Fight On Chestnut Street Ends In Gunfire Just 24 Hours After Fatal Shooting

crime_scene_with_lpd_tls_picA fight on Chestnut Street early this morning ended with gunfire, sources tell TLS. Approximately 1:15 a.m., police responded to the Chestnut neighborhood after they received reports of gunshots. A neighbor tells TLS, a fight was heard outside, which was followed by approximately six gunshots. Upon Arrival, police found several bullet casings on the street, but no suspects were found, an official tells TLS.

Police are investigating.

Many Frum families have moved into the Chestnut Area over the last couple of years.

This shooting comes just 24 hours after a fatal shooting on Somerset Avenue and Stirling Avenue claimed the life of a young man. TLS-CCP/TLS-00/TLS-RM.

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  1. go ahead rent to illegals and gang memebers. sure go ahead and live the lazy life by hiring illegal to do ALL your work…guess what gentlemen….the chickens have come home to roost!!!

  2. I heard the shots at 12:30. Just out of curiosity do you mean part of the neighborhood is frum, or we are only part frum? You guys are clowns. There are plenty of Non-Jews living on Forest Avenue, would you say partially frum about Forest Avenue? You just want to cover for your friends who are renting out their houses in the neighborhood by stating that it is only partially frum therefore they are allowed to rent out their houses. There are over 100 Frum families living right off Chestnut Street, yes you read that right. Have a nice day.

  3. Laying off police officers has absolutely nothing to do with this story. The fact is that there is a minimum/maximum number of officers on the road at any given time. You cannot predict when and where a crime will occur. More police officers does not necessarily mean less crime in areas such as Chestnut Street which I might add was always a quiet section of the community. Crime will occur with less or more police officers. Statistics show that when the economy goes sour, crime increases. My point is, stop the comments about the laying off the police officers which has NOTHING to do with this story.

  4. Hey #6 We don’t need a change in leadership, Chief Lawson is doing all he can with what he has to work with , and it isn’t much. What he needs is more cops on the streets so they can actually go out and proactive police work like they used to. About five years ago when the PD still had almost 125 officers, crime rate was way down, I do believe they even had one year where there were no homicides at all. But, with only give or take 99 officesr and only 60 of them on the road, this place is becoming more and more like the wild west .

  5. O and to Moshe, I’ve lived in Chestnut Estates for almost 24 years. I keep my property beautiful and live a quite, respectable life, that was until houses were bought and then made section 8 and then rented to low life people. There was never ANY type of shenanigans like this in the neighborhood until recent years. And secondly, Moshe, what school of Criminal justice or class on police procedures and patrolling did you attend, because you seem to know so much of what police work entails. Which ever school it is, you should ask for your money back because more police, bigger presence equals bigger deterrent and that sir, is a fact.

  6. #10 If you are obeying the law you don’t get ticketed. I’ve lived here for over 40 years and never got a ticket, I’ve never even gotten pulled over. Neither has my husband or children. Of course, we obey the law, maybe that’s why!!! Maybe you should rethink what you wrote so you don’t sound do silly and re-write it.

  7. #11 no they don’t have any responsibility to their town, their responsibility is to their FAMILIES first and foremost. Most would not have left if the Governor and other politicians threatened to take away what they worked 30 or even 40 years for. They are all wise men

  8. Does anyone know where in the Chestnut neighborhood this occurred? Was it on Chestnut Street or one of the side streets? Thanks in advance for the info!

  9. and Pastor Wilson and his followers are concerned a bus driver who has had issues in the past. What we need is to clean the town up once n foreall

  10. Last year Mckenzie Court now the corner of Jennifer and Anthony…….where’s the next spot. Maybe if we got rid of the renters we may actually have our nice wuiet neighborhood back.

  11. The LPD and it’s leadership give the impression of nice and friendly community beat cops. They must change their attitude and publically address violent crime with press conferences and actions. I’m sick of seeing the LPD focusing on pedestrian crossing laws, Hello! We’r in a war zone!!!!! Wake up!

  12. #14 Smart 2
    Brush up on your English and spelling if you want to call yourself Smart2.
    I can just picture you scratching your head wondering what’s wrong with your sentence. How old are you and where did you attend school? Tell the truth, did a child write that?

  13. last night about the same time the shooting was happening there were three cops yes I said3 cops that pulled over a mother and young child on park and seventh then towed her car and took the mother and child in the cop car we dont need more cops we need fill in the blank

  14. We neen cops to patrol streets & not busy giving tickets for little things!!!! Stop drinking coffe & chillin & get to work & protect us!that’s ur job!we pay our taxes now protect us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Cops don’t have time to chill and eat donuts when they are going from call to call. We need more officers like Gomez to concentrate on major crimes and not stolen bicycles.

  16. stop all the nonsense about writing tickets , you can’t pick and choose what laws you will abide by . traffic violations are something that needs to be enforced by the LPD ,obviously there are some drivers in this town who seem to think they can just ignore the rules of the road!

  17. 30…hmm was the car unregistered…so ur saying we should feel bad for someone driving a car thats not legally alowed to be on the road….until a car like that hits and kills someone then u say..”where was the cop to tow this car if it was unregister, maybe they should stop eating their donuts and protect us, we pay taxes blablabla”…..i read somewhere that they township is hiring overtime on a state wide dwi/unregistered/uninsured patrol for the holiday season. did you ever think those three cops mightve been on that patrol which means they werent on assignment to answer calls? its a shame some of you people get an opinion

  18. well lakewood took the money from toms river and some other town because they didnt want the low income and lakewood did , so now we all pay for it, and the poor cops to get off their backs .

  19. #17 oh you are the guy that evryone is cutting you off bec. you drive to slow nowonder why you never got a ticket for 40 years .thanx for holding up traffic

  20. #30 Was the mother drunk, driving unsafely and endangering her children and others, was her car unsafe, were the children not secured in the car in car seats, did the mother have drugs on her, were the children kidnapped by the mother? Do you even know why the mother and children were removed from the car and taken away? I cannot imagine that the police would just stop a mother with children and remove them from their car and drive them home for no reason. YOU must be nuts to think they had no reason.

  21. #30 And how do you know this was happening? Did you go over and ask the cops what was going on? Was there something you should know about happenink? So? Why was she and the child taken away in a cop car? Was she stopped by a male police officer and maybe he called a woman cop to come and transport her? You should have all the story. Why just stop where you did? Tell us the rest of the story.

  22. Hiring more LP officers would not help. They would just use their time arresting more teenagers on their school buses and for throwing snowballs.

    What we do need is a different LPD and not a bigger one!! And that really goes for most of the employees there on third street who foregt that they work for us!!!!!!!

  23. apparently YOU…created this mess( & you know who i mean ) and now you want the lpd to clean it up .! take a good look in the mirror the next time you throw water on your face…???

  24. if there are not enough cops for lakewood does it not make sense to focus on things like major crime and gang violence to make our town a lovely place to live like it used to be? Why are they only focusing on pulling people over for every little infraction possible? It’s a matter of priorties and as the people of lakewood why can’t we have our voice heard? Are they not out there to protect and serve us? Let them focus more on protecting us!

  25. Why won’t you post my comment about the way women in Chestnut dress?? Is BASIC tznius such a sore point?? I’m not talking about any major frumkeit,just basic adherence to Halacha. So Mr. TLS editor; why haven’t you posted my last two comments?

  26. Welcome to the New Wild West!
    Kudos to our brilliant politicians and Police forces… Until people stand up to these power hungry outlaws who happen to be on the right side of the law, we will continue to live at the mercy of the gangs that are taking over our streets… The Constitution was amended for exactly this reason. Because no matter how big the Government or the police forces are, its up to each individual to care and protect themselves…

  27. To #37 stop hocking about tznius. It is not the answer to all. Get the slum loards who are trying to make a buck while endangering the life of others out of here and you wont have the crime. Maybe you should talk to the the tumhulers about making a huge weekly tznius asifa and then we can do away with the whole police department. It is the people with personal znius issues that always hock about tznius.

  28. Was just reading the article about the homicide. LPD Administration continues to drop the ball. The Officer leading the invest into the recent murder has been “assigned” to the Detective Bureau for over 3 years but the LPD Admin has refused to give him Detective status. Since I have not used any names maybe TLS will allow this comment.

  29. Minor infractions are also a hindrance to a good quality of life. Of cource homicides, gangs, etc, are more important. That doesn’t mean that people who violate traffic laws or commit other relatively minor crimes, should be ignored. All of these issues have to be addressed. Of course, I don’t want murders around town, but I don’t want people speeding down my streets or parking in my handicapped spot either!

  30. the scoop just put in the part about frum families to rile us up and get us to post comments. he made his point. now we should all ignore it and focus on the real issue at hand. the fact that there was a shooting in our neighborhood. which house it came from and who owns it and how we can resolve the issue.
    its not unique to chestnut. its any non new development neighborhood. we should start a grassroots effort in every neighborhood to fix this problem.
    any volunteers.

  31. LPD and every PD is suppose to ticket law breakers YOU CAN NOT prevent shooting no matter how many cops if people want to kill they will!!! You can only put more patrol out to make a good presence but shootings will always occur especially in lakewood with all the gangs that “people” buy and rent houses too.

  32. #36 I know you! You’re the guy who is driving around town like you’re the only one on the road, driving like a kid with a new set of wheels, looking to show off! Or are you the guy who got his driving instructions from the Skillful School of Driving? Grow up, you can drive the speed limit and still get to your destination without getting a ticket. What we have are lots of fools on the road. I’m sure you were only making a joke, 36. I’m sure you’re a nice person. Have a nice day!!

  33. Quote “Many Frum families have moved into the Chestnut Area over the last couple of years.”
    So What ! Does that statement really mean anything? or are you insinuating they they are responsible for the shooting?
    Maybe they regret moving there now with all the crime here in Lakewood

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