Frum Man Assaulted

lpd_nightJUST IN: 11:15 p.m. A Yungerman was just beat up on East 9th and Lawrence Avenue TLS has learned. The man was walking on Lawrence Avenue when he was approached by 3 black males who began attacking him. The men then fled with a vehicle which was parked on East 9th Street.

A neighbor of the victim tells TLS that the Yungerman suffered some cuts and brusies and was bandaged by an Officer on the scene.

Police and CIU are responding to the area to investigate.

Descriptions of the men are unavailable at this time.

Should you notice any suspicious activity, do not hesitate to call the Police at 732-363-0200, and the LCSW at 732-367-1212.

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  1. I hate to say this, but the scumbags realized that the Jewish community is an easy target due to having enough respect for religion- to not fight back physically.

    I commend such love for people, but please- dont make yourselves an easy target!

  2. Listen up bro- I’m packin heat and will not hesitate to pull it! You guys can be tough with some innocent guy but look out for the flash! Its gonna be the last light u will see.

  3. This town is deteriorating by the minute!! It is ridiculous that we are reading about gangs,beatings,armed robbery,grafitti…..EVERY DAY!! Something must be done! And please don’t start with the “do something yourself” comments….because I have tried plenty. I think we really should be holding self-defense classes as well as firearms training. These animals gotta learn the hard way!

  4. LPD you’ve got your work cut out for you!
    I’m not suggesting that the over ticketing of the Lakewood population for minor traffic violations, has a “direct correlation” with under-policing in other areas. The math is clear for us to examine though.

  5. Description: They were black. One was tall, one was short and the other was of average height. They strolled down Lawrence Avenue obviously looking for trouble and attacked the man on the shortcut path under the large willow tree.

  6. Dont play the blame game when its to late. East NY,Crown Heights,.East Flatbush were once nice thriving Jewish Places to live.LPD is good people but without strong planning and tough leadership. we will get run over by these gangs. Gangs are a national epidemic. We cant get rid of Americas Gang problem But why are we welcoming them in?

  7. Anyone know how many police officers are on the road at night ? Does lkwd need more at night ? These should not be hard questions to answer am not saying if there would
    Be 2 more cars on the road this would not have happen but it will definitely help

  8. I wholeheartedly agree with #4! There is absolutely NO reason why there shouldn’t be self-defense classes being taught here in Lakewood!

  9. Possession is banned of Stunning Devices in New Jersey, New Jersey State Law. New Jersey Stat. Ann. Title 2C. New Jersey Code of Criminal Justice. Chapter 39-1. Prohibited weapons and devices-Stun guns. Any person who knowingly has in his possession any stun gun is guilty of a crime in the fourth degree-“Stun gun” means any weapon or other device which emits an electrical charge or current intended to temporarily or permanently disable a person.

  10. No matter how many police cars are on the road they can never be everywhere all night. There are several cars on the road but when it hits the fan they get the job done. WTG LPD Midnight Shift!!

  11. Gangs have always been in Lakewood so your not really inviting them in. Be careful not to lash out at any black person you see like that poor boy that was beat horribly for walking across someones yard (he was mistaken for a gang member) last time a frum jew was attacked.
    Gang unit I am going to keep saying it till people understand how effective it is. On an overnight shift I believe it is 8 to 10 cops on a shift patrolling. I guess for the size of this town we may need more cops.

  12. I live in brooklyn, and everyone in my family walks around with a small keychain pepper spray, if not a detterent at least it will give you time to run and scream for help!!

  13. #4… really???? You must have not lived in the town for many years. If you think its bad now, you should have been here 20 years ago! It is different now, different gangs but the problems haven’t changed nor gone away and they won’t. You, or anyone else, should not have moved to the town because someone’s says too. Do your research first.

  14. Since you don’t want to post my warning about what happened last time a frum jew was attacked. I will just say it is time to get a gang unit, a dog so the cops have a chance at finding the thugs and hire more cops for this city.
    On an overnight you have 8 to 12 cops on patrol is that enough?????

  15. Many may not agree with me but , hishtadlus yes but ultimately we have to look upward towards the Shomer Yisroel and ask ourselves why we are not getting all the safety and protection that we ask of H-shem. How about if for starters we all will start from tonight to have much much more ‘kavannah’ in Bircas Hashkiveinu at Maariv which is ‘mesugal’ for shmira. Let’s look upwards instead of learning karate or self defense etc. I’m sure some will and some will not agree with me.

  16. Not only can this be damaging physically, but experiencing something like this can be traumatizing. Hope the man is recovering quickly and that justice is served.

  17. To #22
    No,I was not here 20 years ago but I hear from people that were. I know it was worse but does that make it good today?!? After all the town has grown exponentially and along with that come the financial resources….I believe 11 officers with 7 on the road(from what I understand and if I am off, it’s just by one or two) is FAR from what is needed to secure a town that has aprox 120,000 residents. Wouldn’t you agree??

  18. No black boy was “beat up” so all you idiots can zip your mouths shut. Someone attemted to photograph him with a cellphone since him being where he was(in an alleyway used only be area residents if you knw the area AT ALL). The “boy” attacked him first and was HELD DOWN until police arrived. If three suspicious people are walking down Lawrence Ave(especialy at night) you keep a GOOD eye on them because they are not up to anything good. A good idea would be to call LCSW as the police will not “keep an eye” on someone being that they don’t have time for that whereas LCSW can do that.

  19. People listen to #19 and #23…..this sounds alot like retaliation. Now is the time for prayer and more prayer and for community leaders to ban together and device a stragedy that will sew up many loose ends within all areas of Lakewood. Shared awareness and knowledge throughout all the communities can slow and possibly halt the attacks of these sects of bandits. We need to start soon by the time the winter sets in they will go dormant like the bugs they are and will be harder to infiltrate because they’ll be hidden. Nothings done by next summer they’ll be that more stronger in Lakewood. All the communities being on the same page together and eyes everywhere will keep LPD busy but catching up and ridding more bad ppl then they’ve been able to. LPD has a very good record with there street crimes unit and patrols are very good at gathering information for investigators. If Lakewood residents dont know whats happening around them they will always be targets for gangs.

  20. I agree w/the previous posters about the pepper spray. Self defense classes are great too, but who knows who you may be up against or what weapons they have. To me, I’d rather have the spray so I can get away to safety.

  21. A boy was beat up and a frum man was charged with assault, the boy was not in an ally but cutting across a lawn. He was an honor roll student that had no gang relations. Ultimately the frum man was found not guilty but all the same it was right after a bunch of black man assaulted a jewish man and beat the jewish man badly. WE cannot let this happen again. Let the cops handle this. Lets not make pretend things did not happen besides people remember things better then I guess you would like!!! 2 wrongs do not make a right!

  22. I do not think street crimes should handle this I think a gang unit needs to be formed!!!! Gang tattoos, gang markings, gang colors, ect. a group of cops that will study and specialize in this.

  23. Has anyone thought that maybe the court system is to blame for all this? They are the ones who let crooks and killers out early on parole multiple times. Here is an exert from APP Sunday paper-

    “McMillan was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 1994 after standing trial and being convicted of leading a narcotics trafficking network. He was subsequently paroled, but he returned to state prison in 2001, sentenced to a 10-year term for eluding police and cocaine possession. McMillan was again released on parole in 2004.
    McMillan would face up to life in prison if he is convicted of Crudup’s murder.”

  24. #32
    What do you consider an “honor roll” student in Lakewood???? Orthodox Jews don’t use violence to “retaliate” and YOU KNOW THAT, so stop implying things you know are simply false. And as far as I know he was walking in the alleyway that area residents use as a shortcut. It runs behind the homes on Lawrence and has an entrance just behind the synogogue. He knocked the cellphone out of the mans hands when he tried taking his picture in case he turned out to be trouble. That is when the “beating” started. Get your facts straight and don’t rely on Charles Cunliffe for your info!

  25. Do “goyim” use the LSCW as well? I witnessed suspicious activity recently but LPD said there was nothing they could do since no crimes were actually being committed at the time I called.

  26. #19…On a midnight shift, they are LUCKY to have 10 guys working. Usually there are 8 guys working mids but there are plenty of times where they only have 7 OFFICERS working. 7! The Lakewood Police Department is so understaffed it’s not even funny. They have less officers on the road then they did 10 years ago! Pretty scary if you ask me!

  27. 1st no matter what anyone says that boy was beat badly and it was wrong. 2nd Lakewood schools where once great and to make comments about kids who work hard to get hornor roll is wrong. You make hornor roll by getting A’s. Before not to long ago Lakewood schools where great now they might not be good but who’s fault is that???? Look at yourselfs I once loved this town now it is becoming a mess. Enjoy living in what you have created. I do hope the man that was beat up recovers well and that the people who did it are found. I do not like violence of any kind and do not understand why people do such things.

  28. Can everyone stop mentioning cops already! cops job is not to prevent crimes its to investigate crimes and bring criminals to justice. tell me the last time a cop prevented a crime, anywhere in the u.s let alone lakewood, it can happen but its very rare. its every persons responsibility to take care of their own safety. I am not putting down police as police themselves will tell you this

  29. to number one please explain what you mean by “having enough respect for the religion to not fight back” if you are being attacked you fight back its simple as that if you dont fight back for religious reasons than there is something wrong with you

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