French Cleaners on Clifton Avenue will be Closed Erev Pesach Despite Having Large Jewish Clientele

cleaners 2Despite having a large Jewish clientele, the French Cleaners located on Clifton Avenue has decided to be closed on Sunday and Monday.

A small sign on their door reads “last day open before Passover Friday April 11,” which will inevitably leave many without clothing for Yom Tov.

cleaners 1“When I questioned her (employee) about the schedule, she said I don’t question yours, why are you questioning mine,” a customer told TLS.

One long-time customer said he received a phone call from them about the closing, though standard clients were apparently not called.



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  1. some non jewish cleaners laugh at how much money they milk us for. and when it comes time to service us at the height of our yom tov season that just walk away….they love our money but eisav sonei yaakov….but if someone would Chas Vsholom say boycott them till sukkos time, people will say ” Its a chillul Hshem….its not nice…..

  2. It’s a free country. Don’t go there if you don’t want to. There area my other cleaners.
    Besides, pick up your stuff before shabbos so you have more time to do your last minute things before Pesach.

    In their defence this is probably when they take their vacation for the year they prob want a longer vacation.

    Although, they should have put a bigger sign.

  3. Sorry I’m a little confused here – Assuming that they let everyone know that they will be closed and didn’t just spring it on their customers today – why can’t a store decide when they want to be closed? Its their business and if they aren’t interested in catering to their clientele right before the holidays its their own loss. Maybe they planned a vacation a few months ago and forgot to check if it coincided with Passover. Just because the customer doesn’t want to pick up their dry cleaning on Friday isn’t the fault of the dry cleaners

  4. the drop off center at 10th & madison will be taking clothes thursday & fri.and sunday and things will be back for yomtov!! you can call them at 732-901- 4111 for hours

  5. Not sure I get why this is a big deal – When I go to a cleaners, I always find out when it will be ready. Unless the store told customers that their stuff would be ready for Monday, then decided to close after the fact, then this is not an issue, and noone will go without clothes

  6. It seems very wrong on the stores part to do this. There is no question MANY customers will be left without clothing-specifically many of the customers that frequent that store-the Yeshiva guys who(hopefully) don’t read TLS.

  7. its actually nice that they are open this week. Most people will have there items picked up this week, Not next week.
    And i agree with “confused” they probably scheduled a vacation when most frum people do not send in their dry cleaners items (many cleaners are closed during the nine days for that reason too)

  8. No one has to boycott them.
    When someone is left without clothes for Yom tov half of lakewood will find out about it.
    Now multiply that by the amount of people who will unfortunately be too busy and assume that any cleaners will be open on such a busy time or they didnt see the tiny sign…
    Something this business owner didnt learn is that’s its much harder for a business to stay open if they don’t have good customer service.
    well when people stop going to them and go to lakewood cleaners or classy cleaners that are each less then a block away the owner may encounter a lesson that couldn’t be taught in any better way! 🙂
    And for all those who say they wanted to have a vacation and didnt realize, well that’s why you are the owner and you should go to work even if its inconvenient, to service your customers who put food on your table.
    but then again who plans a vacation without looking at the schedule (its not their first year open).
    in any case all those who are affected (and their families and friends and neighborhoods etc) will definitely boycott them.
    we don’t need to arrange anything it WILL happen on its own!
    Happy passover

  9. total chutzpah. not sure why anyone uses them. Most cleaners in the area including non-Jewish ones have extended hours to accommodate their customers needs. Shame Shame

  10. What i cant figure out is why it’s called a “French Cleaners.” The people who own it are clearly Chinese! (Not that there is anything wrong with that – some of my best friends are Chinese.)

  11. There is no excuse for this .

    They make a living off of the frum people – they shouldn’t cater to the frum people not just when it’s convenient for them/thier employees.

    To those commenting “it’s their business, they can so what they want”, you obviously never ran business.

    You obviously can do whatever you want, but if you want customers, you need to carer to thier needs.

    You obviously never worked in retail – or any business for that matter.

    Wake up and smell the business world.

    I, for one, will try not use this cleaners again.

    Business who don’t/can’t cater to thier customers who patronize them – well they’ll need to find new who don’t care how their store owners treat them.


  12. what is everyone upset about? it says they are open friday – pick up your stuff friday and move on! do we not have enough REAL upsetting things going on in the world that we need to invent issues where there are none? you don’t like it, don’t use them! next!

  13. @me

    I doubt the owner is saying “if you don’t like them, leave”

    He actually thinks the opposite. S/he thinks they can get away with this.

    They think they can do this and they’ll still have loyal customers.

    If they would recognize the repercussions, they would NEVER do this.

    The vacation thing is (moderated). If it’s busy season, you reschedule your vacation. Any business/store owner will tell you that.

    It’s the very basics.

    Hope they lose alot of customers bec of this.

  14. I fail to see why everyone is making a big deal about it, they were the only cleaners taking clothes for tomorrow just pick up your clothes by tomorrow. I have used them for other holidays and they gave me a friendly reminder to pick up my clothes so to everyone saying that they will be left without clothes must not go there

  15. Are you guys serious you wanna boycott French Cleaners? Didn’t they open last Sunday a day they are usually off to accommodate the community. Because people want to wait to the last minute to get their clothes clean is not their problem the sign has been up for a while. Remember for many years they have taken clothes all the way through pre-Passover when other cleaners where saying they had all they could do. A few times they even stayed open all day to accommodate customers and now because they aren’t open on a day they are usually off and one additional day you wanna turn your backs on them. Shame on anyone who wants to boycott them.

  16. Grow up. if u want to use them great. if you don’t want to use them don’t. But don’t make this a Jewish issue. It is their business choice and time will tell……

  17. what’s the big fuss about, there are many more cleaners in Lakewood and why wait until erev Yom Tov when it’s such a busy time to pick up your cleaned stuff. Don’t wait until the last minute and then have to battle erev Yom Tov traffic downtown or wait on line in stores. Get organized! I personally rarely go to any cleaners, I wash most of my clothes even delicates and they come out just fine (It depends what material they’re made of, check the labels first)

  18. @ mark instead of writing all these negative comments go get organized for passover and stop wining over it. If you dont use them stop complaining

  19. Why don’t you people just start using classy cleaners from now on they have the best customer service and the owner is an old time jewish lakewooder he knows and does cater for the jewish community and besides their the cheapest in Lakewood.

  20. I use then and now I will stop using them. The bottom line is when your in retail business you have to bend over backwards for your client. This is their biggest week by far and people are very busy and need them to be open till Monday 5 pm. They know the schedule they are two very smart women behind the counter. They just don’t care. I have my shirts there now and if I didn’t check Tls I probably wouldn’t have gone tommorow to pick up bc I didn’t see the sign and she didn’t tell me when I dropped off. Anyways the Oilem should know Charles tyrwhitt has their best sale of yr now $29 bucks for 100 cotton mom iron best shirt in the world! I serious just order 15 shirts and now it’s only suits to cleaners for me. Ask any yeshiva guy these are best shirts and Oilem should grab them

  21. The cleaners could have put up a bigger sign and/or informed the customers who dropped clothes off that they would be closed Sunday and Monday and left it to the customers to decide if they wanted to risk not having their clothes for yom tov.
    There was no excuse for the employee to be rude to the customer who inquired about the schedule. Though she may have had a hard day, she still should have maintained her cool and not snapped at the customer.
    French Cleaners uses (used?) the French method of dry cleaning, hence the name.

  22. Just curious? Where are the cries to boycott the gift stores in town that put up tiny signs on door without notifying customers in advance that no credits or gift certificates may be used during pesach season?? When sold to customers or credit given to customers they should be notified that there are blackout dates!!! Isn’t that what gift certificates are for!!? To use for holidays? Really?? And you’re crying about a wonderful cleaners that notified it’s loyal customers way in advance!

  23. I made a few drop off to french cleaners this week and the friendly caring girls in the front made it VERY clear of their schedule and to continue to bring any left over items that I may need before pesach. My clothes was ready before scheduled time with minimal waiting time. Seems like the people posting comments are not customes and do not have precise information

  24. I had an awful experience with French Cleaners last summer, also involving terrible customer service and a lack of taking responsibility for their mistakes. I dropped off my husband’s shirts and asked if they can be ready by 5:00 pm because we live out of town and had a flight home. They not only agreed, but wrote on the ticket “same day pick-up 5:00 pm”. When I went to pick the shirts up they told me it wasn’t ready and it would be ready tomorrow. I explained to them that that wasn’t going to work for me because I had a flight to catch and needed to pick it up than AS THEY HAD WRITTEN ON MY TICKET. They responded that I was welcome to have someone else pick it up the next day and ship it to me. I asked them who would pay for the shipping and they said that I would have to because they do not service and can’t accommodate out of town. When I pointed out that this has nothing to do with my living out of town and everything to do with their error, they said, that’s too bad and there’s nothing we can do. I have NEVER seen such poor customer service in my life. And it seemed very clear to me from their mannerism that not only do they not appreciate having the business of the frum community, but they look down on us. Why would anyone use them when there are heimishe cleaners to use?

  25. Classy cleaners is the best by far… And is giving פרנסה to a פרום איד. I think that’s how you spell פרום, if I am wrong please correct me.

  26. I have used them for 5 years and they do a good job. However they do need a lesson in Customer Service. A few weeks ago, Shabbos was at 6:20. I got there at 601 at the lady said sorry all systems are down. I only had CC on me and they said only cash. I said, I’m using you guys for 5 yrs, can you put the shirts on credit and I’ll bring money on Monday. To no avail. Finally a lady in the back agreed that she can write down my cc number and charge me the next day. I thought that was disgusting of any legit business to do to a long time customer.

    I was tempted to drop the 30 dollars a week of business I give them. I decided to give them one last chance. Now with this; I’m done. When I start hearing that they have better customer service I’ll be back. Until then, Au revoir!!

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