Family Involved In Serious MVA In Howell – Multiple Patients Transported To Area Hospitals

hatzolah rig tls[UPDATED 10:00 p.m.] A Frum family was involved in a serious MVA a short time ago in Howell, and at least 8 patients were injured. The accident occurred just off Squankum road when the van they were traveling in collided with another SUV. The patients were extricated and transported to KMC and Jersey Shore Medical Center. At least 3 patients required ALS (Advanced Life Support).

Howell First Aid, Ramtown First Aid, Lakewood First Aid and Hatzolah transported the patients. Ramtown First Aid performed the extrication.

A 7 year old girl was transported in serious condition.  A name for Tehillim is not yet available.

The crash is under investigation. TLS-CCP/TLS-89/TLS-00

UPDATE: 10:00 p.m. – The 7 year old girl is now undergoing emergency surgery. Please be mispallel for Chaya Bas Esther.

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  1. ALS = Adanced Life Support – needing the assistance of paramedics, as opposed to just ETM’s. Meaning they are not in good shape.

  2. Lakewood wake up. Lakewood wake up. Do u see. What’s goin on here its time for all. Of us to stop and think and look into our selfs and only our selfs and see what were doin wrong and maybe hasham will watch over us

  3. Why does TLS always assume the general population knows what all these abbreviations mean? Als and mva in this article alone…

  4. Its a siman of to do major teshuva in the week now we are in the sfiros oimer for tshuva and mitzvos and tzidkus and only to be nice and geshmak and tzadikim

  5. the main thing in yemei sefirah is tikun hamidos, it starts at home and then between your friends and ends with strangers. let evrey one of us be mekabel a kabulah toiv in tikun hamidos

  6. lakewood first aid was requested by howell to send 2 rigs. 3 lakewood rigs went and 2 of them transported patients. was a chaotic scene with many crying scared children who were a little comforted by seeing the many frum members of lakewood there helping.

  7. Bls = basic life support/ emt
    Als = advanced life support /paramedic
    Many of hatzalahs members are medics. It something that most of don’t realize and appreciate. In order to become a medic, they need to take 3000 hours of classes/courses plus emergency room time plus excrication training plus a lot of other requirements. Thank u to all the emt’s and medics for your volunteered time to help us out at the most tense times.

  8. when saying tehillim please try to remember the kallah that was injured earlier this week.

    Sorry i dont remember her name.

    Still in a coma

  9. Let each one of us take upon ourselves to offer a “korban” of our own so that G-d will see fit to stop taking korbanos for our collective aveiros. Choose something small that is a sacrafice for you… The trauma center has seen too many from our community this week… r”l

  10. It’s a pleasure to see everyone on here coming together b’achdus to daven for a fellow Yid instead of making silly and/or disparaging comments about someone or something. Let’s continue to be good ourselves, see good in others and say only good things. In the merit of our achdus, may Chaya bas Sarah and Chaya Sarah bas Chava Breindel be zoche to a refua shelaima b’karov.

  11. We are in this Galus because of Sinas Chinam. We mourn during sefirah as a result of the talmidim of R’ Akiva not having proper kavod for one another. Would that not be an appropriate place to start when looking for things we can work on? Start with YOURSELF. Everyone is busy investigating yenem. It’s always the other people who must be doing things wrong or improper. We have so many ruchniyus policemen and vigilantes here who are always worried about everyone ELSE! Everyone start looking at yourselves. How much Lashon Harah are YOU speaking? How much Rechilus? Do YOU treat your spouse and other family members with proper dignity? Even when no one is watching? Do you think that YOU own the road while driving? Are you giving others the same benifit of the doubt you ALWAYS give yourself? Are you mekayem supporting your fellow yid in business? Do you smile and greet ALL people nicely? Do your children see you saying Good Morning and Thank You? Are you really as frum as you act on the outside for public consumption? Guess what? It’s Sefirah now and it’s time to start changing. Yes, YOU! Yup, that fellow in the mirror. Look what’s going on around us. How many people have to be in the Hospital hanging on to life by a thread for YOU to wake up? Hashem is talking to us. What a tough week it’s been. Time to be honest, reflect and get to work…..oh, and of course tznius too.

  12. It is a very big zechus for a person to “rise to the occasion” and to actually be nice and helpful to a person who has insulted or hurt them in any way. The reward up in Shamayim for going “lifnei meshuras hadin” – to not just be neutral to such a person but to actively seek to help them – is beyond our calculations. I am proposing that all the readers of this site begin to do this right now as a zechus for the refuah shelaima of all those individuals who were hurt in the recent car accidents. If nissim are needed, then we need to do whatever is in our power to help bring nissim about. If the site will allow it, feel free to share your efforts with us all (and tell your friends offsite as well) so we can give each other chizuk. I ask Hashem to please look down and see what we are trying to do as a zechus and answer everyone’s tefillos l’tovah.

  13. one thing i can not understand that rochmona litzlan two very bad accidents occured with yiddishe people i am not saying whose fault thats not the point the point is that people don’t learn from this that maybe drive a little slower make complete stops by stop signs and absolutly NO EXCUSE NO CELL PHONES and patients while driving its not a arcade game and for those who do think it is chas visholam if something happens it definetely costs more than an arcade game so for those who drive and do not care about other people at least care about yourself and if u still can’t drive safetly in other words doesn’t care about yourself then u need real help and dont drive. i personally think it all starts by parking your car where ever u want then it goes going any speed u want then any lane u want and whrn u get caught by the cops u scream anti semetism how does that work i call it chilul hashem just like by the ribomo shel olam if cas visholam someone does an averah and hashem punishes us are we going to say hashem doesnt like us NO hashem loves us he is just teaching us that it comes with a punishment in other words drive safetly and then the cops wont have to pull u over so before u do something stupid think waht would happen if hashem told u not to do it because hashem did vinishmatam miod as nafshosaicam have a god shabbos and shabbos he melizok everyone should have a refuah shilama and we shouldnt here anymore horrifying stories

  14. I was on the scene of the accident with my cousin Ron, who I’d like to thank for trying to get the woman out of the van while the other vehicle was on fire. He along with neighbors and some people passing by extinguished the fire and comforted the woman and children until emergency help came which seemed to take an eternity. I pray that the woman and her children are okay.

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