First Shidduch-Vision Studio Opens In Lakewood

Shidduch visionVIDEO & PHOTOS of the celebration of the first Shidduch-Vision studio opening in Lakewood, attended by the Rosh Hayeshivah Reb malkiel Shlita, the Mashgiach Reb Matisyahu Solomon Shlitah and Rav Dovid Weinberger Shlita from Lawrence, NY. Shidduch-Vision is where boys and girls in Shidduchim can meet up to three times via high-quality, commercial-grade video conferencing set up in private homes. This will save time, money and the need to travel. If it’s on target-they continue in person. (Mobile users click here for photos and here to view video on youtube).


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  1. No it is not a joke. It is not meant to replace the dating system. Just to have one or two meetings for a short time each just before you hop on a plane to LA, Toronto, etc. Lets face it, most people are reluctant to look into out of town shidduchim if it means traveling across the country for someone you never even met!

  2. This can be pretty akward for someone going out on a first date. I would suggest that the first 2-3 times you go out in person, then if its going someplace you can continue via video if necessary.

  3. It’s a very good idea…I know that many businesses use teleconferencing, but I hever thought of using it in this context…The only concern I have is that for the idea to really make sense, it requires a large screen. If getting such screen is too costly, the organizers can use the projector for the fraction of the cost. Yashar Koach to the organizers!!! I hope this project will save a lot of time, undue expences, and disappointments.

  4. Great idea you can text go barefoot make belive u are listening or even have s/o else fill in for you are there going to any commercial breaks like every 5 min so u can use the facilities smoke etc

  5. Hey let’s use this for the shadchoniminstead of meeting them as they all do they can do it via tele video
    As for shidduchim is being used for gashmios just to see the looks nebach prost

  6. Brilliant ! I commend the Rosh HaYeshiva & Mashgiach for opening their minds to something new . It may need a little tweaking but what doesn’t. It may not be for everyone. RIP Taliban and all closed minded individuals. The Gedollim are on the move.

  7. If they were serious ,they would spend a little more money and use the latest technology in high end video conferencing,with large screens . This polycom that I saw is not the best

  8. hmmmm, can I stay in my room and listen to shiur klali with this technology (& ask a kashya if I have one during shiur)? Perhaps I can sit in bais medrash hayoshon & learn with my chavrusah while he sits in bais shalom…the possibilities are endless

  9. are those little kids in the photo on the date?
    room for lots of mischief- you can have a coach on the side helping you answer the questions.
    also, you can schedule a few of these a day- with different girls!
    at least if you don’t like what the other person said, you can just press ‘power’ and *poof* they’re need to sit through three more hours till he decides to take you home!

    what was wrong with the system till now did people not get married before this wonderfull idea
    and to shlep the rosh hayeshivah to such a thing he has much better things that occupy his valuable time
    (just as a side note im a big fan of mayer and menash but what do they have to do with the shidduch sitchuation )

  11. Great! I always wanted to “go out” my parents always make me have a sit in pishow now we will sneak in this great new invention to the room and get to go out!!! Seriously speaking this is nuts. If you want you can speak on the phone or something but you cantb get a feel for someone like this. As rabbijacobs explains so nicely

  12. #9-You missed the point. How you know if you want to fly to LA if you never met the person? Its specifically for the first few meetings.
    #14- You can’t text anymore than you can on a regular date. She can see you! Duh!
    #17-Talking on the telephone to someone you never meant is very awkward.
    #21,22-If you listen to the video, you will see that this does not use the internet, and is very diff. than a webcam or skype which you would use where and when you want at your discretion. This would be set up by the shadchan, and when you go to the house that has been set up for it, you will have a 50 min meeting. After 50 min the camera will shut off. It is a structured meeting with specific rules. Veeery diff. from chatting with a girl on your home comp. webcam.
    #24-With real dating it’s impossible to schedule a few in a day? And it only lasts 50 min.
    #25-Umm, in case you didn’t hear, there are thousands of great girls in out of town cities who are having a hard time finding people willing to travel to meet them.
    Basically, there is nothing wrong with this idea (Unless you disagree with R’ Mattisyahu, R’ Malkiel, R’ E. B. Wachtfogel, R’ Shmuel Kaminetzky to name a few!) and as anyone can see the people writing silly comments against it simply haven’t thought about it’s many advantages.

  13. once this becomes more accepted, people might tend to say – why should we go through with the hassle of going to these places, how about just using skype from the comfort of your home! better yet, maybe the bochurim could use a laptop in the irv!

  14. this is a terrible idea bc. you are constantly staring at the other person, looks get distorted even with the best tech. for good or bad, how do you take a break, there is nothing else to do like walking around which sometimes can alleviate nerves.

  15. What’s the big deal? This is regular technology if someone wants to meet this way let them. But what do we need to waste all the rabonims time with every nonsense someone dreams of. What does r’ malkiel have to do with someone using a teleconference to see if a shiduch works before traveling??? Its a cute idea if the boy and girl want to try it. But if I have an idea to donate my airline miles so a girl can travel free can I also get rabonim to come give a speech? I just don’t get why evry greps someone thinks of has to be a big deal and be matriach rabonim to shlep and waste time.

  16. This is a terrible idea bec. You just stare at each other the whole time! What if I have a pimple that day? In a normal enviorment even a real sit down meeting you sense the person there and realize its not polite to stare but on a screen all people are used to doing is staring and every pimple and dimple will get analyzed for an hour uggh!

  17. Great! No need for deoderant perfume. No need to brush teeth and she can wear the same shoes twice! What a savings! That’s even more savings than a trip to cleveland. This is the best moised to open in recent memory. When is the annual dinner????

  18. i dont believe that most of the Raboni$ reall undestood what they were maskim to you are staring directly at a girl for 50 minutres straight youc can not avert your gaze from time to time as you normally do in a live setting i am not surew this is proper for a bochur to do

  19. Its great idea now we can have our mother’s come on the dates with us to tell
    Us what to say and not to say, and the girls won’t even relize lol

  20. #35 if ur machshiv the rabboinim (which it seems like u claim u r), then y not let them decide 4 themselves what their own time is worth! and to every1 else – no one is forcing any1 2 do anything. and to 47 – i think the rabbonim are not senile, and i also think that they wud (and most definitely did) say it is much, much worse, to spend hours online doing nothing, and commenting on everything under the sun (and thats being dan l’kaf zchus), than sitting in front of a potential spouse for 50 min. no ones perfect, but its like a guy eating a cheeseburger in mcdonalds, hocking about cholov stam.

  21. If the best you can do to answer a good tayne ,is to knock the guy for being online liuke yourself ,then I feel sorry . We are not debating our being online . We are debating whether this is something appropriate for a shtarke Ben Torah and yore shomayim to be staring non stop at a girls face for an hour without a second of hefsek .

  22. to annon 11:10 (post 47). You wrote: “I dont believe that most of the Raboni$ reall undestood what they were maskim to”. shame on you shame on you. Where is your emunas chachomim? You know better. Shame on you.

  23. How exactly is anyone from lakewood on this website? Wasn’t the internet banned in lakewood for personal use, such as this blog? I have a feeling that no one here really listens to their rabbaeim. They just like to pretend that they do.

  24. Emunas chachomim doesnt mean to be a naar . I am willing to bet that most of the Rabbonim just rely on a well meaning baal Habos that this sounds great . They were never explained the negatives .

  25. Why don’t we take a wait and see attitude and see if it will provide the relief it is expected to. If it does, then great, if not, then I’m sure it will fall to the wayside.

  26. What’s wrong with all you cynics? This is a practical idea to help solve a very specific problem. Please explain why you think it wouldn’t help that issue. If you’re not an out of town single girl or you’re not a bachur who is considering dating one, then ignore the whole issue. Or is it necessary to comment on everything whether or not you have something of substance to say?

  27. this is as crazy it gets wow when u thaught it coudnt get worse maybe just stop convincing every girl in seminary they need a husband thats gonna learn his whole life its unreal how far thell run away from the problem they themselves created

  28. This is all vey nice.However how in the world does this solve the shidduch crisis? Oh so maybe now boys will take a glance at an out of town shidduch that comes there way! That doesn’t help the real shidduch crisis in any which way! THere are plenty of single girls from the NY/NJ metro area! Perhaps getting a ban to be put on lists of girls, only dating and looking in to one girl at a time, and putting a stop to ridiculous questions and things that people look for might really help to lessen the shidduch crisis!

  29. I think as spoiled rotten as we are this will just aggravate it more. people will become more selective due to the easy access of this type of dating. People just won’t let the shidduch grow on them. its bringing more of the fast paced society into our life,when in shidduchim the one thing that we need is more reflection, thought,and introspection

  30. Everyone with their comments, my gosh what has happened to everyone- you all sound like sad people who have nothing better to do than to make fun, Listen to what stira minei ubei has to say- he has hit it one the spot, it’s time to start giving yourself judgement instead of always coming down on everyone else!

  31. This is a bad thing any way you look at it.

  32. Its great for out of town situations. They can tele conference once or twice and then if nogea hop on a plane to meet in person. Companies do this all the time for multi million dollar deals.

  33. goodidea – we’re not talking about a business deal, we’re talking about potential marriage! It’s not just about if you can carry a conversation for 50 minutes… there’s so much more involved and going on during a date that you can’t see on a screen….
    I just can’t believe we have come so low….

  34. 21: It’s not as if they’re going to move directly from teleconference to chuppah! While teleconference has its limitations, it certainly can be a way to more conveniently and inexpensively pre-screen (pun intended) potential shidduchim. Once it’s moved past that point, treat the actual initial face-to-face meeting as a first date if you must, but it’s a first date which you know has a greater than average chance of progressing to a second.

  35. so why not a phone call? why this whole visual teleconference system? If it’s just about seeing the person, you should ask for a picture….

  36. while i personally have some issues with this, i cant understand what anyone who looks into it has against it.
    1. no one is forcing you to date like this. it is not like they are making it mandatory to date like this. they are making it an “option for those that need it. if your litvish and dont want to do a bishow you dont have to. and if your chassidish and dont want to go out you dont have to. so if either side is uncomfortable with shidduch vision they dont have to use it.

    2. this shiddush vision does not use internet. thats why it is being pushed. to set up a good system so that no one should say internet is nessasary. this may very well be the reason the Rabbonim are backing it.

    while the tele shidduch thing doesnt solve to problem , it give the option of not running into many of the issues regular going out has. i assume for the most part there will be people who like this idea and those that dont , but for those that do they will probably do the first 2-3 meetings on this system and then actualy meet which will take away some of the going out problems without out getting into it.

  37. I think its a great idea. Now many out of towners get a fair chance at shiduchim.
    Many companies use this technology, why shouldn’t it be used for shiduchim as well? Anything that can help people should be encouraged.

  38. I agree with the gist of both of your posts:

    one small critique on Reb Meyer though:  an older bochur should not be influenced by his friend telling him not to date via video confrence or shidduch vision because it is not cool.
    Quite frankly it is no ones business how someone dates. And the older bochur of your hypothetical should be able to run his shiduch  life without approval of his peers.    

    Notwithstanding this small diagreement that I have with Reb Meyers post  Kol hakovod for all that you do.    

    Keep up the good work Reb Meyer and I sincerely respect your willingness to put your real name to everything you post.  Not like the wimp that I am :-).     

  39. Why is everyone going so crazy? Its the same idea as going to a hotel lobby! you only get a better look at him! You can’t play a game together so you’ll have to wait till the 3rd date to find out who is better

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