Fire Chief’s Vehicle Parked Illegally At Last Week’s Fire Scene

PHOTOS below sent in by an Emergency Operator of a an unticketed Fire Chief’s private vehicle parked at the corner of 7th & Clifton, where emergency personnel were operating at last week’s fatal fire.

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  1. Emergency Operator: I give you a lot of credit for gathering the courage & finally bringing the “under the carpet” out in public! !
    While at the fire scene last week, I saw people pointing out various emergency vehicles parked illegally to others & I even saw a text message circulating at the fire poking at the situation (although no one would dare actually do something about it!). Thank you for pulling the carpet & thereby revealing the ugly mold rapidly growing beneath it!

  2. whats the big deal? chief shows up 3:40 in the morning to a building with many inhabitants trapped inside, and its his call as to how to evacuate, and you want him to be busy with finding parking? or do you want him to be home with a fire vehicle? or is your issue that the cops were to busy getting smoke inhalation to give tickets?

    btw, it looks like he was driving with only one working headlight, its good he wasnt pulled over on the way and held up for 30 minutes while some cops gave him a ticket.

  3. I would love to be able to understand why this is such a big deal to anyone. My husband is a fireman here in Lakewood and they all deserve the utmost respect and admiration from all of us because they are doing what we cant, saving lives and putting out fires. So lets complain and gripe about stupid things instead saying hey mr fire cheif, great job on the fire scene last week. grow up people and realize the world does not revolve around any one person, religion or group of people.

  4. You completely missed it! You obviously are not “up with times” & do not know about the issue of the Hatzolah volunteer getting a ticket while on a call. I even believe that someone that works for the fire dep. agreed that a firefighter would NOT get a ticket while on call!

  5. To “Sostupid”
    I agree with you 100%. All readers here agree with you that firefighters and all first responders should not be bothered with such trivial matters when their job is to take control of an emergency situation. However you obviously haven’t been reading the local news lately. A Jewish EMS VOLUNTEER tending to someone hit by a car was ticketed by an overzealous officer John Wilson for “parking his car in the intersection”!! If not for that incident obviously the photo wouldn’t have even been posted and noone would have been making a fuss about it. Now what the heck about this revolving around one person,religion or group of people?? Did you notice anything about religion mentioned? Because unless if my eyesight is going I did not. However I’m afraid the past incident actually reflects just what you say it does not. PARTS of Lakewood PD revolve around the Jewish community. However it revolves around us in a negative way unfortonately. That’s the whole point here;a firefighter or any other first responder will never be bothered for such a stupidity but if he’s part of the Jewish volunteer Hatzolah group whose response time to any emergency has yet to be beaten by ANY organization then he may be ticketed. He may be pulled while on a code one(for a heart attack victim) being the first unit responding and a captain on Hatzolah. He had to cancel,hence it took longer for an EMT to arrive.Now would you like want to happen to the EMT responding to G-D forbid a close relative of yours in cardiac arrest?? I didn’t think so.

  6. 12:34,
    There were 2 EMT’s on location before PO Wilson shouted at the EMT. 3 3 or 4 EMTs is normal for a pedestrian struck which just goes to show how little you & Wilson know about patient care. I would suggest the township increase their liability insurance if they are gonna have cops willing to make such calls.

  7. Anon 1:30,

    I agree. This only underscores my outlook on this issue, that this town plain & simple can’t afford to have cops like Wilson.. Just too many issues with him.. It’s too expensive for any business to salary an employee that due to his discretionary behavior could potentially carry a big liability package..






  9. to notthatstupid and everyone else too. I have been reading about the hatzolah emt that got a ticket and I know this is just someones way of trying to even the score. GROW up like I said before. It is ridiculous that anyone was even concerned with someones parking at the capitols fire. If that emt guy wouldnt have gotten that ticket last week no one would have even noticed the chiefs car. The emt guy deserved the ticket, he pulled up with no regard to the safety of the others already on scene. I know this from people who were there so please spare me the drama of what do I know.

  10. 1) There’s no parking allowed on EITHER side of the street. Neither one is “the right side of the street”.
    2) It’s people like YOU who add or should say cause things like these to happen. You’re AFRAID you’ll get a ticket, they won’t like you or treat you well…. So THAT is what allows them to bury everything under the rug cuz ppl like YOU won’t question.
    So YES you MUST make a commotion & make a macha so that MAYBE we can put a stop to it!
    (Wishful Thinking!)

  11. The EMS responder that received the ticket is not the first Lakewood first aider or firemen to receive a ticket – FACT .I guess this will be an ongoing tit for tat type of thing…Because someone calls for help for a life threatening or non life threatening event doesn’t mean that WE as responders have the right to speed or drive recklessly to help. We need to use common sense in our response and not put the public that we serve in harms way. A GREAT RESPONSE TIME means nothing if we get hurt or hurt someone in the process of responding This attitude of “balls to the wall-warp speed “to a call to save a life will bring eventual bring shame on you and your organization. Time to take the blinders off- When you kill that poor child that runs out between parked car to get a better look at lights and sirens that are passing by-WAS IT WORTH IT?.
    What do we hope to get out of all of this -Lets ticket a fire chief or the next emergency responder for breaking the law ?? -not going to solve anything. I think the last thing an officer wants to do is give any responder a ticket – So what the real story behind all of this??? What push this officer to issue a ticket? Someone said that the Police seem to harass Hotzola EMS more then the other responders -Well folks “where there’s smoke -there is fire”… Let hear the reasons why and then pass judgment.. Helping others is what we’re ALL trying to do -BUT how we go about it is sometimes is the problem SLOW DOWN -some day it will save your life and mine if I should need you .. Time for those involved in the past incident and their leaders to chat before this gets ugly.

  12. Cut the guy a break its as best of a parking job u can get arriving to an emergency scene. Unlike the ems guy alst week who almost barreled down his own people when he arrived after the scene was already under control. All fail to reveal the facts. And guess what the vehicle featured in the picture belongs to another towns fire dept. member. Who probably has no clue on the inner issues of lkwds inner bickering. Get the facts straight before you start another senseless war with Lkwds finest & bravest

  13. Just curious;why the assumtion that the EMS responder drove recklessly? In general I have never found that Hatzolah drives any quicker than PD. The only thing they do differently than other first responders is that they STOP at red lights…and then proceed whereas firefighters for example will wait until the light changes. Now I’d assume that this is either okay or has been ok’d by the higher-ups in the police department. Hatzolah’s amazing response time has nothing to do with their speed….they simply have a very well system set up. They have volunteers practically all over town and can reach a destination within 2-3 minutes or so. Just look in Brooklyn where all first responders have the red lights(as someone was bemoaning before). Hatzolah still wipes the floors with the rest of them in response time.

    To “Sostupid”
    Noone is trying to “even a score”they are trying to point out how silly and irresponsible such actions as Wilson’s were just as you say. Of course you manage to find a difference. I think you’ll differentiate no matter what the circumstances are. Sounds like you and Wilson have something in common. Wilson was overheard saying”there are too many Hatzolah guys here”. Do you know that also from the “people on scene”you claim you have?? In what manner did he constitute a danger and “total disregard” for the safety of the others already on scene?? And this you say was in his manner of pulling up(in drive mode). Sounds like you know something even Wilson doesn’t. Bottom line-it is ridiculous what happened at that accident scene and yes,you are right noone would have noticed how the vehicle was parked if not for Wilson’s incident. In fact I don’t think even one sane person thinks the vehicle should have been ticketed. They are simply pointing out the double standard out of frustration. I’m afraid you’ll be seeing this for awhile so gear up and chill out. That’s what happens when you have an officer such as Wilson who clearly is a rare breed in the PD take the course of action he decided to take. I GUARANTEE had it been a first responder tending to your relative G-D forbid you’d be yelling the same. Try to think honestly and don’t just shoot off. You know I’m right.

  14. For those that state the volunteer firefighters stop for red lights and our trucks stop at intersections, well I will tell you why: First it is state law that volunteer first responders are not and can not blow through the intersection at any time. It has been a courtesy that some people stop in the intersections for those members to pass through but it is a COURTESY. We try not to abuse that. Yes Hatzolah first responders may get there faster but it goes to say that they are more reckless when they drive and they have sirens where the volunteer members of LFD and LFAS are not authorized air horns or red and blue lights and sirens. We are bound by state law to adhere to them or lose our privileges. That is why it takes us a little longer..How dare you think we are taking our time on purpose..perhaps for your safety you should thank us once and a while. Stop trying to place blame on who did what and when. We are not “special” we respond in the dead of night, during the day, from our jobs..we are unpaid and understaffed when at calls but we don’t complain, we get the job done and then go back to our jobs, families and lives.

    Enough Said!!

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