First BOE Meeting With New Candidates Erupts In Fireworks

boe meeting first with new members 4-26-10PHOTOS & VIDEO (Video U/D 11:35 a.m.) of the first Board Of Education Meeting with the newly elected members, which concluded moments ago. At today’s meeting, Mr. Ostreicher made a motion to make Mr. Leonard Thomas the Board President. Mr. Thomas who has a history of voting against the non public schools needs, was given a position of power. “With much behind the scenes fighting going on, it seems the old Board Of Education members wanting to keep the old system running, promised Mr.

Thomas the President’s seat among other things” said an activist, close to the LAC. Mr Seitler, Mr Fink, Mr. Zlotkin and Mr Silver voted against him and against Mr. Inzelbuch, becoming the Board Attorney.

They had wanted to bring in a new Attorney who had attended this meeting. The new attorney was from a law firm that has deep connections in Governor Christie’s Office and were going to charge $200 an hour instead of $250 an hour. With Mr. Thomas voting for Mr Inzelbuch for the first time in his 8 years as a BOE member, they lost the vote. “This and the fact that Mr. Thomas hasn’t been a friend of the Non Public schools community, may cost us a lot”, said a member of the LAC.

The new members were able to approve a vote that removed Mr. Inzelbuch from being the Special Education Consultant, something that they had broad support for.

The real question is, what suggestions the 3 Board members will give to the Township Committee for cuts in budget, and will the Township Committee follow what the community just voted for.

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  1. Inzelbuch resigned as special ed consultant to narrowly save his position as board attorney. The new members sure have his number and want him OUT.

  2. They have started to clean up the corruption. Don’t worry about the negative comments. Keep up the good work. To #3: those who do know have been robbing us blind. Let these guys do the work that they have been elected to do.

  3. 1st we wont be sorry 2nd do u work for someone whos at risk of losing a boe contract, this is good change what ever they need to know they know or will ask someone who knows and has experience and is straight…..

  4. i am soooo happy that i voted for these candidates!!! keep up the good work. maybe now our children will have a chance. MI dug his own grave.

  5. we would like to schedule a demonstration by the two board memebrs houses who voted against reform and stabbed our community in the back . All for it respond on TLS and details will follow.

  6. demonstrate in front of their house? leave their families alone. vote them out if you want, but leave the bully tactics and harrassment to others. lo zu haderech


  8. i didnt know you make so much money administering a 401k plan that one will team up with an enemy and stab the struggling homeowner with tax increases

  9. Seems like the tea party is aive and well in lkwd “less taxes less services” out with the corrupt old and out-of-touch in with the fed-up-taxpayers

  10. It would be nice if it would be put out in plain English for all us unconnected schlubs to see, how each of these old BOE members are benefiting from the BOE. Any possible conflict of interests would be helpful for us, so that we can understand their motivations.

    Is it that they really care about any issues or they are trying to protect a personal cash cow. Let us decide on out own.

    people would serve their term and then go on and let someone else serve their wont be eny i owe yous etc or back scratching they would be their to serve and thats it which is really the job in the first place

  12. I wouldn’t call it “less taxes, less services”

    I would say “more services for less” Let’s get our money’s worth and more, and throw the guys out that are just milking the system while abandoning our kids, all our kids, from all the communities.

    This should prove for all those reading this site, that just because one is orthodox doe not mean he gets special privileges in this town, all that is happening is that people that grabbed power will do all they can to enrich themselves and their friends at all costs. In this town most of those in power just happen to be orthodox, but they don’t care about the average hardworking, taxpaying orthodox anymore then they care about the struggling senior or African- American.

  13. Where is the “Hakoros Hotov” from Ada Gonzalas?
    Most of us voted her in on the advice of the “Vaad Hachinoch” and Schenkolevski.

    Can they ask her what her motivations are for business as usual when the people have spoken loudly and clearly as to what we wanted done at the BOE?

    Do they care? Or was it more important to acquire favor with her employer then really care about the needs of the average guy in town?

  14. the innuendo being spouted by the teabaggers is ugly. are you going to accuse the new guys of trying to sell credit counseling to the district? have a single fact before you assassinate people’s character. If you don’t like their voting record, vote them out. But retain your moral character and decency in the rabid pursuit of your brand of justice.

  15. (moderated) I want you to know that you got me very mad now.

    The teachers at Catapult know everything that’s going on, all the fraud and corruption, and we’ve had it. You want us to report you?

    When you spit at us in the face, that gets us real mad. And if we’re real mad, we will do mad stuff. Like finally going to the FBI maybe?

  16. More than anything else that Obama and the Democrats have done to ruin our great country, what makes the Tea Party the most scared and upset, is when the Democrats and the Liberals thumb their noses at us the people, after we’ve clearly told them our objections to their policies.

    The same is happening right now at the Board of Ed. They are thumbing their noses at us. They don’t care that the people have spoken. Fellow citizens of lakewood! Remember your anger and disgust, there will be new elections in one more year, don’t forget to vote Ostreicher and Thomas and Gonzales out of office.

    And this November…… straight Republican!!

  17. and MI wins again.some people just dont go away ! to the new members,it wont be as easy as you thought,keep on fighjting,the town is with you.

  18. MI is reinstated on the behest of the Vaad. Saving the oilom $50 an hour is not an issue the Vaad cares about. Take note. We need one more free voice on the BOE, and it’s coming next year. Count on it.

  19. We are logical people. We understand logic. Why and how would the new board members sell credit counseling to the BOE? Doesn’t make any sense. Right?

    But when a board member has seen what the public wants (89% vote down a budget he proposed, 3 new board members by a landslide) and refuses to change (or at least abstain from) business as usual, while at the same time is making money off administering the BOE pension and benefits, then logical people start to make connections and ask questions. They may be wrong, but you can’t get all preachy as to why these questions are being asked.

  20. looks like R’ Shain was right about Gonzalez.
    However, I’m really surprised that R’ Grunhut is going along with Mr. Inselbuch. I think that the board should be a little more in touch with the people, and what the people want.
    The average hard working tax-payer is really struggling to pay bills. Right now, we need to cut the fat. If that means no dance teachers, or no softball coaches, then so be it. Lets stick to the basics of educating the children. When times get better, then we could focus on luxuries.
    I wonder if in the great depression the boe’s were spending money like we are?
    And while I’m at it, please stop giving our community special favors. We don’t need it. We don’t want it. As a matter of fact, it is not even a favor! It just gets added onto our tax bill!
    It reminds me the time my son bought me an expensive gift. Then I saw my credit card bill!
    Again, please don’t do us any special favors. Just do your job, and I’ll do mine.

  21. For those that don’t know what Ada Gonzales’s day job is. She works for the Lakewood Community Services Corp. Go look it up yourselves and see who is the boss of that organization is. This will give you some idea as to who she might take her orders from.

  22. To hire an attorney with DEEP connections to the governors office may not be such a good idea. the B.O.E., should be about what is good for the students in lakewood. any outside influence may not have our children’s best interest in mind. best of luck not only to the new members, but the board as a whole. ms. gonzalez practice what you preach… be professional.

  23. Don’t these people see the handwriting on the wall? They can hold on and grasp the last straws of the “old ways” but the voters have clearly spoken and the last few members of the “old ways” will just be voted out next time. Don’t forget there are a few seats up for realection in a drop less than a year. I would think it would be smart for the members who want to keep their seats next year to join the new members in doing what the voters want. But who am I to talk.

  24. Shhhhhh, Be very very quiet the FBI is hunting for corruption nearby.
    The FBI is very close they are in the Toms River School District with the Toms River Superintendent of Schools Michael J. Ritacco and still around dealing with the Solomon Dwek incident.
    Look out Lakewood Politicians, Politic Hunting is not over yet, keep your heads down.

  25. To #34″

    When you write “while at the same time is making money off administering the BOE pension and benefits”, i hope you will write in your notebbook to ask him Mechila in Public because besides for it being a false accusation, you have accused him of doing something which is illegal.

  26. It’s not WHAT the new guys are trying to do that is so bad, it’s the way they are doing it that is so horrendous. The three of them are like whipper snappers coming in with absolutely no menschlichkeit ,experience or know how whatsoever. The horrible Chillul Hashem that is taking place and will continue to take place is just shameful. You should have seen the non-Jews at work reading the Lakewood Scoop today seeing Jews pinned against Jews. I want to know who the Daas Torah Behing this catastrophe is? I want to know how L’shem Shamayim everyone is really acting. They are not coming across as the altruistic and idealistic angels of salvation that they claim to be. They are coming across as obnoxious, hotheaded and immature kids who have declared an all out war. This is not the way that orthodox Jews should present themselves to eachother and certainly not to the world at large when papers like the Asbury Park Press are just waiting to pounce on this. I’m afraid, Rabbosai, because this is only the beginning. It may be true that things have not been ideal at the BOE, but at what cost is the change going to happen. I fear for K’vod Shomayim, I fear For Sinas Chinam, especially during these holy days of Sfira and worst of all, I fear Hashems wrath in this. Such discord amongst us is ultimately doomed to fail. This is no Machlokes L’shem Shomayim, this is clearly a personal vendetta. Let’s not get stuck focusing on pettiness like the little we may save in taxes or the extra session of speech therapy that a child may or may not get. Although they both have a lot of value, they pale in comparison to the greater picture of being a nation that is supposed to represent K’vod Hashem.Hashem Yerachem

  27. I was just repeating what has been stated here. See above comment #14 and #15.

    If this a total fabrication I didn’t mean to make this up and I apologize and stand corrected.

    However, it doesn’t stop us from wondering what he does have from standing up to the changes requested by the voters. Let him explain. Just sending messages that we, the average taxpayers, are too stupid to understand how things work, won’t cut it as an explanation. Explain it to us, slowly, we’ll eventually catch on.

  28. Paying Michael Inselbucht $250 an hour is outrageous!!! I don’t care if other townships pay that much. Its one thing if he only works a few hours a week, but that is not the case. And now he resigned from his other job, so he has even more time to “work” for us at $250 an hour. Lets assume Michael works an average amount of hours. A full-time worker in the United States work on average 2080 hours per year.
    At $250 an hour, that amounts to $520,000 a year.
    Now, are we getting our monies worth? Or is Michael.
    If we would pay an attorney only $200 an hour, then on according to the average hours worked, it would amount to $416,000. That is $104,000 less tax collected.
    Does he do such amazing work that he is worth the money?

  29. to #34 decent guy:
    you state your accusatory innuendo with the smug self-righteousness of a Salem witch-hunter. woe is to us who have the teabaggers dominating the “righteous” positions in public debate. You will kill the man unjustly and then claim it was a slight error but you were still correct about corruption. Grow a conscience, you are worse than the (moderated) character, you will throw people under the bus without any regard for damage to them, their families or the community. Do teshuva.


  31. Chaim Shalom,
    I really feel for you. You obviously had nothing to worry about kvod shomaim and hashems wrath when all the corruption was taking place BY UNZERA all these years!!! Please calm down and look back and see how bad things were for all of us previously and stop blaming the new guys for working on cleaning up the other peoples mess!!

  32. I want to see these these new guys on the board express some concern for the kids in the school system whom they were elected to represent.Their failure you do so is a tremendous Chilul Hashem.

  33. Most people here have not accused anyone of corruption (except for those that have connected the TR BOE scandal to Lakewood without any basis).

    In most cases conflicts of interest are not necessarily illegal, just not particularly ethical. Even that, has not been what everyone believes. Everyone is given the benefit of the doubt, and their is no reason to think that everyone on that board isn’t a moral and ethical person. They just want to understand what is the thinking and reasoning behind their actions. Why would they buck the will of the voters? Why would a member vote differently then he has always voted and at the same time have been awarded the presidency? It just all doesn’t seem right.
    Unfortunately, in the process people start thinking all kinds of things possibly and probably wrongly.

  34. these numbers speak for themselves…
    the municipal tax levy history (all public record):
    2005 – $23,497,996
    2006 – $31,016,934
    2007 – $35,269,360
    2008 – $39,914,374
    2009 – $43,594,339
    2010 – ??,???,???

    now go take look at your property taxes (forget about the assessments, that’s all a smoke screen) from 2005 till now….
    need i say more?

  35. Its very nice that everyone has a place to vent of all wrongdoings. Just remember if g-d forbid someone has a special needs child you can go to the attorney with “deep connection to the gov” well see how much good that gets you. Corruption is bad giving every one their own voice is not good either.

  36. I just wonder, how educated our board of Ed is? Does everyone have a high school diploma, any a bachelors & any a masters or possibly a PHD?
    OK I guess not been so educated makes you impartial an outsider.
    Have the board of Ed ever spent a day in our local public schools have they seen the buildings the staff, the kids the needs?
    Is it all about money?
    Are you upset that there are ilegals? that the public system doesn”t cater to your needs? This is a free country, & allows you freedom of religion,& many other programs,. how many other countries in the long exile offered so much?
    So you don’t want to pay for ileagals schooling. Did those kids knowingly jump the border? Who brought them to Lakewood? jobs while 10% of US is unemployed.
    I guess you could spread the guilt all round, but for the agenda to be strictly the budget& the bussing & lunches of private schools although, a very hearty feeling, it has nothing to do with the BOE.
    I do believe there is an abundance of waste & public schools in Lakewood have musch less limited funds than the private sector who are actually the taxpayers funding the system. Please remember this is the USA.

  37. Can we clean up the inspection dept. Now it is long overdue why do we have to double pay to get something done in new york you have to pay for expiditers why in a small town like lakewood do we have to pay someone to get the inspections we need?

  38. Deep connections get u know where look at michael he has more connections the most people in this town and was on the verge of losing his job today and the firm they wanted to hire michael has beat them in a case already so chesky what was your plan to hire a firm for 200 a hour and have michael beat them in court and charge the boe 375 a hour u are not going to win michael in the court room or outside the court room so wow u took away a job of his the didn’t save u a penny as u hear in the video michael says its a state funded job as a special ed…. So so far u didn’t cut a dollar of taxes what will u say to those parents that come to get there kids in to schi and mr fink I voted for but didn’t expect what u did today!!

  39. just because MI said its a state funded job you believe him ?

    so he is fooling you too?

    are you stupid?

    almost half the money spent on Ed comes from the state . by spending on hlself it means the taxpayers have to pay for the big bite he took out.

  40. u sound like u r “nogea bdavar” with MI but everything is min hashamayim and God obviously did this to MI for a reason. Dont get all riled up how MI will beat them in court. God has His plans and all bc MI beat many ppl in court, it doesnt mean that MI will beat the BOE in court this time. Calm down.

  41. It is time for this community to come together and for the record the new board members had nothing to do with MI one less Job and if they dont learn how to work with others get ready for a lame duck year for all three of them. Please also explain why someone was ready to increase cost to the taxpayers for additional transportation.

  42. MI can not sue the BOE. He was an attorney for the BOE it would be a violation of attorney client privelege do not fall for scare tactics.

  43. Well if u watch the video mr finger confirms it what michael says
    And to 66 I am a close friend of michaels and yes he fought a case for me even though I don’t agree with him on everything I have major hakros hatov for him and so should this town how can u openly say that michael would lose?? Have u seen him in court?? Do u know that almost every boe in nj fairs him and almost every judge in jersey know of him he might not walk around like some fancy lawyer but what counts is his proven record of never losing a special ed case!!

  44. I live in Chicago I don’t know all the reason but I wanna know why do people dislike michael its sounds like people are jealous of the money he makes!!

  45. It seems like where stuck here with michael he doesn’t owe anyone in lakewood anything no more, when news broke about that the new 3 won we all knew that they wanted michael out and not one askin in town stuck up for him not kotler not the vaad not igud not one, I will be honest if I was him I would ignore all of your phone calls for quite awhile but this only happened because hashem has a plan and I don’t think michael would ever do that because he still will listen to rav shmuel kamensky the only person right now that michael will listen to is abe ostriecher!!

    Michael I wish you luck and much hatzlcha I always had the feeling that hashem was always with you.

    May we all come together to make a better lakewood.

  46. we can all yell and scream, but the bottom line is that we are hear to identify and serve children’s educational needs. This should only be the focus. This is for public and private student needs. I am a teacher and have kids in self contained classes. I pay high tuitions and high taxes. The focus is what the children needs is what i do. I do without many luxuries because my kids needs are such. My students’ needs are high priority as well. If this means buying supplies for them with my own money or spending lunch periods calling parents, I will do it. Please forget our difference, focus on the kids.

  47. B.O.E. attorney should be paid whatever other attorneys in neighboring towns pay theirs. 250 dollars an hour does seem a bit excessive. maybe the current amount paid can be negotiated.

  48. I am nit taking any sides. But its pretty intetesting that the reasons being given here for keeping an attorney on ,have to do with the fact that if he is not rehired he will go back to suing the BOE ? Is that really true ? do we hire people because they threaten to sue us ?

  49. one day this all will change
    treat people the same
    stop with the violence
    down with the hate
    one day we’ll all be free
    and proud to be
    under the same sun
    singing songs of freedom

  50. I would think if he remains as the school board attorney suing the district on behalf of special education placements and ieps not being followed would be a conflict of interest. even if he resigned as the board attorney he was privy as a former employee to have knowledge about specifics with regard to program etc – would that violate some type of law?

  51. shame on all of you who speak only because you are bitter and miserable we must focus on “all” children regardless of color, race, or religion…there are bigger things going on in the world today this is a poor example of USA coming together…..stay focused on coming together to make a stronger Lakewood…so we can be an example for other school districts and communities who are not as unique as Lakewood…

  52. To all those who say we should come together and make peace, Next time someone steals from you, instead of going to the police, just come together and make peace, okay?

    The BOE is stealing from us to the tune of tens of millions of dollars. Stop stealing from us!

  53. do the board members know beforehand whats going to come up for a vote? do they have any time to think or discuss the issue that they are voting on or its just yes or no?

  54. Carl Fink has the leadership qualities we desperately need on the BOE. He should take over as Board president. And no, I don’t (yet) live in the senior villages.

  55. MI dumped his special ed position because he knew there was an to outreach to the NJ Bar association to see if he could hold an employed position with the school board while being it’s attorney.

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