Following Complaints, Lakewood Gym Cancels Popular Music & Dance Class

The Gym Lakewood cancelled its popular Zumba class for women effective this past Friday, TLS has learned. The Latin music and dance work-out class became very popular recently, but when the atmosphere at the classes deteriorated to a less than desirable situation for a Bas Yisroel, the Gym and Rabbonim began getting complaints, sources say.

Following the numerous complaints, the management consulted with Da’as Torah, and decided to cancel the class, The Gym confirmed.

“After careful consideration, and consulting with Da’as Torah, we decided to replace Zumba”, The Gym Lakewood tells TLS.

The Gym added, “We are confident that we will have new programs which offer an opportunity for women get the same benefits as they got from Zumba”.

The Gym says they hope to replace the Zumba class as early as next week.

“We have some new instructors from top gyms in the area who are joining our staff, and who are bringing the newest offerings in the industry to The Gym.”

They also said they hope other Gyms do the same thing in regards to the Zumba class.

“We hope other gyms that cater to the Yeshiva community follow our lead.” TLS.

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  1. When the Yidden went to Achashveirush’s party, Mordechai HaTazadik BEGGED them not to go. You know what they answered??????



    When you live and let live, you get a Haman in Persia. Persia is Iran.

    Enough said.

  2. The Story of LIVE AND LET LIVE:

    In the days of Achashveirush of Persia (Iran)……………. the Yidden lived and let lived and went to the party……………Nobody listened to Mordechai HaTazadik………….. We need an outlet, they said………….. Mind your own business, they said……….. We want a party………… And there came a Haman in Persia who wanted to kill all the Jews…………..

    In the days of Ahmadinejad of Persia (Iran)……………. the Yidden lived and let lived………. Nobody wanted to listen to Daas Torah……… Mind your own business, they said…………. We need an outlet, they said………. And Ahmadinejad almost has nuclear bombs……… A few more months, the experts say………….There is turmoil in the world…….. everyone knows in their guts that the world will erupt soon……………..


  3. I have never laughed so hard in my life… these comments are insane!!! Everyone, live your own lives, make your own decisions, and everyone else stop always looking at what everyone else is doing, it is not a refined thing to do!!!

  4. Comment 84. (Yid)

    You once more show a complete lack of critical thinking skills.

    Schools not taking in girls hurts people and it can be argued that a community is responsible for educating the children in it. It can also be argued that if someone wishes to take the title and respect as a “leader” that they have such a responsibility as well.

    If some people wish to do zumba for a couple of hours here and there it does not harm those that find it distastefull and therefore they have no right to ask that it stop.

  5. Zumba is an amazing exercise class!!!! I am a frum mother and wife and I have tried everything!! From Yoga, kickboxing, aerobics…. It’s very easy for people to say that you could do without it. It’s not easy to exercise and when I finally found something that I could stick to and was effective it’s cancelled. Nobody is trying to “threaten” anyone when they say they are joining a different gym, it’s just that we finally found an enjoyable exercise that we can stick with. For the first time in my life I weigh less than 200lb. ALL THANKS TO ZUMBA!

  6. I am a bal tshuva and I am happy that Mr Novoseller is proud to support a yiddish way of doing things, I am against zumab there are so many other songs to exerc
    ise to besides this latin zumba song.

  7. If it’s the music then change the music to yiddishkeit music to Zumba. This is way too out of hand . Besides people change things to fit their needs all the time – like using the internet to preach to people.
    Do me a favor get off the internet there is poison on the net too.

  8. People DON”T GET IT!!! It’s ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC!! And I am sorry but the music is what get’s me going ! Jewish music just doesn’t do it for me—–unless I was looking for Simcha dancing. It’s very nice if it get’s you moving—But NOT EVERYONE IS THE SAME!!! Simcha dancing is nice and all, but the whole reason that Zumba is so successful and you see results is because of the intensity and the type of exercise that it is. I don’t know what they are referring to, but there are AMAZING instructors out there and their classes are very appropriate! Sad…Very Very sad!

  9. My sister is very very frum and she does Zumba—–SHE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE INTERNET!!! She lost alot of weight since she started. She actually is a mother of a very large family and to her it was purely dance fitness! She is now looking for other places that give zumba—if anyone knows of any? She was actually so happy that she was able to be in a frum setting…..oh well!

  10. I’m in the fitness industry for years and zumba is popular for a reason! It’s a great work out AND—–IT’S FUN!!! Why don’t they Asur every exercise class that has non Jewish music? aerobics, body toning…. I have many acquaintances that give those classes and actually incorporate many of the zumba moves to their classes. I think we need to get our priorities straight, and really understand s/t fully before we take such extreme measures. Do these ladies who complained realize how it changed people’s lives??

  11. dear shocked # 94,
    ppl do not go off the D b/c of issues they go b/c of their issues.
    Yehoshua Novoseller was not making an issue he was following a psak from a rav, s/t us religious jews do.
    my suggestion to you: get yourself a grip b4 u tell ppl 2.
    oh and maybe take a nap.

  12. Like many women, I suffer from severe postpartum depression. It’s so sever that it lasts for months, sometimes years (I have 5 children). The only thing that would help me (and my family who had to deal with me) was me taking antidepressants. I hated taking them because they would cause such severe side effects however, I had no other choice. About 3 years ago my friend told me about this zumba class that I should try. Being that I’m not a person who exercises, I was very hesitant! Baruch Hashem she pushed me to go. Since I started the classes, I felt happier, healthier and believe it or not, did not need to take my medication anymore. This is from a person who tried everything! Herbs, therapists…. There is something about these classes that are so energetic and releases endorphin’s that no therapist could have done!!

  13. What has become of us??? There is no reason wny ZUMBA class cannot be to jewish music. There is nothing wrong with healthy exercise. What is NOT healthy is all of this negativity to a NON EXISTANT threat to one’s frumkeit because of attending a ZUMBA class. All of you with the negative attitude are SICK!!! I’m so glad I DON’T live in Lakewood.

  14. I remember awhile back, we had a Karate class (given by a frum yid) the boys loved it !!! But Lo and Behold someone said it’s idol worship and that was the end of a frum karate class. No healthy outlets for our children,leads to dangerous BOREDOM!!!

  15. Hey Chaim and all you others that believe that women belong in the kitchen…. What are all of you doing on the computer. You belong at work or in the Yeshiva learning. You are all full of it…..

  16. to 35 and 36……………..huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is as bad as demanding “your” women wear a burka!
    This the year 2011, not the years before gyms, ipods,cars,etc, etc,
    Grow up and let your wives have some fun.

  17. I thought I’ve seen and heard it all living in Lakewood for over 20 years but now canceling Zumba because Das Torah says so is getting way too out of control. If you don’t like the class don’t come during the classes time. All of you that had nothing better to do but complain about Zumba being immoral need to focus that negative energy toward something positive like finding a workout that you enjoy and like to do!

  18. To 87 I’m sure a lot of the good Lakewood woman who took the zumba class are going to olam haba too!!!!
    Every person in this world is working towards the same goal hopefully but everyone is holding on different levels and this fad in Lakewood of trying to force everyone to fit into the same mold is very unhealthy and very wrong!! Why do u think so many Lakewood boys ang girls go off???? It’s time to think about it. Thank you 38 for letting me know where to buy excersize machines, and where to do excersize!! I DON’T need your advice. I know best what works for me.

  19. I am the head of an organization that deals with woman suffering from mood disorders and write numerous prescriptions. I was surprised at the amount of ladies who said that they found the gym to be an alternative to these medications. Please be cautious before bashing any of the classes based on petty nonsense such as music, moves etc. as this is their road to recovery. Therefore I ask the gym to resume the class as I’ve read many other comments where ladies expressed their need for this outlet.

  20. im obssesed with zumba i look forward to it every week.actually my husband even encourages me to go to reenergize…..every mach a chilly its not worlds biggest tragedy…im sure u chashuvah imahos of klal yisroel thatare on the internet are 120% tzinius…perfect in hilchos loshan hora…fix yourself before you try to fix me…kol tuv, oh and p.s. when your children dont get into schools no wonder why…internet?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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