Tonight’s Fireworks Display Cancelled Due To Weather

fireworks 2010 tlsJUST IN: TLS has learned that the Fireworks display event which was to take place tonight at Lake Carasaljo, has been cancelled due to weather conditions. Officials were hoping that the event could take place as planned, but were told moments ago by the fireworks company that it would not be feasible.

The event will instead take place on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend, officials tell TLS.

See video below of last year’s event.

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  1. HAHA I suppose they dont want to do it on the actual 4th because of the $$ issue…sucks for we do it the day before labor day..that makes no sense at all.

  2. The Red Bank fireworks is the rehearsal for Macys NY fireworks. You can take the train there. They are amazing! They are done tonight.

  3. Its really not a place for a Ben Torah to be. You can all jump on me its fine but fact of the matter is, its 100% wrong to go as its full of taruvos and everything else …..(how do I know? because I went there once years ago). and so the fact its cancelled should not make any difference to anyone. Maybe the neighbors can have a quiet night instead.

  4. Hey cool masmid, (and everone else) if you are so against celebrating our independance I have a suggestion for you.


    This is an american independance, if you don’t like it, give up your freedom I fought for.

    Go live somewhere else.

    I am saddend that they had to cancel an AMERICAN TRADITION but i also understand the saftey that is involved. let enjoy the rest of the day, have a BBQ after shiur. and lets wait till labor day to enjoy the end of summer.

    Be well and be safe everyone, and if you see a veteren thank him for your freedom (and your freedom to complain)

  5. i cant beleive that i am for once agreeing with cool masmis

    we need this yuntiff

    but if they are calling it of

    zoll zayn azoi

    mi kiamcha yisroel
    did we ever call off sukkos?etc?

    a zechus for am yisreol

  6. As far as I’m concerned, if it’s not on July fourth, there’s no point in having them and they’re dangerous for your ear drums and a waste of the taxpayer’s money.

  7. Mr. John M. Stricker,

    Please repeat ONE comment above that implied in any way whatsoever that they were “against celebrating our independence” as you assert in your comment. Please don’t blow things out of proportion. Out of 18 comments one was saying that it’s better this way. His reason; it’s better that our boys don’t mingle among women and girls. Our(and it seems yours too) religion does not allow for comingling of men and women. That is all he/she said and two other commenters agreed with him.

    How does that imply that we shouldn’t celbrate the holiday? In fact the comment ended off with G-D Bless America in Hebrew. Please don’t concoct stories to rile up your audience and yourself. If anyone requests, I will translate the one or two comments in Hebrew above.

    Happy 4th of July to all!

  8. Mr. Stricker,

    Cool masmid is not against celebrating the fourth of July. He is raising a question about attending a specific event for reasons that have nothing to do with be for or against the holiday, I know that I, as a Jew, feel especially blessed to be in a country where I have freedom and equal rights. My grandparents experienced terrible persecution before coming to this country where their children and grandchildren could have the freedom of religion that was denied to Jews for centuries in Europe. I am sure that other Jews join me in a very heartfelt G-d bless America!

  9. old litvak – first off, its cool masmid (not masmis). And secondly, you should be the first to agree with me for the reasons I gave. And to you John M Stricker, I am all for celebrating our independence, but hate to break it to you nothing – thats right NOTHING comes before keeping the laws of the Torah, and where it all may be well meaning, bottom line is, going to such a place one has to ask himself if it compromises on laws of the Torah.

  10. As I type this it is thundering, dark, cloudy and a storm is threatening. A well informed decision was made to cancel tonights show. Even if it doesn’t not rain anymore, the ceiling (clouds) would prevent anyone from seeing the fireworks anyway. Now as to the labor day change of date, it is another reason to celebrate the end of summer and a start of the new school/work year. Kudos, town fathers!

  11. How many of u guys screaming about people not caring about our country have flags in front of your homes? Or is it just here that you run your mouths off but could really give a hoot about it

  12. dear cool masmid and old litvak,
    you should be embarrassed of your selves! how do you think you are? in this country we have freedoms that other country’s don’t. if you need explanations, why we have them, than im sorry you need to go back to school! hashem gave us yom tovs, to remember what we had gone thru, like pesach, or 9 bav. the fourth of July means that we gained our independence from England and are free to keep those yom tovs how we want and pray where we want!! so i vote that we should have fireworks before labor day!!

  13. I am embarrassed about this decision.
    I hope that we r not saving money on the expense of those who are expressing their patriotism.
    I wish the Township Committee the best of luck.

  14. Wow!! You all need to relax and stop complaining so much about every little thing! It would be a waste to try and do them’s raining and thundering. The fireworks need to be done sometime..(since i’m sure they’re paid for).so whats wrong with Labor day weekend?? A great way to end the summer!!

  15. 19

    like i said before it is tradition. if you don’t like it LEAVE. move to canada or any of the middle eastern countries were you don’t have freedom to have our tradition.

    Tradition is just that. you live in AMERICA you celebrate the american holiday’s. you don’t want than just stay in you own little enviroment and enjoy the benefits that people fought for. Don’t you dare make fun of them.

  16. to all you nay sayers oh its sunny out now.

    its 5:52pm take a look out side ITS POURING……..

    Enjoy your holiday and remember to thank a veteren for your freedom..

  17. BTW: It’s absolutely free and truly inspiring.

    I do not by any means deprecate the Founder’s of this United States who I believe to be righteous gentiles, of which not a few were Jews and many were fluent in the Hebrew Text of the Torah. The Americas were a haven for the Jews and some of America’s Synagogues predate the American revolution by hundreds of years. Having said that we must be thankful for all those that fought for the eternal ideology of:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

    Given the current state of affairs It is highly arguable that is the America we live in today (IMHO).

  18. John M. Stricker,

    Seems to me you don’t want to reply to the comments that proved you were wrong. You’re just another rabble rouser !

  19. I guess they got it right, tonight is a wash, what happens if it rains on labor day? will they do it on chanukkah

  20. I believe what is missing from this article is an official statement as to what the downside is of having the fire works Bizmano on the Fourth along with some sort of apology towards those Americans who have been looking forward to this event taking place in July.

  21. …please loosen your sneakers; I think its restricting the flow of vital blood to your cranium. Please re-read their comments. They are all for July 4th, and everything else you said. It has nothing to do with celebrating, it has nothing to do with fireworks, it has everything to do with how THEY wish to personally celebrate Independence Day, and what the Torah would consider an appropriate format of that celebration. Do you get it yet?

  22. If anything, they should schedule the fireworks display for the 2nd of July, as that is when Independence was actually declared. The Declaration written by Mr. Jefferson, who also authored the Virginia statue for Religious Freedom, was approved on the 4th and for some reason this was set as the day for celebration at the onset. If it then rains, they have two additional days (3rd & 4th) to have the fireworks display. As for the money issue, this nation and our town (as I am a resident here for over 40 years) wastes much more on other things. Any time we honor our nation or our service persons on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, what price is to much? Have fireworks on Labor Day if you must, but that pays little homage to our nation and those who brought us freedom. IIf the weather allows, tomorrow should bear our esteem and the display should be given. If you choose not to participate and celebrate or honor this nation, citing supposed religous excuses remember that it is a benefit you acquired from this nation and those who fought and died for you. But let us not forsake the entire holiday and its traditions because you feel You specificaly or members of Your community do not wish to partake in a National holiday such as Independence Day or Memorial Day that should be reverenced by all who populate this good land. As a Jewish American it is shameful that we do not as a people hold a higher regard for this nation and her traditions or pay due respect to those who have given and secured our right. In this respect, Mr. Striker is correct. I may not be as learned as others, but I have found nothing in the Torah, Talmud, Mishnah, writings of Hillel, Gamliel I or II, or anywhere else, where it says do not honor the country you are in and do not attend the fireworks display or parade that does so. In fact, it is the opposite – You are to honor them. It is a mitzvah to do so.

  23. Yea cool masmid, why pay any respect to the only nation on earth that has consistantly supported you, sent her children to die for you, gave you refuge when all other nations would not, and allows you to be part of all the rights and benefits even when you want to remain seperate and not support her? I am sure the great Rabbis Hillel and Gamliel would be so very proud of you.

    Ethics of Reciprocity
    If I am not for myself, who will be for me?
    If I am not for others, what am I?
    And if not now, when?
    Rabbi Hillel
    “What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn” (Shab. 31a). Hillel recognized brotherly love as the fundamental principle of Jewish moral law. He and Gamliel recognized that if you do not help all mankind, then you are doomed yourself. Now go and learn!

  24. There actually were fireworks today, of the natural kind, provided by Hashem Himself (thunder and lightening)
    By the way if you think this country is all about independence – think again. Our constitution is constantly being challenged and much of our freedoms are being insidiously curtailed. Hamvin Yovin.

  25. To #38 “Memorial Day”,

    Apparently you choose to ignore what is WRITTEN also and instead focus on what your mind concocted. I quote you:

    “If you choose not to participate and celebrate or honor this nation, citing supposed religous excuses”……

    Who are you to make away with our religious beliefs? If it would be “excuses” as you assert than why would The Minyan put out a request every year for single girls not to attend their Lag Baomer Fire? Got it? Mingling of boys and girls is inappropriate at any venue whether it’s celbrating the American Independence Lag Baomer or Chol Hamoed….. If you feel that it is too stringent a law for you or it’s not applicable to you, perhaps you’re right(if you asked your local Rabbi) but please don’t discount those that wish to not attend as making “excuses”.

  26. Crackberry,

    Sorry I was out helping elder couples in my community who lost electric do to the storm.

    If you and cool masmid are so heleg that you cant go to the lake or even watch from rt9. I have this question for you. Do you go to shoprite, walmart, target or any other non jewish store. or better yet do you go on the INTERNET like all the rabonim tell you not to.

    So you call me a rebel rouser. Look in the mirror before you type..

    ps hope you enjoyed g-ds fireworks.

  27. Dear Tls Editor,
    Is there any specific reason why my comment from 626PM is atill awaiting moderation?
    Did I somehow violate any of the comment rules?
    Perhaps this is an oversight on my part?
    Can you explain?

  28. John M. Stricker, with all due respect but with every comment that you post here on TLS my respect for you is less and less. First off, not going to the lake to watch the fireworks has nothing to do with being ‘heilig’ and everything to do with not putting myself in a situation where one can come to be ‘oiver’ very serious issurim. You dont see it that way and thats very sad. you seem like a kind hearted individual, but unfortunately very misguided. And your comparison to going to Target and Walmart is totally out of line. But I will let you know that I do avoid those stores as much as possible for exactly those concerns. Good try John…..

  29. @Crackberry
    Perhaps you should learn to read better as I ignore nothing nor do I focus on what my mind concocted. I know quite well the laws, customs, and traditions of my religion and my country. I don’t “make away” with any beliefs as you do. As you say, a request is just that, a request. It holds no power of law, custom, or tradition. I do, however, respect the request and in general both agree and support it for young people. Of course, semantics may come into play to interpret the extent of the word “mingle”. But I may refrain from semantics for now. There is nothing that says you can’t bring a group of girls together seperately from a group of boys together seperately and observe the National Holiday without “mingling” with us regular folks or between genders in general. You do this in your schools and your busing. There is no reason the same could not be done here. So, as you see, it is an “excuse” as you have options to view the display without compromising the Minyan’s Request, which I again will state I respect. Perhaps this option should be presented to them. Find two seperate spots around the lake and enjoy.

  30. John M. Stricker,

    Sorry, it looks like I struck the wrong cord here,didn’t realize you were that sensitive. Apparently you have a HABIT of misinterpreting comments. Please go back to read my comments. I never said that I wouldn’t go to the fireworks. In fact my wife and I wanted to take the kids but it’s way past their bedtime. What I did say was that you should not put words into other people’s mouths(or in this case written comments). All the guy was saying is that he thinks it’s inappropriate being that boys and girls comingle. I also said you should not just make away with Jewish law. Perhaps if you would consider Jewish law as sacred as this “tradition” you wouldn’t have created this whole storm.

    As far as the internet goes-I asked my Rov before beginning to use the internet. You should try judging people a bit more favorably. You seem like a gentle fellow, out and about helping seniors…. Try applying that in other ways too and stop throwing pots and pans around online.

  31. Memorial Day,

    I quote you:

    “You do this in your schools and your busing”. Do you have ANYTHING to back up this statement? It cannot be farther from the truth unless I don’t understand what you mean.

  32. from what ive read most of you do not deserve what a lot of people believed in and died for……courtesy of a disabled vet.. ithink you should packup & go back where you came from, maybe you’ll appreciate it after having lost most of your freedoms somewere else.

  33. John M. Stricker,

    Sorry, it looks like I struck the wrong cord here,didn’t realize you were that sensitive. Apparently you have a HABIT of misinterpreting comments. Please go back to read my comments. I never said that I wouldn’t go to the fireworks. In fact my wife and I wanted to take the kids but it’s way past their bedtime. What I did say was that you should not put words into other people’s mouths(or in this case written comments). All the guy was saying is that he thinks it’s inappropriate being that boys and girls comingle. I also said you should not just make away with Jewish law.

    As far as the internet goes-I asked my Rov before beginning to use the internet. You should try judging people a bit more favorably. You seem like a gentle fellow, out and about helping seniors…. Try applying that in other ways too and stop throwing pots and pans around online.

  34. @dopigsfly

    I am sorry that you feel that way. I’ve read through all the comments and am not sure what you find offensive. All I saw was a few people who say it is against their beliefs to attend the fireworks ONLY due to modesty issues. Whether or not this is true according to Jewish law is really irrelevant. One person jumped on those two and created this whole argument here. The first person who wrote the comment actually ended his comment with G-D Bless America in Hebrew.

    Jews are well aware of the freedoms we did not have during most of our exodus and what we are accorded in the USA. Jews are forever grateful for that to our nation’s founding fathers and to our government. Jews still remain bound by Jewish law. One does not have to conflict with another.

    Happy 4th of July 2011!

  35. To cool masmid, John Stricker, Crackberry, and Memorial Day:

    Honestly, can you guys just give it a rest?? Omg, you guys just keep going back and forth on the same stupid topic! Just agree to disagree and quit nitpicking on each other’s words! You guys are really acting like your five, just reading your comments is giving me such a headache!

  36. @ Crakerberry: Yes, I have proof. According to the Lakewood Board of Education this is so. Additionally, it stands to reason as they (boys and girls) attend seperate schools. Please do not misinterpret this as meaning I have issue with this. I do not.

    @Blockheads: Civil discourse is as necessary to understanding as the freedom that grants it. If you read more carefully, you will notice an evolution in the commentary of at least my and Crackerberry’s discourse. I made a statement, C responded, I elaborated, C had a question, and I now answer that question. A difference of opinion is not a difference of principle – T. Jefferson.

  37. Just because someone chooses not to attend the fireworks display doesn’t mean he is dishonoring America. Many of us watch the display from our yards or porches. Many of us also have flags hanging in front of our houses. My father was an army vet and my grandfather was in the navy. My husband’s uncle served two tours as an army chaplain in Vietnam and retired a Lt. Colonel. So do not say we are unpatriotic.
    Thomas Jefferson’s estate, Monticello, was bought after his death by a Jewish family. They said they bought it because his Declaration of Independence gave them the right to live like Jews. Please don’t disparage us for practicing our religion as we are entitled to do as Americans.

  38. To add to what “Momma” said, it is facts of history that Jews were instrumental in financing, providing supplies and fighting in the War of Independence.

    Quote: “They (the Jews of St. Eustatius, Caribbean Antilles) cannot too soon be taken care of – they are notorious in the cause of America and France.”
    Admiral Sir George Rodney commander of the British Fleet, February, 1781.

    In the Revolutionary period only some 1000-2000 Jews were in America. Yet they played an instrumental role in the fight for independence. You had Aaron Solomon who fought alongside his Christian comrades. During the terrible dark cold winter at Valley Forge, Abraham Levy and Phillip Russell stood their watch. Joseph Simon from his frontier forge at Lancaster, Pa. supplied the Army with the famous Henry Rifles. Jewish trading merchants, peaceful before the war, outfitted their ships to become privateers and ravage the British at sea.

    Many lost their lives and fortunes such as the Jews of Newport, RI. Aaron Lopez were bankrupted supporting the Revolution when his ships were lost to the British. Hayim Solomon was to die bankrupted by his total support of the American cause. When the Declaration of Independence.

    Happy 4th of July

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