UPDATE 2:40 PM: TLS has received word that at least one of the coronavirus patients in Lakewood are in very serious condition. Tefillos are needed.

We will continue to update this story as it develops.

UPDATE 4:47 PM: We have now been advised of additional confirmed cases in Lakewood.


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  1. Let’s have everyone keep not taking this seriously and there RL will be many more. This is not VACATION. This is not a time for all the kids to be playing together, bike riding. I just saw a group of people renting boats on the lake. Wake up Yidden THIS IS SERIOUS.


  3. And people really have no idea how many cases we really have, they’re not testing healthy ppl with mild symptoms !
    My husband has fever…

  4. It’s very true- many many Lakewood residents are not “social distancing”- i live here and I see it all over the place. PLEASE PLEASE follow the guidelines!! Protect your families. This is not a joke!!!! I am so afraid that we are going to be on total lockdown here in Lakewood.

  5. RABOISAY! wake up mutav shyiboteil shana achas val yibotlu shonim hrbei!!!!!! I know you want to daven and learn with your chavrusa now is not the time….. if you cant learn the same tooo bad.. try your best and may Hashem have pity on us. Read a little whats going on and realize you possibly have it and are endangering people by going out!!

  6. RABOISAY! wake up mutav shyiboteil shana achas val yibotlu shonim hrbei!!!!!! I know you want to daven and learn with your chavrusa now is not the time….. if you cant learn the same tooo bad.. try your best and may Hashem have pity on us. Read a little whats going on and realize you possibly have it and are endangering people by going ou

  7. Can I know why the girl schools in Lakewood are full of BMG chaburos????
    Do we think the whole world is stupid??
    There are Talmidei Chachomim and Marbitzei Torah in the hospital from the virus.

  8. Again, can we please get information about where these people have been so that those of us who may have been near them can be extra extra careful!

  9. this is an exact result of everybody not following the rules and having religious meetings, weddings and still sending their kids to school as of today… I’ve called the police on multiple religious meetings that I have witnessed happening right outside of my house. Everybody needs to stay in their houses and stop thinking you’re above the law !!!

  10. Does anyone know where these infected people were, to contract the virus ?–It may be important to others who were in the same place.

  11. There needs to be a way to communicate and convey to those in town that do not have the internet about the severity and outcome of what is happening. Many people are still walking around saying that is not a big deal…no worse than the flu and that if the government says 50 people in a room then its okay to have ongoing minyunim. I think each area rov needs to hear direct from the doctors in order to make appropriate and up to date guidelines for their tzibbur.

  12. My Dear Friends,
    Trust me, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cases in Lakewood already. I was in direct contact with someone that tested positive a few days ago (yes, in Lakewood – but they wouldn’t test him so he had to go to to a different community to get tested) AND I have a cough and Chai Care wouldn’t test me, since BH I am not high risk.
    The good news is that BH in most cases there is no danger.
    Just daven and sit tight — and listen to the Rabbanim that are closing the shuls. Hashem will watch his people.

    • Are u in whispering pines as I was exposed to someone in whispering pines sfard shull and have no idea what I am supposed to be doing as I am feeling fine bh?

      • This has nothing to do with Whispering Pines. Trust me, it’s all over the place. “They” are just not testing anyone. No tests = no positive results.
        See for clear quarantine requirements (Lakewood is just like 5 Towns at this point).
        Hashem should watch all of us.

  13. Please look at what is going on in Italy right now. Turn on the news, google, etc… don’t think this is not going to happen here. If we do not stop gathering together right now we may have hundreds of people sick next week. There is Corina Virus in Lakewood.

  14. Why do we need to wait for lockdown when it’s terrible chas v.? Why not lockdown TODAY??
    Hot water really helps kill the virus!!!! Heat! Tea’s
    The virus dehydrates and that causes the fever! Stay hydrated!
    My son has symptoms and no testing for him.. many have it by now..
    The older above 60 being home Means NO contact with anyone! Not on einekel nothing!!!

  15. I live in the villas and daven in whispering pines sfard and one person that davens together with me in whispering pines sfard was tested positive.MY understating is that his whole family was tested positive.

  16. Can someone please explain why the clothing stores are open and packed?!? I understand that this is their busiest season and their livelihood
    But if we dont close it the government will put a complete shut down and matters will be worse. I have a successful business and im losing money everyday that doesnt mean that we can endanger people because we need parnassa. we are all in the same boat lets look out for one another and end care about each other.

  17. If you really really want to go out then at least wear a mask, gloves and protective glasses.
    And don’t tell me it doesn’t work. It worked in China and is better than nothing!

  18. The Rabbonim have spoken and wrote a very clear open letter signed by the Rabbonim and doctors.
    Yes there is a unified voice. Everyone is saying the SAME thing
    Stop complaining and do as they say. Look for the letter that was penned and posted here on TLS.

  19. I beg you all…PLEASE take this seriously. It is a small sacrifice to stay in your homes with your family ONLY so we may all get through this without serious loss and consequences.

  20. ADVICE: Please take Vitamin C supplements to build your immune system(1000-2000mg broken up preferably 2-3 times a day) Not more than 2000mgs a day unless directed by doctor. It was used in China and South Korea to treat patients(intravenously with high doses).
    Do not take Ibuprofen(Advil or Motrin) for fever. Only Tylenol.
    And above all Daven!

  21. Lakewood is the only city not taking this seriously!! Eretz Yisroel, Europe, out of town, New York is taking this seriously and life is not usual. Most things have come to a standstill. Why oh why are people here not listening??? Other American cities are saying people from Lakewood should not come to their cities!! Is this what we want to be known for?

  22. It is of no use to publish where in Lakewood the confirmed cases were. Corona is everywhere. We are all exposed in some way. Stay home. Daven,daven, daven!!!

  23. @Frumyid, call your primary care provider, DO NOT GO DOWN TO THE OFFICE FIRST.

    If she has a runny nose, it’s not coronavirus. There are multiple websites that have detailed charts showing the different symptoms between a cold, flu and coronavirus, take a look. Additionally, Dr. Shanik says to take with tylanol AND NOT ADVIL OR MOTRIN until you are sure it’s not corona- ppl. who are using advil and motrin to treat coronavirus have been getting pneumonia on top of everything else. There’s something about how the medication interacts with the disease.

  24. If 1 death comes because Lakewood decided not to take this more serious earlier on, all that learning which they pushed for people to do will go to garbage. I’m from Lakewood (don’t live here now) it’s sad how they have so many experts and geniuses but they kept public places open until last minute. What did you expect?

  25. Then why is there a wedding going on at lake terrace today after police last night had to shut it down! Such disregard for others and each other. Irresponsible

  26. These “Confirmed” cases don’t surprise me a bit!!
    I bet if there was enough testing available there would be another 500-1000 “Confirmed” cases!!!!!
    I know many people home with fever that are not getting testing because the tests are saved for over 60 or with underlying conditions!!!

  27. Everyone is right, this is a time of sakana, and we should all get into our houses, BUT, I just have one question, why is the first thing we, as klal isroel closing down is the yeshivos, chaiderim and shuls, the stores are packed, no one is canceling her cleaning lady because she is going from house to house and who knows where she is in the evening hours, the kids are playing with neighbor’s and so on…
    Without the torah we wont be able to go this crisis!!
    Hashem yerachem and send everyone a refuha shlaima.

  28. Sugar lowers the immune system, thus making it hard for the body to fight any virus that comes its way. Throw out the soda, the candy, etc. Stop making so many cakes and cookies loaded with white flour and sugar, not to mention artificial food colorings. Snack on pretzels, corn chips, popcorn,etc. and of course healthy delicious fruits and vegetables. Don’t make it harder for yourself or your children to stay healthy from this virus or any other virus that may come your way.

    Most of the severe cases are those who have underlying health disorders – heart conditions, diabetes, etc. You are what you eat. If you eat healthy, bezras Hashem, you will stay healthy. If you eat/serve junk food, you can cause chronic health problems and you are doing a big disservice to yourself and your family.

    I have written many times about the dangers of too much sugar, and many people don’t take it seriously. Do your own research on sugar and see what you find out.

  29. We must have more tests!! Because they are not testing people or telling people their symptoms are not corona virus people are walking around and exposing others without realizing!!!
    I know of one case where someone had mild symptoms and has given it over to someone else !!!!

  30. Im not feeling well. They wouldnt test me, but from what were hearing from pple in NY that tested positive I assume I have it. They say anyone not feeling probably has it. B”h for young pple it isnt much. There must be hundreds in lakewood but since their not testing nobody can confirm it.

  31. HELP!!!



    • Symptoms:
      1. Cough
      2. Fever
      3. Tiredness
      4. Difficulty breathing in severe cases.
      Most important is keeping yourself warm and well hydrated as these corona viruses don’t like heat. Keep drinking warm tea with honey & chicken soup.

  32. How is it that the entire world is appropriately practicing social distancing but Lakewood residents continue to congregate in large groups.

    It’s ok though. When residents (who pay no taxes) get sick, they will go to hospitals that us crazy tax payers fund.

    • First of all, many, many, many lakewooders ARE practicing social distancing, so please don’t throw out Lakewood as a whole. Comments like yours are what bread hate. AND, how, pray tell, do you know for a fact that pple are congregating? Are you going out to check on the “lakewood residents that continue to congregate” so you can bash them?
      Again with the stereotyping. You are also assuming they don’t pay taxes. AND, how, pray tell, do you know that??
      Your comment may be worded intelligently, but your context is not.

  33. There’s a Tzara in Klal Yisroel. Please everyone let’s look at the good in people not put anyone down. Hashem is waiting for us to put our differences aside and focus on the positive in others. We yidden are so inherently good. Let’s focus on it!

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