FIRST REPORT: Pesach hotel program cancelled due to hotel’s refusal to disable motion sensors

pesach hotelA Pesach hotel program is being cancelled after the hotel refused to disable the motion sensors in the rooms, TLS has learned.

The Pesach program run by the Tenenbaum family – Pesach For Less – was set to take place at the Dolce Hotel, but the Tenenbaums confirmed to TLS the hotel was cancelled due to a Halachic issue and after consulting with Rabbonim.

“It should be made as public as possible so people are aware what to look out for when they go to hotels,” the program director told TLS. “It is not always sufficient to cover the motion sensor in the room. In more updated systems, it can be possible the opening and closing of the doors shut the lights and you have no way of knowing if this happens. The only way around this is for the hotel disengaging the system.”

Some people have reportedly used a VIP mode, which only works for 12 or 24 hrs and only disengages the motion sensor not the RF sensor in the door.

It was explained, that as hotels go green and install energy saving systems, there is a magnetized sensor on the door which automatically shuts everything – the lights, TV etc. – when you leave the room, and as soon as you return and turn the door handle, everything goes back on.

If going to a hotel for Shabbos or Yom Tov, be sure to check this out before booking. Most hotels will reportedly work with you regarding this issue.

All deposits to the Tenenbaum program will be returned.


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  1. With the amount of money the owners of the program will be losing by cancelling now I doubt a magnet would have been enough!! Article states they consulted rabbanim to check if there was another solution!!

  2. full over ride can only be done from central system with hotel doing it. some older systems came be put in VIP mode, it only works for 24 hrs yom tov is 48 hrs. in any case for individuals to do it hotel threatened $1000 fine for any room put into over ride it only allowed us to cover the motion sensor which would means all the rooms would have default setting too cold or hot for comfort for two day yom tov they were not even willing to change the default mode to a normal range claiming no kosher group ever needed it we shouldnt need it either.

  3. We were there for a family simcha and we inquired about the sensor in the room. They claimed that no one ever inquired about it. I told them that they will have problems if they do not rectify the matter .So we lowered the HVAC system as that was what we knew had a sensor. I do not recall this other magnet….I dont think i was in a new room etc… Def will be looking out for this at my next stay.

  4. you dont see the magnet its a RF sensor in the door and we found out about it by accident when we were talking to the engineer about what we can do since covering the sensor for two days is not like a shabbos ppl would be very upset to have low heat and no AC after paying good money.
    the engineer told us. I get what your trying to do but that doesn’t help with the door, so we said what about the door he was very not helpful so we had to research on our own and the more we saw the more complicated it became we looked for any possible loop hole, this is our parnasah we didnt just walk away we have been working nonstop since the min we found out about it, if there was something we could have done we would have, we have been in crazier situations of having to switch hotels 2 weeks before yom tov due to construction we felt this was far away from yom tov for people to make other arrangement. for todays system the only solution is if the hotel works on their main system to over ride, it can be done and hotel that wants kosher business will do it so long as ppl let them know, enough customer that want it will encourage them to do it, unfortunately we got burned but we were not michallal shabbos and hopefully it will prevent others from chillul shabbos and from getting into this situation.

  5. I’ve been going to this pasech program with my husband and kids for the past few years was an amazing expiernce the atmosphere and food was amazing I will definitely be following up regarding there new location etc.!

  6. what a kidush Hashem and miseros nefesh for kavod Shabbos v’yom tov. Hashem should only bentch you and your family with simcha and yidisheh nachas for the sacrifice and commitment towards the sanctity of שבת ויום טוב.

  7. Kol Hakovod to Rabbi and Mrs. Tennenbaum! Although I am upset we won’t be together for Yom Tov, I am truly happy at your decision as it reflects a Torah true approach to business and life in general. If we could all act like the Tennebaums when we make our decisions in life, the frum world will be a better place.

    Best Regards,
    Shimi Erenthal

  8. What do people do with electronic hotel seems that almost all of the hotels have electronic keys..very few have manual keys for Shabbos..having someone open it for you if not a chatchila….what do people do about going to such hotels over Shabbos/yom tov?

  9. Hi……. gut morgin! I am mamish truly beyond devastated about this.. I’m ois mentsch… me and my family kh were zoche to be able to come to this gevaldiga program since the first day they opened their doors… I’m really in gehakta tzaros!!! Chef flam is the most geshikta cook that’s ever existed!!! My kinderlach are such picky eaters but when they eat chef Flam’s food they mamish tuck in!!!
    Chef flam pls help us!!!! Waaaahhh

  10. some hotels have RF sensors on the fridge shelves and when a can of soda is removed from the room’s refrigerator the guest is automatically billed

    כל שומר שבת כדת מחללו שכרו הרבה מאוד

  11. Wow! I don’t know the Tannenbaums but if they were willing to sacrifice for Shabbos in such a manner where others would have been tempted to look away, there is no better hechsher for a program than that. What better way than this to know that they won’t compromise when it comes to kashrut etc. May hashem pay them back for their sacrifice and kiddush Shem shamayim!

  12. there are plenty of problems that peiple going to hotel for shabbos n yom tov dont know. 1) light sensor 2) hvac sensor . 3)closet door light sensor 4)tv sensor 5)coffe machine sensor 6) even bed sensor when get off bed light goes on around bed bottom so can see where you walking if room is dark 7) now puting sensor on bathroom do . 8) sink and toilet flush senso . 9)electronic door key 10)automatic door at front of hotel when walk near it 11) sensor on stairwell lights (thought no elevater was good enogh) 12) video cameras acc to some area problem and alot activate on motion sensor 13) eruv chateris 14) bosar shenisalem is leavre door open bec of electronic key 15) where do u light candles is huge issue and on chanuka as well . after all this and hotel tells u we override it all how can h trust a non yisroel i have caught them lie straight out and then they not all sensors can we do on override so if u know a little about electric u can figure all these out

  13. To all those that are unfortunately without a place to spend Pesach, I extend an invitation to my house. We do not eat gebroks, chol hamoded entertainment will be provided by Roberts carnival & Shiurim daily in our local shul. Kol Dichven Yesai Veyachal. Best of all we are magnet & sensor free!

  14. I am the chef for pesach for less for the last 6 years bh we have an amazing program all though the tennenbaum family has cplsed I am taking over the program it will be called the pesach experience with chef flam it will be an amazing pesach in bushkill inn in the poconos please call 7328875087 rooms are going fast

  15. The tennenbaums run a first class program. Although I am sad not to spend pesach with them, they showed us that halacha Is more important than parnasah. They told everyone early enough so we could make other arrangements. This would have been my 5the year. I wish them good luck in all that they do and they should be zocha to only simchas

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