Following Complaints, Lakewood Gym Cancels Popular Music & Dance Class

The Gym Lakewood cancelled its popular Zumba class for women effective this past Friday, TLS has learned. The Latin music and dance work-out class became very popular recently, but when the atmosphere at the classes deteriorated to a less than desirable situation for a Bas Yisroel, the Gym and Rabbonim began getting complaints, sources say.

Following the numerous complaints, the management consulted with Da’as Torah, and decided to cancel the class, The Gym confirmed.

“After careful consideration, and consulting with Da’as Torah, we decided to replace Zumba”, The Gym Lakewood tells TLS.

The Gym added, “We are confident that we will have new programs which offer an opportunity for women get the same benefits as they got from Zumba”.

The Gym says they hope to replace the Zumba class as early as next week.

“We have some new instructors from top gyms in the area who are joining our staff, and who are bringing the newest offerings in the industry to The Gym.”

They also said they hope other Gyms do the same thing in regards to the Zumba class.

“We hope other gyms that cater to the Yeshiva community follow our lead.” TLS.

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  1. Kudos to Mr. Novoseller. There have been people asking to get rid of this class for a while, yet there were many who still wanted the class, who pressured him to keep it going. He should be commended for being mekadeish sheim shamayim b’rabim. In zechus of this decision. may his business continue to prosper.

  2. My wife was considering cancelling her membership because of the zumba class. She goes swimming and it is really disgusting music. B”h, it was cancelled. It is a big kiddush hashem.

  3. I agree Zumba can’t get out of hand especially in the aspect of the music, dance moves, etc. However, I have many friends who are now pulling out of their membership from the gym and joining non-frum gyms. I pity them as that is probably worse that doing Zumba in a frum jewish gym. On a different note, I don’t think one even loses weigh as a result from Zumba-ing. These women now have a big choice to make. Can they make do without their Zumba even though it is fun?

  4. its not so much the music vs the womens moves and the ones that were screaching of some participants. This is a frum Jewish Gym located in LAKEWOOD NJ which is a YESHIVA Community with YESHIVISH guides of tzinius.

    The next thing should be for all married Jewish women to have their heads covered with at least tichel as some women dont understand that this is not appropiate even in a gym setting. There is a mesora for this and I hope this will be the rule.


  5. We all know that Mr. Novosellere is taking a big loss in revenue because of this cancellation. He is following Das Torah with tremendous mesiras nefesh. We should be mechazek him and use his facilities if we want to go to a gym. The salt water pool is also fabulous.

  6. I agree with #5. I joined the Gym 6 months ago and was disturbed not only by the Zumba but also by frum married women who don’t cover their hair.

  7. I actually disagree i feel that if you don’t like the “zumba” atomoshphere then just don’t go to the class or don’t go to the gym at that time.
    Why does everyone always have to complain in this town? everyone is always just trying to “fix” the next person but not themselves!
    You don’t like something-don’t do it-why tell everyone else what or what not to do. I personally don’t go to the zumba class and if im in the gym at the time i just do the eliptical, treadmill etc.
    ….and for all those who commented oh so happy bc my wife, aunt, daughter, cousint etc don’t like the zumba etc and they were going to pull out of the gym bc of this-WHY R U SITTING ON THE INTERNET???? didnt the rabbonim assur that too???
    don’t only do whats ‘convenient’ for you!

  8. IF they are even to going to a non jeiwsh gym to get their ZUMBA and be exposed to more not spirtual music than they need to search in themselves what are they here in this world for.

    At the sametime the people staying at THE GYM dont need to suffer for this. The GYM is an outlet for many frum women looking for a frum enviroment.

    I am extremly happy the Zumba class was cancelled. If there can be a real jewish zumba without questionable words and women who dont “lose it” by ” letting lose” than it would not have been cut.

  9. In regard to The zumba issue…The women transfering their membership to nonjewish gyms because they can’t give up zumba will finally know where zumba belongs and Who belongs there.They won’t be fooling themselves that its acceptable.

  10. I do not like these comments about ppl not covering their hair in the gym. Wow ppl really like to talk and put blame ! I go to the gym twice a day I rarely see married woman with her hair uncovered. I actually always walk away amazed at how we frum ppl keep their hair covered when its really hot and sticky. U r just looking to find problems. The hair u c are the girls that aren’t yet married. Do u want them to cover their hair too?

  11. Yehoshua is as sweet as they come. A real mentsh and a tremendous baal midos who clearly doesn’t want the responsibility on his shoulders where tznius is being compromised. He showed real gevura here in doing what he did for the sake of kedusha.
    Yeshoshua you your family should be gebenshed.

  12. wow, I just joined the gym, and am so so annoyed that this happened. I loved the zumba class. It was fun, exciting and a breath of fresh air. If you didnt like it, you didnt have to join the class. Its bad enough that the music there is so boring. But to cancel a class that people enjoyed and were getting a health benefit from is just plain wrong. Grow up people and learn to accept everything and not live in your sheltered world!! And yes, Im as frum as they get and I looooooved zumba!!

  13. its not fair!!!! zumba was a way for a person to get fit and healthy. Why take that away? You want all the women to start being fat aND FRUMPY? bTW, WHAT DO U THINK ALL THE LADIES ARE LISTENING TO ON THE I-PODS. iTS DEFINITLY NOT MBD!! Lakewood its time to relax a bit and start working on middos and ahavas yisroel. Leave zumba a lone, and pls bring it back.

  14. I tried out the Zumba class at the gym a few months ago. The music was goyish and the moves were unrefined,to say the least. As I did the class I thought about my children. I imagined my big boys sitting in yeshiva and learning over their gemaras. i though about my little boy trying to master the Aleph Beis. What about my daughters who were sitting in a very fine Bais Yakov school ( a school that I fought so hard to get into) while their very own mother was rocking away to non Jewish music in a very non Bais Yakov fashion.
    I love to have fun and I love to dance. However, I love my children even more. Paying thousands of dollars a year for tuition is not enough to turn them into “yiddeshe kinder”.
    To all those ladies who will be running to goyish gyms and rocking away to goyish music ( while your boys are sitting in cheder and rocking over their gemaras and your husband is sitting in the office and trying to earn some money to cover your chinuch bills), stop running and start thinking.

  15. Wow. I am planning on signing up, just to be mechazek the gym.

    On another note, to those who say, “Stay out of others’ business”, I say to you:

    Nobody cares if you do your zumba anywhere you want. Do it in your house, do it in a non kosher gym. Wherever you want. But I don’t want to see it in my gym. And the gym wants my membership. So therefore, to keep my membership, they will not allow zumba in the gym.

    Just as we shouldn’t be forcing you to stop zumba, you shouldn’t be forcing me to listen to your zumba in my gym.

    Think about that.

  16. Been a member at The Gym since it started, (and the other gyms there for many years). I am not a “real frummy”, but I could not stand watching the women swing to the music. The music didn’t bother me as much as the movements of some of the women. I never took the class, and never stuck around while it was going on.

    The other point of women not covering their hair, is quite off the mark. Almost all the married women there have their hair covered. Why not look at that point?!

  17. I think its a shame that zumba was cancelled. It was a fun and amazing class and packed with frum women. Now you have forced people to go to zumba at non kosher gyms. If someone doesnt like the class they didnt have to go to the gym at that time. Why cant people make their own decisions??? It was the wrong decision and beleive me a lot of people are upset about the decision…people need a way to have fun and maybe just maybe this fun class took pressure off of people and let me ask you why are so many frum women taking antidepressants in this town?????? Do you know why? Because they arent allowed to take their minds off of ther pressured lives…..not even for half of a second without being judged!

  18. I am a member of The Gym since it opened. I am quite impressed with Mr. Noveseller (not just for this, but in all aspects of the running of the gym) and most of all for canceling the Zumba class. It was not the music that really bothered me, but the way some of the women would swing their bodies. No, I am not a “real frummie”, but it was really not appropriate. Not to mention the fact that I don’t really think it was major excersize. I just made sure to leave the gym, so I was not around for those classes.

    The other point someone mentioned, about the lack of hair covering is uncalled for. There a very few married women who don’t cover their hair, and its none of your business. Just don’t look at them if you don’t want to.

    Not covering their hair is not really going to change their yiddishkeit, while this Zumba class might have changed the way they felt about moving their bodies in public.

  19. There are others who are not as frum and have lower standards. Leave them alone!! If you don’t like it-stay away!! Why must every chumra be imposed on everybody?? We are adults- we can make our own decisions…..

  20. a sensible opinion wrote:



    Wow! Now THAT’S real Motze Shem Rah. I can attest that I and all my friend do not listen to non-frum music at all. Period.

  21. Yeshiva tznius guidelines? Our guidelines come from the Torah – not the chumra of the month. Just because something doesn’t sit well with you it doesn’t make it assur.

  22. Please be advised-

    The Gym’s clientele do not only consist of frum people. There are non-religious, and non-Jewish members there as well. Also, no where does it state that the gym has a specific dress code other than the requirement that you wear proper gym attire.

    Please keep this in mind when participating in the gym’s activities. The Gym is designed to keep healthy both physically, and mentally. It’s not meant to be a social, and gossip scene.

  23. Kol hakavod to “been there”!!!! My wife said that rebbetzin cohen has been vocally against the zumba!!!! Her clientelle are many of the people that use the gym. Kol hakavod to the rebbetzin for advocating against this goyishe dance/music.

  24. makes me sick!!!!! I was a member and now i will be going to a non kosher gym. Something tells me it would have been better for lakewood to keep this class “contained” in a kosher gym…. now i will be in a mixed gym

  25. this is for #19
    You seem to imply that All the ladies are listening to music that is not appropiate. Shame on you! There are many fine women at the gym who listen to kosher music and to shiurim while working out ( I know this for a fact!).

  26. Are we happier that a lot of Jewish women will NOW go to a non-Jewish gym to get there dose of zumba?

    I go to a non Jewish gym, and let me tell you, the non Jewish men stare and check out all the Jewish woman…….

  27. my wife loved the outlet and she does not even “hum” the music in the house. it was never about the music itself rather the class itself and what it does to her body.

    Lakewood needs to stop turning off there fellow yidden!!!!!!!!!!!

    its a real shame!

  28. did you know that stores like walmart and sears sell eliptacil and treadmills and exercize bikes and stuff like that? you actually can have thse things at home, get exercize and have no need for any gym! you can stay home and take care of your fam and still stay in shape (and save money) .

  29. whos in?? lets have the rabonim shut down bagel nosh and all food establishments bec sometimes there are women not dressed to my standards on line where I can see them..its terrible!!!

  30. I am shocked at the ladies here who are saying that now they will go to a mixed gym.
    Well, that basically means you have no standard of tznius whatsoever and feel the Torah is putty to play with if and when you want.
    Shame on you!

  31. I will join the gym now. and so will my friends.

    Those who will now go to a nonjewish gym. Good. Please go. Just shows that daas torah was correct that you don’t belong in Lakewood gym.

    And be careful. Your children WILL be thrown out of school. And you will have no one to blame but yourself

  32. there is absolutely no reason why zumba had to be cancelled. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT DONT GO!!!! you didnt have to spoil it for everyone else. For all women complaining, you should never leave your house because you may see something non tziusdik. Im soo aggravated

  33. 11 well said
    In regard to The zumba issue…The women transfering their membership to non jewish gyms because they can’t give up zumba will finally know where zumba belongs and Who belongs there.They won’t be fooling themselves that its acceptable

  34. #17 said it best: “Grow up people and learn to accept everything and not live in your sheltered world!! And yes, Im as frum as they get”

    -if you dont like something, look the other way and ignore it. but dont go around changing things simply because YOU dont agree with it. stop trying to change other people, and tell others what they can & shouldn’t be doing. dont be so judgmental. dont think YOUR idea’s are better than someone else’s. this is why the FRUM community faces many new challenges with the younger generation; to many restrictions on things that pose no danger to anyone/anything.

  35. I will now check out The Gym to see if it currently meets my standard in sound and atmosphere. I don’t know what Zumba is, but if it’s what turned me off in the past, I’m glad it’s out. As for those who are leaving to mixed gyms, gezunterheit. I always assumed that The Gym was designed for the frum community, although everyone else is welcome if they conform to the expected norms. Thank you Mr. Novoseller.

  36. In regard to The zumba issue…The women transfering their membership to nonjewish gyms because they can’t give up zumba will finally know where zumba belongs! and Who belongs there!.They won’t be fooling themselves that its acceptable. & we won’t be fooled by them being frum!!!!
    By a (now proud) 3year GYM member

  37. I do not understand why it is a threat that some women will now go to a non Jewish gym. Things not Jewish belong in a non Jewish gym. If u feel that YOU belong there too then so be it. How shallow can u be? These are the same people who are angry at the community when their kids are not accepted in school. Sure, you act like a goy in a goyish gym and then try to the schools how frum you are. Time to grow up ladies. There is more to life than your own pleasures.

  38. why dont one or two kosher women just hold their own zumba styled class called the FRUMba class? (just find some kind of kosher music that the FRUM community agree’s with?)

    (if you use my idea, at least send my lady a free membership as a thank you token lol)

  39. Mr. Conservative,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    I have the same issue with those who get all upset about the Arabs that blow themselves up and kill innocent Jewish children at the same time.

    seriously, what is your issue with the Arabs? Mind your own business. If the arabs want to kill themselves, let them! If they want to slaughter innocent children, let them! If you don’t want to blow yourself up, good for you. Why does that give you a right to stop someone else from blowing themselves up? If you don’t want to kill other children while you blow yourself up, that’s your right. But what gives you the right to stop others from blowing themselves up and killing innocent bystanders too?

    This world is becoming so judgmental. People aren’t letting people live the way they want. People are creating these socities where everyone has to be the same. Like a cookie cutter. Nobody is allowed to kill. Nobody is allowed to rape. Nobody is allowed to steal. It’s just crazy. If you don’t want to steal, that’s your right. Why should you have a right to stop others who DO want to steal. You don’t want to take drugs, great! Why should you have a right to stop others who DO want to take drugs?

    So judgemental, this society of ours. No wonder people are on antidepressants. We don’t let them steal and murder and go on drugs.

  40. I am a frum lady who loves, loves doing zumba. I also o plenty of chesed as well. Why cant we just live our lives here and not always give in to what everyone complains about. You guys need to grow up and start realizing that there is a world outside of Lakewood!!!

  41. All you fake so called Frum posters with your holier than thou attitude who are posting on the Internet from your HOMES on motzei shabbos are much worse off and doing much more harm to your families then some women who enjoyed doing rumba in a all womens gym. Your kids are probably heading off the drench because you cannot differentiate between a chumra and what is simply wrong. In your zeal to tell others what they are doing wrong you forgot to fix yourself up first.

  42. Thank you # 9. If you consider yourself a frum person what are you doing on the internet. Get a life! I also do not agree with the decision to cancel the class. It was very popular and was only available about four times a week. That is only four hours A WEEK. Whoever did not like it had plenty of other times to go to the gym. I believe that there will be many cancelations……myself included. Very bad move!!!

  43. You all missed the point. We dont care what your emotionall response is to zumba. I hear you, you are very frum and also very judgemental of others. (welcome to SOME peoples lakewood yiddishkiet 2011) Can some one please share a m’kohr/source for forbidding zumba?
    If there is a ligitimate halachic problem then it is ossur. period. If there is not, then this is just another chumrah that insted of bringing us closer to hashem, will in the long run distance us. people, deal with the REAL issues.
    p.s. To Yid/ # 57.
    To equate Mr. Conservative’s statement to Arabs killing people is wrong on so many levels. It is such nonsense that even if I explained to you why it is so I doubt you would get it. I just had to get that off my chest. Sorry people.

  44. How sad that this is even a discussion let alone that you have so many ‘frum’ ladies (as they call themselves) willing to go to any length and willing to compromise on so much as long as they get their way. With so much tzoras in Lakewood and beyond what would be so bad if ladies did go the extra step for the sake of kedusha.

  45. To #58 zumba: the class was not stopped by people from the outside. It was stopped by people attending the gym who had a serious issue with this type of excercise. I was recently passing by the gym while zumba was in session and though I could not see what was going on, from the sound of it, it was not possible for anyone else to do their excercises. I am a male member of the gym and while there, many people are doing different excercises, but they in no way interfere with other’s. This zumba is a major distraction. Did not allow anyone else to concentrate on their excercises. Thank you rabbi novoceller for finally putting a stop to it!!!!!

  46. I don’t understand how zumba which is a very good outlet for women and let’s them take out stress from raising a family and working full time so their husband can sit and learn but instead people who are bored and bec the wives go to zumba they don’t want then in their community according you you shouldn’t have internet and leaving obnoxious comments because internet is worse then zumba

  47. This idea that this is somehow judgemental and unfair is ridiculous. There are some people who are just so into themselves that it is scary. I actually have a neighbor who had to change her sons school, send her daughters to a high school in NY and has embarrased her entire family ALL because SHE feels that everyone ELSE is being judgemental. She knows everything. She is sure her children will of course find heimishe shidduchim because her parents are supposedly heimish. Yes, some people are blind. Some people are immature. Some will NEVER grow up. It is not being judgemental when people are mature and understand that not everything goes, being a Jew does make us different and you do have responsibilities to yourself, your children and klal Yisroel. It is unfortunate that it takes the owner of the gym to have to make this decision for so many supposedly frum ladies. Stop being so selfish. Grow up. Stop sacrificing your children and your names all because YOU want to behave a certain way.

  48. Right, the community Rabonum should only get involved when the mosdos don’t want to accept some kids, but they have no business getting involved when some in the community are acting inappropriately!
    Wehn there is ERVAS DOVOR in a community, Hashem says I will withdraw from your midst! It is everyone’s worry!

  49. Zumba is replacing pilates as the best way to exercise. I can not believe people in todays world do not know this. Wake up!
    What gym were you exercising in. I know gyms that will have Orthodox exercising in a closed setting.

  50. The mkor is tznius which many people dont understand today. Out of town this is understood more than in local larger frum communities. WHY? The bigger the torah atmosphere the bigger the yetzer hora???? Every town has its Gedarim. This is not radical that would cause others to go off the derech by stopping it. Those that would go to a mixed gym are oblvious of the issue of tznius and what harm they cause themselves.

    Why is it that the non-Jewish African American women who is my assistant at work questioned me when I was about to move next to someone who was extremely not-tzinus. She was hesitant and understood the ramifications. My Rav stated it would not be good for my boys. But my assistant (who is not Jewish) stated “I am more worried about your daughter. How are you going to explain to her that another Jewish woman dresses that way?”

    Why can she see the issues so clear but many in our own community fail.

    The issue with zumba is because it is NOT a kosher outlet. There is other appropriate exercise music and lyrics that do not place women in provocative movements where some totally forget who they are- A Jewish Women is to have some “Class” and “Grace’. Even in private and/or all women classes there is still a mesora of Tznius which Zumba is the total opposite.

    In Metzraim the Levim were not punished becuase they Did NOT change their dress to the Egyptians. The rest were. We cannot continue to take music, dancing (includes the bochrim) as well as clothing to the extent it blindes the diffrence of Jewish music, dancing and clothing to others. Its assimilation in a sublime way which slowly seeps into the entire community – family by family, friend to another friend. We dont have to be totaly seculded but there is a LINE not to go over. ZUMBa went over the line.

    GYM is great thing for all-(and no one is banning it). But with the appropriate guidelines.

  51. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT THEN DONT GO!!!!! Dont ruin it for other people who do enjoy it, and who DID pay the gym to go to it. The fact that your sitting on the computer putting down the poeple who were involved doesnt make you anymore frum than someone who does zumba. Makes you look less frum and disgusting…

  52. being that lakewood is a huge a community with people on all kinds of religious levels u will find people disagreeing on just about EVERYTHING! now the only solution that i have inorder to keep shalom between people is for everyone to let everyone else live their own life. meaning mind ur own business! and if everyone would stop looking at everyone else and telling them what they think they should wear and shouldnt wear what music is appropriate and whats not what moves u should and shouldnt do, everything would be fine! why do people feel that everyone has to be on the same level as they are? It only turns people off when you tell them what to do. LIVE AND LET LIVE!

  53. to those who have never even taken a zumba class i feel you are working on a huge misconception. watching a class and taking a class and two totally separate entities. it is virtually impossible to understand the FITNESS benefits of such a class unless you have been ON that floor and actually listening to what the instructor says as well as understanding the movement.. looking at it one could potentially assume that this is a vulgar and obscene method of dance teaching one how to use their bodies. That being said, taking a class and taking the RIGHT instructor you would amazed to see the opposite.
    lets leave aside the obvious power of music in terms of therapy and mental state. i wont even touch on that, its a given for those who have experienced the class itself.
    the fitness benefits of such program when taught correctly are astounding. the focus on posture, abdominals muscles, arms, legs and cardio in general cannot be taught in any other fitness program of this nature. the hour goes by incredibly quick without even realizing a half hour had gone by. the fitness component it huge. all while dancing. it is responsibility that allows one to see that.
    many people have often compared this program to simcha dancing. now before everyone starts screaming one MUST understand that ANY program is dependant upon an instructors interpretation of it. with the right instructor there is NO reason for it to be offensive nor out of the realm that can be appreciated by frum women. it is music being choreographed into a fitness program. that being said NOT all music is offensive. people rarely the time to actually listen to whats being played rather immediatly judge.
    it is my understanding that their were different instructors at the gym with different style. please stop generalizing. the zumba class at the GYM pulled in over DOUBLE what any other class in the gym pulls in. its great to be conscience of our yiddishkeit and tzinut however, we also must learn how to seperate as well. this class was given ONLY TO WOMEN. there is NOTHING wrong with WOMEN choosing a dance fitness fitness program that elevates them on a diffirent level than their normal activities within the confines of an ALL WOMEN venue. what people chose to wear on their head or not is NOT for you to judge. people have their relationship with Hashem let us remember HE did not put US in charge of being THE judge.. this class was occupied by not only the most “modern” people, but by rebbetzins, kollel wives, and “yeshivishe ladies”.
    its easy to spend our time trying to shut others down and judge others in order to compensate of our own insecurities but dont judge until you can see and appreciate all the sides being given, as well as understanding the TRUE nature of a program not the public perception.
    i can appreciate the feeling on the other of the coin as well. im sorry you have felt offended and put out. just remember we all have our vices , when done correctly zumba is NOT harmful.

  54. What are the frum members of Lakewood who fought to cancel zumba so afraid of? Do you really believe it will some how affect their children and their own yiddishkeit? Are they that unsure of themselves that they can’t be part of a gym who offers diverse classes for all people who live in Lakewood? If a person feels confident and comfortable with themselves, they should be able to belong to a gym that offers zumba, and just choose not to go during that time. If they happen to be in the gym during those hours, just say nebach, not for me. Why feel threatened?

  55. Thank you so much you said it just right!

    I absolutely do NOT believe that any of you posters who wrote “leave the gym and see how your grandchildren turn out” or “your kids will be kicked out of school and it will be your fault” etc and any other dumb and insensitive comments you had to say that zumba really affected you or your spouse in any way because you would absolutely NOT BE WRITING THOSE THINGS TO ANOTHER YID! you are just people who either like hock or belong to the group of “i am better than thou” because the people who really mean it and are sincere would’ve either just not gone to the gym at that time or wouldve applauded the gym for cancelling zumba in a nice quiet manner instead of coming on the internet and bashing all those by telling people” they will mess up their lives…” YOU ARE ALL FAKERS!!!
    wow i dont think i have ever posted on here before but this really got me mad

  56. I do feel bad for all those Zumba lovers who attended the class. However this may be a message. If u love Zumba the smartest thing to do now would be to form a private studio. No need for all the disrespect from the anti zumbas and the pro zumbas. I like that the gym is replacing class with Pilates bc that is one of the best ways to build full body muscle all around. It is healthy for he mind and helps tremendously with weight loss and toning. I hope many women attend this class.

  57. Yid (Comment #57)

    Your silly comment is a prime example of the unfortunate lack of ability to think logically and the complete lack of critical thinking skills.

  58. How many of you are actual “members” of this gym? Something tells me that MOST of the posters here are not members, and have no clue what they are talking about. Please get the facts before giving your responses. Something tells me that most of you had to check online to see what “Zumba” was.

    Have ANY of you (especially those who never attended the class or stepped foot into the gym for that matter) given any thought to the instructors of some of these classes? Have you thought about how much you are hurting people you have never met? All these rude comments… You should beg mechilla for such harsh judgement, and harsh words.

  59. Thank you 74 for explaining an important fact: Watching is different than participating.It’s not just jumping around, there is a theory to it. Also, when I have taken the class, I have modified movements I felt inappropriate and not felt compromised.
    By the way 78, Pilates is great but in no way comparable,different discipline entirely.
    At end of the day the gym belongs to ba’alei hagym and if a decision was made as a result of a shaila, there is nothing more to say, Case closed.
    Also please note: Non Jewish gym does not equal mixed gym. There are women only gyms which many Lakewooders have chosen because of hours of operation and/or because they had aqua classes when The Gym’s pool was under repair.
    Final point: A non Jewish women’s gym has a popular Frum wedding song on its playlist for a dance class. Don’t think the participants have a clue what they’re listening to. Food for thought.

  60. “Live and let live”

    I say the same thing to all those who get so hung up over schools that won’t take in their kids. “Live and let live”. Let the schools do whatever they want. If you don’t like it, LEAVE. You have no right telling schools how they should behave, and who they should take in, just as you have no right telling others that they can’t dance the zumba.

    Live and let live.

    Oh, and before I forget. We all want the Rabbonim to get involved to make sure that all kids get into school. But if we don’t listen to the Rabbonim, and we do the zumba, whu should the schools listen to the Rabbonim and take in our kids.

    Just a thought. As we all love to say, LIVE AND LET LIVE.

    What a bunch of hypocrites.

  61. to #’s 31 and 35 how can you say they just belong in the kitchen, you want your wife to be healthy also, exercise is great, it keeps them goning especially when they need to take care of everything in the house, don’t you want a healthy wife and mother for your family. gee whiz give me a break. if they don not like going to the gym for zumba lesson, there are zumba lesson in Jackson memorial high school and the school on kent and lanes mills in Howell.

  62. just let people live and don’t run to tateltale-you don’t like something don’t do it-dont ruin it for the next someone said you all think “you are better than thou”

  63. All I want to say is all thoses who are saying “im now going to go elsewhere…” It just shows that ALOT (not all) of you doing Zumba obviously do have issues with frumkiet all together 4 alott of reasons because just lke that to leave somewhere who has done NOTHING but try to make the gym better for YOU all this time and because of something he did AL PI DAAS TORAH and now ull leave just like tht for a place full of shmutzzz wat do you gain? he doesnt lose anything hes goiing straight to olam haba but you?!?!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  64. STANDIN OVATION YEHOSHUA NOVOSELLER!!!! a real Gavra and Ben Torah!! we are applauding you across country – proud to be a member of the lakewood community- THANK YOU! with all thats going on in this world its good to see that some people are actually going the “extra mile” to be Mikadesh Sheim Shamayin in yet another way and to help stop all the tzaros in the world- Yehoshua your a HERO!!!!

  65. to all who scream goyish music

    many old songs very old songs where goyish niggunim from the old country why don’t you investigate and make sure every niggun you sing is absolutely yiddisn in origin and if not ban it

  66. Whether or not we like the decision that was taken in regards to Zumba classes, it’s important to focus on the fact that someone here was Moiser Nefesh for what he believes is the right thing to do.
    This is a direct link in the chain of the millions of Yidden who were Moiser Nefesh throughout the generations to upkeep their standards. We stem from them. The offspring of those who weren’t strong enough to stand up to Nisyonos are unfortunately long gone from our Nation…
    Thank you Yehoshua for your inspiration and let’s hope that all follow your noble example.

  67. I guess we all already forgot what we have been through this summer with Liby K, with to many dead people to count on our two hands, so we can go off at each other like this…. Why judge anyone… whats done is done, its bashert and we should focus on our bigger problems….BH no one is going to die from having or not having zumba so lets do something good with our energy… whatever it is!! stop fighting!!!

  68. Dear Reb “Proud to be a gym jew”, Takeh reb yid your saying good, but say Better!!!!! You are 100% on target, we all need to be mechazek Reb Novoseller in his nisayon which hashem yisborach has given him. Reb Novoseller is mamish one of the lamed vuv tzadikim in our door! What an edel yid to be able to turn down such gevaldika parnassa just too show the oylam how to be meyasher in iskay umanos! May his gym, his hayligeh oyseh hamakoym, continue to provide him with true yiddishe nachas from all his frumeh nushim tzidkaniyos!! YASHER KOYCHACHEM!!!!!

  69. If you make something an issue, it becomes and issue and that is what is wrong with the world these days….You want to know why so many “frum” people are going off the derech? Because people feel the need to cancel Zumba classes!! PEOPLE GET A GRIP!!! Mashiach ain’t coming if we keep causing more and more people to seek alternatives to Judaism!!

  70. This is a good thing and the class must be canceled. All these classes with goyish music (lehavdil) shoud be canceled. We have perfectly good kusher yiddishe music that can be used for exersize class’s. Daas Torah must always be consulted before deciding on any class or for the kind of exercises done in the class and for the music. Daas Torah also must aproove the teachers of the class’s.

  71. This is crazy stuff. Dance how you want. Dress how you want. Gamble when you want. Eat what you want. Go where you want. Vacation how you want….oh, yes, and then blame this town for not taking your kids into school. Huuuuuu? That really adds up, doesen’t it?

  72. I just joined the gym to be mechazik and show support for a frum supporting gym, we don’t always have to copy goiyish styles after all we are children of saran rifkah. rachel, and lea there is enough of exercise to do without the zumba, I hope others will join me in showing support

  73. It’s interesting how there are so many comments against zumba because its against daas Torah and it bad for your yideshkeit and zumba doesnt make sense well one thing I don’t understand about these people didn’t your daas Torah tell you no internet so how are u leaving these comments with out texting and internet

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