Forget Picking Up Trash Twice, What Happened To Once?

trash_missed_pickup_tlsDo these trash bins look like yours? TLS has been flooded with complaints today after the DPW failed to pick up trash from thousands of residents. Not only did they miss the second trash pickup they promised the Committee they would do, but they failed to come around even once to thousands of residents.

Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien was just as upset when we contacted him this afternoon to find out what happened to the agreement. He was particularly unhappy with the fact that nobody was notified about the ‘change in plans’, while thousands have 10 days worth of trash piled up in front of their homes.

And to make matters worse, plow trucks which attempted to continue with snow removal had trouble getting through some streets, because the trash bins had not been picked up on time.

TLS contacted the liaison of the DPW, Committeeman Ray Coles who met with the DPW director Al Burdge this morning to find out what went wrong.

Coles said that according to Burdge, the DPW used their full resources at their disposal for yesterday’s and today’s trash pickup. However, according to Burgde, the routes took much longer than expected due to the obscured bins, and that residents refilled their bins while the DPW trucks waited, in order to get rid of their remaining trash.

the bottom line is, according to Burdge, is that the Township is working on the issue and will continue to pick up the trash – but on a delayed schedule.

DPW employees were told to stop at sundown today due to safety concerns, Coles said. TLS.

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  1. Some slack please. These guys are doin the best they can . we had our trash picked up today and now I truly appreciate what they do 4 us thx guys 🙂

  2. No more excuses!! we as taxpayers have had enough.Now they start a blame game he said..he said. its time for a serious management shake up at all department levels we want an outside independant inquiry to audit and look into the goings on in the township.

  3. Hey #3 where are you going to get the money to hire this outside audit ….. how about thinking before typing? I know ticket blitz!!! I bet you will find fault with that too.

  4. There was an outside audit of the Police Department about 10 years ago. The taxpayers footed the bill for that and the details were never released.

  5. Keep laying off DPW workers and you will lose even more services. Everybody complains that we need to fire the workers, but those same people complain when the work cannot get done without those same workers. You cant have both. PUBLIC SERVICES COST MONEY AND THEY NEED WORKERS TO DO THE JOBS. Have it your way.

  6. I hate to put down people that try their best at work, But you arent working in a pizza shop doing your best, you are working for the township/ state and we pay top dollar in taxes and although you might be caught up in the middle of things trying your best…its just too bad. I am sorry but we are paying heavy taxes for a bad job, and its just unacceptable!!

  7. They justifies having to spend MiLions on the state of the art DPW facility .we were told it is nEded to provide services such as trash pick up and snow plowing.Onw would think after wasting millions of tax payer dollars at least we would get basic services in return. yet we are paying the highest taxes in the nation and geting back poor services.apparently there is NO accountability at the various township Depts there is not much for us frustrated tax payers to do.We can vote out one pol after the other if they don’t have control over other dept’s it will not help.WELCOME TO GOVT At its best.

  8. Governmewnt people have no accountability as they are protected by the unions.
    Long live Governor Christie who is trying to get some common sense back to goverment management.
    They have no idea that a private hauler /snow remover does a much more efficient job than public works. That is the bottom line.

    Many people had their lots and private facilites plowed before us many had their garbage removed before us. Why because it was the private sector who are accountable for their actions. Public/ govt people dont even know what that means.

  9. Al burdge is obviously not up to the job. This is a difficult and ccomplex job and we need a really good manager from the private sector to do this job. He should retire with his pension now before it’s to late.

  10. DPW came by my house close to 5pm. I must admit, i was gonna go and give them a drink ( come to think of it, why didnt i?).
    I was so happy to get rid of all that smelly stuff !

  11. #11 get your facts rite before you write stuff here.Check what happends in Brick and they have a private contractor to remove the snow.Only 1 truck removing snow a full night and you can check that on guess the private company have a better contract somewhere else so (moderated) Brick,rite?You want everything private and look what happend with the school buses too.You think that a private company is going to go twice to your home?I dont think so my friends.So stop complaining and give them credit cause i saw a truck today almost at 6:00p.m.

  12. “DPW employees were told to stop at sundown today due to safety concerns, Coles said”

    Looks like they were makpid to stop @ Plag not Shkiah

  13. Moshe 65 says:
    January 4, 2011 at 6:56 pm
    Keep laying off DPW workers and you will lose even more services. Everybody complains that we need to fire the workers, but those same people complain when the work cannot get done without those same workers. You cant have both. PUBLIC SERVICES COST MONEY AND THEY NEED WORKERS TO DO THE JOBS. Have it your way.

    SORRY it ain’t the guy taking your garbage getting the money he gets paid garbage.
    It is the GUY at the top who is connected earning as much as 10 garbage collectors for being freinds with the right person, the others getting the money are the contractors who built us a 23 million dollar PW building that cannot even collect garbage a week after the snow.
    PW should never have belonged to township, it should have been contracted out like other townships, so should garbage collection.
    If we all paid our own garbage collection and our company would miss a week they wouldn’t get paid, miss a second week & they are fired.
    As for snow removal the same goes if the company employed can’t get the job done, guess what? they don’t get paid.
    We must petition the attorney General The Governer & the US attorney to investigate the Lakewood PW from scratch all the way back to the building.
    We the taxpayer deserve service & accountability.

  14. “DPW” – this is the second comment you posted about “let’s see you do the job better”. Was that an offer? Make good on it. We are waiting for you to step down. Make room for someone else to do it better. How can we see someone else do it better, if you’re hogging your position. Sorry for being nasty, but I’ve had it! By the way, my garbage WAS picked up today (once! and not my recyclables) by some fellow who was on his cellphone the whole time including while backing up in a street with people on it! And he had a nasty attitude too!

  15. Save the photos – and send them in when your property tax bill goes up -again- this year. As long as an employee – gov or private – has no incentive to get a job done right (or at all) due to job security, the job will not get done. The private contractor in Brick did a great job because if he didn’t, he’d be out next time contract renewal came up.

  16. yes my grandmother also throws out her trash in little shopping bags-
    Her cans go out once a month as well. However when her family and grandchildren are over her can are out every week

  17. what a shock, the taxpayers are disappointed..well wake up and smell the coffee…no is ever happy here..though it seems if something is going wrong you always blame DPW for not removing snow or garbage in a timely manner, LPD for ticketing the “innocent drivers”. Wake up everyone has to help.

  18. Did you ever think how busy these men/women have been after this rare storm. A few years ago we rented a house in Howell Township before purchasing our home in Lakewood, and we had to pay a lot for our garbage disposal, and also the water bill. I know all our taxes are high; however compare it with other townships and see what they pay; we don’t have it so bad for living in NJ.

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