Federal Agents Bust Illegal Operation In Raintree

bust raintree fedsVIDEO: Federal agents from ICE and Homeland Security swarmed a quiet Raintree Street today, in what sources tell TLS was a large drug bust. Details of the bust are still sketchy, but TLS has learned that a very large amount of drugs and cash were recovered in the bust, which involved Hispanic residents from the Raintree area.

Over 100 Frum families have moved into the neighborhood over the last few years.

TLS will keep you updated on any further developments.

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  1. Raintree is the fastest growing neighborhood but its not for investors, get rid of the investors and we will get rid of the issues.

  2. Well the best part of the story is the renters are still living there but there isa newly placed realtor for sale sign on the front lawn. I hope a lovely frum family will purchase the home to live in.

  3. #4- “I hope a lovely frum family will purchase the home to live in.”

    So its ok for you to want only an frum neighbor, but god-forbid i dont want a frum as my neighbor……

    Because if i said, “hopefully a nice christian/budist/catholic/muslim/etc, family moves in” I’d have 10 different labels thrown at me instantly! Racist/bigot/hate mongerer/anti-semite/intolerant/purist/prejudiced/, just to name a few.

  4. It was always the Reform and Conservative movements that caused the Jews problems. Why stir up issues that aren’t true?!? We don’t mind a NICE Christian,Catholic…..moving in AT ALL. We do mind the animals that are brought into many of these homes. And mind you they are NEVER Orthodox Jews!! So Mr. Conservative go back to your hole and stop causing problems.

  5. If #4 would be a budist he would say a nice budist family, if he would be a christan he would say a nice christan family. If he would be an African American he would say a nice African American, if he would be a Hispanic he would say a nice Hispanic family.

    The point he is making is not a gang related family.

  6. well this confirms what i have been saying for quite some time now , justt look sarround this town and look who the “landlords” are renting to , Thank you town fathers for the sewer you have turned this town into
    I see others posting things are better now than in the past ~ question what cave are they living in Its never been this BAD !!!!!!!!

  7. #5 It sounds like u are starting to unravel. First that horrible comment on the shooting now this. Your so long winded but yet not funny. I do think #4 is saying this because the last thing we want are filthy lowlifes who bring turmoil to our neighborhoods. I would prefer a 150 more frum neighbors from n.y. then the riffraff that is still flurishing within our neighborhoods thanx to the slum lords who make money by placing anyone who can pay the rent in cash by bordering as many renters under one roof. No back wground or credit checks. These irresponsible investors are the biggest single problem in our neighborhoods. That and ur coments.

  8. Todays bust not withstanding, Raintree is a beautiful, fast-growing frum neighborhood. The homes are very reasonablly priced & most of them sit on HUGE pcs of land. There are 3 shuls there, a mikva, & its the closest neighborhood to the GSP. Raintree is fantastic !!! Go Raintree !!

  9. The landlords owned these homes way before you people moved maybe you shouldve checked out the neighborhood brfore you moved in.How do you have the nerve to move somewhere and then make investors leave when they were there first?

  10. #12 If the slum lords back then were renting to trash that would explain why the neighborhood moved away. Fortunitely the new home owners like where they moved to but now we want the slum lords OUT of “our” high taxed neighborhoods that our families are being raised. Get over it. Sounds like you need to either adapt with the times or move.

  11. Attn:11 oldlkwd:

    You are 100% correct from a halachic and logical standpoint.

    If a person is fully aware and wants to move in next door to my pre-existing tenant – it is a chutzpa to ask me to move him out – period.

  12. to # 11
    I was here way before renting was even allowed and all the homes were owned by the families living in them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not saying families who rent are bad just that there are many landlords who rent to ANYONE without any checks on who these peopl;e are and this article is proof of that FACTS DON”T LIE!!

  13. “The landlords owned these homes way before you people moved maybe you shouldve checked out the neighborhood brfore you moved in.How do you have the nerve to move somewhere and then make investors leave when they were there first?”
    I have been here way before any one else in this neighborhood and there were no rentals at all and crime in this are was unheard of the blame lies squarly with unscrupulous landlords who are onl concerned about $$$$$$$$$$$. just look at some of the homes that were once netly kept now are in shambles
    Its block busting chasing out those who lived here until all this started

  14. Did anyone of you guys hereof the word yoisher?
    Vaaseesa es hayashar v’es hatov. 
    What you guys do is not yoisher and not tov.
    I am not embarrased to say that  people like yourselves do not understand what it means to be an ehrliche Yid. 

    Hey pal- since you never learned this in yeshiva or from your parents I’ll teach it to you right here on the scoop. 

    Not everything that you do in life should be based on what is legal or what is pure Halacha. There is something called being a mentch. A correct person. A person that is mekadsesh Shem Shomayim. 

    That is pshat yoisher and tov. 

    You my friends with your terutzim, are neither yoisher nor toiv.
    Now try to do tshuva so that you can be Mekadseh  Shem Shomayim. Not just for the goyim but to us the majority of the yidden in Lakewood that consider your actions a terrible Chillul Hashem. 

    Oh, and one more thing.  Nisht alts shteit in Shulchan Aruch. 
    Does it say that you can’t daven Shmoineh Esreh holding a cat?

    Would you hold a cat during Shmoneh Esreh?   

    Use your brains and not your pocketbook. and make the RBSO proud.         

  15. I am a lanlord who rents to people who I don’t check out. ( its beside the point that they are good people, who have not made any trouble) . my point is, that the frum neighbors who I had conversations with were totally unreasonable that I just said forget it and kept status quo. I told them I would be willing to put in 1 nice goyish family and take a lower rent. They said that was not good enough because if I did not own the house then a frum person would be living there. so I can only rent to frum family at a very low price ( at a big loss to me). btw I owned before these people moved in. They even said a more modern frum family would also be unacceptable. At that point I stopped dealing with them and went to Rabbi Forsheimer who agreed with me.

  16. You are a reasonable landlord.
    The complaint that #22 addresses are to those landlords that don’t care and rent to gang members due to their greed.

    It is plain and simple. You were resonable and the neighbors were not.

    Not always is it the landlord. But, to be fair, and I’m sure you will agree that when a landlord is told that his tenants are rowdy and that the neighbors are complaining of parties and barking dogs at all hours of the nite.

    Why doesn’t the landlord address the issue. Is he waiting for a drug bust.

    In summary, there are responsible landlords. (unfortunately in some areas these landlords are in the minority)

    But there are some landlords that don’t give a hoot. And come with these excuses that it is legal to rent to lowlives. They just don’t get it.

  17. Why can’t Lkwd have its mixed neighborhoods like it has for decades???? Why must it become frum and why must these landlords rent to garbage???

  18. very few of the landlords in Raintree actually are decent
    Those of us living here know who you are
    How can an investor buying a property in raintree expect to make money when the monthly mortgage payment is greater than the Cash rent you receive.
    You bought thse houses to flip and now the market tanked and you guys are losing money everyday
    Good for you- buy flipping these houses you made the average family pay another 100K over the last few years
    In Conclusion as most of you landlords are foreclosing and doing short sales- it wont be long before you to have that on your property

  19. keep renting to this element and the results will be the same or worse, being stupid is thinking you can do the same the same way and expecting different results

  20. I seem to remember……many, many years ago when I rented my first apartment here in Lakewood, my name and social security number appeared on the CO application, I also had to report address I was moving from. I also remember my name and my spouses name appearing on a sticker that was attached inside a kitchen cabinet and was told by the inspector no one else besides these names could reside here. That inspector is still employed by this town. I wonder what happened to occupancy rules over the years?

  21. easy solution to this problem ~ just as with finding drugs in a car the auto is forfeited whether you are the owner or not do the same with the houses where illegal drugs ar found and landlords would stop renting to those who are dealing drugs real fast whenthey realize they would loose the house!!!!!!!!!

  22. i think the guy meant Conservative in viewpoint. I for one Love all ews conservative reform nondenominational etc . you are always welcome in my house for shabbos

  23. “posek hador says:
    July 28, 2010 at 7:25 pm
    Shelo lishmoiah taynis baal din shelo lifnai baal din chaveiro”

    c an you speak englis please!

  24. I’ve lived in Raintree for 9 1/2 years, and it’s always been a nice, quiet neighborhood. It’s been a joy to live there. My house is on the market right now, and I heartily welcome any frum family to come and look. It’s a cute starter home on Ventura and backs up to the woods and river.

  25. Anybody’s welcome who wants to buy. I was responding to those who were hoping that more frum families would buy houses in the neighborhood. My comment is to encourage anyone who knows someone who wants a house in Raintree to tell them about it. I’m pretty sure that most of the audience who reads this are frum, and so I’m reaching out to those who are reading this particular blog.

  26. #7 Isn’t part of the rules to not attack any one????? Why was his comment not deleted? He put down and disrespected the Reform and Conservative movements and I am utterly insulted!

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