thursday. Honda called me this past friday and informed me that the gas was contaminted. i called the manager at (moderated) he told me that the gas was good and I’m the only one complaining. i was informed by Honda that I should put in a claim with my insurance (allstate). the good news is that we are covered under comprehensive with a 100 deductable they are paying for car rentals etc. Thanks for the posting on the lakewood scoop. the adjuster aprooved it a lot quicker.

  21. We had the receipts Since we pay with a credit card.
    We were able to email it to Allstate.
    I don’t know if it has to do with that, If you can prove that your car has been contaminated with gas you should be covered. In order for the insurance to turn around and sue the gas station they will need proof the the gas was bought there. Allstate also told us that they will also try to recover the deductible from the gas station if you provide them with proof of purchase.

  22. I live in brooklyn ny and went to lakewood last week Monday night JULY 30 and filled up with gas for my brand new honda accord at the BP station at 27 madison ave. my car broke down on the highway the next day I plan on putting in a claim with BP

  23. my engine lite went on a day before i filled up, can the gas make my problem worse? is there anyway to proove that the gas caused a problem which was allready there to worsen

  24. My family’s cars still currently at the Honda universe since last Thurs. & still never gotten back so now they gave us a car to rent. both of my cars a Honda Oddesy & a Honda Accord are in Honda’s “ICU” for caring we want our cars back!!

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