FRIGHTENING VIDEO: School Bus Full of Children Plows Through Lawn, into Parked Vehicles in Lakewood [EXCLUSIVE]

A frightening school bus accident in Lakewood this morning was caught on video.

Shortly after 9:00 AM this morning, the school bus was picking up children in the area of Central Avenue, when according to children on the bus, the bus driver fell off his seat. The driver lost control of the bus, sending the bus across a lawn, and crashing into two parked vehicles.

According to a parent in the area, the bus had approximately 30-40 children on board.

There were no injuries, and the driver was reportedly ticketed for Reckless Driving.

[Exclusive Credits: PM Security]

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  1. Nobody chooses to drive this way. It clearly wasn’t a simple case of reckless driving.
    Either the children were correct (something medical with the driver) or he did something reckless before hand (a dangerous maneuver or reaching down for his dropped cell phone) which sent the bus careening down this path. This part is not caught on video.

  2. Isn’t it time for all the parents to get together and just say no more using buses and if the schools don’t do something about this nobody shows up to school???????/
    How many cases of these reckless drivers do we need before something happens chv”s??
    It’s been averaging more than once a week problems with the drivers

    • ” Isnt it time for all the parents to get together and say no more using busses”
      Izzy, are you serious? Do you have kids in school? Have you ever been on the streets on days where there is no bussing/ Do you know what the town will look like with thousands of carpools! It wont be worth going to school because by the time you get there, it will be time to come home.
      I dont disagree that we need this problem fixed right away, but not using busses is not the answer

  3. Mamash a neis niglah. Something must be done. This time it was parked cars and no-one was standing at the corner. There shouldn’t be a next time!! The message is clear no need for asifahs!

  4. I’m with ZUMY. It’s high time to press the National Guard to take over school bus driving duties. The National Guard will display a higher regard for traffic rules and regulations and will put safety first.

    If the driver fell out of the driver seat for whatever reason, he WASN’T wearing a seatbelt. Onboard camera should capture exactly what happened.

  6. From a person looking in media has a big role in how us a community sees this. In order to make changes pull out your camera! It not hurtful in anyway unless your doing something extremely wrong. At this point I’m scared to even put my email on this site.

  7. My children wait by that corner every morning
    For some reason their bus came early this morning, now I know why.
    Thank you Hashem
    If we don’t do something about this now nothing will change every parent whose children ride on jays must care enough to speak up and say enough is enough

  8. This video sent me into such a state of shock that I nearly fell off my chair just watching it. I definitely was on the edge of my seat the entire time. On the rare occasions that I actually watch a horror film, I usually have a bag of popcorn by my side to calm my nerves, but not this time around. Maybe it’s time for Lakewood to purchase driverless vehicles and let the computers do the driving. It is true that computers often crash, but the odds might be better. Either that, or everyone should be required to take some additional crash courses in driving.

  9. There is not much more to the story. I have firsthand information: The bus driver lost control when he hit a car and landed on the floor of the bus. Bus kept on moving on its own and as you can see it was going pretty fast, It needed 2 cars to stop it. He was driving erratically before this happened. He had almost bumped into things quite a few times before he actually hit the first car which is not shown in this video.

  10. Childrens’ safety aside, this is an ENORMOUS chillul hashem. The rest of NJ is looking at us like a bunch of chaotic, dangerous freaks who can’t take care of ourselves and our offspring. What’s it going to take to get this figured out?!?

  11. Evidently “he fell off his seat” is not a reckless result
    This older gentleman had a medical episode which can happened to any one of us
    Stop the blogging and use so sense

  12. Neighbor yes I am serious. I wrote that no one should show up to school. The problems on non bussing days is because of traffic. If no one shows up then there wont be a traffic problem

  13. Officer Willy was on scene and he controlled everything. He is the best officer on the force. He handles accidents so kind and friendly. Thank you officer Willy!

  14. Its high time our bus companies vet out their drivers and have them screened for mental stability and driving records !
    This driver has been acting crazy for months and months and complaints have been brought forward MANY MANY times by multiple parents ! Staffing challenges is not an excuse to put dangerous drivers on the road ! This needs to be stopped ASAP !!

  15. I know people will not like what I have to say, but the truth is the truth. Medical episodes such as heart attacks, strokes, etc are on the rise since the covid vaccine rollout. There was a bus in EY that hit a family because the driver had taken the vaccine a short while before and had a medical episode while driving. People are sleeping and not understanding what is going on in the world. Pilots are also having medical issues from the vaccine and dying. I feel the need to share this information even if people dont want to believe it. We need to spread the truth.

    • Shame on you for spreading ignorance and lies, while using the name “Truth.” Hopefully the readers are intelligent enough not to believe this fabricated conspiracy theory junk,

    • That driver in EY was driving like a lunatic, thinking it would help to get a bunch of teenagers to be quiet. The vaccine may have scary effects on many, many people. But not every bad judgment call is due to the vaccine.

  16. how do you know that driver did not have a medical issue? were yyou there to see it first hand? per lpd diver may have had a medical issue. do not crucify the driver until all facts are in. to those who wanted this driver you got your wish now you can all drive your kids to school dispite your so called being bust and having no time. national guard not the answer. if natonal guard were to be used then each parent should be billed for busing their kids

  17. To sandy. The National Guard IS THE ANSWER. They’ll do the best job in transporting children to and from school as safely as possible. They’ll have a considerably higher regard for driving rules and regulations and won’t take dangerous driving risks that seem all to common as of late.

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