Fire Lanes Are For Fire Trucks

bmg ticketingA reader has notified us that the PD have been once again ticketing vehicles illegally parked in the Fire Lane during Seder today. We would like to remind our readers, that-unless your vehicle is a fire truck responding to a fire-parking in a fire lane will get you a ticket. If G-D forbid there is a fire, your car will delay or prevent emergency personnel’s access to the scene.

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    However, car need parking spaces. What is this chochma of putting up buildings all over town with just a fraction of the needed parking spots, and then everyone complains at these “reshaim” who park in the fire lanes. For your information the closest available spot may be at the lake.

  2. if you cant park legaly then double park and bring your chavrusa out to the car and learn in trhe car and keep those hazards blinking till your done learning

  3. a friend of mine just told me a story, the story goes as follows. a ‘man’ stated that he learns everyday in one of our great bm’s. he also stated that he parks in a illagel spot every morning and only got 1 ticket in 3 months. Another man in the store asked, ‘what about a chillel hashem?’ if a cop drivers by or another human being and see’s a car parked illegal and says look at that jew! see they dont care about anyone else. isnt that a chillel hashem?? (and yes ive heard them say it) maybe im wrong. SOMEONE PLEASE CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG!!!

  4. hold up eli k. so your saying that if chas vishalom there was a fire and your car was the one in the way of a fire truck and chas vichalila a child got hurt or even worse killed would NOT feel guilty one bit because you couldnt park somewhere else ..would you rather take a little walk or feel the guilt of a childs life the rest of your life

  5. If they would make the streets from 9th to 5th st “ONE-WAY” as I have been begging for 4 years, you would have parking on both sides (220 extra spaces). Meir, Menash, Steve step forward we only need 3 votes.

  6. Ok when there is a fire & i drive up in the fire truck. If a vehicle is parked in the fire lane. I will pull the truck back to the fire house. Because we all know you what the fire vehicles to park in parking spaces also at a fire. If you all remember that story a few months ago. Moral of the story dont park in fire lanes! If you cant find a spot then dont park till you do. you do not have special powers to park there.

  7. A BIG thank you to The Lakewood Scoop for posting this!

    You are 100 % correct. If someone plans on parking in an illegal spot, be prepared to be Rightfully ticketed.

    It is a complete act of selfishness, laziness, and disregard for the law and the safety of others.

  8. I agree not to park in fire lanes as it is a sakono but I hold I’m alowed to park where I want just because someone paints the curb yellow I don’t have to shtel zich tzoo who does it bother? And what if its raining I should get wet for yenes mishugasen? I hope I’m not sounding krum but that’s what I believe.

  9. you are krummer then a pretzel.. those legal yellow curbs are put there for a reason. on the other hand if someone other then the township paints it then I agree that its a mishgass.but I doubt that is the case here

  10. Park where you want.

    The Fire Department has three choices.
    1- If the driver of the apparatus is lucky he can get by the car and get to the fire
    2- If he cant get by the vehicle- they stop and pull hose’s to the fire and hope there’s enough hose to reach the fire
    3- They let the fire burn until it reaches the hose/apparatus then apply the water
    Just hope its not your house or loved one that needs the assistance and the firefighters cant get there because of a LAZY Driver

  11. I think we should all drive to yeshiva in firetrucks and then we can park in the fire lane. If chas vesholom there is a need for a firetruck we can just let them use our hoses.

  12. All I am saying is, that the people who don’t provide enough parking are the ones who should feel VERY guilty NOW. And they will definitely shoulder a large part of responsibility in case of an emergency Chas Vesholom.

  13. There IS plenty of parking – you simply have to be willing to walk a few blocks. In Manhattan, people pay $25 to park, walk 8 blocks to their destination and think nothing of it. Here, if you can’t find a legal spot withing 2 blocks, you park in a fire lane or on the sidewalk. Yet these are the one immersed in Torah yom v’liala. Something doesn’t add up.

  14. The only question I have is why are there so many spots for “employees only” are they not able to walk just like the yungeleit? Aren’t the yungeleit just as important to the yeshiva? Wht do “employees” in the office have kedima over “employees” in the bes medrash?

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