Family Struck By Vehicle On Forest Avenue

hatzolah rig tlsFIVE PATIENTS were transported to the Hospital moments ago after being struck by a vehicle on Forest Avenue. The patients – four children and one adult, all of the same family – were crossing in the Pedestrian Crosswalk on Forest Avenue and 4th Street when they were struck by a passing motorist. 

Hatzolah transported all the patients to Kimball Medical Center with minor injuries.

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  1. Wow he really must of been a reckless driver to hit an injure an entire family but I have a question were the family wearing reflectors because if they weren’t then I cud understand

  2. these crosswalk laws are very dangerous it is more important that people should watch out for themselves that they shouldnt get hurt. May the whole family have a refuah shleima

  3. My heart goes out to the family.

     I hope all the injured have a speedy recovery. May Hashem have rachmonos on us.

    Let’s get real: let’s not dance around the issue.

    This town (city) is terribly dark. But that corner is  especially scary.
    Drive by Forest and Fourth during the night; It is pitch black.  
    Because of a tragic accident that happened many years ago loi aleynu, JCP&L raised the power on the street lights on Forest and sixth street so that they shine with brighter intensity.

    Why do we need these horrible accidents inorder for the electric company to act?   

     We must somehow petition the electric company to raise the output of the lights so that they are brighter. 
    Does anyone have ideas?  

  4. If the crosswalks are not visible that should be fixed. But besides that I don’t understand why people don’t wear something reflective if they know they will be out walking in the dark. Especially, parents should make sure their children have something reflective. I know the community tends to wear dark clothing because of their beliefs, but is it okay to wear a reflective vest or at least put a little reflective tape on their coats? I don’t mean to ask stupid questions and mean no disrespect, I just don’t know why people don’t do this to protect themselves.

    I hope the family is okay and makes a full recovery! Sounds like there was no major trauma since they went to Kimball. Thank goodness!

  5. That corner/area is a very dangerous even during the day.
    Drivers make u turns all the time.They also double park and feel like the road belongs to them. These drivers are all very selfish people who care nothing about anyone else on the road as long as life is good for them.
    I wish the police would ticket every driver that does ” anything illegal ”
    for a while and only then would drivers listen .

  6. I sure hope they were wearing reflectors. If you are a driver then you know you can’t see them without them, if you are a pedestrian then it’s your achriyus to be seen and stay safe. If this was a matter of the stupidest law ever in place then…we the walkers have to take our lives in our own hands and NOT rely on the fact that a big car going 30 mph is going to stop for us especially at night! Refuah shelaima!

  7. The people that made such a law should be sued . It is impossible to see people on a street like clifton where the speed limit is 35 MPH at night . Stop signs need to be seen from a few hundred feet . Red lights that aren’t visible from a far enough distance have flashing warning signs before he bend . But here we are supposed to see a little kid who stepped off the curb ( that’s the law once he is off the curb you must stop) which is usually blocked by a car giving you about 1 second to stop . It is suicidal and those who wrote the law are encouraging pedestrian deaths not safety.

  8. I car going 35 MPH should be able to stop at 100 feet on a dime. 100 feet isn’t that much of a distance.

    You must also stop for a pedestrian seeking to cross, not only when they step onto the crosswalk. You must also stayed stopped until the person reaches the other side, and steps back onto the pavement.

    Another rule while driving is always looking at least 12 seconds ahead, in case there is an unexpected occurrence on the road.

    If you can’t stop your car in time when driving behind a car that stops suddenly, you are driving too close, in other words you are TAILGATING – That is an automatic 5 point moving violation on your license. On a 35 MPH road, and you are driving a safe distance 70+ feet behind the other vehicle. You should e able to stop in time. Otherwise you are following too close or you need to get your brakes checked.

  9. what this town needs are more street lights. there’s just not enough. plus more traffic lights. i already see they have one set up by the intersection of james and sunset which is fantastic but this town needs a lot more than that. it might be expensive but we should do what toms river has, crosswalks with blinking lights. who knows how much it may help but it can.

  10. tell Steve to lay off a few more come january….he’s so smart he has the answers…….
    maybe he will build a big safety glow bubble around town, so its not so dark and scary once he fires everyone

  11. Here we go again #12 is here to lecture the community! Just stay in yours and lecture them. You got the same tone every time something tragic happens. did you ever try going to inner cities and correcting them Start there and when you’re done come back and lecture us!

  12. LPD needs to be more strict with cell phone use and the way people drive in this town!!!! if they get pulled over then give them a summons. No more Mr. Nice Guy by giving people warnings, give them what they deserve a summons, maybe then they will learn or even better eventually their license will be suspended. this will also put money into the township that we so desperately need!!

  13. 1) TLS had a clip from Chief Lawson that the law is when someone steps off the cub

    2) I was referring to the cars parked on the side of the road until around 30 feet from the corner I’m not sure what the exact amount is . This coupled with no lightingis a recipe for disaster , but hey at least you got a load off your chest .

    3) Based on your simple driving solutions , I have a way to save NJ millions of dollars . Who needs hanging red lights just one little light on the side of the road 4 ft off the ground , 12 second rule. Who needs reflective large stop signs with painted stop on the ground some small green or brown notice on the side of the road suffices , 12 second rule . Get the drift , as the saying goes about the person who had the right of way he was “dead right” .

    Let’s get real yes most drivers don’t drive like that ( yea even in Vorhees ) maybe not as bad as Lakewood but far from perfect . So you and NJ lawmakers would rather have dead people who are dead right. You want such a law be ready to fork over a few hundred million to clearly stripe , illuminate , put button activated flashing lights at every intersection in NJ until then they will have blood on their hands.

  14. my family lived on the hill @ forest & 5th for years, its always been dangerous bc of the big hill. you can’t see anything! they shouldove puts lights there years ago!!

  15. The town fathers need to put in a written request for all street lights to the power authority . Any request for a higher wattage lamps also goes through the township committee. The town pays a fee for new and higher wattage lamps. IMO people need to exercise great caution while walking in Lakewood, the motor vehicle accident rate per capita is one of the nation’s worst

  16. the town needs over walk so people walk over the road and not on it the town is over crowded and people are stll coming like the town need more lights it not going to fix it.

  17. everyone should wake up!!! u guys are totally ignoring what happened, everyone should get their act togather and say tehillim. thats what is important!!

  18. #18 You are 100% RIGHT! But you know very well that once the Officers go out and do that, everyone will say we have too many police. Or why do we need all the police because all they do is right tickets. Here’s a news flash people, besides responding to motor vehicle accidents or stolen bike calls one of the police’s responsibilities is to enforce the laws of the roadway, which includes issuing tickets.

  19. Lights come from the county…after much red tape and traffic surveys…
    Lakewood had a traffic survey done a few years back…its public record look it up. They made several recommendations and nothing ever came from it. Lakewood is now a city……no one ever looked at the future when they approved all this building. The roads cant handle this anymore…
    County Line-Forest-Clifton-Route 9 are just horrible. Its funny that if you visit Israel there are actually signs at the airport to come to Lakewood NJ. Hey Steve instead of firing cops…improve traffic conditions… Hire more cops for traffic control…hire more crossing guards….what ever you have to do just get it done.

  20. So many post are calling for the police to write more tickets or enforce the law more strictly. But if they did everyone would just bash them with posts about how the police are anti semedic or should be out catching drug dealers. I have even seen post on this very web site warning about areas in town when the police are writing tickets. This is our town and we need to start following the law. Stop parking illegally and driving with the cell phone.

  21. I suggest the township put at every crosswalk should get like Tom river Crosswalk in Lakewood a Blinking Light on the ground on street so when people cross at night it will blink exept Shabbos Night Relector would be required to… Now I was almost hit durind day time crossing 1st st over Clifton where Investor Bank.. Driver was Mad at me and cursed me out.. I look at the driver said this the Law… Pay attention to people Lives and yet people are crossing at opposed traffic Light which is wrong if u don’t have Green Light Don’t Cross.. Be Safe!!! Pusak in Torah “Watch Your Own Health” Just Know I feel bad for the Family too Refuah Shelma Quickly…

  22. It does not help matters that card are always parked illegally at that corner on the yellow making it harder to see. Occasionally the police will video and ticket the offending cars.

  23. More lights and higher wattage bulbs, hey sounds great all for safety but that will raise your taxes even more, who do you think pays for these. The township pays the bill, why do you think they are all out now or not fixed.
    You want, i want but we will all pay.

  24. I knew those stop for pedestrian sigs were a BAD idea. It gives people a false sense of security. They shoul be removed. The ONLY answer is to slow down. Traffic lights? Speed bumps like on e 7th st?

  25. it used to be only the men that drove like meshugoyim, now it’s the ladies too. when they need to stop, they stop right in middle of the road – like who ever heard of pulling over to the side. When they have to make a left turn – who ever heard of turning at a right angle – just swerve and everyone else should move away. I really worry if it was just a few crazy people then hopefully the careful drivers will avoid an accident but each day that i go out there it just seems there are less and less careful drivers. Tickets by the cops is the only way.

  26. to:police supporter says:
    fyi the town pays for X amount of street lights working or not, so if you see a street light out report it. increasing the lamp wattage may be an extra cost depending on how much more light you are asking for.

  27. If a street light isnt working call the 800 # on your electric bill or as a last resort report it to the police The electric man that fixed the one in front of my home stated for faster service give the pole # and or the address of the structure that the light is in front of.

  28. My heart goes out to that family! But I do believe that traffic laws in Lakewood need to be strictly enforced and for whatever reason they are not! When I drive down Clifton Ave no matter what time of day, I feel like I am in a “bad” drivers ed movie. Cars pull out into traffic without looking, people make illegal u-turns on Clifton Avenue , cars are double parked, etc. are to blame! Look around and see all of the dented cars. Something definitely has to be done to solve this problem before more innocent people are hurt or God forbid killed!

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