Fire Destroys New Home In Somerset Walk

lfd somersetPHOTOS & VIDEO [Updated 8:35 p.m.] A vacant home at the new Somerset Walk development was destroyed Sunday afternoon after a fire tore through it The fire started at about 3:30 p.m. and dozens of firefighters were called in to battle the blaze, including firefighters from neighboring townships.

The fire completely destroyed the inside of the home, as well as the siding of the neighboring home before it was brought under control, about 30 minutes later.

The first homeowner moved into the new Pine Street development today.

All the completed homes have been sold.

There were no injuries reported and the cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

EMS, LFA and Hatzolah also responded to the scene.

UPDATE: Sources tell TLS the fire reportedly started from a propane powered heater which malfunctioned and exploded. The heater was being used by the construction crew.

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  1. Look at how close those buildings are!!! Now wonder how more weren’t affected? I guess it is good to have a fire house just down the road from when you need them!!! Fortunately it was vacant, and no one was there to be hurt. Hope the firemen fared well without any injury to themselves.
    Do we really need to cut the fire budget, even a penny, folks???

  2. Great job LFD and Support. Good to see that everyone is still working well. Sad to see the Building code variances pushed to the absolute limit with these new building developments. This is getting rediculous I think.

  3. They came form Jackson to battle this fire. I was heading to Jackson on County line and saw all them coming. Glad no one was hurt.

  4. great question! the reason why windows are smashed by firefighters is to quickly vent out the structure. this is done for the safety of those fighting the fire as well as to “cool” down the fire. i know its hard to see it happen especially when we know how hard people worked to install them, but please also remember that most likely those windows would need to get replaced anyways due to the smoke damage. thank you so much for asking questions keep it up because you are probably asking the questions that others want to know but don’t ask.

  5. as anyone can see the firetrucks couldnt even get into this development they were out on pine street. Bh no one was hurt i am wondering if township puts any thought when they approve alll these developments to about access to emergency vehicles

  6. Mamash gevaldig the mesurash nefesh of the firfighters , hatzolah , the lakewood PD, chavayrim , shomrim, un ale gutta yidden mamash mamash mamash gevaldiga gevaldig

  7. Just imagine if this fire occurred when these houses were finished and cars were parked in the street how ever they feel like it just like everywhere else in town. The fire engines and trucks could barely get in there now so forget about in a few weeks or months, these places will all burn to the ground.

  8. It said all the “finished” homes were sold. There are still some unbuilt homes available the last 2 houses of phase 6 and the last getzel model of phase 7 are available.and phase 8 has one red house remaining. So don’t fret you can still chap one or 2 houses for the einiklach and they are less than 500k!

  9. If they determine the cause of the fire was from faulty wiring, I hope the fire inspector will inspect all the other Somerset Walk homes to ensure that the wiring was done properly in all the houses. Tragedy was averted because no one occupied these homes yet.

  10. “If they determine the cause of the fire was from faulty wiring, I hope the fire inspector will inspect all the other Somerset Walk homes to ensure that the wiring was done properly in all the houses. Tragedy was averted because no one occupied these homes yet.”

    Fire was from propane heaters used to heat the houses (which dont have gas service yet) so th esheetrock will dry quickly.

  11. Let us not forget to give a special thanks to our dear mayor Menashe Miller Shlita who took the time from the 1 weekday he has to spend with his family to show up at the fire & thank the firefighters & policemen. No one forced him to come & no other mayor ever did this. THANKS, Menashe.

  12. 400,000- 500,000 homes in Lakewood they sell even before they are build yet Lakewood never has any money who’s paying taxes in this town?

  13. who owned this house? someone or somerset development? whos responsible for it? is there insurance on the house yet? if anyone knows please keep us posted thanks

  14. Let’s see how fast we forget .We are thankIng the Lfd now because of this tragedy but we will soon complain when it comes to allocating money to them for the resources they need.

  15. “Builder” says it was from propane gas. I haven’t seen any official report to that effect yet. So, until such time, I’m sure the fire inspector is looking at all possible causes – including faulty wiring, negligence by workers, arson, etc.. Does “builder” have insurance??

  16. I also second the concern of the other buyers. We are imploring you, R’ Rephoel to please make sure that whatever they told you about the cause, is accurate. We know that you will do the right thing and keep up the wonderful reputation that somerset has “built” up. Thank you.

  17. to all you saying, “budget cuts, I think not.” for your info, the cuts that the town wants, isn’t to lay off paid volunteers or the like. we want to cut out the new fire truck from the budget(did you see how many we have on the video and pictures- we don’t need any more, not now) and to cut out 100k for renovations. all the buildings are brand new or in stunning condition, in fact I can’t figure out how they’ll spend that money, unless someone is pocketing it!!! so township we still say: cut, cut, cut.

  18. If what “Builder” says – it was from propane tanks used to dry the sheetrock quickly – it does seem a questionable practice. Let the sheetrock dry on its own – without propane! Let the builder construct these houses in a methodical and safe manner

  19. it is not possible for there to have been any faulty wiring due to the fact that there is no electricity in these home yet so this was a total unfortunate incident which has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the construction! as a matter of fact somerset has a very established reputation for first quality work!! thank you ralph, shachne, david, and joel z. for always being there for all homeowners!!

  20. Being that these houses are still under construction, there is no heat in the houses yet and if you let the sheetrock dry naturally in the cold weather, it will not dry properly

  21. RESPONDING TO NUMBER #36 – TAXPAYER You may think all of the Trucks are new some of the Trucks you see there range from 5 to 10 years old and one is refurbished . And this Town needs this equipment to protect the residents I TAKE IT YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT FIRE FIGHTING

  22. TO: taxpayer says:

    Just so you know, there was a responding truck there that was 26 years old, maybe new to you, and also the firehouse at james and river was built in 1930. I guess you think that is new too. You should check your facts before you say stupid things. People that read this blog should check the facts before jumping on a bashing the “insert organization here” band wagon.

  23. It’s good the fire didn’t start in one of those two big barns that are right along the entrance, it would have caused alot more damage.
    Also, can someone please clarify if the develpment will have any entry/exit points other then the main entrance? If there is an evacuation emergency, how can any one get out in a hurry if there is only one entrance?

  24. There was a 31 year old truck on scene (the tanker) as well as multiple other trucks from the 80’s and 90’s. Did you know lakewoods brush truck is a 1963? Bet you didn’t. Did you know that the fire house on James and 9 was built in the 30’s? So you tell me when you keep a vehicle for 20+ year old vehicle that you would use in a emergency situation. I think we need new trucks more fire fighters and to renovate the old fire houses!!!

  25. To No 50

    Maybe it was a typo, but the Lakewood brush truck is a 1953 military 6×6 5 ton unit that was purchased in the summer of 1977 after the April brush fire that started on the old Lafayette Ave and burned to the parkway (500 or more acres) A group of volunteers provided a list of equipment to the fire commissioners after the fire that was needed to get the truck in service. Labor to mount all equipment was provided free of charge by this group of men.

    As for the the building at the corner of James and Rt 9 . it was started in August of 1930 and was placed in service Feb. of 1931

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