FRIGHTENING: Self-Described Anti-Semitic Buffalo Shooter Referenced Hasidics in Lakewood and Toms River in 180-Page Manifesto

The self-described Jew-hater who murdered 10 people at a buffalo supermarket today, referenced Hasidics in Brooklyn, Jersey City, Lakewood, and Toms River in his alleged 180-page manifesto.

View the pages below.

As earlier reported, the man drove up to the supermarket and began opening fire without warning.

He was taken into custody.

This page clearly shows his Jew-hating views, while this page references Hasidics from Lakewood and Toms River.


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  1. Hmmm…. Let’s see…. And the best way to combat this toxic hatred and prevent any potential copycat, is to act as his bullhorn to publicize and spread his twisted ideology… Right?

    • The point of publishing this is so that we can be informed of the corrupt way of thinking that exists. There is nothing wrong with opening your eyes and taking a broad look at the world around you.

  2. Food for Thought:
    There is something that we can all do to minimize anti-semitism:
    Driving like a Mentsch-If a guy is driving exactly the speed limit, there is no Mitzva to tailgate or to start flying in order to pass him.
    If someone is riding his bicycle on the side of the road, you don’t have to drive at a high rate of speed as you pass him. If you were the guy riding that bicycle and the car came within 8 inches , flying like a lunatic, wouldn’t you be extremely angry. Guess what some people may take revenge for different things that may have hurt them a lot.
    If you drive like a Mentsch, Hashem will not deduct from your Parnassah even one dime.

  3. Cory Booker is all on it since thi guy is white and he can call him a white supremacist domestic terrorist, all the while ignoring all the attacks by black nationalist domestic terrorists like the Christmas parade massacre and the NY subway shooter, beacsue they dint fit his agenda of blaming all attacks on whites, same reason he doesnt say a word about black in black gun violence in every major democratic run city where they have the equivalent of this attack nearly every week. Remeber BL only M if they are killed by whites or cops, if they are killed by blacks as hundreds are every years in cities nationwide all you get is crickets from the democrats.

  4. the fact of the matter is someone 200 miles away notices some of the shortcomings of are community WE should hide from it? we are Hasidim in the eyes of those who hate us, the type of hat or yarmulke makes no different to someone who hates you and wants to hurt.
    the real point here is we MUST be better, we must be an example of mentschlichkeit to each other and surely Bain Ha’Umos.
    it behooves every frum yid especially here in Lakewood to make a cheshbon hanefesh how they act, drive ,talk and deal with each other. the lack of respect is out of contro;. that is across all walks of frum people in town. you cant drive like an animal disregarding safety laws, menschlikeit and all other regulations and say its the, stops are made to stop at, pedestrian crossings are made for that reason, speed limits is for Your/our safety, school buses flashing is made to keep our children safe, yellow lights are for US to slow down to insure safety for our kids. there is total hefkarus and everyone wonders why there is so much hatred. we all have to look at ourselves and work on our interaction with each other, otherwise CV we will only be a( Negative)n example. lets join together for safety, menschlichkeit and respect.

  5. Derech Eretz goes beyond, how people talk to each other on blogs, or even how they drive.
    It also involves how people work and live.
    A person running a business who tries to cut corners and give lower quality service or products, helps foster the antisemitic steriotype of Jews who ate vilified as not being honest.
    Also when Jews move into a new community that is nice with nice houses on a good amount of land, and they try and squeeze more houses and apartment buildings etc… onto smaller lots, it turns the community from semi rural into a crowded,suburb, like is found near some large cities.
    Imagine if you were not Jewish living in a nice neighborhood, and then over the next 20 – 30 years it’s over crowded, there is very little land per house,
    The streets are crowded and packed with teaffic and noise and you can’t find parking.
    What would you think of those who nade your once nice neoghborhood into a crowded city suburb?
    Especially if there had been zoning laws in place to prevent it, and thry were changed due to bribery and or other underhanded political mechanizations on the part of developers looking to enrich themselves from everyone else’s eventual suffering?
    Would you say the people who did all this, were menches?
    Is this Derech Eretz?
    Do you not think antisemites would not use this as an example of what “those people do to the goyem”?
    Of course they will, and they do!

    • You mentioned “bribery”. I don’t believe that you are a real Lakewooder.
      I am living in Lakewood for many years. Trust me, there is no bribery.
      Some news organizations would like to find bribery, but they were not successful.

  6. Pinchus, well said!
    We are supposed to be role models for the umos, not the opposite
    Enough of the games, enough of the corruption
    Folks there will be a day of reckoning for EVERYONE- I don’t care how rich you might be, nobody can use “pull” or shenanigans in the oilam hemes & we are all headed there ar done point
    Can’t we do better
    Very disappointed in what’s going on in our town!

  7. To those who think that acting like a mentch will reduce these attacks: i remember a few years ago reading an article about how we jews treat our parks on chol hamoed and the trash left behind and thats why they hate us so much…and I’ll never forget one of the commentators saying such a brilliant thing. He says he lives on England where nobody ever leaves trash behind, and perhaps the antisemitism they deal with there is greater than ours (written a couple years ago). Of course we should behave with mentchlichkeit but to be so sure that we bring this on ourselves by our behavior? I’ll stick with be a mentch and aisav sonei lyaakov is alive and kicking..

    • The last time I checked with my Rav, there is a certain amount of Aisav Sonei to Yaakov built into creation. If we do silly irresponsible things, that can possibly trigger a higher amount of hatred and that extra amount, please do not blame it on Hashem. Thank you

  8. Malkee,
    Isn’t it great to never take responsibility and blame everything on everyone else? If they hate us why would we act decent towards them? Most people wouldn’t to those they know hate them. Since in England they don’t leave garbage and there’s still Antisemitism I know theres never a reason for the hatred. Such a dangerous way of thinking.

  9. If this was in the manifesto it is not his original thought . The article this comes from, argues that anti-Semitism is not the reason people are upset, but rather is on the specific actions of specific subgroups of Jewish people. IN fact, the point of the article (whether you agree or not) is that White Supremacy is a tiny fringe movement.

  10. Just like Trump said:
    A Hitler like that should have been executed immediately.
    But because of the liberals he’s well taken care of in good shape with the best lawyers & look how he’s talking and writing.

  11. Lmaiyseh…Vus ehr zught is nisht shekker! mir toot vus mir vill…mit porgrams, mit gelt, mit zoning….Vhamivin Yuhvin…ah groiyseh Chillul Hashem.

  12. It’s not about right or wrong,
    It’s about keeping a low profile.
    למה תתראו
    We have to try to be out of the mouths of people as much as possible.
    By doing stuff that is out of the ordinary we are making noise, and noise is never good.
    If we are moving to a quiet clean neighborhood, were people live a private life, and we are changing the nature of that neighborhood we are making noise!
    If we build a shul that borders a backyard of someone who lives quietly in a house for the last 20 years,we are making noise, someone’s life is getting bothered.
    If just last year the Rt 9 got a bunch is more approvals for office buildings and apartments, at a place were people are wasting hours of their lives, we are making noise !
    If a town that has the from the highest amount of public assistance money, has the highest amounts of Luxery cars then we are making noise!

  13. To; DAVE THE RAVE.
    1, you don’t think anyone out of our community can translate your comments!!
    2, Speak for yourself. Maybe you do these things. The general populace of our community definitely does not. If your Chevra does, then do some about it.

  14. If you need to take rebuke from a mass murderer, you need help.

    He claims we have no regard for the judicial system – says one who murders people. Last I checked, murder is a worse disregard for any judicial system.

    He claims we’re hostile to outsiders. Says the one who murders others not like himself.

    He claims we avoid taxes and milk the government. Says the one who is about to serve a multi-decade to life sentence in prison living off of tax dollars, contributing nothing to society. He’s a teenager, never paid any real taxes in his life.

    If you want to effect real change in our circles, stop bashing – start uplifting yourself. It will spill over into others slowly but surely.

    Stop being so arrogant about the beauty we have as frum yidden, and realize what we don’t have.

    >> frum society is almost void of any substantial mental/emotional support for the regular person. <<

  15. I just want to say that all the comments we must as Yidden every act we do is judged and weighed in the Eyes of our gentile neighbors whether u like it or not we must always be on guard to make a kiddish HaShem in everything we do that being said we must start taking our safety very seriously we have a moral obligation to protect our family and our institutions at all costs whe as the residents should throw out the politicians who are not letting our citizens protect ourself from monsters who want to harm us if that means having armed trained civilians to ensure this so be it world is not the same

  16. To Avraham. If a bicyclist is riding his bike off to the far right side of the road at 10-15 mph on a road where the speed limit is 40mph, how fast are you going to drive just to overtake the bicyclist? Have a gut voch.

  17. These antisemitic ideas are recycled over & over again on hate websites with huge followings. Much of the material is actually originating from Rise Up Ocean & other local hateful websites by neighbors or Chareidi communities in the Tri-State area.
    There’s very little we can do to stop their hate. This fellow in Buffalo lived far away from a Chareidi community, yet he is seething with anger against us! These people are empty of any sense of self achievement or moral compass & so they fill their minds & time with grievances against those that are different than them.
    We should strive to make a kiddush Hashem whenever we are in the public view but we cannot control the decisions of the Lakewood township. The Lakewood Township has approved the most insensible development by allowing developers to close in huge swaths of land with no cross streets allowed through. This has caused the county roads which serve the rest of the population to become impassably congested.
    The solution? Use the power of eminent domain to break roads through all these private developements & begin allowing the normal passage of traffic throught the town. Homes need to be knocked down to make way for new roads, Cul de sacs broken open for traffic to flow through. For example: Roads need to be built between James & Pine, Through Presidential & Vine, Between Prospect & James, Between Oak & Chestnut, between Massachusetts & Cross, between Vine & New Hamshire, etc.
    We need to undo the last 20 years of mismanagement which is ruining the ability or our town to function.

    • Perhaps you can share with us where you live, so that we can requisition your home to help out traffic. I assume you would lovingly give it up for the greater good.

  18. I read the killer’s “manifesto” (I’d rather call it a rant or screed). I doubt he actually wrote the part about Lakewood himself – it looks like he copied a lot of the rant from racist neonazi and antisemitic websites, and somehow Lakewood just got lumped in. I think this because the rant contradicts itself constantly and this part was in his “meme” section about Jews.

    Anyway, I think the main point to realize is that we need to stop treating racism and antisemitism as fundamentally different. The same people often hate Jews and black people for a lot of the same reasons, even if those reasons keep changing. The bottom line is that these monsters refuse to recognize that we’re all human beings and that we’re more alike than we are different. They refuse to recognize that you can live with people from other cultures and beliefs and accept them as friends without threatening your own culture. The only way to fight these monsters is to say no, we are all human beings and we can live together in peace and friendship even if we have different lifestyles, skin color, or even religion. We shouldn’t smear or make generalizations about whole groups of people based on foolish categories like skin color just like we don’t want people to do that about frum people.

  19. notice he wrote that its impossible for jews to keep to themselves, due to the internet.
    Hashem is sending a message. (the fact that i am on the internet now does not take away from the point).

    at the very least, no decent jew should have unfiltered, open internet at home. (smartphone or pc).

    blocking youtube is the very least, rock bottom, thing you should do.

  20. I am a vicious anti semite who mercilessly attacks jews on a regular basis. And I wholeheartedly agree with the commenters here who lay the blame on the victims for these brutal attacks. Let me explain:
    The other day, I viciously attacked an older jew at 3 AM. He started screaming at the top of his lungs, “STOP, HELP, STOP!, without any regard for the neighbors who were trying to get a good night’s sleep.
    I asked him in between punches, “What’s a matter with you, jew?! There are people sleeping?! Why are you waking them up?!” But he ignored my pleas, and kept screaming, “STOP, HELP, STOP!”
    So, I’m completely on board with the commenters here who not only understand what I’m dealing with, but who also understand the significance of getting a good night’s rest, and the importance of keeping your mouth shut when people are sleeping……..
    Hold on…., one second……… There’s a vulnerable-looking jew walking in my direction right now! Got to go now! Catch you all later. Hopefully, I’ll post the details of this encounter in the comments section later today. Over and out.

  21. To the comment Aisav Sonei to Yaakov is alive & kicking:
    A certain amount is built into the system. If a person does wild things and causes a Chilul Hashem, that may trigger a lot of extra hate. Please do not blame the extra hate on Hashem due to A. Sonei to Yaakov.
    Acting like a Mentsch, driving like a Mentsch that will help a lot to reduce the hate.

  22. Let’s face it. We could be good Jews or bad Jews. It never mattered and it will R’L, continue. Chazal tell us, Hashem has a plan for these minuvals, Yimach Shemam. May their end be near.

  23. As a community we must start taking a very serious approach and there is a lot of hate and if someone tries to kill us we must stand up and defend ourselves enough with understanding these sick deranged individuals who commit these sick acts and start arming legal and trained gun owners in the case of a situation that occurred in Buffalo I know this dosent play well with the liberal agenda

  24. BE ADVISED: There are antisemites pretending to be Jews and leave comments here. Pinchus for certain. And others are spotting what he’s doing, and trying to stir the pot. They’re enjoying playing with you, laughing at you. Don’t fall for it.

  25. I am sickened by the document. However, the Orthodox community leadership needs to plan for your community’s future growth especially because of the birth rate. The non-Orthodox would appreciate you guys addressing the school funding formula so our area public schools do not become the next East Ramapo or Lakewood. Lastly, better infrastructure planning of both residential areas and roads. Nobody wants all of Northern Ocean County to turn into Lakewood!

  26. If anyone is an antisemite disguised as a Jew, then WacoYid, is one of them.
    I posted some mussar to help the community.
    I know Aisov sonnai Yaakov, and as long as we are in galus that will never change.
    I simply pointed out that Avroham Avinu was peaceful toward everyone and never offended anyone just because he felt they hate him anyway.
    Yes he fought when necessary, but he didn’t do so just because “they hate me anyway”.
    Antisemites become emboldened when they see Jews doing things they can point to, that any decent person, Jew or non Jew, can see is wrong.
    Nothing in Shulchan Aurich says Jews can get away with anything they want, just because Aisov sonnai Yaakov.
    Of course the antisemites disguised as Jews, don’t want Jews acting as honest and decent members of the larger community, because they want to have wrong things, to point to on their antisemitic websites.
    Also, you cannot have Derech Eretz, in one community and none in another community.
    Those who are doing wrong things, also say plenty of Loshon Hara against other Yidden, and the Chofetz Chiam said that the only reason we are still in Galus, is because of Loshon Hara.
    The Lubavitcher Rebbe, said the reason we are still in Galus, is because of sinnas chinnam, and the Galus will end only when Yidden have ahavas chinnam.
    I believe they both, are saying the same thing.
    Someone with full and true Ahavas chinnam, would never say Loshon Hara.
    Someone who says Loshon Hara, obviously has no ahavas chinnam.

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